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Joina City image
Joina City
Shopping mall
πŸ‘ Upmarket world class shopping center in the Central Business District nog Harare. Joina City’s modern architecture provides shoppers and visitors an authentic β€œHararian experience” unlike anywhere else in this vibrant welcoming city. There is security all over the mall and the staff keep the place v...
4.00 (10.8K reviews) (~202.46 km from centre)
Avondale image
Shopping mall
πŸ‘ Good shopping centre, the flea market is also a good place. Got my copper, steel and gold bracelet as well as a 20 000Watt power bank @Energy shop.
4.00 (6.1K reviews) (~203.13 km from centre)
Bulawayo Centre image
Bulawayo Centre
Shopping mall
πŸ‘πŸ‘ A vibrant place to be city of Kings & Queens what a multi-cutural place full of talented people and so welcoming
3.70 (5.2K reviews) (~183.26 km from centre)
The Rainbow Towers Hotel and Conference Centre image
The Rainbow Towers Hotel and Conference Centre
Conference center
Laid-back rooms in a casual business hotel with a casino, 3 restaurants & a conference centre.
4.10 (4.8K reviews) (~201.42 km from centre)
Westgate image
Shopping mall
πŸ‘ A diverse shopping complex. You will find everything you need. Banks, butcheries, supermarkets, gadget shops and fresh food outlets. There is a nice mini park/sitting area in the middle of the complex, it provides a nice calming environment when you want to rest or when waiting for someone.
3.90 (4.5K reviews) (~199.86 km from centre)
Sam Levy's Village image
Sam Levy's Village
Shopping mall
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Fantastic place to have good time.. Lot of type of food shop & bar, shopping mall is also good but bit expensive.. Good time to go at evening. . All Street were decorated well and slow and soft music play all over the night I think. I was there till 22 hour so not sure all night music.. Dim light ma...
4.40 (4.5K reviews) (~210.2 km from centre)
Nando's Samora Machel image
Nando's Samora Machel
Chicken restaurant
πŸ‘πŸ‘ My daughter had her birthday there they gave her a nice small birthday present
$$ $$
3.90 (3.5K reviews) (~203.71 km from centre)
Holiday Inn Harare image
Holiday Inn Harare
Casual hotel offering free breakfast, Wi-Fi & parking, plus an outdoor pool & a restaurant.
4.10 (3.3K reviews) (~203.58 km from centre)
Queen of Hearts image
Queen of Hearts
πŸ‘ Love the vibe here. A variety of delicious cuisines by different providers available here; Asian mix (my favorite), Burgers and steak, Cocktail bars. One of the bars closes at midnight on some days. Music deck available and there's usually a DJ available with good selection of music.
$$ $$
4.30 (3.2K reviews) (~208.95 km from centre)
Haefelis Bulawayo image
Haefelis Bulawayo
πŸ‘ Amazing place and what a myriad of selection from pastries, confectionery and meals πŸ˜‹ excellent customer service and professional staff. I was very impressed. Check it out next time you are hungry for breakfast or lunch. Spacious seating area with soft and hard chairs. You will be spoiled for sel...
$$ $$
4.00 (3.1K reviews) (~183.3 km from centre)
Harare Gardens image
Harare Gardens
πŸ‘ Very quest and the breeze is phenomenal
3.40 (3K reviews) (~202.87 km from centre)
OK Mart image
OK Mart
Department store
πŸ‘ This is my go to bulk shopping shop in Harare and after Jaggers closed down. It’s a one-stop shop for all groceries and meats. They also have a good sports and equipment section. I recommend the butchery, diary and fruit and veg sections which have reasonably priced and fresh produce. I would not re...
4.00 (3K reviews) (~204.27 km from centre)
Longcheng Plaza image
Longcheng Plaza
Shopping mall
πŸ‘ Great place to just go and have a great time. They have a lot to offer. Not too crowded.
3.80 (2.9K reviews) (~198.65 km from centre)
Borrowdale Village Walk image
Borrowdale Village Walk
Shopping mall
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Excellent shopping center. Here you can dress for men, women and children. There are shops with sports goods, toys, household goods, bags and shoes, home and interior items, a creative shop, a shop with solar panels, a pharmacy, a store with household appliances, a pet store, a lingerie store, pho...
4.40 (2.8K reviews) (~209.92 km from centre)
Bradley Connect image
Bradley Connect
😐 I wish to see how the homes of most people who sit in the square garden looks like. The reckon the place is more beautiful without people in it.
3.60 (2.8K reviews) (~195.14 km from centre)
Belgravia image
Shopping mall
😐 Bustling place, needs a revamp of the parking lot to easily accomodate more but a good area to pick up a snack due to the variety of fast food restaurants there
3.80 (2.6K reviews) (~204.16 km from centre)
Cresta Lodge Harare image
Cresta Lodge Harare
Plush, modern rooms & suites, along with a conference centre & a regional restaurant.
4.10 (2.6K reviews) (~207.42 km from centre)
SPAR Montagu image
SPAR Montagu
😐 Great shopping experience, with helpful staff. Although the queue can be long, the tills process quickly and efficiently. Warning on the sausage, have had two instances of getting meat on its way out. Another warning; there are really bad potholes in the parking lot, so not for those with low ridin...
3.70 (2.5K reviews) (~202.39 km from centre)
Arundel Village image
Arundel Village
Shopping mall
πŸ‘ Lots of secure parking πŸ…ΏοΈ. Security personnel everywhere. This place is clean. Arundel village has a reasonable amounts of shops. Cafe veldemers, Cafe Nion, Pick and pay, ECONET, BATA , eazipool, CABS, TV SALES. Boutiques, flower shops and many more.
4.20 (2.5K reviews) (~206.41 km from centre)
The Meikles Hotel image
The Meikles Hotel
Upscale hotel offering 2 restaurants & 3 bars, plus a gym & a rooftop terrace with a pool.
4.40 (2.4K reviews) (~203.06 km from centre)
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