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Mundo a Vapor image
Mundo a Vapor
Theme park
Quirky spot for steam power exhibits, with mini replicas of trains, riverboats & other machines.
4.60 (29.1K reviews)
National Railway Museum York image
National Railway Museum York
Rail museum
Railway history & artefacts, with 300 vehicles including steam world record holder, the Mallard.
4.70 (25.5K reviews)
National Rail Museum image
National Rail Museum
Rail museum
Indian railway museum featuring historical exhibits & artefacts, including a 1855 steam locomotive.
4.40 (23.5K reviews)
Railway Museum image
Railway Museum
Rail museum
Museum of railway history in grand former station, with carriages & locomotives, library & archives.
4.50 (15.5K reviews)
Kyoto Railway Museum image
Kyoto Railway Museum
Rail museum
Contemporary space with exhibits on the railway & an array of locomotives & trains on display.
4.50 (15.2K reviews)
The Railway Museum image
The Railway Museum
Rail museum
Modern, interactive museum focusing on the history of railway development in Japan & abroad.
4.40 (14.5K reviews)
Museum Kereta Api Ambarawa image
Museum Kereta Api Ambarawa
Rail museum
Old locomotives are on display at this informative rail museum in a station dating back to 1873.
4.60 (14K reviews)
Spoorwegmuseum image
Rail museum
Interactive museum set in a restored 19th-century station, tracing the history of rail travel.
4.50 (12.9K reviews)
Rail museum
Museum with old train cars & exhibits on the history of India's rail system, plus a mini train ride.
4.40 (11.2K reviews)
London Transport Museum image
London Transport Museum
World's leading museum of urban transport with galleries of vintage London trams, trains & buses.
4.50 (10.1K reviews)
Hungarian Railway Museum image
Hungarian Railway Museum
Rail museum
Guests can drive a steam engine, ride a rail car or operate a hand car at this railway museum.
4.70 (10.1K reviews)
Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum image
Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum
Rail museum
Attraction tells the history of regional rail travel with a collection of locomotives & railcars.
4.80 (9.2K reviews)
Luís Carlos Train Station image
Luís Carlos Train Station
Rail museum
👍👍 Lovely place! At weekends it is the favorite spot of bikers and motorcycle riders, since the road to the station is very pleasant. You may want to take a spin in a historically important train known as "Velha Senhora", the Old Lady, and feel what it was like to travel via railroads back in the 20's....
4.70 (9K reviews)
Museo Nazionale Ferroviario di Pietrarsa image
Museo Nazionale Ferroviario di Pietrarsa
Rail museum
Spacious museum dedicated to the charming retired stock of the Italian national railway networks.
4.70 (8.9K reviews)
SCMaglev and Railway Park image
SCMaglev and Railway Park
Rail museum
This museum displays 35+ railway vehicles, including steam locomotives & bullet-train cars.
4.40 (8.9K reviews)
Cincinnati Museum Center image
Cincinnati Museum Center
Children explore arts, books, culture & science through interactive exhibits & educational programs.
4.60 (7.1K reviews)
Rail Museum image
Rail Museum
Rail museum
Vintage locomotives & displays on the history of regional railways, plus mini-train rides for kids.
4.10 (6.7K reviews)
Chennai Rail Museum image
Chennai Rail Museum
Rail museum
Indoor/outdoor museum with displays of vintage engines & coaches, plus miniature train rides.
4.40 (6.2K reviews)
Garibaldi Railway Station image
Garibaldi Railway Station
Rail museum
4.70 (6.1K reviews)
Cité du Train image
Cité du Train
Rail museum
Modern museum on the history of trains & railways, with rolling stock & audiovisual exhibitions.
4.60 (5.8K reviews)
Train World image
Train World
Rail museum
Museum in Schaarbeek station featuring 20+ locomotives & exhibits on Belgian railroad history.
4.60 (5.5K reviews)
Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad image
Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad
Restored steam train that offers scenic, seasonal rides & ends at a museum displaying machinery.
4.70 (5.5K reviews)
Conway Scenic Railroad image
Conway Scenic Railroad
Tourist attraction
Nostalgic 19th-century train station offering rides on restored locomotives with dining cars.
4.30 (5.1K reviews)
Království Železnic image
Království Železnic
Rail museum
Family-friendly model railway museum, with extensive, interactive & digitally-operated exhibits.
4.50 (5.1K reviews)
Crich Tramway Village image
Crich Tramway Village
Rail museum
Restored period village with historic facades and the National Tram Museum's collection of vehicles.
4.70 (5K reviews)
Yamanashi Prefectural Maglev Exhibition Center image
Yamanashi Prefectural Maglev Exhibition Center
Rail museum
👍 Ideally a visit here will include a ride on the Maglev train. However, if that is not possible and you don't speak Japanese than an hour will be more than enough to see the museum. There are exhibits explaining the science behind magnetic levitation, but there is no English. The rest of the exhib...
4.20 (5K reviews)
San Francisco Cable Car Museum image
San Francisco Cable Car Museum
Rail museum
👍👍 A must for anyone who is a fan of history or just wanting to get the full SF experience. It was neat taking the cable car, thinking of all the different people over the decades that had been sitting there just as you were. The museum was free, and you can stroll around for as little or long as you...
