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Ciwalk image
Shopping mall
Modern, open-air mall with local boutiques, international chains, a food court & rides for kids.
4.60 (63.7K reviews)
Arenas de Barcelona image
Arenas de Barcelona
Shopping mall
👍 I was pretty amazed to see the fantastic transformation of the bull rink into a shopping mall. It has several nice restaurants with fantastic views and some of the traditional shops as well. You can also watch movies and spend a couple of hours enjoying art exhibition of famous painters such as Van...
4.20 (56.5K reviews)
Centro Comercial Plenilunio image
Centro Comercial Plenilunio
Shopping mall
👍👍 Nice shopping center, very luminous, you can find any shop you need… There is Primark also . Parking is very large. Very close to the city, easy to reach.
4.30 (54K reviews)
ParkLake Shopping Center image
ParkLake Shopping Center
Shopping mall
Modern retail center with a large glass atrium, offering a variety of stores, restaurants & events.
4.60 (49.5K reviews)
El Corte Inglés image
El Corte Inglés
Shopping mall
👍👍 A very reasonable place to go shopping. We do our local shopping there on the basement level as well as get take out for food. We love the top floor best to eat at the very reasonable cafeteria and to enjoy the view of the city.
4.20 (48.1K reviews)
F-7 Markaz (Jinnah Super Market) image
F-7 Markaz (Jinnah Super Market)
👍👍 Great market. It has everything you can possibly need. And there are multiple food points. The overall atmosphere and vibe of the place was neutral and friendly too.
4.40 (47.7K reviews)
P&M Mall image
P&M Mall
Shopping mall
Large retail complex with brand-name stores, a food court & 4-screen movie theater, plus a hotel.
4.30 (45.7K reviews)
Éxito Wow Envigado image
Éxito Wow Envigado
In-store shopping · In-store pick-up · Delivery
4.50 (42.6K reviews)
Transmart image
Expansive modern mall featuring a food court, sit-down restaurants, a movie theater & bike parking.
4.50 (39.4K reviews)
Manchester Arndale Shopping Centre image
Manchester Arndale Shopping Centre
Shopping mall
Large, glass-fronted mall with high street fashion, electronics and homeware shops, plus food court.
4.30 (37.5K reviews)
Walmart image
😠 If you ever have to pick up money and don’t speak Spanish try else. Rude cashier was speaking Spanish even though it was obvious I could speak Spanish, wouldn’t look at my Google translate. It’s just occurring to me that she probably was illiterate. Try somewhere else. Kept attending to Spanish spea...
$ $$$
4.20 (37.3K reviews)
Parque Nascente Shopping image
Parque Nascente Shopping
Shopping mall
Indoor mall with diverse stores, including an Auchan supermarket, plus a cinema & a food court.
4.30 (36.6K reviews)
Mal Ciputra Semarang image
Mal Ciputra Semarang
Shopping mall
Expansive commercial center featuring a department store, boutiques, a food court & movie theater.
4.50 (36K reviews)
El Corte Inglés image
El Corte Inglés
Shopping mall
👍 Great mall with top quality choice of everything and own parking. Prices are reasonably set in accordance with the quality chosen. Friendly and very professional staff, but sometimes too busy talking among themselves and forgetting to pay attention to the customers. I give it only 4 stars because of...
4.30 (35.6K reviews)
Walmart image
👍 *Edit* Update: August 14th, 2017 I have bitterly visited this store 3 times since my last review because it was too late to go to the other farther Walmart before closing...Anyways, they seemed to have made changes. So I changed my rating and I will start visiting this Walmart again as my normal sto...
$ $$$
4.10 (35.3K reviews)
I Gigli image
I Gigli
Shopping mall
A wide mix of retail stores & eateries in a bustling shopping complex with whimsical accents.
4.40 (34.8K reviews)
Paloquemao Fruit Market image
Paloquemao Fruit Market
Large local farmer's market with an indoor hall selling fruit, vegetables, meat, fish & flowers.
4.50 (34.7K reviews)
Cosmo Multimall image
Cosmo Multimall
Shopping mall
Large indoor shopping center featuring a supermarket, bowling alley, ice rink & movie theater.
