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El Ateneo Grand Splendid image
El Ateneo Grand Splendid
Book store
This converted theater was first opened in 1919 & has now been converted into an elegant book store.
4.80 (75.1K reviews)
Livraria Lello image
Livraria Lello
Book store
Lavishly designed historic book store with an art nouveau exterior & a winding wooden staircase.
4.10 (61.8K reviews)
Livraria Cultura - Conjunto Nacional image
Livraria Cultura - Conjunto Nacional
Book store
4.70 (46K reviews)
Eslite Xinyi Store image
Eslite Xinyi Store
Shopping mall
Huge destination for books with a range in the English language & designated reading areas.
4.50 (43.5K reviews)
Scarborough Town Centre image
Scarborough Town Centre
Shopping mall
Modern mall with big-box, department & specialty retailers, plus a food court & movie theatre.
4.40 (35.3K reviews)
Fnac image
Department store
4.20 (34.6K reviews)
Powell's City of Books image
Powell's City of Books
Book store
馃憤馃憤 You may be an avid reader, and you may not. If you do enjoy getting lost in a good book, you may prefer doing so with a digital copy within your grasp. No matter your preferences, a visit to Powell鈥檚 City of Books is something you should consider the next time that you visit Portland, Oregon. Eve...
4.90 (30.7K reviews)
Partage Norte Shopping Natal image
Partage Norte Shopping Natal
Shopping mall
2-story mall with a supermarket & a movie theater, plus a spacious food court featuring city views.
4.50 (29.5K reviews)
Kyobo Book Centre Gwanghwamun image
Kyobo Book Centre Gwanghwamun
Book store
In-store shopping 路 In-store pick-up 路 Delivery
4.60 (26.3K reviews)
Fnac(electronic market) image
Fnac(electronic market)
Shopping mall
馃槧 I brought brand new lenevo 3 ipad ryzen 7 series laptop. When i came home and open the laptop it was damaged laptop the screen displays won't open. Its scam be aware of it you should open check the laptop it's working or not right before you buy it. Again i came back to fnac i told the problem of...
4.30 (21K reviews)
Hala Koszyki image
Hala Koszyki
Food court
Bustling, renovated market hall for trendy restaurants & boutiques, street food & cultural events.
$$ $$
4.50 (19.7K reviews)
Shakespeare and Company image
Shakespeare and Company
Book store
Iconic, English-language bookstore stocking new & used titles in bohemian surrounds since 1951.
4.60 (19.7K reviews)
Libreria Acqua Alta image
Libreria Acqua Alta
Book store
Cozy, offbeat bookstore featuring lots of vintage titles along with unique displays & resident cats.
4.50 (18.7K reviews)
Forbidden Planet London Megastore image
Forbidden Planet London Megastore
Comic book store
Graphic novel/comic store with merchandise & T-shirts, plus character figures & toys.
$$ $$
4.60 (17.3K reviews)
C膬rture葯ti Carusel image
C膬rture葯ti Carusel
Book store
馃憤馃憤 Fantastic book store, which offers much more than books only. The interior definitely worth a peek! There's a section here for anyone. Really worth a visit if you're into these places. Note that many things are in Romanian, but there were a lot of books and items in English as well. Besides books, c...
4.80 (17.1K reviews)
Centre Commercial Centre Bourse image
Centre Commercial Centre Bourse
Shopping mall
Contemporary mall in the city center since 1977, with international brands, restaurants & a nursery.
3.90 (16.5K reviews)
Eslite Spectrum Songyan Store image
Eslite Spectrum Songyan Store
Department store
馃憤馃憤 This Eslite complex is awesome! It's got little bit of everything! Arts and crafts, DIY stuff, clothing stores, B1 food court with Ponderosa what?? Wow that's a good ole American restaurant alright! 3rd floor with tons of books and merchandise. So many things to see and buy. We ended up gotten so...
4.40 (15.8K reviews)
Gramedia Sudirman image
Gramedia Sudirman
School supply store
In-store shopping 路 In-store pick-up 路 Delivery
4.60 (15.2K reviews)
Fnac image
Shopping mall
馃憤馃憤 Excellent book collection en English. They have a lot of non-fiction English titles. A lot of Panguin random house picks and such. They have many themes like philosophy, business and psychology and politics and science. There's really a good number of books for the non-fiction reader. My iwnky pushb...
4.40 (15.2K reviews)
Lobolunar image
Book store
4.50 (14.9K reviews)
Fnac image
Department store
In-store shopping 路 In-store pick-up 路 Delivery
4.10 (14.2K reviews)
孝袪笑 肖芯泻褍褋 image
孝袪笑 肖芯泻褍褋
Shopping mall
Multi-level complex of shops, restaurants & cafes, with a cinema & indoor amusement center.
