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Innovative Dental of Springfield image
Innovative Dental of Springfield
👍👍 Sidney did amazing cleaning our teeth! She provided good after care instructions and explained everything in detail. She also made us feel very welcomed and was very hospitable. Danika and Callie both took care of getting x-rays and detailed information about treatments. They did amazing explaining...
5.00 (4.1K reviews)
GiO Dental Care & Clinic BABARSARI image
GiO Dental Care & Clinic BABARSARI
Dental clinic
👍👍 Great
5.00 (4.1K reviews)
Modern Xingguo Dental Clinic image
Modern Xingguo Dental Clinic
Dental clinic
👍👍 Everyone in the office were friendly and a delight! From the receptionists, office staff, dental hygienist and dentist!! They also speak good English. So if you are a foreigner and need a dentist don’t look further.
5.00 (4K reviews)
The Caring Touch image
The Caring Touch
Dental clinic
👍👍 Best clinic I have ever visited with an exceptionally organized staff. The equipment is advanced and sanitary. Thanks to the caring touch I no longer fear dental procedures. Everything is extremely organized and ahead of its time with reminders sent to your phone so you never forget your appointment...
4.90 (3.9K reviews)
Charlotte Dentistry image
Charlotte Dentistry
😠 Katie is always a pleasure to work with. However I will not be returning. The dentists here make me feel like I am on an assembly line. I don't feel like I am receiving dental care, I feel more like I am being processed. This has become a business that is disinterested in the customer experience. I...
4.90 (3.8K reviews)
Dental Diagnostic Centre-DDC Smiles Koramangala Bangalore image
Dental Diagnostic Centre-DDC Smiles Koramangala Bangalore
Dental clinic
👍👍 I visited DDC Smiles,Koramangala for missing teeth problem which I had got it removed 2 years back I was advised for having Implants. Dr.Vijaya reddy explained the procedure in detail and recommended 3 implants I got it done by Dr Deepak I didn't encounter any complications post procedure.after 2.5...
5.00 (3.6K reviews)
京典美學牙醫診所 - 榮總顯微根管 根尖手術 睡眠呼吸中止症 人工植牙 全瓷冠 逢甲牙醫推薦 台中牙醫推薦 逢甲植牙推薦 image
京典美學牙醫診所 - 榮總顯微根管 根尖手術 睡眠呼吸中止症 人工植牙 全瓷冠 逢甲牙醫推薦 台中牙醫推薦 逢甲植牙推薦
Dental clinic
👍👍 The Doctor 詹雅鈴 really friendly and the service was magnificent. Thankyou!
4.90 (3.3K reviews)
Dental clinic
😠 I wanted to share my recent experience, particularly during my 3rd visit. While my initial's encounter with your services was positive, the 3rd visit left me with some concerns regarding the front office team. I experienced a significant wait time of more than one hour without receiving any communi...
4.90 (3.2K reviews)
Dental 21 PIK | Spesialis Gigi Rusak, Berlubang & Sakit Gigi image
Dental 21 PIK | Spesialis Gigi Rusak, Berlubang & Sakit Gigi
Dental clinic
👍👍 The dentist (Dr Yoga) is very careful , soft spoken , in detail explaining my tooth problems before and after treatment. The Admin (Putri) is polite and attentive in the admission proccess. The Nurse also very gentle and careful to assist me . Thank you so much for such a friendly and proffessionsl...
5.00 (3.2K reviews)
Laxminarayan Multispeciality Dental Clinic and Implant Center image
Laxminarayan Multispeciality Dental Clinic and Implant Center
Dental clinic
👍👍 The best quality treatment,all doctors are experienced & all staff is also good. Good appointment and follow up service.