4.40 (32.9K reviews)
Centre Comercial Saler image
Centre Comercial Saler
Shopping mall
👍👍 As always we are never disappointed from Spain malls. A really beautiful shopping center 😍 💕 with a unic vue of the Arts, Hemispheric, Oceanic museum/Center. The food in restaurants Tagliattella was great. Coffee at Jamaica 🇯🇲 😌 👌 was also really good 👍 At the main entrance there is angels, lig...
4.20 (32.1K reviews)
Costco image
Warehouse store
Members-only warehouse selling a huge variety of items including bulk groceries, electronics & more.
$$ $$
4.40 (31.5K reviews)
National Handloom Corporation Law Garden image
National Handloom Corporation Law Garden
👍👍 National Handloom Corporation is a one-stop grocery chain that seeks to provide clients with a diverse choice of home and personal products in one convenient location. Food, beauty goods, clothing, kitchenware, bed and bath linen, toiletries, home appliances, and more are all available at low pricin...
4.10 (31.1K reviews)
Walmart Supercenter image
Walmart Supercenter
Department store
😠 The worst Farmacy or Drugs store that you will visit, the woman attending over there is so arrogant and she did not supply the drugs as prescribed by my prescription, she said there is not "presentation of drug" when my prescription clearly said that drug are tablets, her understanding of presentati...
$ $$$
4.10 (30K reviews)
Walmart image
Department store
😠 Absolute horrible communication! I placed an order using the walmart app. A person from this location called me to let me know my order was "complete" and that it would be delivered shortly. The guy arrives and tells me the garrafon of water has to be sent separately, even though they charged for i...
$ $$$
4.10 (29.7K reviews)
Exito Supermarket image
Exito Supermarket
👍👍 This Exito is pretty cool. It is a big crowed in the super market. The place was packed. The place is clean even in the food court. The prices didn’t match what was o. The shelves for the water that we brought. The clothes that’s in the market are really nice. They prices are kinda high. Food places...
4.20 (29.3K reviews)
DMart image
👍👍 Here available all type of items like Groceries, Fancy, Gifts, Kitchen, Food, Cloths, Books, kids items etc at reasonable prices. It is perfectly sutable for the needs of Home. Daily number of peoples (Crowd) getting for shopping, Building/store is not sufficient for moving flexible. If Store space...
4.00 (28.2K reviews)
Puerta Texcoco image
Puerta Texcoco
Shopping mall
Indoor mall with chain stores & a few big-box retailers, plus a movie theater & fast-food joints.
4.30 (28K reviews)
Plaza Low Yat image
Plaza Low Yat
Shopping mall
🫤 It used to be a one-stop mall for all IT stuffs, from laptops to desktop components to phones to any form of gadget. But that is no longer the case; it has lost its former glory days. First, the kind of vibe you get from foreigner sellers that are just trying to entice you into their store. When yo...
4.20 (27.7K reviews)
Miyana image
Shopping mall
Contemporary, pet-friendly shopping center with diverse stores on 2 levels, plus a large food court.
4.50 (27.7K reviews)
Mallplaza Bellavista image
Mallplaza Bellavista
Shopping mall
Local & global retailers, a food court, movie theater & supermarket are the draw at this large mall.
4.30 (27.6K reviews)
Bercy Village image
Bercy Village
Shopping mall
👍 Amazing place for a night out and walk. Pretty cafes, restaurants, shopping malls and movie theatre all in one place. Best time to be here is during Christmas season with amazing fairy lights and Christmas decorations.
4.30 (27.2K reviews)
Costco Wholesale Getafe image
Costco Wholesale Getafe
Warehouse club
Members-only warehouse selling a huge variety of items including bulk groceries, electronics & more.
$$ $$
4.40 (27.1K reviews)
Hoog Catharijne image
Hoog Catharijne
Shopping mall
Large, modern shopping mall with over 125 shops, services, quick-serve eateries & restaurants.
4.30 (26.3K reviews)
Blanchardstown Centre image
Blanchardstown Centre
Shopping mall
180+ stores & many eateries compose this prominent indoor shopping center with a movie theatre.
