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Parque Centenario image
Parque Centenario
City park
Scenic green space offering an amphitheater, a lake with ducks, murals, sculptures & a fountain.
4.50 (101.5K reviews)
Parque Villa-Lobos image
Parque Villa-Lobos
State park
👍 It is 5 if you enjoy different activities with the family. Free entrance and lots of washrooms and benches. In terms of nice pictures and selfies they can Improve on that as they have a huge land. Lots of restaurants. Can rent a bike. Mostly a park to be active and exercise.
4.60 (98.7K reviews)
Zócalo de Puebla image
Zócalo de Puebla
City park
Vibrant public square with a fountain & benches, surrounded by eateries, shops & a historic church.
4.70 (92.6K reviews)
July 9th Square image
July 9th Square
State park
👍 Busy with people all day including many school children. Great place to feed the pigeons and people watch.
4.60 (43.3K reviews)
Parque da Água Branca image
Parque da Água Branca
Vast urban green area home to a horseback riding arena, a geology museum & country estate replicas.
4.60 (42.9K reviews)
Guadalajara Metropolitan Park image
Guadalajara Metropolitan Park
State park
Popular city park with 100+ hectares of green space, multi-use paths, bike rentals & picnic areas.
4.80 (40.1K reviews)
Plaza Colón image
Plaza Colón
State park
Monuments, palms & public gatherings around a gardenlike square by the landmark Casa Rosada palace.
4.40 (36.6K reviews)
Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden image
Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden
This former estate is now a 144-acre park with diverse garden areas, grassy expanses & a greenhouse.
4.60 (35.6K reviews)
Lumphini Park image
Lumphini Park
City park
Central urban park featuring manicured lawns, playgrounds & an artificial lake with boat rentals.
4.50 (31.8K reviews)
Roshn Waterfront image
Roshn Waterfront
Beach pavillion
Red Sea waterfront popular with walkers & cyclists & renowned for its sunset views.
4.50 (30.9K reviews)
Trabzon Square Park image
Trabzon Square Park
State park
Recreational green space offering landscaped grounds, benches, landmark statues & a fountain.
4.30 (30K reviews)
Plaza de Armas Querétaro image
Plaza de Armas Querétaro
State park
👍👍 Walking on the streets of Querétaro is peaceful and it's architecture is worth stopping and seeing
4.70 (29.3K reviews)
Plaza Constitución image
Plaza Constitución
City park
Broad paved square overlooked by an imposing 19th-century rail station, with benches & food stalls.
3.60 (29.2K reviews)
Khobar Corniche image
Khobar Corniche
City park
👍👍 Very well developed and maintained. Coffee shops and great cycling and running tracks available
4.50 (28.2K reviews)
Liberty State Park image
Liberty State Park
State park
Waterfront views of Manhattan, Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island, plus miles of tree-lined walkways.
4.70 (28.1K reviews)
Ueno Park image
Ueno Park
Popular city park featuring ample walking paths, a lake with boat rentals, a zoo & several museums.
4.30 (26.8K reviews)
Old Town San Diego State Historic Park image
Old Town San Diego State Historic Park
State park
Open-air museum about local life in the 1800s, with adobe buildings & interpretive performances.
$$ $$
4.70 (26.4K reviews)
Alberto Löfgren State Park image
Alberto Löfgren State Park
State park
👍👍 I go almost every day for morning hikes, there is a picnic spot, a soccer field, a place for running, cycling and much more. Great place to go with family and friends.
4.60 (26.3K reviews)
Saxon Garden image
Saxon Garden
State park
Landscaped public park with Baroque statues, a landmark fountain, monuments & tree-lined walkways.
4.70 (26.3K reviews)
The Hashemite Plaza image
The Hashemite Plaza
👍👍 Such a beautiful place. It has a focal point in the centre where you stand and speak and you can hear ypur own voice echo. Also if you can do climb the stairs. Climbing up is easy but climbing down is difficult.
4.30 (26.2K reviews)
Parque España image
Parque España
State park
Park featuring monuments, a playground, a small lake & cement replica of a wooden bridge.
4.50 (25.6K reviews)
City park
Bucolic city park with walking paths, picnic areas, dramatic landscaping & a Japanese garden.
4.80 (25.6K reviews)
Tempelhofer Feld image
Tempelhofer Feld
Former airport-turned-public park, with massive lawns for biking, walking, picnics & recreation.
4.50 (25.4K reviews)
Museo e Real Bosco di Capodimonte image
Museo e Real Bosco di Capodimonte
Art museum
Extensive public park in front of royal palace with woodland paths, statues & fountains.
4.70 (25.1K reviews)
Caracol Park image
Caracol Park
State park
Park with hiking trails, a tower & a cable car offering views of the famed 130-m. Caracol Falls.
