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Centro Comercial Plenilunio image
Centro Comercial Plenilunio
Shopping mall
👍👍 Nice shopping center, very luminous, you can find any shop you need… There is Primark also . Parking is very large. Very close to the city, easy to reach.
4.30 (52.6K reviews)
Parque Nascente Shopping image
Parque Nascente Shopping
Shopping mall
Indoor mall with diverse stores, including an Auchan supermarket, plus a cinema & a food court.
4.30 (36.3K reviews)
Shopville Le Gru image
Shopville Le Gru
Shopping mall
Popular mall with 2 floors of boutiques, international chains & eateries, plus a large supermarket.
4.20 (33.6K reviews)
Créteil Soleil image
Créteil Soleil
Shopping mall
👍👍 Best mall in paris, i could say only best mall in paris. Shops are bit affordable for tourists there they have care four - best for groceries, primark - best and cheapest for clothings, darty - best for gadgets. The lake behind this mall also very nice. It's very big lake, could see many people goin...
4.10 (33.2K reviews)
FAN Mallorca Shopping image
FAN Mallorca Shopping
Shopping mall
Upbeat shopping complex around an outdoor courtyard, with shops, eateries, a play area & cinema.
4.30 (30.2K reviews)
Alegro Sintra image
Alegro Sintra
Shopping mall
Shopping center for fashion, tech & groceries, with a food court, cinema & outdoor playground.
4.30 (29.1K reviews)
Alegro Alfragide image
Alegro Alfragide
Shopping mall
Contemporary mall offering global shops, restaurants, services, a movie theater & grocery store.
4.20 (28.1K reviews)
Sam's Club Universidad image
Sam's Club Universidad
Warehouse club
Membership-only warehouse chain selling a variety of bulk grocery items, electronics & home goods.
4.30 (26.7K reviews)
Centro Comercial TresAguas image
Centro Comercial TresAguas
Shopping mall
Suburban shopping mall with various stores & eateries, plus a cinema, playground & bowling alley.
4.20 (25.2K reviews)
Hiper ChangoMás image
Hiper ChangoMás
Chain retailer with a vast selection including groceries, apparel, home goods & electronics.
$ $$$
4.00 (24.7K reviews)
Alegro Montijo image
Alegro Montijo
Shopping mall
Popular mall offering local & global retailers, a large food court, movie theater & grocery store.
4.30 (23.9K reviews)
pep Einkaufscenter Neuperlach image
pep Einkaufscenter Neuperlach
Clothing store
Bright mall with local shops & international chain stores, plus casual restaurants & food counters.
4.30 (23.6K reviews)
Yashoda Hospitals image
Yashoda Hospitals
Private hospital
😠 Emergency service and doctors were very good. The rest is way below expectations. We got admitted late night on.a Saturday. The doormen guarding the entrance to the head nurses are all bossy, most of the time not even doing their duty. Head nurses don't care to discuss anything with patients or...
4.70 (22.2K reviews)
Centro Comercial As Cancelas image
Centro Comercial As Cancelas
Shopping mall
Vibrant mall with brand-name retailers, fast-food outlets, a grocery store & movie theater.
4.20 (21K reviews)
Walmart Cuitláhuac image
Walmart Cuitláhuac
Department store
🫤 Lots of people, nobody respected the social distance, very stressing. The worst was to pay for the parking lot, there was a line to validate your ticket then two more lines to pay. Of course it took me a while to get out. I didn't get why they were doing this.
$ $$$
4.10 (20.8K reviews)
Almada Fórum image
Almada Fórum
Shopping mall
Enclosed, contemporary retail hub with 230 stores spread over 3 levels, plus a large food court.
4.40 (20.7K reviews)
Imtiaz Mega image
Imtiaz Mega
Department store
👍👍 One of the lowest Priced retail outlet of Karachi with best quality products. I liked the local store brand of Imtiaz like Suger, lentils and some local spices and oils. 👌
4.30 (19.9K reviews)
Dr. Mohan's Diabetes Specialities Centre - Gopalapuram image
Dr. Mohan's Diabetes Specialities Centre - Gopalapuram
Diabetes center
👍👍 Been a patient of Dr.Mohan's since 2014 and have been grateful for all the services at the Gopalapuram centre. The ability to get everything diabetes health-related under one roof is a boon. The staff, too, is very polite and always ready to help! I've always had a great experience getting my check-...
