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Nehru Zoological Park image
Nehru Zoological Park
Spacious zoo featuring tigers, rhinos, elephants & monkeys, plus safari rides.
4.20 (84K reviews)
Columbus Zoo and Aquarium image
Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
Park showcasing land & sea life with a hands-on tide pool, reptile house, kangaroo walkabout & more.
$$ $$
4.70 (36.2K reviews)
Ormanya image
National reserve
Simple zoo in the woods featuring snakes, alpacas & ostriches, plus a playground & cafe/restaurant.
4.60 (28.9K reviews)
Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary image
Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary
Wildlife refuge
Lush tropical forests & meadows hosting a diverse range of wildlife, such as tigers & peacocks.
4.40 (23.8K reviews)
Sunway Lagoon image
Sunway Lagoon
Theme park
Sprawling amusement park with a water zone, rides, a zoo & outdoor activities, plus dining & events.
4.50 (23.3K reviews)
Asahiyama Zoo image
Asahiyama Zoo
Contemporary zoo with reptiles, marine mammals & a popular daily penguin parade.
4.40 (22.4K reviews)
West Midland Safari Park image
West Midland Safari Park
Wildlife and safari park
Landscaped park with 150-acre safari and other animals, plus theme park, discovery trail and events.
4.50 (21.3K reviews)
Gatorland image
Amusement park
Animal park with species such as alligators, birds & wild cats, plus educational shows & a zip line.
$$ $$
4.60 (20.9K reviews)
Dallas Zoo image
Dallas Zoo
Housing 2,000 animals, with a renowned children's area, a carousel & a mini-train.
4.50 (19.9K reviews)
Zoo Pomerode image
Zoo Pomerode
Animal park
Conservation-focused zoo with around 240 species of native & exotic mammals, birds & reptiles.
4.70 (19.7K reviews)
Yorkshire Wildlife Park image
Yorkshire Wildlife Park
Wildlife park
Wildlife park with walking safaris through a lion reserve, as well as tigers, meerkats and lemurs.
4.60 (18.9K reviews)
Australia Zoo image
Australia Zoo
Zoo owned by Steve Irwin's family with a varied collection of world animals, including crocodiles.
4.70 (18.9K reviews)
Réserve Africaine de Sigean image
Réserve Africaine de Sigean
Wildlife and safari park
Safari park, with drive-through & walk-through areas, & African animals from lions & gnus to rhinos.
4.30 (18.7K reviews)
Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary image
Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary
Wildlife park
This animal habitat for tigers, leopards & other species has hotels & restaurants for visitors.
4.40 (17K reviews)
頑皮世界野生動物園 (Wanpi World Zoo) image
頑皮世界野生動物園 (Wanpi World Zoo)
Opened in 1994, this 20-hectare petting zoo offers a massive reptile house & animal feedings.
4.50 (17K reviews)
Wildpark Lüneburger Heide image
Wildpark Lüneburger Heide
Wildlife park
Spacious zoo featuring exotic animals in natural landscapes, plus kids' play areas & a restaurant.
4.70 (15K reviews)
Affenberg Salem image
Affenberg Salem
Animal park
Opened in 1976, the 20-hectare wooded park includes Barbary macaques roaming freely & a beer garden.
4.50 (14.5K reviews)
Oasys Mini Hollywood Theme Park image
Oasys Mini Hollywood Theme Park
Theme park
Recreating the American Wild West, this theme park offers cowboy stunt shows, museums, a pool & zoo.
4.40 (14.2K reviews)
Wildpark Schwarze Berge image
Wildpark Schwarze Berge
Wildlife park
Kid-friendly wildlife park with a variety of animals for viewing & feeding, plus air shows.
4.70 (14K reviews)
Gole Alcantara Botanical and Geological Park image
Gole Alcantara Botanical and Geological Park
This river in a volcanic gorge is now an attraction featuring a museum, rafting & other activities.
4.50 (13.6K reviews)
Panoramic Domes image
Panoramic Domes
Transportation service
This 5.2-km.-long rack-style railway ascends to the top of the Puy de Dôme, a volcanic dome.
4.60 (13.5K reviews)
Cotswold Wildlife Park & Gardens image
Cotswold Wildlife Park & Gardens
Wildlife park
Family-friendly venue with 160-acre parkland for getting up close with more than 260 animal species.
4.70 (13.1K reviews)
Camargue Regional Nature Park image
Camargue Regional Nature Park
👍👍 This place is a wetland paradise for birds and other wildlife. The whole area is also steeped in history with fantastic places to visit We stayed for 5 days but wish it was longer.
4.60 (12.8K reviews)
Crocodile Farm image
Crocodile Farm
Animal park
A large tropical greenhouse, with over 400 crocodiles, plus giant tortoises & birds.
4.40 (12.7K reviews)
Utah's Hogle Zoo image
Utah's Hogle Zoo
Modern, 42-acre zoo boasting hundreds of animals & tropical gardens, plus a train & carousel.
4.50 (12.7K reviews)
Everglades Holiday Park image
Everglades Holiday Park
Boat tour agency
Family-friendly venue offering up-close animal encounters & shows, plus high-speed airboat rides.
