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Animallandia Maya image
Animallandia Maya
Tourist attraction
😠 Don’t go here!!! I walked past this place during my vacation (I’m a specialised animal student) and I saw terrible things (of course I didn’t go in there, but I did my research) It is animal abuse and the animals are not “found or saved, or orphans. These animals are taken from the wild or specially...
1.00 (361 reviews)
Cister Catorce image
Cister Catorce
Coffee shop
😠 This place needs to be shut down immediately! Mediocre food would be the lesser of evils. They don't put drinks on the menu and then charge you a fortune. Finally, they try to steal a few more euros from you with alleged "errors" (2 in our case) on the receipt, which I attach. Stay away!
1.00 (144 reviews)
Enrique Prada W. S.A.S. image
Enrique Prada W. S.A.S.
Medical diagnostic imaging center
😠 Muy desfavorable sus servicios en cuánto a la atención al usuario. El número de WhatsApp suministrado puede transcurrir hasta 1 semana y no dan respuesta, y la línea fija no entra la llamada, y si entra no hay una comunicación efectivo con el personal. Las citas pueden ser programadas incluso hasta...
1.00 (81 reviews)
Holywings Cafe image
Holywings Cafe
Coffee shop
😠 di DUNIA anda masih aman & bisa tertawa, tapi di alam kubur? padang mahsyar?
1.00 (66 reviews)
phòng khám đa khoa 24 thợ nhuộn image
phòng khám đa khoa 24 thợ nhuộn
Medical clinic
😠 The clinic is a scam and does business very unethically. JUST MADE A WRONG EXAMINATION AND IS ALSO TRYING TO GET MORE MONEY. You should avoid being tricked into going to illegal clinics. Being lured by the security guard at the obstetrics hospital gate, told that the hospital was out of examination...
1.00 (50 reviews)
Park & ​​Control Pac GmbH image
Park & ​​Control Pac GmbH
Corporate office
😠 I was standing beside my car at the Netto parking lot while my wife went shopping in Netto for 15 min. I still got a ticket and the guy said because you don't have the blue clock. We were there only for 15min What a rip off now we are not shopping in that Netto store again. This company profit by t...
1.10 (2.6K reviews)
Cister Catorce image
Cister Catorce
1.10 (2.5K reviews)
Gelateria Vegana image
Gelateria Vegana
Ice cream shop
😠 SCAM! I felt robbed buying an ice cream in this Gelateria. They have different prices in the top of the wall and they serve you 15 Euros 2 flavour ice cream without telling the price until you go to the cashier with ice cream in your hands to pay. The taste of ice cream is watery, no flavour in addi...
1.10 (1.9K reviews)
Miniera d'Oro image
Miniera d'Oro
Italian restaurant
😠 TOURIST TRAP! Firstly I put myself in the situation, we didn't plan things properly and couldn't find any veg food in milan around 11PM. (There was a McDonald's right next door but they had no vegetarian options). This place was open and we went inside without checking the reviews. The waiter was ve...
1.10 (1.3K reviews)
UK Car Park Management Ltd image
UK Car Park Management Ltd
Parking lot
😠 UNPROFESSIONAL!!!!!. This company needs to be investigated by trading standards or the financial ombudsman services / or the police. They are simply ripping people off. Got a ticket in my own car park basement.. in my friends car. went upstairs to get the permit came down and the vultures had alread...
1.10 (853 reviews)
Provo Canyon School - Springville Campus image
Provo Canyon School - Springville Campus
Mental health clinic
😠 Really disgusting that after hundreds of reports of the absolute horror people endured here that they’re still open, not acknowledging anything, and not even fixing it. The kids that are sent here are already in a bad place mentally, the last thing they need is to be sent somewhere that they’ll have...
1.10 (740 reviews)
UK Parking Control image
UK Parking Control
Parking lot
😠 I do not know where to start writing about this company. It seems like a big scam how they go about issuing parking tickets. The parking board content is filled with fine information instead of actually communicating how to get a valid permit. Any they expect us to just understand all their rules. W...
1.10 (670 reviews)
Caffè Arte Italiana Srl image
Caffè Arte Italiana Srl
Coffee shop
😠 Honestly 1 is too kind. We got bad vibes sitting there. We were so hungry. They had a €9, deal The food was disgusting. The staff were horrible..we waited ages. I nearly got sick eating my pizza Less than half glsss of wine. What we thought was €9, deal ended up been over €70 euro..we were so angry....
1.10 (541 reviews)
Cityparks Latvija image
Cityparks Latvija
Parking lot
😠 I hate to give bad reviews, but this one is truly needed.
