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Perisur image
Shopping mall
😐 Overpriced stores, hurried service. This mall is very big with a lot of what Mexican standards refer to as high-end products. Classism and profiling is to be expected by both waiters and security staff if you're not white, so try to go with business casual or higher attire as to not find yourself be...
4.50 (93.8K reviews)
Sanket India - Anand image
Sanket India - Anand
Electronics store
👍👍 Great service all around - helpful people take you through all details of products. Great after sales service. Special call out to Hardik Patel who helped us choose the right blender and food processor for my mum. Will return again.
4.80 (52.8K reviews)
Guang Hua Digital Plaza image
Guang Hua Digital Plaza
Electronics store
6-story mall selling all things electronic, including mobiles, computers, cameras, games & more.
4.30 (52.8K reviews)
Istana BEC Bandung image
Istana BEC Bandung
Shopping mall
Fast-food-style Japanese chain serving rice bowls with beef, veggies & more, plus soups & salads.
4.50 (47.9K reviews)
Liverpool image
Department store
😠 I truly hated my experience at this store, this is far worst than you'd expect. Really, so I went there to buy a Samsung S21 ultra and I was told to open the phone here and that hey needed to make sure the phone was ok, but come to find out the sold a full line and they open the phone because of tha...
4.40 (44.9K reviews)
Liverpool image
Department store
😐 Useful place depending on what you look for, but otherwise is the standard big department store, not particularly well organized for you to find things easily. The food court on the ground floor has a couple of good fish and tapas options. Big parking available, also useful if you plan to shop somew...
4.50 (44.7K reviews)
Galerías Monterrey image
Galerías Monterrey
Shopping mall
👍 I love it at Christmas season specially.It is lighted and beautiful decorated. Now it’s larger and the food court was relocated to 3rd floor. More stores and options to shopping and find everything you are looking for.
4.60 (42.6K reviews)
Galerías Coapa image
Galerías Coapa
Shopping mall
4.40 (42.4K reviews)
Liverpool Insurgentes image
Liverpool Insurgentes
Department store
In-store shopping · Kerbside pickup · Delivery
4.50 (41.7K reviews)
Galerías Metepec image
Galerías Metepec
Shopping mall
🫤 This is just like walking on American mall .in my case im not interested . I'm here to live eat and shop just like Mexican but in case you need something special that only you can buy is usa you have better chance to find it here
4.50 (38.9K reviews)
Galerías Toluca image
Galerías Toluca
Shopping mall
👍👍 Great place for coffe time
4.50 (36.4K reviews)
Samsung Opera House (Largest Exclusive Store and Experience Centre) image
Samsung Opera House (Largest Exclusive Store and Experience Centre)
Cell phone store
Retailer delivering an immersive in-store experience with smartphones, smartwatches & more.
4.80 (36.2K reviews)
LuLu Hypermarket - Riyadh Avenue Mall - Murabba image
LuLu Hypermarket - Riyadh Avenue Mall - Murabba
👍👍 LuLu Hypermarket # This is the most busiest Lulu branch in Riyadh, it is a perfect place for all (everything in one place kind of mall) # Getting parking on Thursday is little difficult other than that no issues on parking side. # We have Hypermarket, restaurants, gold shops, clothes, almost all...
4.30 (35.6K reviews)
Galerias Insurgentes image
Galerias Insurgentes
Shopping mall
👍 Small mall with some stores, mainly to buy clothes, glasses & sunglasses, beauty products, shoes and a couple of restaurants (Johnny Rockets and Sanborns´), it also has a food court with many options (sadly nothing vegan, except salads :/). It connects with a Liverpool store that offers more food op...
4.40 (35.4K reviews)
E-Mall image
Cell phone accessory store
Modest shopping center with electronics stores selling brand-name computers, phones & appliances.
4.30 (34.8K reviews)
Fnac image
Department store
4.20 (34.6K reviews)
Unilago. image
Electronics store
Technology depot offering a wide variety of electronics, from mobile phones to computers.
4.30 (34K reviews)
Lulu Hypermarket - D-ring Road image
Lulu Hypermarket - D-ring Road
😠 I visited Lulu Mall yesterday to purchase some beauty products and an iron box. However, my experience was marred by the rude behavior of some of the staff members. As someone who stammers, I faced humiliation when I struggled to ask about the iron box. Three staff members were present, and instead...
4.30 (33.9K reviews)
Syntrend image
Shopping mall
Sprawling mall with dozens of high-tech electronics shops, concept stores & a food court.
4.30 (33.7K reviews)
Emporium Pluit Mall image
Emporium Pluit Mall
Shopping mall
Multi-level mall featuring a supermarket, department store, cinema & over 150 restaurants & cafes.
4.50 (32K reviews)
Arena Center image
Arena Center
Shopping mall
Mall featuring retail shops for popular global brands, a cinema & a food court with diverse options.