4.40 (12.7K reviews)
Parco Naturale Tre Cime image
Parco Naturale Tre Cime
Nature preserve
11,635-hectare natural park with a visitor center, rock climbing & hiking/cross-country ski trails.
4.80 (12.6K reviews)
Omega Park image
Omega Park
Animal park
Nature park featuring wildlife, picnicking, First Nations totems & an eatery, plus cabins & tipis.
4.70 (12.6K reviews)
Parc naturel régional du Vercors image
Parc naturel régional du Vercors
Nature preserve
1,000m-high plateau in mountains for hiking, skiing & caving, plus WWII Resistance history museum.
4.70 (12.3K reviews)
Werribee Open Range Zoo image
Werribee Open Range Zoo
Family-friendly zoo for viewing African giraffes & zebras on safari tours, plus casual dining.
4.50 (12.3K reviews)
Wildpark Poing image
Wildpark Poing
Wildlife park
Huge wildlife park with nature trails through free roaming animals, plus zoo & bird of prey shows.
4.70 (12.2K reviews)
Parque Estadual Cantareira - Núcleo Pedra Grande image
Parque Estadual Cantareira - Núcleo Pedra Grande
Nature preserve
Tree-filled state park with trails for walking & biking, plus fishing opportunities & a waterfall.
4.60 (12.1K reviews)
Fota Wildlife Park image
Fota Wildlife Park
Verdant, 28-hectare park for endangered animals, plus a large garden with numerous plant species.
4.70 (12K reviews)
Edinburgh Zoo image
Edinburgh Zoo
Large parkland zoo offering keeper talks, hands-on animal encounters and free hilltop safari rides.
4.30 (11.8K reviews)
Bearizona Wildlife Park image
Bearizona Wildlife Park
Wildlife and safari park
Wildlife park offering a drive-thru experience starring wolves, bears, bison, mountain goats & more.
4.70 (11.4K reviews)
Bali Bird Park image
Bali Bird Park
Bird watching area
Animal park with exotic-bird shows, feedings & displays, plus reptiles, native plants & a cafe.
4.60 (11.2K reviews)
The 3 Eyes National Park image
The 3 Eyes National Park
Wildlife park
👍👍 A 'Cenote' (sink hole) in Mexico, but called an Eye in DR. There is a 4th Eye which you can pay extra to get a small boat ride and do a walk. DR & Haiti used to be underwater so the rock is coral based, making it very different to other Caribbean islands, and the porous nature means it decays faste...
4.60 (11.1K reviews)
Yamuna Biodiversity Park image
Yamuna Biodiversity Park
Nature preserve
457-acre wetland & grass landscape with a variety of flora & fauna, including herbs & fruits.
4.10 (11.1K reviews)
Gautala Autramghat Sanctuary image
Gautala Autramghat Sanctuary
Wildlife park
Conservation area with hills & valleys covered by tropical deciduous forest spanning 64,399-acres.
4.20 (11.1K reviews)
Cliffs of Moher Experience image
Cliffs of Moher Experience
Visitor center
Interpretive center built into a hillside with exhibits themed around the ocean, rock, nature & man.
4.70 (10.8K reviews)
Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary image
Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary
Wildlife park
Native animals on display in natural surrounds, plus shows, encounters & a wildlife hospital.
4.60 (10.4K reviews)
Zoo Lujan image
Zoo Lujan
This long-running, 37-acre zoo offers a petting barn & guided tours, plus a playground & BBQ grills.
4.00 (10.3K reviews)
Featherdale Sydney Wildlife Park image
Featherdale Sydney Wildlife Park
Wildlife park
Wildlife park with over 1,700 birds, mammals & reptiles, plus a cafe, picnic area & souvenir shop.
4.40 (10.1K reviews)
Parc naturel régional du massif des Bauges image
Parc naturel régional du massif des Bauges
Mountain nature reserve with walking & cycling trails, wine-producing villages plus dense woodland.
4.60 (10.1K reviews)
River Wonders image
River Wonders
Wildlife park
Zoo & aquarium with a river theme offering boat rides, freshwater fish & animals, including pandas.
4.40 (9.5K reviews)
Fuji Safari Park image
Fuji Safari Park
Wildlife and safari park
Zoo & wildlife park offering safaris by bus, rental 4WD or on foot through simulated habitats.
4.30 (9.3K reviews)
Parco Naturale Regionale di Porto Venere image
Parco Naturale Regionale di Porto Venere
Nature preserve
Rugged island reserve with hiking trails, village restaurants & the remains of a 19th-century fort.
4.70 (9.3K reviews)
Gorodskoy Park Flory I Fauny Royev Ruchey image
Gorodskoy Park Flory I Fauny Royev Ruchey
Wildlife park
Family-friendly zoo with various animals including sharks & rare plants plus several playgrounds.
4.70 (9.2K reviews)
Budakeszi Wildlife Park image
Budakeszi Wildlife Park
Wildlife park
Family-oriented safari park near to city, with bears, wolves & lynx, plus friendly animals for kids.
4.60 (9K reviews)
Parc Natural del Delta de l'Ebre image
Parc Natural del Delta de l'Ebre
Wildlife park
Wetland nature reserve known for its birdlife, encompassing rivers, dunes & beaches, plus trails.
4.70 (8.8K reviews)

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