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Divya image
Beauty salon
Down-to-earth shopping mall featuring familiar retail chains, a supermarket & a food court.
4.40 (15.1K reviews)
Carrefour image
👍👍 Soy usuaria frecuente de Carrefour, por tanto, tengo cupones de descuento y productos de regalo cuando compras una determinada cantidad de dinero. Hasta hace poco, era casi imposible encontrar los productos que te regalan cada semana entre todos los productos de pago. Desde hace unas semanas parece...
3.90 (6.4K reviews)
Dior Salon image
Dior Salon
Beauty salon
😠 I came usually because they open for 24 hours and the price is normal compared to other But I always avoid talking to any worker they're so rude really rude, they asking to sit whatever they want and they never smile to you like someone take something from them Really rude specially the supervisor W...
3.00 (6K reviews)
Hiwaga Beauty Salon in vizag image
Hiwaga Beauty Salon in vizag
Beauty salon
👍👍 Got my hydra facial done. Done by this professional and experienced lady. The results were amazing and were seen until a month. Then was able get my hair done for a keratin on the same day which was a Sunday by Venkat garu who was very professional and experienced too. Even after 3 months still in l...
4.80 (5.3K reviews)
Kolors Healthcare Mysore image
Kolors Healthcare Mysore
Weight loss service
😠 Very expensive... Also they keep calling everyday even when you haven't taken any treatment... It's so irritating... It's almost 6-7 months since I had been there still they keep calling everyday
4.80 (4.8K reviews)
BodyBrite Tapachula image
BodyBrite Tapachula
Hair removal service
4.30 (4.6K reviews)
Vogue Salon image
Vogue Salon
Beauty salon
😠 First and last time. Overpriced with awful customer experience and zero professionalism. The receptionist was okay, however the staff were not really professional or organized, they will keep shifting you between staff because no one wants to do the job, and they will forget to follow up or check on...
4.10 (4.4K reviews)
Kolors Healthcare Coimbatore image
Kolors Healthcare Coimbatore
Weight loss service
😠 worst experience and cheater. once you paid after they don't care of you. Because i tried many time for cancellation process. my wife was joined for weight loss after 5 treatment just 5 days only. she can't continue due to pregnancy. they said its cancellation process going on you'll be wait. i wait...
4.80 (4K reviews)
Singhania skin Clinic- Skin specialist/ Skin doctor/ Skin specialist hospital in raipur image
Singhania skin Clinic- Skin specialist/ Skin doctor/ Skin specialist hospital in raipur
😠 Dr Bharat will not even hear you properly, he will not give you even his 75 seconds for the 750 Rupees you paid. Also they won't tell you what disease are you suffering from even on asking and will tell you to search on google. No relief from his hasty prescription. It is to be noted that most 5 sta...
4.80 (3.9K reviews)
Kolors Healthcare Rajahmundry image
Kolors Healthcare Rajahmundry
Weight loss service
👍👍 I have reduced 10kgs at kolors which is a big accomplishment for me. I am truly thankful to their friendly staff for providing an amazing weight loss experience. Thank you kolors
4.80 (3.8K reviews)
Les Bains d'Ovronnaz image
Les Bains d'Ovronnaz
Health spa
Relaxed mountain hotel offering 2 outdoor geothermal pools & a spa, plus dining & a bar.
3.80 (3.7K reviews)
Expose Salon image
Expose Salon
Beauty salon
👍👍 This salon provided me with an incredible experience! The ambience was cozy and comforting from the moment I came in. The personnel genuinely listened to what I wanted and was kind and attentive. I felt pampered and confident in my new style after my stylist did an amazing job. I'm eager to return f...
4.80 (3.5K reviews)
Karadenta Clinic Samarinda image
Karadenta Clinic Samarinda
Skin care clinic
👍👍 👍🏻
4.90 (3.2K reviews)
Kolors Healthcare BTM Layout image
Kolors Healthcare BTM Layout
Weight loss service
😠 Guys don't get scammed. You may get results but no results like they tell. And they won't suggest proper therapy at first. Step by step they make you take new therapy and loot money. And at the same time please keep in mind your losing your muscle mass also not only fat. Rather than going here. You...
