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Les Arcades image
Les Arcades
Shopping mall
👍👍 I loved this place when visiting 🇫🇷 however there is so mush trash 🗑️ overflowing in the car parks from the nearby housing project
3.80 (10.4K reviews)
Orchid Medical Centre image
Orchid Medical Centre
😠 This hospital is fully type of business.. If you have a insurance of 5-6 lacks they will suck all the amounts within a week. If a patent is in good condition doctors say that this patent is in critical situation. They know that patent is having insurance. Regarding behaviour of hospital staffs rec...
4.60 (10.3K reviews)
Maschwitz Mall image
Maschwitz Mall
Shopping mall
Bright, multi-level shopping center with a range of boutiques, medical offices, banks & eateries.
4.10 (8.6K reviews)
NIMS Hospital image
NIMS Hospital
Private hospital
👍👍 One among the renowned hospital in Thiruvananthapuram. I went to NIMS for covid -19 vaccination. Health workers i came across were so kind, caring and cheerful. Overall good experience.
4.80 (5.4K reviews)
Centro Médico São José - Cerquilho image
Centro Médico São José - Cerquilho
Medical diagnostic imaging center
😐 está melhorando o atendimento pelo WhatsApp, logo ganha 5 estrelas
4.60 (4.9K reviews)
COSEM Miromesnil image
COSEM Miromesnil
Medical Center
😠 even if you have an appointment, you'll still wait for your turn for like 2h+. what's the point of taking the appointment in the first place then ? I had mine at 12:20 pm, right now it's 2:03 pm and I am still waiting for my turn.
4.20 (4.5K reviews)
Diagnostic Center of Miami image
Diagnostic Center of Miami
Medical diagnostic imaging center
4.80 (4.3K reviews)
Laboratorio Médico el Chopo image
Laboratorio Médico el Chopo
Medical laboratory
👍👍 Vertice Park is very good because you can go to Walmart to buy your necessities, there are several stores inside where you can eat and at the top is the cinepolis when you want to see a movie and outside there is also a gym and other stores such as pizza and I recommend it a lot and is close for th...
4.30 (4.3K reviews)
AdventHealth Orlando image
AdventHealth Orlando
😠 Please find another hospital. They killed my husband, he had cancer and everything was blamed on the cancer, he got a hospital infection. all the surgeries he had had to redo. All the time, they forced us to accept vita's. the delay in giving medication, they did not clean the dressings. I had...
4.30 (4.3K reviews)
AFC Urgent Care Denver image
AFC Urgent Care Denver
Urgent care center
4.90 (4.1K reviews)
Calilab Diagnóstico Clínico CA image
Calilab Diagnóstico Clínico CA
Medical laboratory
👍👍 American cellular Technologies c.a.
3.90 (3.7K reviews)
Olayn Medical Laboratory, Inc. image
Olayn Medical Laboratory, Inc.
Medical clinic
😠 I just called MAXICARE. I filed lost card and didn't get my replacement since February 2016. I called sevaral times but I was cut off 3-4 timesss until I got someone from MAXICARe HR. I was very polite. I tried to explain what happened. But this is what got -- " ahh maam maam MAAM HELLLOOO??". I am...
4.80 (3.6K reviews)
AFC Urgent Care Denver Speer image
AFC Urgent Care Denver Speer
Urgent care center
4.90 (3.6K reviews)
Emediate Cure Quick Care-Joliet image
Emediate Cure Quick Care-Joliet
Urgent care center
👍👍 I came in very early on a Sunday morning with an acute GOUT episode that had me up, in pain all night. After a quick check-in process, I was seen right away (less than 5 minute wait). All of the medical professionals were very helpful and understanding. I was given recommendations for alternate and...
4.90 (3.5K reviews)
Jack Senet Centre image
Jack Senet Centre
Medical Center
😠 They leave you wait half an hour and then when you are finally called to the desk they say you have missed your appointment. Incredible poor customer service, not a way to treat sick people. Stay far away from this place.
4.40 (3.3K reviews)
St. Joseph's Hospital image
St. Joseph's Hospital
Heart hospital
👍👍 Being a diabetic I have been in a lot of hospitals. The nursing staff is courteous and very helpful. The food lacks a little something to be desired but all in all I would definitely recommend this hospital to anyone. I walked in the door without health insurance. And they have helped me in every wa...
