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Barra Shopping image
Barra Shopping
Shopping mall
Multi-floor shopping center with many retailers & restaurants, plus a movie theater & bowling alley.
4.70 (67.6K reviews)
Narayana Nethralaya Eye Hospital image
Narayana Nethralaya Eye Hospital
Eye care center
πŸ‘πŸ‘ The hospitality in here is very good and there are lot of improvements compared to the previous visit. I was assigned to Dr Poornachandra, the doctor understands the patient problem in ease and provides good suggestions. He doesn't recommend unnecessary test or treatment. He answers all the Questio...
4.80 (55.3K reviews)
Yashoda Hospitals - Malakpet image
Yashoda Hospitals - Malakpet
Private hospital
😠 Corporate Gundas (Security) people are rude behaviour with lady's if we ask reverse they scolding and bad words....they take money from paitents forcefully if we not give them they demand and fight with paitents and attended of paitents..... This security Ravi rude behaviour... Demand money from pa...
4.80 (25K reviews)
Shalby Multi-Specialty Hospitals image
Shalby Multi-Specialty Hospitals
General hospital
😠 Shalby hospital in Sarkhej highway in Ahmedabad is one of the biggest and well known hospital in India and patients across India comes to visit this hospital for their knee replacement surgery. However, it is a shame that a 9 storey building only has 1 working lift. That too for patient. I hope th...
4.80 (22.7K reviews)
KIMS ICON Hospitals image
KIMS ICON Hospitals
Private hospital
😠 Worst hospital. Please don't ever get ur loved ones here for any reason. I. Hygiene: zero. Rooms are not cleaned well. Nurses just drop plastic wastes on the floor. Mosquito and cockroaches in AC wards. AC wards are name sake. NONE OF THE AC'S WORK. charge Ii. Zero transparency: no complain regis...
4.50 (20.1K reviews)
Kiran Multi Super Speciality Hospital image
Kiran Multi Super Speciality Hospital
4.80 (19.8K reviews)
Dr. Mohan's Diabetes Specialities Centre - Gopalapuram image
Dr. Mohan's Diabetes Specialities Centre - Gopalapuram
Diabetes center
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Been a patient of Dr.Mohan's since 2014 and have been grateful for all the services at the Gopalapuram centre. The ability to get everything diabetes health-related under one roof is a boon. The staff, too, is very polite and always ready to help! I've always had a great experience getting my check-...
4.90 (19.4K reviews)
KD Hospital image
KD Hospital
πŸ‘πŸ‘ KD hospital is registered official hospital for Immigration Medical checkup for Australia, UK, Canada, Newzealand, South koria. I have had booked appointment for Canada immigration over phone call. Just call on given number during 9am to 5pm and they will guide you how to register your appointment...
4.80 (16.6K reviews)
AIG Hospitals image
AIG Hospitals
😠 First thing don't give your smartphone to the staff with blue colour suit who called as co ordinators with money minded management. They will take your phone and rate their hospital as good in all sites. For the patients who ever visiting hospital for first time choose any doctor from website and ta...
4.40 (16.5K reviews)
Manipal Hospital Yeshwanthpur image
Manipal Hospital Yeshwanthpur
😐 The hospital is near and clean with a large cafeteria for people visiting as well as employees. Many choices available for food too. The deluxe suit is split in two rooms one for the attendant and the other for the patient. The bathroom is spacious and well lit. Although their pharmacy is under staf...
4.70 (13.9K reviews)
Klinik Gigi FDC Dental Clinic - Bandung image
Klinik Gigi FDC Dental Clinic - Bandung
Dental clinic
4.90 (13.2K reviews)
Klinik Gigi FDC Dental Clinic - Depok image
Klinik Gigi FDC Dental Clinic - Depok
Dental clinic
5.00 (12.9K reviews)
Apollo Children's Hospital image
Apollo Children's Hospital
Children's hospital
😠 Not recommended at all.They just want money in every single step.They will just rob your hard earned money.Instead of this they did the wrong treatment and the situation got worse day by day.They couldn't identify the disease they just ride Mercedes and come to the hospital.Too much robber they are....