1.10 (343 reviews)
Tewerna Ev Maw image
Tewerna Ev Maw
😠 This place probably needs some additional female DNA and management in order to improve. Hosted by several loud heavy smokers this was not the ultimate stop for our family. French fries and the moussaka was OK, but the squid was the dish from hell (or maybe last year) During our one week stay in C...
1.10 (332 reviews)
Bar Vinoteca Winimar image
Bar Vinoteca Winimar
👍👍 Welcome to the worst rated place of Erice! This is a reminder that I should always check the Google Maps rating of any place. If you read this after being overcharged, please thumb-up this comment, you're not alone. So I paid 6€ for a cappuccino and a coffee, after rushing into this café with a tour...
1.10 (324 reviews)
Premier Park Ltd image
Premier Park Ltd
Corporate office
😠 This company is at best incompetent or at worst dishonest. I used the Charlestown car park on 3rd May 2022 with a valid ticket displayed on the dash board. A couple of weeks later I received a Parking Charge Notice. This is what I wrote on the "appeal" site. "The charge on your invoice is incorrect...
1.10 (317 reviews)
UD Mas Agung Jaya image
UD Mas Agung Jaya
Jewelry store
😠 Hello GOOGLE, this shop is very bad shop in my country.
1.10 (287 reviews)
Aimo Park image
Aimo Park
Corporate office
😠 User of the Q park app while i needed parking space quickly to get on a train. Saw a parking spot on the app, parked my car and paid through the app. Got a fine on 600kr later because that parking spot (that clearly was listed among available parking spots in the app) was only for commuters and you...
1.10 (234 reviews)
Lentebur cafe&restaurant image
Lentebur cafe&restaurant
😠 No toilet (how is it possible in a restaurant / Cafe???), no wifi, dirty tables and broken chairs, homeless people come to you and want money and waiters do nothing about it. They want to get rid of you as soon as you finish eating. Very small and expensive wrap with little inside
1.10 (201 reviews)
Konyalılar Et Lokantası image
Konyalılar Et Lokantası
Meat dish restaurant
😠 Arkadaşlar burası sertavulun en kazikci yeri hizmet kötü urunler kötü birde fiyat varki orası dahada kötü ben kazık yedim siz yemeyin Allah için resim attığım salataya 500. TL ödedim etlerin resmini atmak bile istemedim
1.10 (133 reviews)
CCG Saúde - Matriz image
CCG Saúde - Matriz
Medical Center
😠 O CCG está cada dia pior, principalmente depois que passou a ser administrada pela Notredame. Não há serviço digital de qualidade, bem como não há atendimento telefônico. O usuário na maioria das vezes não consegue realizar os agendamentos de exames através da ferramenta digital, então busca ajuda n...
1.10 (119 reviews)
Caffetteria Vesuvio image
Caffetteria Vesuvio
Dine-in · Delivery
1.10 (118 reviews)
Walnut Ridge Police Department image
Walnut Ridge Police Department
Police department
1.10 (116 reviews)
Bar Maestri Comacini image
Bar Maestri Comacini
1.10 (111 reviews)
Delrin Netherlands B.V. image
Delrin Netherlands B.V.
😠 A huge shame that this factory still exists. De movie ‘Dark waters’ clearly shows there is no counterargument. PFOA is making the earth and all its inhabitants chemicaly polluted, with severe health consequences.
1.10 (109 reviews)
2k kebab ve kanat image
2k kebab ve kanat
Kebab shop
😠 We paid 120 Liras (20 EUR) for döner, döner plate and two drinks. They tricked us into taking 30 liras salad, charged 15 liras for bread and 15 more for ‘taxes’. Do not go there.
1.10 (109 reviews)
Total Parking Solutions image
Total Parking Solutions
Parking lot
😠 The fact that I have to give them evem one single star makes me angry as they do not deserve it. They fine you even though you have paid for your parking. You appeal with plenty of proof and then they send you a letter saying they have dismissed the charge AS A GESTURE OF GOODWILL! How incredibly id...
1.10 (103 reviews)
🫤 We were ushered into the establishment by one of two fellows working the pavement, who seemed nice enough, as did the restaurant, which overlooks the Old Port. We hadn't researched the place prior to sitting. As we waited, I checked the Google score and to be honest, the 1.2 star rating immediately...