4.90 (3K reviews)
dentict Hospital 聯強牙醫診所 image
dentict Hospital 聯強牙醫診所
👍👍 The doctor is very careful with my teeth 🦷 I just cleaned my teeth today, and dealt with the cavities by the way I also sent a set of toothbrushes for the first visit ❤️ Very caring clinic! push push
4.80 (2.9K reviews)
Vasupujya Dental image
Vasupujya Dental
Pediatric dentist
👍👍 Outstanding Experience for my Mom who is 78 years of age. Am short of words in expressing our kindest gratitude to the able team of Dr.Rohan. Sincerely appreciate work done in taking dentistry & patient experience to an all together new level. Not just the best in Ahmedabad but being from Mumbai, I...
5.00 (2.9K reviews)
當代牙醫診所 | 數位導航植牙/全瓷數位美學/台大牙周專科/牙周難症治療/牙齦美容微整/中壢牙套推薦/陶瓷貼片推薦/植牙推薦/牙周病推薦/中壢牙醫 image
當代牙醫診所 | 數位導航植牙/全瓷數位美學/台大牙周專科/牙周難症治療/牙齦美容微整/中壢牙套推薦/陶瓷貼片推薦/植牙推薦/牙周病推薦/中壢牙醫
Dental clinic
🫤 Dental clinic group with very detailed explanations of the dental procedures and the after effects.
4.80 (2.8K reviews)
Antoine Dental Center image
Antoine Dental Center
😠 DO NOT COME HERE... THEY WILL LIE ABOUT THE FEES TO GET YOU HERE, THEN PRICE GOUGE YOU... BUYER BEWARE... they quote an affordable cash price for dental services on the phone and at the front desk.. Then when you are in the chair, in pain, they jack up the fees 2 or 3 times higher than any of the le...
4.70 (2.8K reviews)
Dental Depot image
Dental Depot
Dental clinic
👍👍 Very welcoming, clean, and professional experience. I hadn't been to the dentist in years and my hygienist didn't skip a beat restoring my teeth. From the moment you walk in it's obvious this business cares so much more than just getting you in and out as fast as possible. So thankful for their inve...
4.60 (2.6K reviews)
PeaksView Dental image
PeaksView Dental
4.90 (2.6K reviews)
Dr. Loren J. Grossman and Dr. Steven Hippeli - Kingston PA Dentists image
Dr. Loren J. Grossman and Dr. Steven Hippeli - Kingston PA Dentists
👍👍 I've always had anxiety over going to the dentist and especially receiving dental work. And wow, am I glad I found this office. The staff and doctor were so nice and made me as comfortable as possible. I needed a molar pulled and it was done painlessly within minutes. Both the doctor and assisntant...
5.00 (2.6K reviews)
West 10th Dental Group image
West 10th Dental Group
👍👍 So we changed our dentist office from the one my son has been going to for 2 years. We had a good experience at this location. My son was happy he was able to play while waiting and they made him feel comfortable during the xr and cleaning process. Staff was kind and the hygienist showed my son the...
4.70 (2.6K reviews)
Smiline image
Dental clinic
👍 The doctors are very efficient and they do everything accordingly to schedules. They support the patient through any process and also provide very friendly feedback to the patient. The location is pretty organized and sanitary with occasional cleanliness checks allowing for a more optimal sterile en...
4.80 (2.6K reviews)
Realtooth image
👍👍 My experience with realtooth has been always best. They provide best Dental treatment in india. I live in Germany but when i visit to india i visit realtooth for my routine check up. I will definitely recommend them.
4.80 (2.5K reviews)
Dr Michael's Dental Care image
Dr Michael's Dental Care
Dental clinic
👍👍 My fear of dentists over with this doctor. A tooth gave me trouble already done RCT for past five years was sorted out painlessly and fitted a brand new tooth He openly discussed the different aspects of tooth issues which comforts us🙏🏾
5.00 (2.5K reviews)
Dezy - Corporate Office image
Dezy - Corporate Office
😠 I approached Dezy for aligner treatment for my wife. To begin with, they did a teeth scanning at home. After that, I was asked to pay Rs 2000 to initiate the process and getting the reports. This was followed by a couple of clinical visits and after that I was asked to pay Rs 52000 for manufacturing...
