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Aster Sanad Hospital image
Aster Sanad Hospital
😠 The staff is really abusive and rude. They asked 50 units for blood for my father and when we arranged it they were abusing the people there, and were asking people if donating their blood would save my father's life. My father was in ICU, and we couldn't get to know what condition he was in since...
4.00 (9.8K reviews)
Larissa Aesthetic Center Tegal 1 (Pasifik Mall) image
Larissa Aesthetic Center Tegal 1 (Pasifik Mall)
Skin care clinic
5.00 (8.5K reviews)
Larissa Aesthetic Center Magelang image
Larissa Aesthetic Center Magelang
Skin care clinic
👍👍 #senangberadadisini Great place for getting beautiful 🥰
4.90 (7.2K reviews)
Dior Salon image
Dior Salon
Beauty salon
😠 I came usually because they open for 24 hours and the price is normal compared to other But I always avoid talking to any worker they're so rude really rude, they asking to sit whatever they want and they never smile to you like someone take something from them Really rude specially the supervisor W...
3.00 (6K reviews)
CUTIS HOSPITAL - SKIN HAIR NAIL : Best Dermatology Hospital in Bangalore image
CUTIS HOSPITAL - SKIN HAIR NAIL : Best Dermatology Hospital in Bangalore
😠 Dr. Poojitha is the worst doctor I have ever seen. She is not bothered about patients problem, she just starts writing lots of ointments as soon as she see us just like experienced doctors which I don’t think so. She even didn’t look in to our previously given prescription and was not caring at all....
4.60 (5.7K reviews)
Lakme Salon Sarabha Nagar image
Lakme Salon Sarabha Nagar
Beauty salon
👍👍 Special thanks to Mr. Garry for the amazing job he did on my hair...👌 I went in with an idea of what I wanted but knew it might not be possible because my hair was so dark to begin with but I was surprised ...The color Violet came out so great.. I'm in ❤️ with it.. Thank you LAKME for wonderful wo...
4.90 (5.4K reviews)
Leny Skincare Citra Raya image
Leny Skincare Citra Raya
Skin care clinic
5.00 (5.4K reviews)
Ada West Dermatology image
Ada West Dermatology
👍👍 Dr Steve Frelly always takes great care of me and I feel safe and comfortable! He has helped in numerous ways keep my skin looking good and me healthy. His assistant, Tiffany made me feel welcomed and cared for today!
4.90 (5.3K reviews)
Dadu Medical Centre image
Dadu Medical Centre
😠 Horrible experience with the doctor. Her lack of practical knowledge has troubled us for months together during our daughter’s acne treatment. The whole team is useless. For three months they couldn’t even identify the real problem and kept on prescribing wrong medicines which eventually led to aggr...
4.80 (5K reviews)
Kolors Healthcare Mysore image
Kolors Healthcare Mysore
Weight loss service
😠 Very expensive... Also they keep calling everyday even when you haven't taken any treatment... It's so irritating... It's almost 6-7 months since I had been there still they keep calling everyday
4.80 (4.8K reviews)
Larissa Aesthetic Center Kediri image
Larissa Aesthetic Center Kediri
Skin care clinic
👍👍 It is the first time here. I enjoy discuss here, the doctors so kind and explained well about my and my younger brother and sister skin conditions. Thank you so much. Hope i will get here, again, soon. #Senangberadadisini
4.90 (4.7K reviews)
Olansky Dermatology & Aesthetics image
Olansky Dermatology & Aesthetics
Skin care clinic
😠 I really liked this place a lot. Normally, I'm the type of patient who sticks with one doctor for several years because I feel they know me better. My doctor is more than just a doctor; I see them as my confidant. I've been a patient of Dr. Amanda Harping for three years, and she has a great persona...
4.80 (4.6K reviews)
Larissa Aesthetic Center Madiun image
Larissa Aesthetic Center Madiun
Skin care clinic
😠 I booked for my mom's birthday on today, 7th Nov through its official WhatsApp number. Seems like they have internal problem and miscommunication trouble and it's not funny at all! In the D-day I come to the store to do payment in advance but they are not aware of my WhatsApp reservation at all. The...
