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L'acqua di Roma image
L'acqua di Roma
👍 Great place to go to relax! But...only during the weekdays and non holidays. The apartments themselves are beautiful and modern. My family and I loved the experience!
4.40 (19.5K reviews)
Sider Shopping image
Sider Shopping
Shopping mall
Multilevel indoor mall featuring a variety of stores, plus a food court, a cinema & a play area.
4.40 (18K reviews)
Nikiszowiec Historic Mining District image
Nikiszowiec Historic Mining District
Condominium complex
👍👍 It's a place to visit and check the mining part of town, made mostly of red bricks. Really stunning to see it in the 21st century and a must for every urbanist. Could be explored in half an hour, several buses are coming from Katowice or taxi is an option too.
4.80 (15.4K reviews)
Pharaonic Village image
Pharaonic Village
Tourist attraction
Living museum of Egyptian history, with replicas of an ancient village & the tomb of Tutankhamen.
4.30 (14.8K reviews)
Palava City by LODHA image
Palava City by LODHA
Apartment complex
4.30 (13.2K reviews)
Las Torres Gemelas Acapulco image
Las Torres Gemelas Acapulco
Unfussy rooms with bay views & kitchenettes in a relaxed hotel offering dining & an outdoor pool.
3.80 (11.2K reviews)
Citta Office Mall image
Citta Office Mall
Shopping mall
Indoor-outdoor shopping center with a tree-studded courtyard, plus stores, restaurants & gym.
4.00 (10.9K reviews)
Shopping Center Rodoviária image
Shopping Center Rodoviária
Business center
Low-key retail hub with shops for clothing, gifts, electronics & home goods, plus cafes & eateries.
4.00 (10.8K reviews)
İhlas Armutlu Tatil Köyü image
İhlas Armutlu Tatil Köyü
Condominium complex
Unpretentious apartments in a relaxed resort with private beaches, 6 pools & a spa.
3.90 (10.1K reviews)
Viewpoint Hallstatt image
Viewpoint Hallstatt
Observation deck
4.80 (10K reviews)
Historical Village of Piódão image
Historical Village of Piódão
Condominium complex
4.70 (8.4K reviews)
İhlas Kuzuluk Kaplıca Evleri image
İhlas Kuzuluk Kaplıca Evleri
Resort hotel
Relaxed, rural spa retreat offering apartments with kitchens, plus dining, thermal baths & a sauna.
3.80 (7.9K reviews)
Podomoro City Deli Medan image
Podomoro City Deli Medan
Condominium complex
🫤 Mungkin kenyamanan hanya diperuntukkan buat penghuni condo atau yang datang menggunakan kendaraan roda 4 karena dapat langsung berhenti di drop off pintu masuk Utama atau dari parkiran belakang yang terhubung dengan mall, sementara pengunjung yang datang ke mall dengan berjalan kaki atau kendaraan u...
4.60 (7.2K reviews)
Trade Center Alcântara image
Trade Center Alcântara
Shopping mall
4.20 (6.5K reviews)
Parque da Cidade Mall image
Parque da Cidade Mall
Shopping mall
4-story, pet-friendly enclosed mall with a large, modern food court & free Wi-Fi.
4.50 (5.2K reviews)
Laketown Wharf Resort by Emerald View Resorts image
Laketown Wharf Resort by Emerald View Resorts
Condominium complex
Modern condo resort set on a lake offering outdoor pools & casual dining, plus free parking & Wi-Fi.
4.00 (4.7K reviews)
Country Garden Danga Bay image
Country Garden Danga Bay
Condominium complex
👍👍 Nice place to hangout and sunset view. Clean environment. Well guarded area. Quest not allowed to step in beach maybe for safety purpose. Beach stall available but not non muslim friendly. Served alcohol drinks.