4.70 (3.2K reviews)
Salon Ministry image
Salon Ministry
Beauty salon
👍👍 I was delighted when I saw the ambience here in salon. So spacious & beautiful. I was in for a nail service & my experience reached par excellence! First the chair was disinfected & there was a proper consultation for about 15-20 minutes where I got to explain my thoughts & finally decide on what I...
4.80 (3.2K reviews)
McGuiness Dermatology image
McGuiness Dermatology
Skin care clinic
👍👍 Lexi was fantastic with my kiddo who has terrible anxiety when it comes to doctors and any type of procedure. It typically takes quite a bit of patience. Lexi made sure to explain each step and take her time. When a biopsy was required my daughter began to panic a bit. Lexi gave her some water and l...
4.90 (3.1K reviews)
Kolors Healthcare Visakhapatnam image
Kolors Healthcare Visakhapatnam
Wellness center
😠 Kolors Vizag has experts to loot patients money. I wasted around 70k for hair treatment but still they unable to solve my issue, they bring doctors for part time and doctors has very less time to treat a patient, their quality of treatment is missing. Guys this is my sincere suggestion, please do so...
4.80 (3.1K reviews)
Kolors Kakinada - Award-Winning Best Slimming Clinic image
Kolors Kakinada - Award-Winning Best Slimming Clinic
Weight loss service
😠 Worst services….unprofessional staff….they are just trained to eat our money and brains…theraphy rooms and equipments are not hygienic….and the therapists are not aware of the equipment they gonna use on us…strictly im not suggesting kolors kakinada.🙏🏻
4.90 (3K reviews)
Karadenta Clinic Surabaya image
Karadenta Clinic Surabaya
Skin care clinic
👍👍 nice treatment, nice service and hospitality with a very reasonable price.
4.90 (2.9K reviews)
Kolors Healthcare Salem image
Kolors Healthcare Salem
Weight loss service
👍👍 I went Kolors for weight loss.They explained me no supplements ,no medication, no injection and no surgery.they completely done a Weight loss in physio therapy massages.I started treatment .weekly twice I visit Kolors. I loss 16 kg in kolors. No side effect in kolors. If anybody needing weight loss...
4.60 (2.8K reviews)
Kolors Healthcare Tirupati image
Kolors Healthcare Tirupati
Weight loss service
👍👍 Hi..they are full of money first they will say one procedure is enough for ur problem later on they used to say that... another process need to don to get good results that way they will implement 2 nd 3 more procedures on you...but finally u will realise that...u r not getting...
4.90 (2.8K reviews)
PonyUp Salon (Laketown) image
PonyUp Salon (Laketown)
Beauty salon
👍👍 I have turned into an almost regular customer here... Till now all the haircuts I have done are truly amazing. Very talented bunch of hair stylists... Debnath got good skills. Liking my new cut. All the best Pony Up.
4.60 (2.8K reviews)
Varun Attri Unisex Salon | Makeup | Academy in Naraina, New Delhi image
Varun Attri Unisex Salon | Makeup | Academy in Naraina, New Delhi
Beauty salon
😠 Don't fall in trap of chemical hair treatments!!! I went for hair treatment as my hair was little damaged at the ends. They suggested me to go for panthenol treatment which costs 11k+gst=approx 13k.. I agreed improving hair quality was my only requirement! Firstly the chemical was so harsh that I wa...
4.80 (2.7K reviews)
E.Leclerc Une Heure Pour Soi image
E.Leclerc Une Heure Pour Soi
Beauty salon
👍👍 Super centre E. Leclerc
3.80 (2.7K reviews)
Sakhiya Skin Clinic - Best Skin & Hair Clinic image
Sakhiya Skin Clinic - Best Skin & Hair Clinic
Skin care clinic
👍👍 I had a very warm and comfortable experience at Sakhiya Skin Clinic. My mum took me here and introduced me to Sneha, Dr. Jasmin, Kajal and the rest of the amazing staff. They were very accommodating considering how sensitive my skin is, they made sure I was not experiencing too much pain. I noticed...