4.90 (4.4K reviews)
Klinik dr. Debby ( DR Beauty Clinic ) Klinik Kecantikan Terbaik di Solo image
Klinik dr. Debby ( DR Beauty Clinic ) Klinik Kecantikan Terbaik di Solo
Skin care clinic
😠 It’s a scam. They did not affiliate with Peduli Lindungi apps, even airport KKP staff tell us to avoid this clinic service if you need the test for flight purpose. Their staff could only said “we cannot guarantee the time for the test to be input & integrate with the Peduli Lindungi system” or “Pedu...
5.00 (4.4K reviews)
Larissa Aesthetic Center Kudus image
Larissa Aesthetic Center Kudus
Skin care clinic
👍👍 #sayaberadadisini #larissakudus
4.90 (4.3K reviews)
Larissa Aesthetic Center Salatiga image
Larissa Aesthetic Center Salatiga
Skin care clinic
👍👍 I'm very happy because it was my first time there and I got good and friendly service, the place is also comfortable
4.90 (4.1K reviews)
Kolors Healthcare Coimbatore image
Kolors Healthcare Coimbatore
Weight loss service
😠 worst experience and cheater. once you paid after they don't care of you. Because i tried many time for cancellation process. my wife was joined for weight loss after 5 treatment just 5 days only. she can't continue due to pregnancy. they said its cancellation process going on you'll be wait. i wait...
4.80 (4K reviews)
Singhania skin Clinic- Skin specialist/ Skin doctor/ Skin specialist hospital in raipur image
Singhania skin Clinic- Skin specialist/ Skin doctor/ Skin specialist hospital in raipur
😠 Dr Bharat will not even hear you properly, he will not give you even his 75 seconds for the 750 Rupees you paid. Also they won't tell you what disease are you suffering from even on asking and will tell you to search on google. No relief from his hasty prescription. It is to be noted that most 5 sta...
4.80 (3.9K reviews)
Medical clinic
👍👍 I have done 8 teeth so far with Dr. Heba, she did a great job and recommending to other which already booked appointments with her All the best!!
4.40 (3.8K reviews)
Arayu Aesthetic Clinic image
Arayu Aesthetic Clinic
Skin care clinic
😐 Fist time i came here, the building and room are so comfort to visit, the doctor and nurse they are so friendly and the importan thing about service of treatmen is good. But for the other officer i think they are still need to get coaching coz I still can hear that one of the officer say some words...
5.00 (3.8K reviews)
Kolors Healthcare Rajahmundry image
Kolors Healthcare Rajahmundry
Weight loss service
👍👍 I have reduced 10kgs at kolors which is a big accomplishment for me. I am truly thankful to their friendly staff for providing an amazing weight loss experience. Thank you kolors
4.80 (3.8K reviews)
Larissa Aesthetic Center Simanjuntak image
Larissa Aesthetic Center Simanjuntak
Skin care clinic
👍👍 Love how organic treatment for face, hair and body. The product is not really sharp. The service is good. Better to have reservation before treatment.
4.80 (3.7K reviews)
Affidea Clinica Tecma image
Affidea Clinica Tecma
Medical clinic
😐 My first good impression. Private clinic, cleanliness, order, modern construction, windows, vegetation... Pleasing to the eye. I have been referred from public health, I had an appointment at 11:40 and at 12:10 they told us that the doctor did not come with the consequent anger of the 8 or 10 peopl...
4.70 (3.6K reviews)
Dermatology Associates of West Michigan image
Dermatology Associates of West Michigan
👍👍 The check-in process was very smooth. Wait time was perfect. Staff was friendly yet professional. This was the most thorough full-body exam I have ever had. A very positive experience!
4.90 (3.6K reviews)
Expose Salon image
Expose Salon
Beauty salon
👍👍 This salon provided me with an incredible experience! The ambience was cozy and comforting from the moment I came in. The personnel genuinely listened to what I wanted and was kind and attentive. I felt pampered and confident in my new style after my stylist did an amazing job. I'm eager to return f...
4.80 (3.5K reviews)
U.S. Dermatology Partners Lee's Summit image
U.S. Dermatology Partners Lee's Summit
👍👍 Have now visited this practice annually for three years for check-ups.. Very efficient, polite staff, and Dr Sebastian is excellent. Everyone has taken the time to answer any and all questions. It never feels rushed and always feels personal. I have received excellent care and couldn’t recommend...