4.30 (4.5K reviews)
RMZ Galleria Residences image
RMZ Galleria Residences
Condominium complex
👍👍 A great place to stay. The society is well maintained. Rooms are of good size. The indoor squash courts are a delight and its well maintained. There is ample parking spot inside the society. The infinity pool is a great place to relax and unwind.
4.30 (4.4K reviews)
Central Park Shopping & Residence image
Central Park Shopping & Residence
Shopping mall
$$ $$
4.50 (4.4K reviews)
Condomínio Praia do Forte image
Condomínio Praia do Forte
4.80 (4.1K reviews)
Navana Baily Star ~ Shiddheshwari image
Navana Baily Star ~ Shiddheshwari
Condominium complex
👍👍 One of my favourite place having many branded shop like Cates Eye, Gentle Park, Richman, Yellow, Fit Elegance etc. You not need to go various places for shopping, will get many things under one roof. Well organised air conditioned Shopping Complex with nice parking facility.
4.10 (3.9K reviews)
Edgewater Beach & Golf Resort image
Edgewater Beach & Golf Resort
Resort hotel
😐 this is a huge property. They do an excellent job on the exterior landscaping around the buildings and around the pool area as well as the golf course and that side of the resort. However, it is hit or miss depending on which condo you get. We have been going there for years and years and some condo...
4.20 (3.7K reviews)
Shopping mall
👍👍 New mall but good ENERGY
4.60 (3.7K reviews)
Rasuna Epicentrum image
Rasuna Epicentrum
Business center
Contemporary, streamlined complex with stores, a food court & coffee shops, plus a movie theater.
4.50 (3.7K reviews)
Hüdai Kaplıcaları image
Hüdai Kaplıcaları
👍👍 I think it's like a very nice holiday village, you don't need to go out when you go inside. I think the market, bakery and restaurant in it will be enough. My advice to those who go is that you should definitely eat hair roasted in the oven. You can choose resadiye kochisar mansions. The large vari...
4.10 (3.5K reviews)
LODHA Belmondo image
LODHA Belmondo
Condominium complex
4.50 (3.5K reviews)
Emaar square image
Emaar square
Condominium complex
$$ $$
4.30 (3.4K reviews)
Mashriq Center image
Mashriq Center
Shopping mall
👍 Excellent Market where we can buy used imported branded clothes in excellent condition, some time you can wear it without alteration, exactly feeling made for you. maximum price of excellent piece of shirt or suiting trouser may me 300 to 500/= children girls and ladies suitable wearings are also av...
4.00 (3.3K reviews)
Majestic Beach Resort image
Majestic Beach Resort
Resort hotel
🫤 Hope this reaches the right people. Well, we were not given what we saw in the pictures. There was a washer and dryer in the picture but we didn't have one in our room. The phone did not work and when we tried to call Housekeeping and Maintenance with our own cell phones because the microwave didn't...
4.10 (3K reviews)
Villa Panamericana de Lima image
Villa Panamericana de Lima
Condominium complex
4.30 (2.9K reviews)
Roxy Mas image
Roxy Mas
Cell phone store
👍 Many shophouse here, mostly have business in mobile phone. Not easy to find parking space, also there is no restaurant in this complex.
4.60 (2.8K reviews)
Browary Warszawskie image
Browary Warszawskie
Food court
4.60 (2.6K reviews)
Seawoods Estates image
Seawoods Estates
Condominium complex
4.40 (2.6K reviews)
Beach Class Executive image
Beach Class Executive
Condominium complex
Informal hotel offering ocean views & an outdoor pool, plus a restaurant & a low-key bar.
4.40 (2.6K reviews)
Parliament Lodges image
Parliament Lodges
Condominium complex
👍👍 Safest place for Free Stay in Islamabad 😂 (if you have any reference with some MNA or Minister).
4.40 (2.5K reviews)
Emerald Tower & Mall image
Emerald Tower & Mall
Condominium complex
👍 Emerald Tower is well designed and well-planned building. The building comprises a shopping mall with a good cafeteria, on upper floors, there are commercial offices also designed with modern art. It is a very beautiful place in Clifton It has many shops and restaurants in the food court area and i...