1.10 (92 reviews)
La Tequilera image
La Tequilera
Bar & grill
😠 DONT GO THEY WILL STEAL YOU Worst experience ever!!! We were lured in from outside by a creepy guy… and then tought we’d just try it for a beer. We were the only clients in, and the place looked weird. Boring place and quite expensive, but nothing horrible until we asked for the bill. A lady was ser...
1.10 (89 reviews)
Boi na Brasa image
Boi na Brasa
😠 Pior lugar q comi na minha vida, comida sem tempero , preços abusivo , obriga vc a pagar os 10% do garçom , ambiente horrível com fios expostos e dando curto em tempo de acontecer um incêndio . deixei a comida no prato e tive que sair às pressa com minha família, eles abusam porque são sempre clien...
1.10 (85 reviews)
Columbus Radiology Corporation image
Columbus Radiology Corporation
😠 The absolute worse billing experience of my life. This company continued to send my claims to the wrong address which is a major HIPAA violation and when I would call with my insurance plan on 3-way they would input the correct address only to re-bill to the wrong address again. Also, this company a...
1.10 (84 reviews)
D.t. Schubert Systemgastronomie image
D.t. Schubert Systemgastronomie
Fast food restaurant
Dine-in · Drive-through · Delivery
1.10 (83 reviews)
Emergency Physicians Central Fl image
Emergency Physicians Central Fl
Medical clinic
😠 Received a bill from them late January 2022 for an emergency room visit for my father from September of 2021. While they billed Medicare, they failed to bill his supplemental insurance. I called & spoke to a Natalie. She told me that they were missing a number on the account & she would resubmit...
1.10 (82 reviews)
Sunny Bar image
Sunny Bar
1.10 (81 reviews)
Pet Center image
Pet Center
Pet store
1.10 (81 reviews)
Outdoorsports24 image
1.10 (80 reviews)
Pure Veg. Food image
Pure Veg. Food
Vegetarian restaurant
😠 We ordered rice, chicken and roti never mentioned about thali. The staff told us 1 thali is 180rs but later we got a grand bill of rs 1,050 for two. When we protested, the man kept giving us excuses after excuses. All the staff were very rude to us and even threatened us. We were a group of ladies....
1.10 (76 reviews)
Café Bar Oporto image
Café Bar Oporto
Fast food restaurant
😠 We got to eat the special dish and it turns out they didn't have them. We ate some fairly normal sandwiches, and the alteza brand soft drinks were €2.50 I do not recommend it.
1.10 (71 reviews)
Centro de Saúde de Famões image
Centro de Saúde de Famões
Community health centre
1.10 (71 reviews)
Icon pub image
Icon pub
Night club
😠 Worst pub totally fraud they will say that they will give 4 drinks only one mini beer they will give & 1 small local Peg they will give & that's not actually pub it's normal floor with 3 to 4 light settings in it and worst DJ coming to dancing girls 🙏 I cannot comment on them! Totally fraud pub, We...
1.10 (70 reviews)
Milano Principe image
Milano Principe
😠 UPDATE: They remove their restaurant from google every few weeks to get rid of bad reviews. Stay away from this place!!!! Biggest tourist trap in Milano. We got Charged 8.50 per cappucino. These people are thieves, ridiculous prices. They did want to give a menu as well, we thought it was fine since...
1.10 (67 reviews)
Marquette Rentals image
Marquette Rentals
Property management company
😠 Marquette Rentals is the worst rental company on the planet. They did not allow us to see our apartment because there was an “online viewing”, and then when we showed up it looked nothing like the pictures. It is also outrageously priced. They also charge random fees for anything and everything. The...
1.10 (64 reviews)
Los Sabores del Molcajete (Señor Meats) image
Los Sabores del Molcajete (Señor Meats)
Bar & grill
😠 Stay away from this place! It’s a scam! We didn’t read the reviews. The food at this place is inedible. We were a party of six and we ordered burgers, nachos and fries. The burgers were semi-done processed patties, with a layer of spray-on cheese. The lettuce looked like it was taken from a garbage...
1.10 (64 reviews)
Le Côte d'Azur image
Le Côte d'Azur
Bed & breakfast
😠 Réservation sur booking mais pas d'annulation gratuite possible et une CAUTION EXHORBITANTE EN ESPECES de 500 EUR. Nous avons perdu 49 euros de réservation et dû payer une nuit en formule 1 au final en plus. A fuir ...
1.10 (62 reviews)
Shadow Emergency Physicians image
Shadow Emergency Physicians
Medical clinic
😠 UPDATE: I filed a complaint through the BBB. Shadow Emergency Physicians stated they would be removing the account from my collections and sending me the actual medical bill I supposedly have. Joke is on me, they utilized the information so they now have my address and gave it to the collections fir...