4.80 (2.6K reviews)
Bubbles Hair and Beauty Salon - Guntur image
Bubbles Hair and Beauty Salon - Guntur
Beauty salon
👍👍 Had a great experience with stylish Ram did a great job this is my first haircut in salon,he is simply superb, amazing he has done the service with care and patience! I had a facial here priyanka did a great job,very patience nd friendly Loved it...❤️
4.60 (2.6K reviews)
Láserum Sevilla-Viapol | Depilación Láser Diodo image
Láserum Sevilla-Viapol | Depilación Láser Diodo
Laser hair removal service
👍👍 This place is lovely, super clean, the professionals are very nice and try to move quickly but without missing any hairs.
4.90 (2.5K reviews)
DermaVue Skin, Cosmetology & Hair Transplant image
DermaVue Skin, Cosmetology & Hair Transplant
Hair transplantation clinic
👍👍 Expensive and profit oriented... But better service. Hair treatment, skin care and cosmetology .
4.80 (2.5K reviews)
Kolors Healthcare Bhimavaram image
Kolors Healthcare Bhimavaram
Weight loss service
👍👍 I took treatment at kolors for my Acne scars from last 3 months, it gave me good result Now my skin tone is good and very smooth. Staff and their response of Kolors are Appreciated.
4.90 (2.5K reviews)
Toni and Guy Essensuals Kakkanad - Keratin treatment, Luxury Spa Kakkanad, Unisex Premium Hair Salon in Kakkanad image
Toni and Guy Essensuals Kakkanad - Keratin treatment, Luxury Spa Kakkanad, Unisex Premium Hair Salon in Kakkanad
👍👍 Thanks to the team for doing a wonderful and awesome job , they do professional haircuts and also they treat the hair with better experienced staff , they also estimate the work during consultation, that is professionally done , Thanks to Mr Rejinold and other members for putting their effort to ach...
4.70 (2.5K reviews)
O'Barba Family Salon image
O'Barba Family Salon
Beauty salon
👍👍 I really love of the best salon in Varanasi. You guys really like the place. I'm damn sure. Great service,Affordable price,with pleasurable music. I really excited to come back again.
4.50 (2.4K reviews)
Kolors Healthcare Porur image
Kolors Healthcare Porur
Weight loss service
😠 Don't get fool by those 5 stars review... Intha 5 star review lam avaa frdly ah pesi Poda Solluvanga.... Fraud pasanga.. Better follow a I.F. diet nd go for walking.... Never go. Here
4.80 (2.4K reviews)
Integrity Nail Salon Bar image
Integrity Nail Salon Bar
Nail salon
👍👍 I went and got my nails done today by V and she did an amazing job. The nail techs perfectly recreated the photos that me and my mom showed them. All of the staff we interacted with were polite as well. I definitely recommend going here!!
4.80 (2.4K reviews)
Kolors Healthcare Vijayawada image
Kolors Healthcare Vijayawada
Weight loss service
👍👍 I had issues with oily skin; I thought it was impossible to get a fair skin. After joining kolors skin care treatment I knew one best place for skin treatment. It was amazing to see how beautiful this place was. Kolors health care uses clinically proven ultra purifying techniques for skin care
4.80 (2.4K reviews)
Ambiance Nail Spa image
Ambiance Nail Spa
Nail salon
😠 I was so disappointed after getting a pedicure and manicure yesterday. The technician made me feel like an inconvenience. The entire experience was rushed and he was aggressive with filing and cutting around my nails. I left with dried up powder residue stuck on my hands. Some of my nails aren't e...
4.70 (2.3K reviews)
Kolors Healthcare Nellore image
Kolors Healthcare Nellore
Weight loss service
😠 They all are looters they give fake promises they convince you to pay money and once you pay money you are done . I took prp 8sessions but zero results. Totally wasted my amount and they took my extra amount too and they are unable to return that. Very worst platform. (kolors) charge Higher amounts...
4.70 (2.3K reviews)
Kolors Healthcare Karkhana image
Kolors Healthcare Karkhana
Weight loss service
😠 I had worst experience with them. Their services are not like they commit during consulting, I will not recommend it to anyone, first they tell that you will get good results, if you will not get satisfactory result then they will ask you to pay more money assuring you to go for other kind of treatm...
4.70 (2.2K reviews)
E.Leclerc Une Heure Pour Soi image
E.Leclerc Une Heure Pour Soi
Beauty salon
😐 Correct
3.70 (2.2K reviews)
Karadenta Clinic Malang image
Karadenta Clinic Malang
Skin care clinic
👍👍 My friend recommend me to try this place. Overall it was good, fast with friendly staff. I enjoyed all the steps and treatments. They provide me good information about skin. Thank you karadenta!
