OK Supermarket Kwekwe image
OK Supermarket Kwekwe
Grocery store
😠 Extremely bad service. The tills were just too slow loading and loading and taking a couple of seconds just to print a slip. I think they are overloaded by zeros oof the useless currency. Those things can't function quick when a load of bread is punced on $5000 etc. The country should just move on t...
3.80 (1.1K reviews) (~11.3 km from centre)
Chicken Inn Kwekwe image
Chicken Inn Kwekwe
Chicken restaurant
πŸ‘ Good fast service for one. Secondly, the food is served hot which makes that much better.
$$ $$
3.60 (894 reviews) (~11.03 km from centre)
Nando's Kwekwe image
Nando's Kwekwe
Chicken restaurant
πŸ‘πŸ‘ I had a great experience as I stopped at the nandos on my way to Harare. The service was excellent at if one was seating at a proper sitting down restaurant. The food was great, fanatic flavor as always when you are at Nandos. Keep it up!!
$$ $$
3.90 (778 reviews) (~11.01 km from centre)
TM Pick n Pay Kwekwe image
TM Pick n Pay Kwekwe
😐 It has a wide variety of convenience products but the queues to pay at the tills are usually very long and slow. The fruit and veg section is usually understocked and don't always stock fresh 'fresh' produce.
4.00 (777 reviews) (~11.3 km from centre)
King Solomon Hotel - Golden Mile Kwekwe image
King Solomon Hotel - Golden Mile Kwekwe
😐 Rooms where nice and clean, the solar powered geyser took forever to extrude hot water from whatever reservoirs it came from. Conference facilities need improvement, it pretty much looks like a place where discos used to be held and was never upgraded, the conference restrooms had moulds on the ceil...
3.70 (573 reviews) (~8.86 km from centre)
Gas and fuel image
Gas and fuel
Energy supplier
πŸ‘ There's better service there and they accept all forms of payment
3.30 (272 reviews) (~12.66 km from centre)
Kwe Kwe image
Kwe Kwe
πŸ‘ One of the most clean cities that lies at the centre of Bulawayo and Harare. There is no airport and it's about 218km from Harare and 224 km to bulawayo
4.00 (222 reviews) (~8.88 km from centre)
Firstpack Kwekwe image
Firstpack Kwekwe
Shopping mall
😐 Its far from town but has few necessities that are cheap very very affordable
3.50 (195 reviews) (~10.97 km from centre)
Halsteds image
Home goods store
πŸ‘ Improved and more modern stock items,but not yet there compared to Halsteds Hre,Buyer needs to keep up with international trends
4.00 (193 reviews) (~11.65 km from centre)
Golden Acres Guest Lodge image
Golden Acres Guest Lodge
πŸ‘ Would have given them a 5 if they were proactive on serving food, but they really aren't into that, and the wifi isn't great. Rooms are spacious, the bathrooms are Really nice, the staff is friendly and responsive. Quiet location and the beds are so comfy guaranteeing a great night's sleep.
4.10 (170 reviews) (~11.39 km from centre)
Kwekwe Polytechnic image
Kwekwe Polytechnic
😠 These people are slow and they don't care about people
3.90 (168 reviews) (~11.25 km from centre)
Total Service Station Kwekwe image
Total Service Station Kwekwe
Gas station
πŸ‘ A nice place to rest inbtween journeys or chill
3.60 (155 reviews) (~11.25 km from centre)
Steers image
Hamburger restaurant
Long-running counter-serve chain known for flame-grilled beef burgers & thick, handmade chips.
$$ $$
3.90 (152 reviews) (~11.46 km from centre)
Touchwood Guest Lodge image
Touchwood Guest Lodge
🫀 I was in a room called ciderwood. There was no hot water and this is a priority for me. The guy who facilitated our checking in was very unfriendly. Cleaning staff were good even though there was no bin in the bathroom this should be standard.
3.50 (152 reviews) (~8.05 km from centre)
kwekwe image
Shopping mall
😐 All is well with buses going to Harare, Bulawayo and far afield as Gaborone, Botswana.
4.00 (152 reviews) (~11.5 km from centre)
Hotel Redcliff image
Hotel Redcliff
πŸ‘ Good staff. It's a nice place to be
3.20 (148 reviews) (~0.36 km from centre)
Goldwater Guest Lodge image
Goldwater Guest Lodge
πŸ‘πŸ‘ A regular visitor here when I'm in Kwekwe for work. The room is clean, furniture sturdy and classic and lots of space. I'm always super comfortable here. The price is the best when you are trying to save. The staff is eager to help with anything you need. I would recommend Goldwater for local profes...
3.50 (147 reviews) (~8.44 km from centre)
Hubtown image
Grocery store
πŸ‘πŸ‘ I love their service is good
3.60 (147 reviews) (~15.57 km from centre)
SPAR Kwekwe image
SPAR Kwekwe
Grocery store
😐 Nice shopping environment.
3.60 (142 reviews) (~11.37 km from centre)
Solomon's CafΓ© Kwekwe image
Solomon's CafΓ© Kwekwe
😐 A good and nice hotel for a small town like Kwekwe though it is located near a busy noisy highway. There is need for construction of good pavements as i stayed at the Hotel during rainy season and it was muddy everywhere except for the entrance only.
$$ $$
3.80 (141 reviews) (~8.89 km from centre)
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