4.90 (12.5K reviews)
Medicover Hospitals | Best Multispecialty Hospital in Nellore image
Medicover Hospitals | Best Multispecialty Hospital in Nellore
πŸ‘ Medicover Hospital, Nellore is one of the few multi-specialty in Nellore District and its surroundings. Actually, this hospital well known as Simhapuri Hospital converted and taken over management by Medicover Hospitals in the year 2013. Multi-storeyed hospital built across a sprawling area. The pre...
4.90 (12.4K reviews)
Madhavbaug Hospital Khopoli image
Madhavbaug Hospital Khopoli
Heart hospital
πŸ‘πŸ‘ It was a quality time. We were there to treat my Father's Illnesses due to Cardiac Arrest (5 Blockage) and High Sugar Levels. Their Ayurvedic Treatment is so gentle but useful. Schedule is so tight from 5 AM to 9 PM. Within 7 days patients confidence level and physical abilities enhances and whole c...
4.70 (12.4K reviews)
Ruby Hall Clinic Multispeciality Hospital Sasson image
Ruby Hall Clinic Multispeciality Hospital Sasson
😠 Very Important: 1) This is one of the most expensive hospital in pune with one of the worst management. 2) If you have Mediclaim never disclose your cover amount 3) Management (?) will pressurise you to deposit certain amount until they get initial approval and if you pay under pressure forget your...
4.50 (12.1K reviews)
Apollo Hospital Seshadripuram image
Apollo Hospital Seshadripuram
Private hospital
😐 Been visiting apollo hospital from 3 years, though doctors are very professional and good at job, it is the staff who make the difference, whether it is billing or getting reports or while consulting the doctor, you need to run behind the staff to get the job done. Seriously the management need an a...
4.70 (12.1K reviews)
NH SRCC Children's Hospital, Mumbai image
NH SRCC Children's Hospital, Mumbai
Children's hospital
4.90 (11.6K reviews)
Rai Piles Health Clinic image
Rai Piles Health Clinic
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Rai Pile Hospital is superb place for piles treatment. I have been many places but this is one of a kind. All the services and everything provided here are very exemplary espically Dr Yogendra Rai management is excepational . I cannot just say but all facilities are really to speak for. Staff is v...
4.90 (11.1K reviews)
AMRI Hospital - Mukundapur image
AMRI Hospital - Mukundapur
General hospital
πŸ‘πŸ‘ My father himself a retired surgeon was diagnosed with a prostrate cancer in the month of July’21 & was under the treatment of Doctor P.K. Mishra who himself had worked with my father long back. He is a very good doctor & very polite and listen to the patient carefully and try to make them understan...
4.70 (10.9K reviews)
Park Hospital image
Park Hospital
General hospital
😠 Do not enter this hospital even in an emergency case. It's a very gloomy and saddening state where there isn't any value for humanity or life. These people have stooped down to such levels that there is no looking up from there. I really wish to know how these so called doctors and the staff here ca...
4.80 (10.4K reviews)
The Eye Foundation Eye Hospital image
The Eye Foundation Eye Hospital
Eye care center
🫀 Went on weekend. Rush is there for sure. Be ready to allocate your one day dedicated for the eye checkup. There are lot of procedures lining up for the eye checkup. Everything is good, but I saw a nurse who is gargling and spitting water behind the drinking water outlet bucket in the first floor r...
4.90 (10.1K reviews)
Aster RV Hospital image
Aster RV Hospital
😐 Very clean and hygienic hospital. Food service is good specially breakfast. Thippesh from catering was very polite and helpful. Housekeeping was also prompt. but main service like Consultation and Nursing could improve. I was not given proper details about procedure and have to ping nursing twice f...
4.80 (9.7K reviews)
😐 The services and professionals available here are the best in the city. However, they charge 2x or 3x the cost at other hospitals. It is bloody expensive but yet the ones who couldnt afford tends to come here since there aint an alternative option. It is very much crowded almost all time and the man...