4.30 (3.2K reviews)
Sanitas Medical Center image
Sanitas Medical Center
Medical Center
4.50 (3K reviews)
Plaza Solaz Temixco image
Plaza Solaz Temixco
Medical laboratory
4.20 (2.8K reviews)
Carvajal Laboratorios IPS SAS image
Carvajal Laboratorios IPS SAS
Medical laboratory
4.70 (2.8K reviews)
AFC Urgent Care Marlborough image
AFC Urgent Care Marlborough
Urgent care center
😠 When I first came here I loved it very fast easy process. Now it’s just horrible. Literally a waste of time and does not stand for urgent care because nothing is urgent. I have been there a couple times and have had to wait over three hours just to be seen. The wait time there now is ridiculous. An...
4.70 (2.7K reviews)
Urgent Care Center of Westmont image
Urgent Care Center of Westmont
Urgent care center
👍👍 Talk about quick and efficient. I was able to make an appointment to be seen and get treated all within an hour. That included driving 15 minutes to the clinic. The doctor explained everything and the staff was efficient and kind. I definitely recommend this location!
4.90 (2.6K reviews)
Medical Center Europe image
Medical Center Europe
Medical Center
😠 Was shocked by the bizarre manner of the receptionists. Rude and arrogant to all the patients. Have never seen anything like it in a clinic before. Shocked and I am amazed that the clinics management allows this. Improve!! So many bad reviews online... By far the worst medical centre I have ever vis...
3.70 (2.6K reviews)
AFC Urgent Care Denver Park Hill image
AFC Urgent Care Denver Park Hill
Urgent care center
👍👍 Nothing makes someone get their life back than a physician who listens. Your physician was great and wonderful to his work and I was very pleased to see him with my son. He did not hesitate to do the right test to find our misery. The MA , the front desk lady and some other people who came to my aid...
4.90 (2.5K reviews)
Banner Urgent Care image
Banner Urgent Care
Urgent care center
4.50 (2.5K reviews)
Get Well Urgent Care of Oak Park image
Get Well Urgent Care of Oak Park
Urgent care center
👍👍 Best urgent care to go to hands down! It’s a 35 minute drive away from my house but it’s worth every minute to drive to oak park urgent care. Donna the nurse practitioner is amazing. I’ve gone there twice when I was super sick and I leave feeling so much better and wake up the next day almost back t...
4.70 (2.4K reviews)
Banner Urgent Care image
Banner Urgent Care
Urgent care center
👍👍 It was one of the most refreshing experiences I have had in years! From check-in to out the door everyone was extremely professional efficient and caring. It seemed there were no unnecessary steps or waiting through the whole process they have it down pat. I was especially impressed with Dr Wakefiel...
4.40 (2.4K reviews)
St. Joseph Health Regional Hospital - Bryan, TX image
St. Joseph Health Regional Hospital - Bryan, TX
🫤 Overall the quality of care has fallen. I have elderly parents, both with health issues, that unfortunately require hospital stays multiple times per year. Even though they live closer to St. Josephs, we prefer and are now using Scott & White Hospital in College Station when possible. Our experie...
4.50 (2.4K reviews)
Al Raneen Primary Care Centre image
Al Raneen Primary Care Centre
Medical Center
👍👍 I recommend al raneen medical center for Root canal treatment. Because they have more professional and experienced dentist here and also they have best physiotherapists as well
5.00 (2.4K reviews)
Sanitas Medical Center image
Sanitas Medical Center
Medical Center
😠 STAY AWAY Lousy Service. If you don't speak Spanish you are look down upon. A shame this is permissible. You never get to see same doctor. I've had countless changes in PCP and truly only once was I attend to by primary Dr. Today I got a call from someone who didn't speak English, when I asked for...