1.10 (60 reviews)
... image
Public parking space
😠 Nothing needs to be said about this company, they present themselves perfectly with their retro-based "informative" homepage. Neither a phone number, nor terms of use, nor specific objects are indicated, but there are words of praise about yourself and an account number. :)
1.10 (58 reviews)
Restaurante Terraza "Pako's" Y "Luckys" image
Restaurante Terraza "Pako's" Y "Luckys"
😠 Awful food and expensive beverages. Staff will take not reasonable and extremely high extra money for tip and taxes. Will never go back to this Restaurant... other customers were also very disappointed...!
1.10 (56 reviews)
Alteon Health image
Alteon Health
😠 I never heard of this company ever and it popped up on my credit report. I looked it up and it says it’s in Germantown Maryland I don’t even know where Germantown Maryland is, so I’m disputing it as we speak right now. I suggest anyone that runs across this problem do the exact same. My lawyer said...
1.10 (56 reviews)
Hospedia Ltd image
Hospedia Ltd
Hospital equipment and supplies
😠 Absolute disgrace of a company. Paid 49.90 for 2 weeks, was forced to cancel after 2 days because there tv was broken and then was only refunded £30, I didn't pay £10 per day initially but when it needs cancelling at there own fault I am charged at that price. I don't know how you sleep at night kn...
1.10 (54 reviews)
Philly Pregnancy Center image
Philly Pregnancy Center
Pregnancy care center
😠 You should fire that horrible nurse practitioner who didn’t believe that woman. And regardless of her personal opinions, that is an inexcusable way to speak to anyone LET ALONE someone in a pregnant state. I hope you get shut down and she is never hired anywhere again.
1.10 (54 reviews)
Eagle’s Nest Souvenirs image
Eagle’s Nest Souvenirs
Souvenir store
😠 Very angry and rude lady manages this shop. Getting yelled at and threaten to call the police and cancel your tickets for just looking at your phone. She doesn’t deserve to be working with people. Please don’t spend your money in here. There are lots of nice places with awesome people. To the lady t...
1.10 (54 reviews)
Terrabike Vitacura image
Terrabike Vitacura
Shopping mall
😠 Terrible service, arrogant sellers
1.10 (53 reviews)
ESTELLA CLINIC SIAM : เอสเตลล่า คลินิก สยาม image
ESTELLA CLINIC SIAM : เอสเตลล่า คลินิก สยาม
Skin care clinic
😠 นัดคิวยากมาเลยค่ะ แบบต้องนัดล่วงหน้าสองเดือนขึ้นไปมันเกินไปหรือป่าว พอลงนัดได้วันก่อนนัดก็โทรมาคอนเฟิร์มอย่างดีลูกค้ามีนัด..เวลานี้นะคะ พอถึงวันนัดจริงหน้าเคาน์เตอร์กับบอกว่าทรีทเม้นหมด หมดตลอดหมดอีกแล้ว นี่จะครบปีอยู่แล้วเพิ่งทำไป5ครั้งเอง แล้วบอกควรทำอาทิตย์ละครั้งแล้วที่เราซื้อคือ 10ครั้ง แถมอ...
1.10 (52 reviews)
Texas Medicine Resources image
Texas Medicine Resources
Medical clinic
😠 If you ever see this on your credit report dispute it because it is against the HIPPA law. Hospitals can NOT sell your HIPPA information to a 3 party collection agency. I had no idea about this until I was told by a nurse that this stuff happens very frequently. I hope this helps everyone dealing wi...
1.10 (50 reviews)
En Plo image
En Plo
😠 We too were caught in this authentic trap. The menu displayed is closed (you can only see the appetisers page) and quickly the waiter (or should I say, “con artist”) convinces us to sit down by showing us a menu with only images and promising great food. Once we sit down, they quickly convince us to...
1.20 (1K reviews)
Parking Control Management (UK) Ltd image
Parking Control Management (UK) Ltd
Parking lot
😠 UPDATE: A few weeks ago I had to pay for parking in my own bay in my own residency. Now I'm being forced to fit through gaps with two cars parking anywhere they like. Pathetic service. See picture attached. How on earth is a big car/van meant to got through that gap. Same as everyone else, got a ti...
1.20 (622 reviews)
Cafeteria Chocolateria image
Cafeteria Chocolateria
Coffee shop
1.20 (589 reviews)
Restaurant le Bellevue image
Restaurant le Bellevue
😠 This is so bad i want give it a zero, but i can't so it's a one.
