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Homecenter image
Building materials store
4.40 (22.9K reviews)
Homecenter | Dorado image
Homecenter | Dorado
Building materials store
Large outpost providing a wide selection of construction & home improvement supplies & appliances.
4.40 (22.5K reviews)
Homecenter | Medellín San Juan image
Homecenter | Medellín San Juan
Building materials store
😠 I will never shop at this location again. The employees are some of the rudest people I have ever met. Go to other stores and avoid their poor attitudes and poor customer service. Update: when I got the power washer to the house, it was broken and missing parts. I immediately returned it and got mo...
4.40 (20.7K reviews)
Leroy Merlin image
Leroy Merlin
Do-it-yourself shop
😠 I had to call and call and no one helped me to get my money back for a product that had not reached my expectations . They obliged me to keep the product ! I had to come to the shop to solve the problem… they said Noway to return it back because the package is opened … unfortunately bad experience !...
4.00 (20.1K reviews)
Homecenter image
Building materials store
👍 11/30/23 A few days ago I went to Homecenter and Especialistas: Silvia Juanetes Fabian Carlos Colorado Sylvia, Fabian and Carlos treated me like family. Everyone reading this review, if you need assistance find these people and say I saw a review about you and would love to take a pic with you. Home...
4.40 (17.5K reviews)
Homecenter Cali - Sixth Avenue image
Homecenter Cali - Sixth Avenue
Building materials store
😐 I always tell people that one of the best things about Colombia was the customer service however HOMECENTER Terrible customer service. You ask for assistance and they look at you like " why you bother me". If one of the manager wants to know names of the people I will give you names and department....
4.50 (17K reviews)
Sodimac Córdoba image
Sodimac Córdoba
Home goods store
😠 Very bad service... they didnt have employee to support you in your shopping... I was waiting 30 minutes for someone to help me to cacht a product... incredible. I dont reccomend rhis place for nobody. Another thing: they dont have Costumer service department. They are ridicolous...
3.70 (16.9K reviews)
Sodimac Homecenter Ñuble image
Sodimac Homecenter Ñuble
Home improvement store
4.00 (16.7K reviews)
Homecenter | Cedritos image
Homecenter | Cedritos
Building materials store
👍👍 Home center Cedritos is a big store for all kind of home stuff furnitures, materials for the bath,living room, paints, floors, as well there are wide range of choice for electrical and hand tools, by the entrance there is a coffee place, there is a parking that accommodate a lot of cars.
4.40 (16.6K reviews)
Homecenter | Mallplaza image
Homecenter | Mallplaza
Building materials store
👍👍 Try here first. For expats from the U.S., it's a cross between a Home Depot and Bed, Bath, and Beyond. If you want to remodel your bathroom you can find the pipes, cabinets, sinks, faucets, and tile as well as the towels, mirrors, toothbrush holders, and shower curtains.
4.40 (16.5K reviews)
Homecenter | Bucaramanga image
Homecenter | Bucaramanga
Building materials store
👍👍 This Store has just about everything you can think of but a little high in price for the community here. The staff was very helpful and checkout was pretty good. With this store there is no need to bring things from the US now unless you are a penny pincher . We are talking about a savings of 1 to...
4.50 (16K reviews)
Home improvement store
😠 I had a very bad experience with them last week. I had two enormous bags of soil delivered to my house. I paid extra for the delivery man to bring the bags up to my door because I am very small and cannot do it myself. The man refused to bring them up and left them in the lobby of my building. At th...
4.10 (15.9K reviews)
Maa Chandrika Devi Temple image
Maa Chandrika Devi Temple
Hindu temple
Hindu temple dedicated to Goddess Durga featuring a pond with a blue statue of Shiva.
4.70 (14.8K reviews)
Leroy Merlin Córdoba image
Leroy Merlin Córdoba
Home improvement store
😠 I want 2 time to différent Leroy Merlin, they never help me correctly when I ask some time,They sent me around like a crazy,even réception does not know if they have in stock or not,Never back to this shop! They buy review positif revieuws.
4.40 (14.8K reviews)
Homecenter Av Los Industriales image
Homecenter Av Los Industriales
Building materials store
😐 Home supplies place, average prices, good brands, enough portfolio and options, normally we can find whatever you need for home repairs, office and home supplies, tools, electro and more
4.40 (14.3K reviews)
Leroy Merlin image
Leroy Merlin
Do-it-yourself shop
👍👍 Rosie and Ayala were very professional and very very helpful, helping me through the tills and opening a trade card account if there was a six stars, I would definitely give them six)
4.10 (13.8K reviews)
Leroy Merlin image
Leroy Merlin
Home improvement store
😠 The coworkers are rude and they are not well prepared. I had to search for a shopping cart for 10-15 minutes and when I asked a coworker where I can find one he was sarcastic and didn't help at all. Their services are poorly designed (premium delivery for exemple). If you want to order online you ca...
4.50 (13.6K reviews)
Leroy Merlin Sabadell image
Leroy Merlin Sabadell
Home improvement store
In-store shopping · In-store pick-up · Delivery
4.10 (13.4K reviews)
Homecenter San Miguel image
Homecenter San Miguel
Home goods store
4.10 (13.3K reviews)
Dedeman image
Home improvement store
👍👍 With a good location this store is very well stocked and the locals can find almost everything they need for their home. From gardening items, flowers and trees, construction materials, electrical, etc. Employees are helpful when you find them.
4.30 (13.1K reviews)
Leroy Merlin Badalona image
Leroy Merlin Badalona
Home improvement store
😠 Good for queuing. Bad for shopping.