4.10 (2.5K reviews)
Royal Phuket Marina image
Royal Phuket Marina
👍👍 Launch point for many excursions to the islands. Nice marina.
4.50 (2.4K reviews)
Aparna Sarovar image
Aparna Sarovar
Condominium complex
👍 Good place one of the biggest apartments aprna at have 14 Black's each black 20 floors and garden, Play ground, and it's looking beautiful place, that place secure and safe security maintenance good and maintain clean and hygiene
4.50 (2.4K reviews)
M Montréal image
M Montréal
Simple lodging offering laid-back dorms & private rooms, plus a hip bar with live entertainment.
4.60 (2.4K reviews)
Condominium complex
👍👍 Ok
4.30 (2.3K reviews)
The Summit Beach Resort Condominium image
The Summit Beach Resort Condominium
Resort hotel
Nautical-themed condos on the beach, plus pools, tennis courts & a Tiki bar
3.60 (2.3K reviews)
Plaza Cuajimalpa image
Plaza Cuajimalpa
Shopping mall
👍 A square that has different stores, has an entrance through Av. Castorena and Carretera México Toluca. It has access for ♿️ wheelchairs, ramps inside the square. The only thing I see is that it is a bit run down and has poor lighting in the morning. There is parking for both entrances 🅿️
4.00 (2.2K reviews)
The Metrozone by Ozone group (Official) image
The Metrozone by Ozone group (Official)
Gated community
👍👍 It's a big mall located at thirumangalam Anna nagar. The entry is through a small road but easy to drive to car parking well designed and with sign boards. The parking area is very big and sufficient for large number of cars. Exit is also well designed takes you directly to main road to Anna Hagar W...
4.20 (2.2K reviews)
DLF Park Place image
DLF Park Place
Condominium complex
👍 Although the club and pool have sometimes disappointed (summer of 2017 has been plagued by pool cleanliness issues, although they may be resolved now), Park Place has been a wonderful space for my young son to grow and play and make friends from all over India and the world, and even after almost 4...
4.50 (2.2K reviews)
Ward Village image
Ward Village
Shopping mall
Five-mall shopping complex with more than 130 stores, 40 eateries & a 16-screen movie theater.
4.20 (2.2K reviews)
Abu Dhabi Plaza image
Abu Dhabi Plaza
Shopping mall
👍👍 The tallest building in the CIS
4.70 (2.1K reviews)
The Walk at University image
The Walk at University
Shopping mall
👍👍 The Walk is a Coral Springs landmark. Completed in 2001, it is a 240,000 square foot mixed use retail center. It runs two city blocks and serves as a sort of the main street of Coral Springs. The Walk contains offices, shops, and popular restaurants. I visit The Walk at least once a week. Some of t...
4.50 (2.1K reviews)
Riverside Park image
Riverside Park
Condominium complex
👍 The one thing that gleams of this place is opulence. Right from the location, the ambience, the client companies that occupy the office space in this block. The office space, the staircase and the elevator lift are spacious and clean. The presence of trees and vegetation around the offices block giv...
4.50 (2.1K reviews)
Club Campestre San José image
Club Campestre San José
😠 don't risk it - I booked a tee time 3 months in advance, arrived and checked in at the course 2 hours early and was on the 1st tee 10 minutes early, only to have a "member" take my tee time. When I asked the starter to step in, he said "what do you want me to do..." He told me to just go out as a...
4.60 (2K reviews)
Aditya Imperial Heights image
Aditya Imperial Heights
Condominium complex
👍 Huge construction but lacks quality. Popular for its key location. Apart from infra quality everything is good. Markets ATMs Schools Restaurant....You name it and it's there within a km. Quality has definitely improved with association taking control of the premises. Grass looks more greener, premi...
4.10 (2K reviews)

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