4.50 (13.9K reviews)
Gramedia Solo Slamet Riyadi image
Gramedia Solo Slamet Riyadi
School supply store
4.60 (13.8K reviews)
FNAC Bordeaux image
FNAC Bordeaux
Department store
In-store shopping 路 In-store pick-up 路 Delivery
4.10 (13.4K reviews)
Fnac image
Department store
馃憤 Nice book and electronics chain shop at Champs Elysees. Good range of mobile phones, laptops, TVs, toys etc. It is probably best for books and certainly comics. Expect crowds due to the central location.
4.10 (12.7K reviews)
Public Cosmos Mall image
Public Cosmos Mall
Electronics store
In-store shopping 路 Kerbside pickup 路 Delivery
4.30 (12.1K reviews)
FNAC Lyon Bellecour image
FNAC Lyon Bellecour
Department store
4.00 (11.9K reviews)
The Last Bookstore image
The Last Bookstore
Book store
Airy book & record store offering new & used items in a multilevel space adorned with local art.
4.70 (11.8K reviews)
Shopping center Belle Etoile image
Shopping center Belle Etoile
Shopping mall
Mellow shopping mall with international fashion brands, a supermarket & casual restaurants.
4.30 (11.8K reviews)
Fnac image
Shopping mall
馃憤馃憤 It's an awesome store, I love it! Plenty of books, electronics, gaming equipment, merch, just about everything with awesome quality and great service! You can also pick up packages and buy event tickets there.
4.30 (11.2K reviews)
Le Vele & Millennium image
Le Vele & Millennium
Shopping mall
Shopping centre since 1998 with restaurants & a hypermarket, plus a nursery, cinema & bowling alley.
4.20 (10.9K reviews)
FNAC Nantes image
FNAC Nantes
Department store
4.00 (10.9K reviews)
Panamericana Cedritos image
Panamericana Cedritos
Book store
馃憤馃憤 It's my favorite local bookstore. I specially love the reading area on the second floor. It has a technology area, library products, imported candy products, and a great selection of literature and art books. Kinda messy around some times coz there's always people in there, but I feel it's kinda' co...
4.40 (10.7K reviews)
FNAC Nice image
Department store
4.00 (10.6K reviews)
FNAC Toulouse - Wilson image
FNAC Toulouse - Wilson
Department store
馃槓 Strange when the salesperson selling dvds of which majority is english doesn't speak a word of English:(
4.00 (10.3K reviews)
Fnac image
Department store
In-store shopping 路 In-store pick-up 路 Delivery
4.00 (10.3K reviews)
Eslite Spectrum Park Lane by CMP Store image
Eslite Spectrum Park Lane by CMP Store
Book store
馃憤馃憤 The best stationary and bookstore chain in Taiwan
4.50 (10.2K reviews)
Fnac image
Shopping mall
馃槧 They have really good payment plans. But the customer service is extremely bad! Acts as if they don鈥檛 want to help with more information. Looks annoyed and doesn鈥檛 want to work. Maybe there wages are low with a heavy work load. Employees doesn鈥檛 look happy there.
4.30 (10.1K reviews)
Centro Comercial La Vital image
Centro Comercial La Vital
Shopping mall
馃憤 This shopping centre on the outskirts of Gandia city has a good selection of retail and food outlets along with 3 mobile phone businesses to wile away some hours. Plenty of free underground parking makes for an easy time here.
4.20 (10.1K reviews)
Portal Exposici贸n image
Portal Exposici贸n
Shopping mall
This functional shopping center offers several levels of shopping & informal dining options.
4.10 (10K reviews)
Furet du Nord image
Furet du Nord
Book store
馃憤馃憤 My favorite bookstore. Nice staff. Awesome view on the grand place from up top. Found some nice parisian gifts for my American friends
4.50 (9.9K reviews)
Mondadori Duomo image
Mondadori Duomo
Book store
馃憤馃憤 All bookshops should have a sitting area like this. Upstairs there is an amazing choice of manga and graphic novels
4.20 (9.9K reviews)
Public The Mall Athens image
Public The Mall Athens
Shopping mall
馃憤馃憤 Very big mall with a lot of stores. Bershka, Zara, H&M, stradivarius. and more. there is even an IKEA store.
4.20 (9.8K reviews)
Daryaganj Sunday Book Market image
Daryaganj Sunday Book Market
Book store
Bustling outdoor market, open every Sun, with vendors for a huge variety of secondhand books.
4.30 (9.7K reviews)
Librairie Mollat image
Librairie Mollat
Book store
Well-known bookseller with a massive collection of titles, including art, literature & science.
4.70 (9.7K reviews)
Fnac image
Shopping mall
4.30 (9.6K reviews)
Fnac image
Shopping mall
4.30 (9.5K reviews)
Foyles image
Book store
Large, multi-genre bookstore spread over 5 floors, also selling CD/DVDs, plus jazz cafe and events.
4.70 (9.4K reviews)
Tower Records Shibuya image
Tower Records Shibuya
CD store
In-store shopping 路 In-store pick-up
4.30 (9.4K reviews)
Fnac image
Shopping mall
4.30 (9.4K reviews)

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