4.60 (2.3K reviews)
Twój Lekarz w Warszawie Śródmiescie image
Twój Lekarz w Warszawie Śródmiescie
Medical Center
4.80 (2.3K reviews)
Sun Life Health image
Sun Life Health
Community health centre
😠 Front office I would give 10stars. The back of medical I would give a 0 out of 10. Front office was very nice and polite. Once the door opened for the medical office it was completely opposite. We were rushed and seemed to be a bother to them. Paid $25 to get my sons height, weight and temperature....
4.40 (2.2K reviews)
Eastex Urgent Care image
Eastex Urgent Care
Urgent care center
5.00 (2.1K reviews)
Banner Urgent Care image
Banner Urgent Care
Urgent care center
4.40 (2K reviews)
AdventHealth Shawnee Mission image
AdventHealth Shawnee Mission
😠 If I could give zero stars I would. I went to the OP South location ER. Lovely facility, attentive and quick treatment. However, I was then transferred to the Shawnee Mission location to have a procedure done. And was told no eat/drink until then. Only to find out it would be the next day before I...
4.10 (2K reviews)
Centrum Medyczne OMNI Clinic image
Centrum Medyczne OMNI Clinic
Medical Center
😠 They do not care about the patient at all. I was there for the examination and the equipment needed turned out is not working (they did not tested it before thus nor let me know in advance that I should not come and moreover take needed diet perforations few days before the examination). Afterward...
4.70 (2K reviews)
Murni Teguh Memorial Hospital image
Murni Teguh Memorial Hospital
Private hospital
😠 Let my friend out of this horrible hospital. She is paying a lot for your suite room but the room is not in living conditions. She is not being dripped and yet has the drip poked into her hands. Lunch looks worse than prison food. Food deliveries arrive HOURS after reaching the lobby. Doctors and nu...
3.90 (1.9K reviews)
Banner Urgent Care image
Banner Urgent Care
Urgent care center
4.50 (1.9K reviews)
Cosem Centre Auber image
Cosem Centre Auber
Medical Center
😠 Consultation with Thierry Léger general practitioner of a crass incompetence but especially of an extreme malevolence. Indeed, this gentleman (because doctor is too honorific a title for him) allows himself to treat the patient as a liar, to speak with great condescension and to hurt someone alread...
4.20 (1.9K reviews)
Shanti Gopal Hospital image
Shanti Gopal Hospital
😠 My first and hopefully last review unless something really impacting mass. Reading through entire chain of negative (improvement opportunities) comments and owner's commitment but seems on ground it is an eye wash as hospital doesn't want to improve. If you fell down from bicycle and required to g...
4.10 (1.9K reviews)
Banner Urgent Care image
Banner Urgent Care
Urgent care center
😠 The NP that worked with me was condescending and instead of focusing on any kind of symptoms, spent his time with me harping on the fact that I need to see a specialist. I informed him, at least three times, that I was in the works of figuring out insurance for a specialist and that I was only at Ba...
4.30 (1.8K reviews)
BIOGROUP - Laboratoire de Villefranche image
BIOGROUP - Laboratoire de Villefranche
Medical laboratory
4.70 (1.8K reviews)
Banner Urgent Care image
Banner Urgent Care
Urgent care center
4.20 (1.8K reviews)
The Hormone Clinic image
The Hormone Clinic
4.90 (1.8K reviews)
AFC Urgent Care Fuquay image
AFC Urgent Care Fuquay
Urgent care center
4.90 (1.7K reviews)
BIOGROUP BIOESTEREL - Laboratoire Hyères - La Gare image
BIOGROUP BIOESTEREL - Laboratoire Hyères - La Gare
Medical laboratory
4.80 (1.7K reviews)
SDN Research Institute Diagnostics and Nuclear image
SDN Research Institute Diagnostics and Nuclear
Medical diagnostic imaging center
4.30 (1.7K reviews)
AFC Urgent Care Danbury - Main Street image
AFC Urgent Care Danbury - Main Street
Urgent care center
👍 Payed 75 dollars just to be told to go see a dermatologist... that's the most idiotic thing. I wasn't even given anything either!!! The providers name that checked me was Alex, most horrible provider by far. Ive had a great experience with the provider named Monique! She was very helpful!! Front des...
4.20 (1.6K reviews)
Aswini Diagnostic Services image
Aswini Diagnostic Services
Medical laboratory
4.60 (1.6K reviews)

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