4.50 (26K reviews)
Walmart image
Department store
👍 Not often you go to a supermarket and encounter many armed police, security guards and a machine gun carry policeman. Must have some very valuable stock, or very dangerous customers. I did buy some drugs a pack of 12 ibuprofen for 1.24 Euro
$ $$$
4.20 (26K reviews)
Carrefour Hipermercado Contagem image
Carrefour Hipermercado Contagem
In-store shopping · In-store pick-up · Delivery
4.30 (25.7K reviews)
METRO Wholesale, Yeshwantpur image
METRO Wholesale, Yeshwantpur
😐 Better for those who are wholesalers / bulk buyers... However retail buyer won't get much benefits since discount/ special price is generally offered for bulk buying Service: 4/5 Maintenance: 3/5 Cost of products: 3/5 Parking:5/5
4.20 (25.6K reviews)
Centrum Galerie Dresden image
Centrum Galerie Dresden
Shopping mall
Bustling retail mall featuring a variety of brand-name & specialty shops & casual restaurants.
4.40 (25.5K reviews)
Éxito San Antonio image
Éxito San Antonio
👍 Electronics and home goods in basement. Huge grocery store and clothes on top floor. I get my everyday essentials, and push my cart out the door. Someone is always there to help hail a taxi and help load it. Lines to check out are usually long.
4.30 (25.5K reviews)
El Corte Inglés Diagonal image
El Corte Inglés Diagonal
Shopping mall
😠 It is really sad to see all these fruits and vegetables packed in plastic. This is such a waste and specially in a country like Spain where they could display these product fresh and reduce waste.
4.10 (25.3K reviews)
LuLu Hypermarket - Al Khobar image
LuLu Hypermarket - Al Khobar
👍👍 Frankly, this is the best supermarket in the eastern province because they sell your home needs on one place with a reasonable price.
4.20 (25.3K reviews)
Walmart Miramontes image
Walmart Miramontes
😠 Horrible place. Walmart is the richest company in the world and yet they can't be bothered to clean the toilets. From 50 feet away you can smell them and this is a place that sells food! Disgusting!!
$ $$$
4.20 (25K reviews)
Parc Vallès image
Parc Vallès
Shopping mall
👍👍 Super ok
4.10 (24.9K reviews)
Ülemiste Centre image
Ülemiste Centre
Shopping mall
The city's largest shopping centre is home to brand-name retailers, restaurants & a kids' play area.
4.60 (24.9K reviews)
Dafi image
Shopping mall
🫤 I've seen many malls and this one is really bad in comparison. I'd better choose the ones in the city center even if it's more time-consuming to reach them. Bad atmosphere and late-soviet style self-advertisement, mindless shop-placement and some other problems. Also there are a good cinema but it's...
4.40 (24.9K reviews)
I N A Market image
I N A Market
👍 A good marketplace. You can find all kinds of products here including exotic ingredients like wild mushrooms, jumbo prawns, octopus, etc. which you probably can't find anywhere else in Delhi. Although it was quite expensive, everything seemed fresh.
4.20 (24.7K reviews)
Walmart Ciudad Jardín image
Walmart Ciudad Jardín
Department store
😐 My card was not accepted I am a member since 2008
$ $$$
4.20 (24.6K reviews)
Jumbo image
In-store shopping · In-store pick-up · Delivery
4.20 (24.1K reviews)
AKROPOLIS Vilnius image
Shopping mall
👍👍 Great location, great shops, amazing quality items and just amazing general environment. Definitely coming again when I go back to Vilnius.
4.50 (23.9K reviews)
pep Einkaufscenter Neuperlach image
pep Einkaufscenter Neuperlach
Clothing store
Bright mall with local shops & international chain stores, plus casual restaurants & food counters.
4.30 (23.8K reviews)
SOGO Kuala Lumpur image
SOGO Kuala Lumpur
Shopping mall
👍 Malaysian's favourite shopping mall. 🤣 Selling good quality of goods. Prices are very reasonable. Located in the centre of Kuala Lumpur's shopping area. Multi levels of basement carparks. Nearest LRT stop is the Bandaraya Station.
$$ $$
4.30 (23.8K reviews)

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