4.80 (3.5K reviews)
Celestee Skin, Laser And Hair Clinic image
Celestee Skin, Laser And Hair Clinic
Skin care clinic
👍👍 Hi there! I’ve been taking treatment from Dr.Raj kirit sir since more than 6 months and I can say his one the best dermatologists I’ve ever consulted. I have seen excellent and best results after my treatment. I am yet to take 4 sessions for my skin and can’t wait to see the results. I strongly reco...
4.90 (3.4K reviews)
Deyga Organics image
Deyga Organics
Skin care clinic
🫤 The deyga unhairing powder is super effective . Without any pain I was able to remove my hairs.. but the drawback is my silver toe ring colour was changed after applying this powder mixture on to my legs.. This should be mentioned in their product details as do not use in contact with the silver or...
4.80 (3.4K reviews)
Sowon Clinic สาขารัชดา 22 ปรับรูปหน้า ดูแลผิวพรรณ image
Sowon Clinic สาขารัชดา 22 ปรับรูปหน้า ดูแลผิวพรรณ
Skin care clinic
👍👍 ตั้งแต่สนใจศึกษาเรื่องฉีดฟิลเลอร์ปาก และฉีดโบท็อกซ์ ที่นี่ให้คำปรึกษาดีมากตั้งแต่เริ่มต้น พนักงานน่ารักทุกคน หมอใจดี มือเบามากๆไม่เจ็บเลย มีคำแนะนำต่างๆให้ตลอดการทำ พนักงานใส่ใจดูแลดี ได้ทรงสวยแบบที่ชอบเลยค่ะ
4.90 (3.4K reviews)
Larissa Aesthetic Center Bantul image
Larissa Aesthetic Center Bantul
Skin care clinic
👍👍 Larissa is the best skincare #senangberadadisini
4.90 (3.4K reviews)
Dr. Vishal Chugh(Radiant Skin Clinic) Best Dermatologist Skin Specialist,Acne Treatment,Laser Hair Reduction in Jaipur image
Dr. Vishal Chugh(Radiant Skin Clinic) Best Dermatologist Skin Specialist,Acne Treatment,Laser Hair Reduction in Jaipur
Skin care clinic
😠 I had an appointment at Radiant clinic, but unfortunately, the wait time was quite long. It would have been appreciated if the clinic had mentioned in advance that there might be a significant wait (1hour), so I could plan my schedule accordingly. Efficient communication about expected wait times ca...
4.90 (3.3K reviews)
Karadenta Clinic Samarinda image
Karadenta Clinic Samarinda
Skin care clinic
👍👍 👍🏻
4.90 (3.2K reviews)
Kolors Healthcare BTM Layout image
Kolors Healthcare BTM Layout
Weight loss service
😠 Guys don't get scammed. You may get results but no results like they tell. And they won't suggest proper therapy at first. Step by step they make you take new therapy and loot money. And at the same time please keep in mind your losing your muscle mass also not only fat. Rather than going here. You...
4.70 (3.2K reviews)
East Valley Dermatology Center image
East Valley Dermatology Center
Skin care clinic
👍👍 East Valley Dermatology Center gets an A+ across the board. From check in to check out every step runs smoothly and efficiently by friendly professionals. I’m very happy with this office and my doctor. Dr. Geary is the best. She’s thorough and efficient with a great bed side manner. I’m confident th...
4.80 (3.2K reviews)
Larissa Aesthetic Center Klaten image
Larissa Aesthetic Center Klaten
Skin care clinic
😐 I want to ask, how many consultation doctors are there? I've waited 2 times for a long set of more than an hour. Finally, the first one I canceled the consultation, because my child was fussy. And the second one was too fussy and told to consult a pharmacist. Then why is the consultation time the s...
4.90 (3.2K reviews)
Leny Skincare image
Leny Skincare
Skin care clinic
👍👍 Recommended
5.00 (3.2K reviews)
Larissa Aesthetic Center image
Larissa Aesthetic Center
Skin care clinic
🫤 If you're thinking about full time treatment in this place, just prepare for long time wait, slow response, and doctor sometime not available. I've been here for years, but they never change unfortunately. I like everything but their waiting system, Hope they can fix it.
4.80 (3.2K reviews)
Larissa Aesthetic Center Solo Gajahmada image
Larissa Aesthetic Center Solo Gajahmada
Skin care clinic
😠 This Larissa is not friendly. People have different tingling sensations, naturally the response must be different, for example when it comes to the neck, some are amused, some are shocked, etc. And I'm also polite, I don't protest anything. When I feel my neck, the natural response is ticklish. But...