4.60 (24.6K reviews)
Parque Estadual do Cocó image
Parque Estadual do Cocó
State park
👍👍 Nice place to hiking and play with kids and family
4.70 (24K reviews)
Parque Zoológico de León image
Parque Zoológico de León
Hundreds of animals plus attractions such as safari tours, miniature train rides & picnic areas.
4.50 (23.8K reviews)
Tiergarten image
State park
👍👍 Beautiful garden/ park to walk around in. I must have walked at least 5 km in and around the park and saw ponds, bridges, monuments, beautiful autumn colours and happy bouncing dogs playing fetch. Brings sheer joy to your heart. And all of it is free. But bring some cash/ spare change in case there'...
4.60 (23K reviews)
Bosque de San Juan de Aragón image
Bosque de San Juan de Aragón
City park
Paths wind throughout this popular city park with a big lake, playground, skate park & amphitheater.
4.40 (22.8K reviews)
Parque Lincoln image
Parque Lincoln
State park
Plenty of trees & seating areas dot this large city park with a pond & a bike path.
4.60 (21.9K reviews)
Planten un Blomen image
Planten un Blomen
State park
Parkland with themed gardens, a lake & Japanese tea house, plus concerts & fountain shows in summer.
4.80 (21.6K reviews)
Treptower Park image
Treptower Park
Partly-forested riverfront park with a promenade, pedalos, a Soviet War Memorial & an observatory.
4.60 (21.3K reviews)
Table Mountain National Park image
Table Mountain National Park
National park
👍👍 This was an extremely amazing hike. We used the Platteklip Gorge route and it was instantly beautiful. The paths are very clear for anyone to hike alone or with a group and even child friendly. You can also hike with your pet. The scenery is very beautiful, it has flours, indigenous plants and small...
4.70 (21K reviews)
Sanam Luang image
Sanam Luang
State park
Iconic, grassy city park serving as the site of occasional community & royal events.
4.60 (20.1K reviews)
Stadtpark image
Massive city green space with a lake, pool, playgrounds, statues & sports facilities.
4.70 (20K reviews)
Honeymoon Island State Park image
Honeymoon Island State Park
State park
Known for the variety of shells on its shores, this park also offers swimming, fishing & hiking.
4.70 (19.9K reviews)
Mauerpark image
Park with grassland & trees set on the site of the former border between East & West Berlin.
4.40 (19.2K reviews)
Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe image
Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe
State park
Flemish & German Old Masters, plus ancient ceramics & antique weaponry in a grandiose art museum.
4.70 (19K reviews)
Jones Beach State Park image
Jones Beach State Park
State park
Six miles of ocean beach, with snack bar, pool, locker rooms, picnic areas & a summer concert venue.
4.60 (18.8K reviews)
Parque Estadual de Dois Irmãos image
Parque Estadual de Dois Irmãos
State park
Expansive forest reserve with a long-running zoo, natural science museum & trails.
4.20 (18.7K reviews)
Watkins Glen State Park image
Watkins Glen State Park
State park
Rocky cliffs, cascading waterfalls & scenic views from rim trails, plus lakes for trout fishing.
4.80 (18.5K reviews)
La Sabana Park image
La Sabana Park
This 72-hectare park features the National Stadium & other sports facilities, plus an art museum.
4.50 (18.5K reviews)
Bernardine Garden image
Bernardine Garden
👍👍 Beautiful park 👍🏻
4.80 (16.8K reviews)
Murjan Island image
Murjan Island
State park
Artificial island featuring a park with covered picnic areas, ferry-boat rides & a playground.
4.10 (16K reviews)
Solidaridad Park image
Solidaridad Park
State park
Expansive green with soccer & baseball fields, plus picnic areas equipped with grilling stations.
4.30 (15.9K reviews)
Calderon Park image
Calderon Park
👍👍 Excellent place to walk around and enjoy the sounds and sights of El Centro Cuenta Ecuador. Great food and vistas can be had from the Park and the Catolica Cathedral. Family friendly atmosphere with plenty of space to explore or sit and enjoy the ambience of the Park. Definitely recommend as a neces...
4.70 (15.8K reviews)
Parque El Lago image
Parque El Lago
State park
Green plaza with a fountain, known for its illuminated holiday sculptures & Christmas lights.
4.40 (15.7K reviews)
25 de Mayo image
25 de Mayo
Palm-dotted central square with grassy patches, a fountain & sculptures, plus a modern cathedral.
4.30 (15.7K reviews)
Plaza Rivadavia image
Plaza Rivadavia
State park
Grassy urban square with monuments honoring regional history, host to craft fairs at weekends.
4.20 (15.6K reviews)
Wrocław Multimedia Fountain image
Wrocław Multimedia Fountain
Tourist attraction
At this huge water fountain there are seasonal shows featuring synchronized water, light & music.
4.70 (15.1K reviews)

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