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Chinhoyi Caves image
Chinhoyi Caves
National park
National park & popular diving locale known for blue-water caves & network of tunnels & caverns.
4.20 (1.1K reviews)
Chicken Inn Chinhoyi Complex image
Chicken Inn Chinhoyi Complex
Chicken restaurant
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Very nice
$$ $$
3.60 (719 reviews)
CUT Hotel image
CUT Hotel
πŸ‘ I had a great time, used the facilities for a 2 day workshop. Gardens are well taken care.
3.50 (485 reviews)
OK Chinhoyi image
OK Chinhoyi
Shopping mall
πŸ‘ Here at OK Bazaars you can shop all products at good prices that's why I really liked it. All parking services are available. Sanitization is also provided before entrance making it more awesome and clean!
3.70 (477 reviews)
TM Pick n Pay Supermarket image
TM Pick n Pay Supermarket
Grocery store
πŸ‘ The place is smart and goods are neatly packed up to today standard. You enjoy the friendly environment
3.80 (476 reviews)
Lions Den Restaurant image
Lions Den Restaurant
Takeout restaurant
πŸ‘ Good place to have a break midway between Harare and Kariba. DIY Burgers, Steak Roll, Boerewors Roll or Bacon and Egg Roll
$$ $$
4.30 (475 reviews)
Chinhoyi University of Technology image
Chinhoyi University of Technology
πŸ‘ It is the only University in Mashonaland West. It offers a wide array of programs from engineering to art with a technology twist because of its core values. Sporting facilities are great with a wide range of fields to chose from. The University is developing and enhancing infrastructure to meet wi...
4.10 (448 reviews)
Chinhoyi University Of Technology Male Hostel B image
Chinhoyi University Of Technology Male Hostel B
Youth hostel
😐 It was fine but toilets need more inspection coz ummm
3.70 (444 reviews)
Edgars Chinhoyi image
Edgars Chinhoyi
Clothing store
😐 It could do with a revamp and addition in other sections such as the shoe, children’s and perfumes. The men’s section is pretty good though with its own floor upstairs but there is not much for younger ladies and teenagers. I guess the target market is elderly two-piece ladies. The service is not so...
3.60 (443 reviews)
CUT Canteen image
CUT Canteen
😠 the food there is trash, they cook beef all the time of which it doesn't taste good
$ $$$
3.00 (431 reviews)
Orange Grove image
Orange Grove
😠 Do not book this place online. They appear different booking sites but then refuse to accept your booking meaning that you’re stuck with them but have to go through the process of cancelling your online reservation leading to extra costs. They even claimed that I mehr have fallen victim of a fraud w...
3.20 (326 reviews)
Mzimba Shopping Centre image
Mzimba Shopping Centre
Shopping mall
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Love the place. Meeting lots of people. Great meals for lunch.
3.20 (311 reviews)
Jongwe Corner Chinhoyi image
Jongwe Corner Chinhoyi
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Best place for beer, food, entertainment and family shows gathering in Chinhoyi
$$ $$
4.20 (224 reviews)
Chinhoyi Caves Motel image
Chinhoyi Caves Motel
πŸ‘ We had a lovely lunch ,they have a fantastic chef.
3.60 (188 reviews)
CUT Male Hostels E image
CUT Male Hostels E
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Best hostel to residents @ CUT...n electricity power cuts,tape water on showers from Ground to second floor and residents are usually matured strict hostels rules and regulations.... advantageous to depertment of businesses and social classes because it is close to Gym Hall for about 5...
3.50 (139 reviews)
Hostel C image
Hostel C
😐 Hostel was recently renovated to comply with current University students. It offers entertainment in ths main common room. It has a well organized committee to ensure the welfare of residents is maintained and occupants adhere and uphold the rule of law during their stay.
3.70 (100 reviews)
Lomagundi College image
Lomagundi College
Education center
😠 One of the worst private schools in Zimbabwe please do not be fooled by their reviews. They have no manners towards the kinds and their level of discipline towards the fellow students is more of abuse. The prefects overall their power, the current head master Mr seeliger is the reason why lomagundi...
4.60 (98 reviews)
Pizza Inn Chinhoyi Complex image
Pizza Inn Chinhoyi Complex
Pizza restaurant
😐 Well I liked the food, fries were well cooked, the meat was delicious and the lady at the till was very nice and accommodating however the sitting arrangement wasn't okay, there are too many tables and chairs which makes it really difficult to sit comfortably without bumping the next person.
3.70 (97 reviews)
Jet - Chinhoyi image
Jet - Chinhoyi
Clothing store
πŸ‘ Nice Fashion clothes at reasonable prices
3.80 (84 reviews)
Msasa Guest House Chinhoyi (Wendy Shaw) image
Msasa Guest House Chinhoyi (Wendy Shaw)
Guest house
πŸ‘πŸ‘ The place and the hospitality is better than any five star hotel. I’ve been staying at Msasa for more than a month now and feel completely at home. I had been to Harare during the long Easter weekend and stayed at an expensive place similar in concept...but it could never match up to the level of co...
4.10 (81 reviews)
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