4.60 (31.5K reviews)
Liverpool image
Department store
In-store shopping · Kerbside pickup · Delivery
4.50 (31.3K reviews)
Galerias Cuernavaca image
Galerias Cuernavaca
Shopping mall
👍 Nice place to spend the afternoon. Small mall though.
4.50 (28.7K reviews)
Liverpool image
Department store
In-store shopping · Kerbside pickup · Delivery
4.50 (28.6K reviews)
Torium AVM image
Torium AVM
Shopping mall
Sprawling indoor mall with major retailers & fast-food eateries, plus a snow park & a cineplex.
4.10 (28.1K reviews)
Liverpool image
Department store
4.40 (27.3K reviews)
Galerías Querétaro image
Galerías Querétaro
Shopping mall
👍👍 This mall is nice and you can spend a day easily here. I love the fountain outside and also lot of shopping options. Eating options are not that much but still we have options like Italian pizza, Chinese etc.. Liverpool is there. Look at the photo and videos and you can know what you can experience
4.40 (26.7K reviews)
Galerías Perinorte image
Galerías Perinorte
Shopping mall
4.40 (26.6K reviews)
Liverpool image
Department store
4.40 (26.6K reviews)
Outlet - Linea Blanca image
Outlet - Linea Blanca
Electronics store
In-store shopping · Kerbside pickup · Delivery
4.30 (26.4K reviews)
Centrum Galerie Dresden image
Centrum Galerie Dresden
Shopping mall
Bustling retail mall featuring a variety of brand-name & specialty shops & casual restaurants.
4.40 (25.4K reviews)
Galerías Mérida image
Galerías Mérida
Shopping mall
👍👍 Best Mall in Mérida built for Canucks there is even an ice rink in the middle. everything under one roof including a Casino with slot machines and sport bar. Partial to the Chilli's Restaurant.
4.70 (25.2K reviews)
Liverpool image
Department store
In-store shopping · Kerbside pickup · Delivery
4.50 (25.2K reviews)
Walmart Supercenter image
Walmart Supercenter
Department store
$ $$$
4.30 (25.2K reviews)
LuLu Hypermarket - Al Khobar image
LuLu Hypermarket - Al Khobar
👍👍 Frankly, this is the best supermarket in the eastern province because they sell your home needs on one place with a reasonable price.
4.20 (25K reviews)
Walmart Supercenter image
Walmart Supercenter
Department store
$ $$$
4.30 (25K reviews)
Galerías Atizapán image
Galerías Atizapán
Shopping mall
👍 Quiet mall. With the recent expansion it has more places to spend a nice afternoon with friends, eat some chicken wings and maybe later go to the movies. It feels quite safe and while it's not super close to residential zones, it does provide several options to buy clothes or even more specific item...
4.60 (24.5K reviews)
Liverpool image
Department store
In-store shopping · Kerbside pickup · Delivery
4.50 (24.3K reviews) image
Electronics store
4.30 (24.1K reviews)
Galerías Serdán image
Galerías Serdán
Shopping mall
Modern mall featuring international brands & fast-food chains, plus a multiplex movie theater.
4.60 (24K reviews)
Yodobashi Akiba image
Yodobashi Akiba
Electronics store
Tablets, smartphones & cameras in a vast store with a driving range & batting cage on the top floor.
4.20 (23.9K reviews)
Liverpool image
Department store
4.50 (23.9K reviews)
LuLu Hypermarket - Al Batha image
LuLu Hypermarket - Al Batha
4.20 (23.7K reviews)
IT GARAGE Plaza Medan Fair image
IT GARAGE Plaza Medan Fair
Shopping mall
👍👍 last month i affraid entry mall because u must have vaccination certificate from peduli lindungi apk or the print card. but the acctually when i visit it, the mall didn't ask the certificate
4.50 (23K reviews)
Romagna Shopping Valley image
Romagna Shopping Valley
Shopping mall
Large shopping center offering brand-name retailers & restaurants along with a cinema & hypermarket.
4.40 (22.6K reviews)
Auchan image
4.20 (22.1K reviews)
BroadcastHub Media Services (PTY) Ltd. image
BroadcastHub Media Services (PTY) Ltd.
Cinema equipment supplier
Indoor mall featuring popular chain retailers, services, eateries, a movie theater & a bingo center.
4.30 (22K reviews)
Liverpool Ciudad Jardín image
Liverpool Ciudad Jardín
Department store
4.40 (21.8K reviews)
Kamppi Helsinki image
Kamppi Helsinki
Shopping mall
Central shopping center spread over 7 floors & containing shops, restaurants & a night club.
4.10 (21.8K reviews)
SATURN image
Electronics store
😠 Checked online, if the new Washing machine was available. It wasn't at our local Saturn but it was at the store in the city centre. We went there to be told it wasn't available and we had to come again the next day. But if we paid immediately we could then pick it up without needing to come inside a...
4.20 (21.4K reviews)

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