4.70 (5K reviews)
New York Transit Museum image
New York Transit Museum
Housed in a 1936 subway station, this museum features interactive exhibits like vintage trains.
$$ $$
4.60 (4.8K reviews)
National Taiwan Museum Railway Department Park image
National Taiwan Museum Railway Department Park
Rail museum
👍👍 Recommend to pop by when the sky is blue, if you live nearby, and if you’d like to be away from the usual museum bustle. Amazing historical architecture for those who loves old buildings and of course trains.
4.60 (4.5K reviews)
Isle of Wight Steam Railway - (Havenstreet,Station) image
Isle of Wight Steam Railway - (Havenstreet,Station)
Heritage railroad
Outfit preserving railway history via exhibits, train stations & rides on steam-powered locomotives.
4.70 (4.2K reviews)
Museu Ferroviário image
Museu Ferroviário
Rail museum
4.60 (4.2K reviews)
California State Railroad Museum image
California State Railroad Museum
Rail museum
Colorful museum documenting railroad history via vintage locomotives, exhibits & rides.
4.80 (4.1K reviews)
Rudy narrow-gauge railway image
Rudy narrow-gauge railway
Rail museum
👍 The Historic Narrow-Gauge Railway Station is a good place for families with little children. You can have a short journey in an old-fashioned train fueled by coal/steam, try VR googles or just learn something about rail history in Poland. I don’t recommend it for teenagers, it isn’t interesting enou...
4.70 (4.1K reviews)
Rio Tinto Mining Park image
Rio Tinto Mining Park
Tourist attraction
👍 Website offers very little information other than ticket availability and price. Visit instructions and protocol not very clear even once on site. However, the train ride, the mine visit and the museum are very interesting and the staff are friendly and helpful
4.50 (4.1K reviews)
The Postal Museum image
The Postal Museum
👍👍 My recent visit was during the 151 years of the British Postcard Exhibition. A very nice, but small museum housing various collections of Postal History from uniforms and vehicles to Britain's famous curbside Postboxes. Interactive activities for children and a small cinema/theatre showing postal a...
4.60 (4.1K reviews)
Warsaw Railway Museum image
Warsaw Railway Museum
Rail museum
Railway museum opened in 1931, with steam locomotives, military trains, exhibits & film screenings.
4.60 (4.1K reviews)
Kyushu Railway History Museum image
Kyushu Railway History Museum
Rail museum
Rail museum featuring steam engines, sleeping carriages & an early electric train designed in 1942.
4.30 (4.1K reviews)
N.C. Transportation Museum image
N.C. Transportation Museum
History museum
Engines, antique autos, a roundhouse & other displays at a 57-acre site with seasonal train rides.
4.70 (3.7K reviews)
Emílio Ribas Station image
Emílio Ribas Station
Tourist attraction
Landmark station offering a small history museum & short train rides through the bush & mountains.
4.50 (3.5K reviews)
Skansen Taboru Kolejowego w Chabówce image
Skansen Taboru Kolejowego w Chabówce
History museum
Locomotives, passenger carriages & steam-train rides in an outdoor museum at a former railway depot.
4.60 (3.5K reviews)
Hűvösvölgy, Children's Railway image
Hűvösvölgy, Children's Railway
Railway services
This was not my first trip on the railway but I returned after many years. Our son is now one of the children on the line and we decided to take a trip to see him in action. At the first station we were greated by a couple of the children using very polite English. We bought a family ticket so we co...
4.80 (3.4K reviews)
Railway Museum in Kościerzyna image
Railway Museum in Kościerzyna
Rail museum
👍👍 We took the kids here for a day out - the eldest is a fan of trains (he's 3) - and we were all in our element. The trains were great to look at and, in some instances, get into. The information boards were detailed and interesting - in Polish and in English - and the miniature train ride, though s...
4.60 (3.2K reviews)
Hong Kong Railway Museum image
Hong Kong Railway Museum
Rail museum
Visitors can board vintage carriages at this 1913 station museum housing photographs & model trains.
4.10 (3.2K reviews)
Usui Pass Railway Heritage Park image
Usui Pass Railway Heritage Park
Rail museum
Visitors climb inside old trains at this rail museum also offering rides on a mini steam locomotive.
4.20 (3.1K reviews)
Railway Museum of Catalonia image
Railway Museum of Catalonia
Rail museum
Family-friendly rail museum in former station roundhouse displaying steam, diesel & electric trains.
4.50 (3.1K reviews)
Great Central Railway - (Loughborough Central) image
Great Central Railway - (Loughborough Central)
Heritage preservation
The only place in the world where you can see 2 full sized steam trains pass each other.
4.70 (3K reviews)
Rügen Railway & Technology Museum image
Rügen Railway & Technology Museum
Technology museum
Large collection of vintage German cars dating from 1949 to 1989, plus locomotives & fire engines.
4.40 (2.9K reviews)
Steamtown National Historic Site image
Steamtown National Historic Site
Rail museum
U.S. train history, documented via steam locomotives, exhibits & rides in a former railroad yard.
4.70 (2.9K reviews)
Takao Railway Museum image
Takao Railway Museum
Rail museum
Preserved freight office & waiting room dating from 1908, with goods-train engines outside.
4.20 (2.9K reviews)
South Devon Railway image
South Devon Railway
Tourist attraction
Main station for a 19th-century valley steam railway with a tearoom, model & gift shop.
4.70 (2.8K reviews)

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