4.90 (2.5K reviews)
Jain dental braces implant clinic image
Jain dental braces implant clinic
Dental clinic
👍👍 A well established dental clinic with all latest equipments are present here. Very neat and clean clinic. We have been their regular patients since more than 15years. Very friendly atmosphere with great skills of doctors who are master of their respective fields. A brilliant team led by Dr Arpan Jai...
4.90 (2.4K reviews)
Rivertown Dental Care image
Rivertown Dental Care
👍👍 Dr. Chris Miller is an excellent Dentist. He takes the time to explain treatments and answers all questions. I had a second consultation with him as I had option concerns. He was extremely courteous with explaining pro and cons regarding each treatment plan. I highly recommended.
4.90 (2.4K reviews)
Klement Family Dental | St. Petersburg image
Klement Family Dental | St. Petersburg
👍👍 A friend recommended Klement Dental to us in 2019, and we've been going there ever since. The staff dishes out kidness and excellent customer service. Just superb service all around. They are open late (7pm) during the week and offer Saturday openings once a month, I believe, but don't quote me.
4.80 (2.4K reviews)
Dr Feminaths Ananthapuri Dental 100% Pain-free image
Dr Feminaths Ananthapuri Dental 100% Pain-free
Dental clinic
👍👍 A pretty decent clinic in Trivandrum that offers excellent dental care at budget price. Patient registration fee is just Rs 100, no extra consultation charges in the first visit, root canal done for Rs 3000, and so on. It is affordable compared to its counterparts who simply charge Rs 300 for regist...
4.90 (2.3K reviews)
Kelowna Dental Centre image
Kelowna Dental Centre
👍👍 From the start, this entire experience had exceeded all of my expectations. I am so happy with my smile and love all the compliments! The team at Kelowna Dental have gone above and beyond in their efforts to ensure my comfort and understanding of all procedures and the steps towards my new smile. Ha...
4.90 (2.3K reviews)
Jerush Dentofacial and Cosmetic Laser Centre image
Jerush Dentofacial and Cosmetic Laser Centre
Dental clinic
😠 Whatever you do, DO NOT go to this terrible hospital. All they want is your money. They make a thousand appointments for a simple procedure that could be done in a single visit. There is no hygiene, they use the same tools used in other patients mouth without cleaning them .They do EVERYTHING pos...
4.90 (2.3K reviews)
Springville Dentistry image
Springville Dentistry
😠 I've been coming here with my family for multiple years. I'm really conflicted writing this because I genuinely love Dr. Galbraith, however my recent experience with Dr. Swenson and his treatment of my family has soured me to coming back here. My step daughter went in two weeks ago for a wisdom tee...
4.90 (2.3K reviews)
Spodak Dental Group image
Spodak Dental Group
4.90 (2.2K reviews)
London Square Dental Centre image
London Square Dental Centre
Dental clinic
👍👍 London Square Dental Clinic exceeded my expectations! The staff was not only professional but also made me feel at ease. The dentist was thorough in explaining my treatment options, and the entire process was painless. The clinic's emphasis on cleanliness and hygiene is noteworthy. I left with a pos...
4.80 (2.2K reviews)
Inspire Dental Group image
Inspire Dental Group
👍👍 Had teeth extractions and it went well with no glitches. Michelle and Bianca were awesome. Friendly. Professional, Patient and we’re very thorough about what to expect throughout the procedure. They made my day and we laughed and they made the room environment peaceful and comfortable.
4.80 (2.2K reviews)
Desert Hills Dental Care image
Desert Hills Dental Care
4.90 (2.2K reviews)
Smiline image
👍👍 At last I got my long due dental check up and teeth cleaning done today at Smiline. Doctor also educated me on the correct methods of brushing and flossing. Hospital premises is very clean and hygienic dental hospital in hyderabad.
4.90 (2.1K reviews)
Wichita Family Dental - East image
Wichita Family Dental - East
👍👍 Dr. Pierson and Gaby were fantastic. My husband was having tooth pain on a Friday evening. We called that Saturday morning, and they got us in immediately. They were able to complete the root canal, make a crown in-house, and fix the problem at that very appointment! The staff's kindness from front...