5.00 (2.1K reviews)
Láserum Bilbao | Depilación Láser Diodo image
Láserum Bilbao | Depilación Láser Diodo
Laser hair removal service
👍👍 Three months ago I started diode laser hair removal with Láserum Bilbao. It was recommended to me by a friend who went to another similar center in Madrid, and we both suffered from the same facial hair problem. My feeling from the first moment was very good since the girls are very nice and make yo...
4.80 (2.1K reviews)
Bubbles Hair and Beauty Salon - Siripuram image
Bubbles Hair and Beauty Salon - Siripuram
Beauty salon
👍👍 "I had the pleasure of visiting the bubble salon for a smoothening treatment, and I can't say enough good things about Naga and the salon. Naga was not only incredibly skilled but also exceptionally polite and friendly. It made the experience even more enjoyable. The salon itself is top-notch, and I...
4.70 (2.1K reviews)
Novak Hair Studios image
Novak Hair Studios
Hair salon
👍👍 Super cute studio with a stylist for everyone! They have curly stylists, normal stylists, short hair, long hair, buzz cut stylists, etc. Don't know who to go to? They take calls and are super helpful in picking someone! I ended up just going in after my wedding for that post wedding chop. Best part,...
4.90 (2.1K reviews)
Dermatology Associates and Cosmetic Center Kingsport image
Dermatology Associates and Cosmetic Center Kingsport
👍👍 All staff were extremely friendly as well as caring. I had to bring my 4 month old baby to my appointment, and they said they could have someone extra come in and soothe her if needed. I thought that was so kind of them. My OB office doesn’t even do that. It’s going the extra mile like this that rea...
4.90 (2K reviews)
Karadenta Clinic Pamulang - Tangsel image
Karadenta Clinic Pamulang - Tangsel
Skin care clinic
5.00 (2K reviews)
Twinky's Beauty Clinic (Beauty Parlour) image
Twinky's Beauty Clinic (Beauty Parlour)
Beauty salon
😠 Worst Experience.. First they do not Give any Idea for their Services.. And after charge for service much more nearly double than standard Rates..If Salon is Open for Stipulated time how can They Charge extra after 6 PM.. Not recommended
4.80 (2K reviews)
Praba's VCare Health Clinic (P) Ltd., - Ambattur OT image
Praba's VCare Health Clinic (P) Ltd., - Ambattur OT
Hair transplantation clinic
👍👍 Hey Guys! This is Jeeva 😄😄 I came to Ambattur VCare clinic regarding my Hair fall & Pigmentation problem. Doctor Nithya explained about my treatment plan in a detailed manner and they treated me well and kindly throughout the procedure. I am very much satisfied with my treatment. Heart felt thanks...
4.70 (2K reviews)
Karadenta Clinic Kopo image
Karadenta Clinic Kopo
Skin care clinic
👍👍 Thanks for the service and serve ...I love karandenta kopo
5.00 (2K reviews)
Dr Irfana Sachin Patil's Forever Young Clinic image
Dr Irfana Sachin Patil's Forever Young Clinic
😠 I had visited the doctor in the month of September and its march now. My face is spoilt because of her. She had given me tons of useless products which cost me thousands of rupees. I use to get just one or 2 pimples and now my face is full of pimples because of her tablets and what not. Please pleas...
5.00 (2K reviews)
5th Avenue image
5th Avenue
Beauty salon
🫤 I got an appointment on Tuesday evening for a manicure. I can't recommend to book close to their closing time cause I felt the rush. The staff also gathered next to my table and it seems like they were waiting. I couldn't relax at all. The technician was very nice and I liked my nails as she finishe...
4.80 (2K reviews)
LYRA Salon image
LYRA Salon
Beauty salon
👍👍 I went to do a Balayage. Waseem did an amazing job with my hair. My sister did streaks and she was taken care off by Shanty and Akhil. We spent almost 8 hours at the salon (for different services including hair coloring). Shanty, Waseem, Archana and Reena and Kshema made us feel home. We are extreme...
4.50 (1.9K reviews)

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