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Kuduland Lodge image
Kuduland Lodge
Resort hotel
👍 Service was good as always, there was no wifi due to technical issues. We stopped only for a night , but the morning sightings was as always the Welcome to Zimbabwe vibe . Stunning
4.50 (54 reviews)
Nottingham Estate image
Nottingham Estate
Agricultural organization
👍👍 Amazing place.The service is great,the staff does EVERYTHING for you.Loved it.Will definitely go back again.The views are beautiful.The fly camp experience is one for the books.The crocodile island?beautiful sights.The place is also very clean.Had a great stay.Highly recommend to anyone,its worth it...
4.70 (40 reviews)
Zhovhe lodge,hotel & leisure park image
Zhovhe lodge,hotel & leisure park
👍👍 Great place. Usually not busy. Ideal for a weekend family outing. I will be going back there again! Prices are also reasonable. Game park, boat cruise, braai, lovely sunsets. Great staff as well.
4.00 (98 reviews)
Lutumba Shopping Centre image
Lutumba Shopping Centre
Shopping mall
👍 The shopping center provides most of the essential services. It's a good place to be. The kitchens supply local food
3.70 (35 reviews)
Bubi Village Hotel and Butchery image
Bubi Village Hotel and Butchery
👍👍 Safe cool place
3.50 (67 reviews)
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