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Sydney Opera House image
Sydney Opera House
Performing arts theater
Landmark, skyline-dominating arts centre for opera, theatre, music & dance, plus guided tours.
4.70 (73.9K reviews)
Tate Modern image
Tate Modern
Art gallery
Modern-art gallery with international works on display, plus a cafe with panoramic river views.
4.50 (67.6K reviews)
The Pier2 Art Center image
The Pier2 Art Center
Art center
Former warehouse district housing galleries with rotating exhibits, plus outdoor sculptures & shops.
4.40 (65.7K reviews)
Huashan 1914 Creative Park image
Huashan 1914 Creative Park
Cultural center
Cultural hub in an old sake winery featuring shops & showcasing local art, film, crafts & events.
4.40 (61.8K reviews)
LX Factory image
LX Factory
Art center
This historical industrial complex houses an array of arty retailers & unique restaurants.
4.50 (49.1K reviews)
Central Market image
Central Market
Shopping mall
Cultural heritage site with restored art deco facade offering shopping, eateries & an outdoor stage.
4.30 (44K reviews)
Songshan Cultural and Creative Park image
Songshan Cultural and Creative Park
Cultural center
Former tobacco factory warehouses turned exhibition spaces & shops for local artists & designers.
4.40 (43.2K reviews)
Wynwood Walls image
Wynwood Walls
Unique outdoor destination featuring huge, colorful street murals by artists from around the globe.
4.70 (40.9K reviews)
Usina del Arte image
Usina del Arte
Cultural center
Early 20th-century electrical power plant-turned-arts venue, with 2 auditoriums & gallery space.
4.60 (36.9K reviews)
National Center for Traditional Arts image
National Center for Traditional Arts
Art center
Cultural village with shops selling traditional Taiwanese arts & crafts, food & clothing.
$$ $$
4.40 (32.1K reviews)
MuseumsQuartier Wien image
MuseumsQuartier Wien
Art center
Restored area of historic & modern buildings containing many of the city's finest museums.
4.60 (29.5K reviews)
Atelier des Lumières image
Atelier des Lumières
Art center
Unique art center presenting classic pieces in immersive music- & video-accompanied exhibitions.
4.60 (27.9K reviews)
Blueprint Culture & Creative Park image
Blueprint Culture & Creative Park
Tourist attraction
Hub of quaint shops, art studios, unique structures & cultural events in a former prison dormitory.
4.20 (23.1K reviews)
Unit Pengelola Pusat Kesenian Jakarta Taman Ismail Mazuki image
Unit Pengelola Pusat Kesenian Jakarta Taman Ismail Mazuki
Art center
Sleek complex with a range of arts, culture & science facilities, including theaters & a gallery.
4.60 (21.4K reviews)
Philadelphia Museum of Art image
Philadelphia Museum of Art
Art museum
Majestic space with famed entry staircase featuring Renaissance classics & special exhibits.
4.80 (19.5K reviews)
Plaça de Bous de València image
Plaça de Bous de València
Grand 19th-century bullring still used for bullfighting, alongside guided tours & a museum.
4.30 (19.3K reviews)
National Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall image
National Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall
Multi-use structure built in 1972 to honor Sun Yat-sen, providing cultural & educational programs.
4.40 (18.9K reviews)
CaixaForum Madrid image
CaixaForum Madrid
Cultural center
Herzog & de Meuron–designed arts center in former power station, hosting exhibitions & performances.
4.50 (18.5K reviews)
Liberty Station image
Liberty Station
Community center
👍👍 Some places that are visited are so peaceful and beauty-filled that pictures expressed are better than words. Highlights If you're a local or visitor, you must spend a day here. Eat, explore, relax, repeat. Bike paths, skateboard, waking, pets, running, or just to give your mind peace and connectio...
4.70 (18.3K reviews)
Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay, Singapore image
Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay, Singapore
Performing arts theater
Futuristic waterfront arts venue with 1,600-seat concert hall, 2,000-person theatre, studios & mall.
4.60 (17.9K reviews)
Los Angeles County Museum of Art image
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Art museum
This 20-acre campus with diverse collections spanning art history also offers screenings & concerts.
4.60 (17.9K reviews)
Meow Wolf Santa Fe image
Meow Wolf Santa Fe
Tourist attraction
Unique & immersive art installations with multimedia elements & a mysterious narrative throughout.
4.70 (17.6K reviews)
Bangkok Art and Culture Centre image
Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
Art gallery
Big, modern exhibition & performance venue for contemporary arts with a cafe, bookshop & library.
4.50 (16.5K reviews)
CaixaForum Barcelona image
CaixaForum Barcelona
Cultural center
Eclectic, contemporary art show program on display in striking, art nouveau former textile factory.
4.50 (16.2K reviews)
Museum of Pop Culture image
Museum of Pop Culture
Art museum
Inspired by Jimi Hendrix, the museum includes items from icons ranging from Bo Diddley to Bob Dylan.