4.90 (19.4K reviews)
CAP3000 - Shopping Mall image
CAP3000 - Shopping Mall
Shopping mall
Big, modern shopping mall with popular chain retailers for a variety of goods & several restaurants.
4.30 (19K reviews)
Centro Comercial Las Rosas image
Centro Comercial Las Rosas
Shopping mall
4.00 (18.3K reviews)
Alegro image
Shopping mall
👍👍 Very large mall with a lot of stores and restaurants. Everything you know and more. Prices are good and most probably better then you're used to. Very friendly people and enough space for everyone. Would recommend for sure.
4.30 (17.8K reviews)
Hiper ChangoMAS Córdoba Oeste Colón image
Hiper ChangoMAS Córdoba Oeste Colón
👍👍 Good prices, I buy all my pet food from here
$ $$$
3.90 (16.7K reviews)
Holea Shopping Center image
Holea Shopping Center
Shopping mall
Open-air shopping center housing brand-name retailers, restaurants, a supermarket & kids' play area.
4.40 (16.7K reviews)
Centre Commercial Centre Bourse image
Centre Commercial Centre Bourse
Shopping mall
Contemporary mall in the city center since 1977, with international brands, restaurants & a nursery.
3.90 (16.5K reviews)
Sam's Club image
Sam's Club
Membership-only warehouse chain selling a variety of bulk grocery items, electronics & home goods.
4.30 (16.3K reviews)
Walmart Supercenter image
Walmart Supercenter
Department store
😠 Walmart is good but their staff is terrible。I pressed this thing hundreds of times and waited an hour and no one came to help me unlock it and take it out. I have been asking the staff passing by, and they all answered that I don't have the key, so ask someone else! I love Walmart, but I hate the...
$ $$$
4.30 (16.1K reviews)
Centre Commercial Grand Littoral image
Centre Commercial Grand Littoral
Shopping mall
👍👍 Recently renovated all the shops that you'd expect to find in a large commercial centre
3.90 (16.1K reviews)
Sarthana Nature Park image
Sarthana Nature Park
Opened in 1984, this 81-acre zoo offers a reptile house & butterfly park, plus food kiosks & a pond.
4.10 (16K reviews)
Centre Comercial Montigalà image
Centre Comercial Montigalà
Shopping mall
👍👍 We purchase a hand grander and hair dryer from here nice price
3.90 (15.8K reviews)
Centro Comercial Plaza Aluche image
Centro Comercial Plaza Aluche
Shopping mall
Mall with diverse retail stores, a Carrefour supermarket, a deli, a fitness center & eateries.
4.10 (15.7K reviews)
Medicine House image
Medicine House
Elegant pillared archway constructed in 1903 in honor of the visit of Lord Curzon, Viceroy of India.
4.40 (15.4K reviews)
Cité Europe image
Cité Europe
Shopping mall
👍👍 To be honest, for me it's one of the nicest and cleanest mall in France. It's a large one with a wide variety of shops to have a great shopping experience 🛍️ ☺️. I would say the most common international brands have a store in this Mall. From Zara to Primark. I really enjoyed my experience there wit...
4.30 (15K reviews)
Soriana Híper Pilares image
Soriana Híper Pilares
In-store shopping · In-store pick-up · Delivery
4.20 (15K reviews)
Sam's Club La Noria image
Sam's Club La Noria
Warehouse club
Membership-only warehouse chain selling a variety of bulk grocery items, electronics & home goods.