4.60 (2.1K reviews)
Midtown Family Dentistry image
Midtown Family Dentistry
5.00 (2.1K reviews)
City Dental Hospital, Rajkot, Gujarat image
City Dental Hospital, Rajkot, Gujarat
Dental clinic
👍👍 It was really great experience for me all staff and as well as the doctors of the city dental hospital. I would definitely recommended my friends and family members to visit it. There is no chance of any improvement because it is really a Great hospital developed. Staff members helpful nature was re...
4.90 (2.1K reviews)
Clear Lake Dental Care image
Clear Lake Dental Care
Dental clinic
4.90 (2.1K reviews)
Dantam image
Dental clinic
👍👍 I have visited Dantam for crown fixing of my daughter, and I must say, the experience exceeded all my expectations. Right from the start, the staff welcomed me with warmth and professionalism, setting a comforting tone for my every visit. Doctors were exceptional in explaining the procedure in laym...
4.90 (2K reviews)
Kakouras Family Dentistry image
Kakouras Family Dentistry
5.00 (2K reviews)
Same Day Dental image
Same Day Dental
Emergency dental service
😠 I went here when a piece of my filling broke off. The dentist told me that I would need an extraction and an implant at the cost of 3500. They told me that was my only option because my tooth was broken. He encouraged me to get the tooth pulled that day and then figure out the rest later, most likel...
4.00 (2K reviews)
Midlothian Dental Center image
Midlothian Dental Center
Dental clinic
👍👍 Dr. Hoover and his entire staff are awesome. They tell you what they are going to do, constantly make sure you are comfortable throughout the entire procedure, whatever that may be, and the results is always great. I never "enjoy" going to the dentist, but I truly don't mind it with Dr. Hoover and...
4.90 (2K reviews)
Corson Dentistry image
Corson Dentistry
4.90 (1.9K reviews)
Fox Dental Associates - Asheville, NC image
Fox Dental Associates - Asheville, NC
👍👍 We switched to Fox Dental three years ago and it has honestly been such a positive experience. Elizabeth has been the dental hygienist cleaning my teeth for the last few visits and she is great - so nice and gentle! Each of the dentists I’ve seen have been wonderful as well - they all seem to be con...
5.00 (1.9K reviews)
Southfield Family Dental Center image
Southfield Family Dental Center
👍👍 I have to absolutely rave about my experience last week at Southfield Family Dental Center. I had a an over hours dental emergency, I lost a tooth on the top row right in my smile line. I researched many dentists to call the following business day as so many stated they are emergency dentists as wel...
4.70 (1.9K reviews)
Normandy Lake Dentistry - Normandy Jacksonville image
Normandy Lake Dentistry - Normandy Jacksonville
🫤 To Doctor Walter: Your service is great since I started back in January. However, today at my appointment at 12:30, the individual who assisted has an unprofessional attitude. With my condition of my sensitive gum, which I just got extraction 2 weeks ago. Instead of being understanding, she asked an...
4.60 (1.9K reviews)
River Run Dental image
River Run Dental
4.80 (1.8K reviews)
German Dental and Dermatology Centre image
German Dental and Dermatology Centre
Dental clinic
👍👍 German Dental Center Doha has the best customer service and always meets your expectations!!! the staff here are the most comforting even during your procedure. i definitely recommend!! And a special shout-out to Dr. Dominique for his amazing work🤩
4.80 (1.8K reviews)
Dokter Gigi Medan Dentist Center image
Dokter Gigi Medan Dentist Center
Dental clinic
👍👍 A Modern and clean Dental Clinic . Of course the Doctor also very Expert in this Major .... I will come back again to see the helpful and Best Dentist in the Town ... next i will do the bleaching and maybe want to do the ortho for my boy and also want to consult about the Tooth implantation Program...
5.00 (1.8K reviews)

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