4.60 (15.7K reviews)
River City Bangkok image
River City Bangkok
Art center
Riverside destination for a range of international brands in a modern, air-conditioned mall.
4.40 (15.3K reviews)
Saung Angklung Udjo image
Saung Angklung Udjo
Art center
Indoor-outdoor bamboo musical instrument workshop & craft center with live performances.
4.70 (14.8K reviews)
Technopolis City of Athens image
Technopolis City of Athens
Art center
Set in a former gasworks, this arts & culture space now hosts concerts, exhibitions & a gas museum.
4.40 (14.7K reviews)
Lascaux International Center of Parietal Art image
Lascaux International Center of Parietal Art
Reenactment site
Sleek museum featuring a replica of a cave complex famous for its ancient parietal wall paintings.
4.40 (14.1K reviews)
Kızlarağası Inn image
Kızlarağası Inn
Historical landmark
Ottoman-era inn built by renowned planner Hacı Beşir Ağa in 1745, now housing shops & hotel rooms.
$$ $$
4.60 (13.8K reviews)
Jawahar Kala Kendra image
Jawahar Kala Kendra
Art museum
Multifaceted arts center & cafe with galleries showcasing Indian art & culture in a unique building.
4.60 (13.3K reviews)
Fabbrica del Vapore image
Fabbrica del Vapore
Cultural center
Train/tram factory converted into an art complex embracing music, theater & dance, plus a cinema.
4.30 (13K reviews)
Casa das Rosas image
Casa das Rosas
A romantic café for soirees, serving seafood & finger food in a large, historic mansion.
4.60 (12.6K reviews)
Te Palace image
Te Palace
Art center
Palace with whimsical interiors & erotic frescoes, plus a museum with art & history displays.
4.60 (12.4K reviews)
Southbank Centre image
Southbank Centre
Art center
Theatres, concert halls and a cutting edge art gallery presenting over 1200 events each year.
4.50 (11.9K reviews)
Pine Garden image
Pine Garden
Heritage building
Housed in a 1943 former military site, this cultural center offers historical exhibits & events.
4.20 (11.8K reviews)
Fabrika Tbilisi image
Fabrika Tbilisi
Cultural center
Cool, industrial-style factory-turned-hostel offering a bar, an eclectic lounge & bike rentals.
4.60 (11.6K reviews)
Seoul Arts Center image
Seoul Arts Center
Art center
4.60 (11.3K reviews)
Instituto Tomie Ohtake image
Instituto Tomie Ohtake
Art center
Art space hosting major exhibitions of contemporary art & design in a striking, curved building.
4.70 (10.9K reviews)
Les Bassins des Lumières image
Les Bassins des Lumières
Art center
4.70 (10.6K reviews)
Cheng Mei Cultural Park image
Cheng Mei Cultural Park
Tourist attraction
Picturesque park featuring traditional Japanese architecture, gardens & cultural exhibits & events.
4.40 (10.4K reviews)
Kerala Folklore Museum image
Kerala Folklore Museum
Museum of traditional local architecture as well as crafts, folk art & antiques, with a cafe & shop.
4.30 (10K reviews)
Palais de Tokyo image
Palais de Tokyo
Modern art museum
1930s venue offering rotating exhibits of renowned & emerging artists, from art to performance.
4.40 (9.9K reviews)
Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy ~ SegunBagicha image
Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy ~ SegunBagicha
Cultural center
Heritage center for displays of Bangladeshi folk art, contemporary work & traditional dance shows.
4.50 (9.6K reviews)
Centre Pompidou Malaga image
Centre Pompidou Malaga
Art center
👍👍 That's a must-see in Malaga, 100% worth the ticket price. Also, you can get there for free on Sunday afternoons. I managed to see Miro, Dali and Picasso here, as well as many other artists that were significant for Spanish modern art. Temporary exhibitions are also worth seeing. You will need 1 euro...
4.40 (9.5K reviews)
Dadong Arts Center image
Dadong Arts Center
Art center
Modern venue featuring a library as well as music performances & other cultural events.
4.50 (9.1K reviews)
Werdhi Budaya Art Centre image
Werdhi Budaya Art Centre
Art center
Handicraft galleries & an outdoor theater for Balinese dancing amid traditional gates & pavilions.
4.60 (8.9K reviews)
Yorkshire Sculpture Park image
Yorkshire Sculpture Park
Art gallery
👍👍 We spent a lovely morning in the sunshine today walking around the park, galleries and the shops. Finished off with a nice coffee at the Weston where our car was parked. Excellent value for money. Spent £6.00 each which was well worth it for a morning. You could easily spend all day here and bring a...
4.60 (8.9K reviews)
Fondazione Prada image
Fondazione Prada
Art center
Exhibits of contemporary art in a unique complex of buildings designed by Rem Koolhaas.
4.20 (8.8K reviews)
Taichung City Seaport Art Center image
Taichung City Seaport Art Center
Art center
Gallery staging changing exhibitions of local art & calligraphy, with gardens & fish ponds.
4.30 (8.8K reviews)

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