4.20 (14.9K reviews)
AMRI Hospitals Dhakuria image
AMRI Hospitals Dhakuria
Private hospital
👍👍 Quality Care Matters and Hospital AMRI DHAKURIA has that. I am really very grateful to the doctors and all other associated staffs of AMRI DHAKURIA. My dad was admitted in AMRI Dhakuria on 16.09.2021, with chest and severe blood related problems under Dr Suranjan Mukherjee (Consultant Pulmonologis...
4.70 (14.9K reviews)
Plaza Puerto Paraiso image
Plaza Puerto Paraiso
Shopping mall
Dramatic, modern mall with fashion, restaurants, a casino & movies amid mosaic floors & waterfalls.
4.50 (14.6K reviews)
Narayana Institute of Cardiac Sciences, Bommasandra image
Narayana Institute of Cardiac Sciences, Bommasandra
Heart hospital
😠 I have been visiting this place from last almost 10 years for my father’s heart checkup, doctors are knowledgeable and one you can relay upon. But when it comes to hospital management its the worst in city. My father went through cardiac surgery in this hospital and I almost spend more then 10 days...
4.80 (14.3K reviews)
Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road image
Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road
Private hospital
😠 Worst valet and parking system, even when there is emergency case. They take literally 15- 20 minutes to just allow to park cars or take for valet. Then they did not have required medicene and took 20 minutes to car back. Patient will have to survive 2-3 times from death , if this the time they tak...
4.60 (14K reviews)
Centre Commercial NICETOILE image
Centre Commercial NICETOILE
Shopping mall
😐 The mall has 3 floors with various retail stores. There are no benches where you can sit, and I also did not find toilets. The wi-fi connection seemed to be reliable.
4.10 (13.9K reviews)
Apollo Clinic image
Apollo Clinic
Medical clinic
👍👍 Wonderful, effortless and smooth are perhaps just three of the many appreciative adjectives that I would like to use in describing the vaccination experience at this Apollo Clinic, located on the 2nd floor of Block G of City Centre, Salt Lake. Catering all the three vaccines viz. Covishield, Covaxin...
4.80 (13.8K reviews)
Imtiaz Mega image
Imtiaz Mega
Department store
4.30 (13.3K reviews)
Sello Shopping Centre image
Sello Shopping Centre
Shopping mall
👍👍 Huge shopping centre with good brands... Very nice...
4.20 (13K reviews)
Costco image
Warehouse store
Members-only warehouse selling a huge variety of items including bulk groceries, electronics & more.
$$ $$
4.60 (12.9K reviews)
La Comer Insurgentes image
La Comer Insurgentes
Grocery store
👍👍 Good super market with almost everything you need right on the busy road of avenue insurgentes sur. Had good vegetables and fruits, dairy items, breads, cakes and other daily products. Has a pharmacy too. Also have gym gears for man and women and baby products as well. Overall a good place for a for...
4.50 (12.2K reviews)
Imtiaz Super Market image
Imtiaz Super Market
Department store
👍 One of the largest supermarkets in Faisalabad. Groceries are relatively cheaper. Pharmacy is good. Dry Fruit section is good but little pricey. Garments section is 3rd class. Shoes section is waste of space. Cutlery and cosmetics are finest section. Vegetables are good fruits are not. Frozen food se...
4.40 (12K reviews)
Hiper ChangoMas La Plata image
Hiper ChangoMas La Plata
$ $$$
3.90 (11.8K reviews)
Centre Commercial Bay 2 image
Centre Commercial Bay 2
Shopping mall
Retail complex with a wide range of stores & services, plus casual dining options.
4.00 (11.5K reviews)
Centro Comercial Torrevieja image
Centro Comercial Torrevieja
Shopping mall
Sizable shopping center featuring a large grocery store, several clothing shops & casual eateries.
4.30 (11.2K reviews)
Centro Comercial Carrefour Alfafar image
Centro Comercial Carrefour Alfafar
Shopping mall
Unassuming, multilevel shopping center features over 30 retailers, a large supermarket & cafe.
4.20 (11.2K reviews)
Walmart Supercenter image
Walmart Supercenter
Department store
In-store shopping · Kerbside pickup · Delivery
$ $$$
4.10 (11.2K reviews)

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