4.60 (8.8K reviews)
Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Ar Rayyan Hospital image
Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Ar Rayyan Hospital
Private hospital
4.20 (8.6K reviews)
Larissa Aesthetic Center Tegal 1 (Pasifik Mall) image
Larissa Aesthetic Center Tegal 1 (Pasifik Mall)
Skin care clinic
5.00 (8.5K reviews)
United CIIGMA Hospital (CARE CIIGMA Hospital) image
United CIIGMA Hospital (CARE CIIGMA Hospital)
Specialized hospital
πŸ‘πŸ‘ - Professional and qualified doctors. - All staff are cooperative and helpful. - Spacial thanks to Dr.Anand Soni sir Best neurologist and also Dr.Gayakwad Sir To provide Such great service and guidance. ................ Cons : Huge diffrance in hospital medicine prize and outside hospital medical p...
4.60 (8.4K reviews)
Bangalore Baptist Hospital image
Bangalore Baptist Hospital
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Coming to Baptist hospital for some time now, and I must accept although the hospital is not the same as a 5-star hospital as Apollo & Columbia Asia the hospital wins heart with their service towards the Patient, each staff are very generous and will help each patient from rich to poor no caste or r...
4.60 (8.4K reviews)
Burhani Hospital image
Burhani Hospital
4.90 (8.2K reviews)
Sterling Hospitals - Memnagar image
Sterling Hospitals - Memnagar
Private hospital
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Clean, sanitised, spacious premises. Visited the Health checkup desk at the basement. Very prompt, polite, efficient crew. No time wasted in waiting. Almost all the services are available there - Echo, ECG, Audiometry, E&T, Consultancy, TMT, PFT, Blood & Urine sampling. Only for Ultrasonography I ha...
4.70 (7.9K reviews)
BM Birla Heart Research Centre | CK Birla Hospitals image
BM Birla Heart Research Centre | CK Birla Hospitals
Heart hospital
πŸ‘πŸ‘ This is one of the best place for cardiac treatment. I am very grateful to Dr. Anil Mishra for the treatment of coronary artery blockage of my father. Coronary angiography and angioplasty was done by him and my father now is in very good condition. Support staffs and nursing staffs were very good a...
4.80 (7.9K reviews)
Aster Prime Hospital image
Aster Prime Hospital
Private hospital
😐 Sir,we were and are the regular patients of your hospital but I am surprised to see that it is only doing business but not treatment. Even you people are forcing to purchase PPE kit for the people who carrying the patient for CT scan etc. And finally we have noticed that they are taking all the pati...
4.60 (7.8K reviews)
Manipal Hospital Sarjapur Road image
Manipal Hospital Sarjapur Road
😠 Not at all happy about the overall experience. Everyone is over burdon .....seems they have capacity to manage of 10 people and they are taking 30-40 people for these health check ups on daily basis. 1) Came at 9am and took some 30 mins to get the test started that too mine was pre appointment ....
4.40 (7.7K reviews)
Jehangir Hospital image
Jehangir Hospital
General hospital
😠 We've had the worst experience of our life having selected Jehangir Hospital as care provider. The doctors here only care about money and their lavish lifestyle and have no regard for patients. They'll make you wait for a simple prescription for a couple of days while the patient, your loved one go...
4.60 (7.4K reviews)
Hemas Hospital Wattala image
Hemas Hospital Wattala
Private hospital
πŸ‘πŸ‘ I'm very happy to express my opinions on Hemas Hospital. They are effectively managing a large number of patients. very experienced and well qualified Doctors are on call here 24 hours a day, and the staff behavior is really impressive. The maternity ward staff in particular is so kind and takes car...
4.70 (7.3K reviews)
SPARSH Hospital Yeshwanthpur image
SPARSH Hospital Yeshwanthpur
Specialized hospital
😠 Only thing good here is doctors. Billing and admission services are pathetic. No proper communication. For insurance claims they take more than 15hrs . Also super expensive hospital. Billing procedure has been nothing short of nightmare. Insurance and billing people thinks that they are the superio...