4.00 (13.1K reviews)
Leroy Merlin Sevilla Tomares image
Leroy Merlin Sevilla Tomares
Do-it-yourself shop
In-store shopping · Kerbside pickup · Delivery
4.20 (12.7K reviews)
Baucenter image
Building materials store
4.50 (12.6K reviews)
Home improvement store
👍 Good. A very large store with a huge selection of various products including tools for the garden. The store is located on the 1st floor. There is a walkway suitable for the disabled. There is disabled parking. There is free outdoor parking. There are many consultants on the trading floor.
4.10 (12.3K reviews)
Леруа Мерлен image
Леруа Мерлен
Building materials store
😠 Online ordering is a challenge so be calm if you want to go for it. Nobody can answer the status of the order when calling the hotline, only redirections and "request received" , the ETA for delivery "from morning till night 9:00-21:00". For which sake you need website and support service? It looks...
4.40 (12.1K reviews)
Dedeman image
Home improvement store
😐 Nice place, the staff are good. At the cash counters the ladies always ask for what bank my card is from. But they never answered me why they are asking. It is not nice ignore people, but I understand that maybe they are tired.
4.40 (12K reviews)
Sodimac Homecenter Mall Plaza Oeste image
Sodimac Homecenter Mall Plaza Oeste
Home goods store
In-store shopping · Kerbside pickup · Delivery
4.00 (11.9K reviews)
Sodimac Homecenter Puente Alto image
Sodimac Homecenter Puente Alto
Home goods store
In-store shopping · Kerbside pickup · Delivery
4.00 (11.9K reviews)
Leroy Merlin Granada image
Leroy Merlin Granada
Do-it-yourself shop
4.30 (11.9K reviews)
Koçtaş image
Building materials store
In-store shopping · Kerbside pickup · Delivery
3.90 (11.7K reviews)
Maxidom image
Hardware store
👍👍 Good store. Has a free bathroom.
4.40 (11.7K reviews)
Leroy Merlin Sevilla Alcalá image
Leroy Merlin Sevilla Alcalá
Home improvement store
In-store shopping · Kerbside pickup · Delivery
4.30 (11.7K reviews)
Dedeman image
Home improvement store
👍 Affordable, Good quality home construction/ finishing tools shop.
4.30 (11.6K reviews)
Homecenter image
Building materials store
4.50 (11.5K reviews)
Homecenter Sodimac New Florida image
Homecenter Sodimac New Florida
Home goods store
In-store shopping · Kerbside pickup · Delivery
4.00 (11.2K reviews)
Leroy Merlin Cartagena image
Leroy Merlin Cartagena
Home improvement store
4.50 (11K reviews)
Leroy Merlin Sant Cugat image
Leroy Merlin Sant Cugat
Home improvement store
👍👍 My favorite part is the gardens 🏡 I am so happy that they improve it by having a card machine (self buying) this help alot to save our time ! I hope to found more worker in the garden part please 😅
4.10 (11K reviews)
The Home Depot Centro image
The Home Depot Centro
Home improvement store
Chain home improvement retailer for tools, appliances & other products (some offer truck rentals).
$ $$$
4.30 (11K reviews)
Leroy Merlin La Laguna image
Leroy Merlin La Laguna
Home improvement store
😐 lots of waiting around for service. But staff helpful when you could get one.
3.90 (11K reviews)
Homecenter | Pereira image
Homecenter | Pereira
Building materials store
4.50 (10.9K reviews)
Leroy Merlin Ribeirão Preto image
Leroy Merlin Ribeirão Preto
Building materials store
👍👍 I love this place. Has all your home needs in one store. It's like a huge home Depot. Staff is always helpful and available. Prices are great.
4.60 (10.8K reviews)
Dedeman image
Home improvement store
👍👍 Amaizing!!!!! 🤩 Like Home Depot in USA. 😁 One thing that I like the most is that there is not plastic bags waste. Thank 🙏 you . ❤️
4.20 (10.7K reviews)
Carajás Home Center image
Carajás Home Center
Building materials store
4.30 (10.6K reviews)
Leroy Merlin Massanassa image
Leroy Merlin Massanassa
Home improvement store
😐 So so. Usually the sales people in these stores know diddly squat and worse instead of saying they don't know they make up some rubbish as they assume most buyers don't know anything. Prices average generally good quality. Don't use their contractors they are useless.
4.00 (10.5K reviews)
Easy image
Home goods store
😐 Attention is not that good ..some time to pay have to wait a lots of time
3.70 (10.4K reviews)
Bauhaus Beylikdüzü image
Bauhaus Beylikdüzü
Building materials store
In-store shopping · In-store pick-up · Delivery
4.20 (10.3K reviews)
Leroy Merlin Murcia Sur image
Leroy Merlin Murcia Sur
Home improvement store
👍 Great selection of products, but when you get to pay , rude unhelpfull staff, could not be bothered to serve you correctly, leaves items bought behind screen , to busy talking to friends, left security tags on to which we got stopped by security,
4.50 (10.1K reviews)
Do-it-yourself shop
In-store shopping · Kerbside pickup · Delivery
4.70 (9.9K reviews)
Leroy Merlin Murcia image
Leroy Merlin Murcia
Home improvement store
👍 Never enough staff to assist you in Murcia. Prefer the store in Elche. Good selection of goods.
4.30 (9.9K reviews)
HORNBACH Balotești image
HORNBACH Balotești
Home improvement store
👍👍 I had a very positive experience with Hornbach. Lixandru is a great English speaking professional. She helped me with power generators and power station. Appreciate this. Thank you from Ukraine )
4.30 (9.9K reviews)

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