4.90 (3.1K reviews)
Larissa Aesthetic Center Godean image
Larissa Aesthetic Center Godean
Skin care clinic
😐 They closed for face treatment at 4pm. I normally go to the one near UGM and they could treat customers even at 6pm. So if you wanna do facial treatment, better come here before 4pm. Cool thing is they serve drink and infused water with glasses. Good move to reduce plastic. Bravo 👍🏽
4.90 (3.1K reviews)
McGuiness Dermatology image
McGuiness Dermatology
Skin care clinic
👍👍 Lexi was fantastic with my kiddo who has terrible anxiety when it comes to doctors and any type of procedure. It typically takes quite a bit of patience. Lexi made sure to explain each step and take her time. When a biopsy was required my daughter began to panic a bit. Lexi gave her some water and l...
4.90 (3.1K reviews)
Kolors Healthcare Visakhapatnam image
Kolors Healthcare Visakhapatnam
Wellness center
😠 Kolors Vizag has experts to loot patients money. I wasted around 70k for hair treatment but still they unable to solve my issue, they bring doctors for part time and doctors has very less time to treat a patient, their quality of treatment is missing. Guys this is my sincere suggestion, please do so...
4.80 (3.1K reviews)
Larissa Aesthetic Center Cabang Mojokerto image
Larissa Aesthetic Center Cabang Mojokerto
Skin care clinic
👍👍 Good service, Hygenic, if you want to take a treatment make sure you already reservation to avoid a long queue 😊. The treatment is standart because this clinic make sure all the treatment was not chemical and not toxic. That's why i always back to this clinic after a long journey hahaha.
4.90 (3K reviews)
Jasper Skincare Depok image
Jasper Skincare Depok
Skin care clinic
👍👍 Thanks to MS Lia who was do facial treatment to me it was super excellent,will comeback for sure
4.90 (3K reviews)
S Square Salon And Beauty Spa, And Skin and Hair Care Clinic image
S Square Salon And Beauty Spa, And Skin and Hair Care Clinic
Beauty salon
👍👍 I was serviced by Nitya Sonu and Sunil and it was one of the best parlour experiences I've had in forever. I'm deeply moved by the care and attention they helped me out with. You will definitely feel good here. ☺️
4.70 (3K reviews)
Kolors Kakinada - Award-Winning Best Slimming Clinic image
Kolors Kakinada - Award-Winning Best Slimming Clinic
Weight loss service
😠 Worst services….unprofessional staff….they are just trained to eat our money and brains…theraphy rooms and equipments are not hygienic….and the therapists are not aware of the equipment they gonna use on us…strictly im not suggesting kolors kakinada.🙏🏻
4.90 (3K reviews)
SuperSkin Clinic image
SuperSkin Clinic
Skin care clinic
😠 I read about the clinic's reviews and all of them mostly positive reviews. Then I call the clinic and the receptionist said I may come before 5 o'clock. I directly went there and arrived at 4.50 and the person on the counter said the registration is finished at 4.45. I already explain to the recepti...
4.80 (3K reviews)
Magnet Salon | Magunta Layout, Nellore image
Magnet Salon | Magunta Layout, Nellore
Beauty salon
👍 Had a great experience and very happy with the services . Entire Staff is very polite and attentive..Angela was very patient and so good at her work(hair cut, coloring and eyebrows ) . Very happy with the outcome .. definitely suggestable to any one looking for good overall salon services ..
4.80 (3K reviews)
Hudson Dermatology image
Hudson Dermatology
Skin care clinic
👍👍 I had a great visit! A nice setting, and everyone was very friendly and amiable. My doctor (I think his name was Charles) took his time to ask questions and respond with informative solutions and options for me! He prescribed me medication and sent me on my way. 50$ copay 🤢🤢🤢 but nice experience...
4.90 (3K reviews)
Epiphany Dermatology image
Epiphany Dermatology
Skin care clinic
👍👍 I am very happy with this place. Clean waiting room, front desk ladies are the most helpful I have ever seen. I had ran into some insurance issues and instead of telling me to make another appointment, she went above and beyond to fix it and I was still seen on that same day. Wish I remembered her n...
4.80 (2.9K reviews)
Beauty Lab + Laser image
Beauty Lab + Laser
Medical spa
4.90 (2.9K reviews)

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