4.60 (7.3K reviews)
Sahyadri Super Speciality Hospital, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune image
Sahyadri Super Speciality Hospital, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune
Specialized hospital
πŸ‘ Alloted bed no 818 for small surgery. Had a good experience of all facilities. Atmosphere at OT (operation theatre) was really awesome and I was not feeling of any burden over there. Dr. Surajsingh Chouhan who was came from Pristyn Care was very friendly nature and suggested all ways which were very...
4.60 (7K reviews)
Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital - Altakhasosi image
Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital - Altakhasosi
😠 This is a hospital, we experienced the emergency procedures, there are some issues in processing the entry cases. Some patients could not be able to wait specifically the insurance approvals things. I’m giving one star since this is a very important place related to humans health and safety. I hope...
3.90 (7K reviews)
The Eye Foundation Eye Hospital image
The Eye Foundation Eye Hospital
Eye care center
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Today my wife cataract surgery is done. It's very helpful and thanks for that. Staffs was very careing. Thank you. ✌️
4.90 (6.8K reviews)
Apollo Hospitals Kakinada image
Apollo Hospitals Kakinada
Private hospital
πŸ‘πŸ‘ I got a good treatment by Dr Karunakaran and fully trained courteous staffs right from house keeping till doctors Food is blank but that is the way patient got to take rest all fine , menu was just right
4.80 (6.4K reviews)
Nethradhama Super Speciality Eye Hospital, Centre Of Excellence image
Nethradhama Super Speciality Eye Hospital, Centre Of Excellence
Eye care center
😠 The most pathetic hospital I have ever visited. They don't have time sense. And they treat patients like some donkeys asking to go to room no 1 then 3 then 5 without giving any information. And the machines they use to check patients , they don't sanitize after a patient Is checked. Even after a ope...
4.80 (6.4K reviews)
Sankara Eye Hospital image
Sankara Eye Hospital
Eye care center
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Really a great hospital. Everyone should appreciate the founders for their service to the society. This is a multi specialty hospital with latest equipment and service oriented staff. Thousands of patients visit this hospital every day. Treatment charges are very affordable. Free treatment available...
4.80 (6.4K reviews)
KIMS Hospital image
KIMS Hospital
😠 who are coming to admit to this hospital please take/find out below equipment/things for your safety cause the management of this hospital is providing very worrest service. 1. mosquito coil.( we have to fight with mosquitos even in morning 10am onwards also.) 2. Mosquito net(we face worrest experie...
4.70 (6.2K reviews)
Sahyadri Super Speciality Hospital image
Sahyadri Super Speciality Hospital
😠 Good for multi-speciality treatment but main issue here is even if you take appointment you will never see doctor on time due to doctor coming late or other patients in queue. Some of hospital staff is very rude.
4.60 (6.2K reviews)
Synergy Superspeciality Hospital image
Synergy Superspeciality Hospital
4.90 (6.2K reviews)
Nandadeep Eye Hospital SANGLI image
Nandadeep Eye Hospital SANGLI
Eye care center
πŸ‘ Well established and famous eye care hospital in Sangli. Its been in Sangli for a very long time and is well known. If you’re facing any eye related problem or pain, do visit Nandadeep Hospital for getting your eye check up done. The hospital is huge and very easily locatable on the road. The entire...
4.90 (6.2K reviews)
Klinik Gigi FDC Dental Clinic - Bogor image
Klinik Gigi FDC Dental Clinic - Bogor
Dental clinic
5.00 (6K reviews)
vybe urgent care image
vybe urgent care
Urgent care center
4.50 (6K reviews)
Park Hospital, Palam Vihar image
Park Hospital, Palam Vihar
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Good Nursing care MICU 1st done a wonderful job fue staff name surest;mama,Laxmikant, Rajkumar, samim with undr Raghav T.L,Arti G.L.And DNS Alka mam
4.70 (6K reviews)
Navamin 9 Hospital image
Navamin 9 Hospital
Private hospital
πŸ‘πŸ‘ An amazing service, friendly environment, lovely and Friendly staff in nursery. Strongly recommended.
4.70 (5.8K reviews)

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