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Fantastic Caverns image
Fantastic Caverns
Tourist attraction
Underground caverns featuring tram ride tours, with group options & field trips.
4.70 (6.5K reviews)
A Mina - Museu de Pedras em Gramado image
A Mina - Museu de Pedras em Gramado
An 80-m. tunnel telling the history of mining, plus a museum with hundreds of stones & a gift shop.
4.50 (4.9K reviews)
Gouffre Géant de Cabrespine image
Gouffre Géant de Cabrespine
Tourist attraction
Cave system with suspended walkways, boats tours of an underground river & a zip line course.
4.60 (4.7K reviews)
Barefoot Native Jewelry image
Barefoot Native Jewelry
Rock shop
5.00 (3K reviews)
Ye Olde Curiosity Shop image
Ye Olde Curiosity Shop
Gift shop
Historic family-run novelty shop & museum for oddities like shrunken heads plus Native American art.
$$ $$
4.50 (2.9K reviews)
Caves of Trabuc image
Caves of Trabuc
Tourist attraction
Cave with an expanse of tiny stalactites known as “100,000 Soldiers” viewable from a glass walkway.
4.60 (2.8K reviews)
Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore image
Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore
Book store
Spiritual shop with personal-growth books, crystals, candles, gemstone jewelry & psychic readings.
4.80 (2.7K reviews)
Dancing Cranes Imports image
Dancing Cranes Imports
Variety store
In-store shopping · Kerbside pickup
4.70 (2.6K reviews)
Goats On The Roof image
Goats On The Roof
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Cute little stop. The goats are entertaining. I had to get some ice cream since everyone was raving about it. It was good. Definitely enough for 2 people or more. I would not get my own. Interesting to watch it being made. Tried cajun boiled peanuts for the first time. Pretty good. Not a peanut pers...
$ $$$
4.50 (2.5K reviews)
Moab Rock Shop image
Moab Rock Shop
Rock shop
In-store shopping
4.60 (2.4K reviews)
Cha Cha Gifts - Crystals, Minerals, Jewelry, Spiritual, Gifts & More image
Cha Cha Gifts - Crystals, Minerals, Jewelry, Spiritual, Gifts & More
Rock shop
In-store shopping · Kerbside pickup · Delivery
5.00 (2.4K reviews)
Tourist Coal Mine in Nowa Ruda image
Tourist Coal Mine in Nowa Ruda
Tourist attraction
4.90 (2K reviews)
Crystal Mountain image
Crystal Mountain
Children's amusement center
Crystal/mineral store & museum, plus an animal park, small roller coaster & a cafe.
4.00 (1.9K reviews)
Talking Rocks Cavern image
Talking Rocks Cavern
Tourist attraction
Deep cave filled with crystal formations, with guided tours, gift shop & other family activities.
4.70 (1.9K reviews)
High Falls Gorge image
High Falls Gorge
Tourist attraction
This 22-acre nature park features waterfalls, hiking/walking trails, glass-floor walkways & more.
4.50 (1.8K reviews)
Plaza Lotus image
Plaza Lotus
Rock shop
4.20 (1.7K reviews)
Lost World Caverns image
Lost World Caverns
Tourist attraction
Large show cave offering tours past massive stalagmites & stalactites, plus a museum & gift shop.
4.80 (1.6K reviews)
Lost River Caverns image
Lost River Caverns
Tourist attraction
Attraction since 1930 with underground walking tours, museum, trail, gem mill, store & picnic areas.
4.40 (1.5K reviews)
The Rock Shop image
The Rock Shop
Gift shop
4.60 (1.4K reviews)
Craig's Curious Emporium image
Craig's Curious Emporium
Gift shop
4.70 (1.4K reviews)
Cave Without A Name image
Cave Without A Name
Tourist attraction
Scenic cavern open since 1939 for tours of unusual geological formations & occasional live concerts.
4.80 (1.3K reviews)
Jewelry & Minerals-Las Vegas image
Jewelry & Minerals-Las Vegas
Rock shop
Large store selling giant geodes, crystals, jewelry made with natural stones & spiritual artwork.
4.70 (1.3K reviews)
Nature's Art Village image
Nature's Art Village
Shopping mall
👍👍 Good Evening! Just want to give a huge thank you to Natures Art Village! Their pumpkin patch passage was so much fun! All the lights especially the ones across the pond were amazing! My daughter had a ball on the bounce houses.. I almost couldn’t get her off. And to tie it all together the free s’mo...
4.50 (1.3K reviews)
Maxmat image
Rock shop
In-store shopping · In-store pick-up · Delivery
4.00 (1.2K reviews)
Da Yoopers Tourist Trap image
Da Yoopers Tourist Trap
Tourist attraction
👍👍 We are glad we came here despite of some reviews that say it wasn't worth it. We really had fun! These silly set ups were attention grabbing for my three children. They loved running from scene to scene. The gift shop and the gem shop were both great. We found souvenirs for every member of the famil...
4.60 (1.2K reviews)
Mystic Valley image
Mystic Valley
Metaphysical supply store
👍👍 Stopped by to see if they had essential oils that I have difficultly finding. They had all the products I was looking for! The gentlemen in the semiprecious stone section was helpful and knowledgeable. They have an extensive selection of candles, herbs, and other spiritual items.
$$ $$
4.70 (1.2K reviews)
Mármoles Arboreto image
Mármoles Arboreto
Kitchen remodeler
3.80 (1.2K reviews)
Woodsies Gem Shop image
Woodsies Gem Shop
Tourist attraction
👍👍 This place definitely exceeded my expectations! I didn't think we would be here long, and ended up being here for a few hours! Woodsy was a funny man, and loves a joke or two with his customers. So many very well priced gems and gifts to buy, and a great gem exhibition to visit, followed by a huge t...
$ $$$
4.70 (1.2K reviews)
Natural Stone Bridge & Caves image
Natural Stone Bridge & Caves
Tourist attraction
If you had never been to the Adirondacks before and needed a place to visit to figure out what they were about, this would be the place. It encompasses nearly every bit of the Adirondacks Park into a short hike. The stream running through the area is beautiful. Nice views of surrounding mountains an...
4.60 (1.1K reviews)
Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks & Minerals image
Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks & Minerals
Natural history museum
Geology museum displaying an array of geodes, gems, minerals, petrified wood, fossils & crystals.
4.80 (1.1K reviews)
Museum of Minerals and Fossils image
Museum of Minerals and Fossils
👍👍 An impressive collection of passionate people. Friendly service, a guide with professional knowledge talks very interestingly about the exhibits and the history of where they come from and how they got to the museum. I recommend.
4.70 (1K reviews)

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