1.20 (471 reviews)
Sky Lounge image
Sky Lounge
1.20 (461 reviews)
Katrin bar image
Katrin bar
😠 I'm not generally one to leave a bad review, but I want to warn others to avoid this place. We stopped in without reading the reviews and it was a mistake. They didn't show their prices and charged us 22 euros for a piece of chocolate cake and a cappuccino. Both the cake and the cappuccino were blan...
1.20 (422 reviews)
Kolona Family Greek Restaurant image
Kolona Family Greek Restaurant
Greek restaurant
😠 I have never been so happy to give a place a 1 star rating. This is where Google Reviews really have their power. I’m not going to lie, despite being a super active reviewer on Google, I never check reviews before eating. Had I before entering this joint I would have seen what everyone thinks. Like...
1.20 (400 reviews)
😠 SCAM ALERT This place is a scam, stay away from it. People at the main square (like the guy on the photo) will invite you to a "terrace with a fantastic view over the city centre". You will then be offered a menu with false prices and forced to pay a bill that is much higher than you expect. Also, s...
1.20 (381 reviews)
Park Happy image
Park Happy
Parking lot
😠 This is the only Park Happy lot listen on Google maps. I know there is at least one more because, apparently, I parked there (when I drove to an SP+ lot) and payed to park. Had lunch. Came out to my vehicle to find a parking ticket for "Park Happy" on my windshield when there were no signs and no li...
1.20 (354 reviews)
Cafe de Zwaan image
Cafe de Zwaan
1.20 (266 reviews)
Cakeaway Bolton image
Cakeaway Bolton
Takeout restaurant
😠 Don't ever order from here!! Appalling service, it if would let me submit a review with zero stars, that's what I would have given!! Ordered just after 9pm through just-eat. Delivery time 9.25-9.45. App said food delivered about 10.10 but it hadn't arrived. Rang up multiple times to be told he's...
1.20 (265 reviews)
doValue Greece image
doValue Greece
Financial institution
😠 Terrible company. With authorization and responsible declaration, they say they want 15 days to see the papers and their authenticity in order to pay off my loan. Black in the company. You have no idea... Incredibly unprofessional. They are exploiting the world. 4/7/2023 I have been out of debt wit...
1.20 (253 reviews)
Tobaco store Laurenty image
Tobaco store Laurenty
Bar tabac
😠 Just don’t go, the worst place ever, they did not even give me a clean box to take away my food. It’s not normal, the Waiter was rude and in general expensive. The pizza was a frozen one.
1.20 (250 reviews)
Home made food image
Home made food
Barbecue restaurant
😠 They charge 17€ for 2 scoops of ice cream. When you gonna ask about the price, they pushing you to seat and pay later. I recommend to avoid this place.
1.20 (230 reviews)
Wabi Sabi image
Wabi Sabi
😠 Stay away! Omg if you have more than an hour to wait for the barely edible food then order from them! I ordered the Singapore street noodle, supposedly be curry flavor and dry stir fry noodles. Instead I got a sweet and wet soggy noodles. The chicken I paid additional for tastes like it gone bad alr...
1.20 (226 reviews)
Belle Nuit image
Belle Nuit
😠 AVOID!!!!! SCAM!!!!!!! HORRIBLE!!!!!!! Scamming all the way, we just wanted those 2,5€ pita gyroses, first we asked take away, and that was not possible. We were super hungry so we tought okey quickly then. As well we orderder one small water with gas. As young tourist in hurry we didn’t e...
1.20 (225 reviews)
Live Nation Poland image
Live Nation Poland
Entertainment agency
😠 I'd like to rate them with 0 stars but it's not possible. I bought two tickets to System Of A Down event. Event was cancelled but they do not want to return my money. At least it seems to be like that. They're only answering with automated response offering useless voucher and then silence, only sil...
1.20 (189 reviews)
Butteck um Fëschmaart Souverniers (Sylvie Thoma) image
Butteck um Fëschmaart Souverniers (Sylvie Thoma)
Souvenir store
😠 The old lady in this souvenier shop is bloody rude. Experience: I was interested to buy a decorative I saw on her window and took a picture to show it to her. I asked can you speak English she said a little so I proceeded to take out my phone and showed it to her that whether she has stock for th...
1.20 (186 reviews)
The Corner image
The Corner
😠 Salad with extra protein. 🐜 Burnt frozen-stored pizza. And gyros portion like this in the picture with frozen potatoes .. Awesome experience!!1!
1.20 (178 reviews)
Wallace Gallery of American Arts image
Wallace Gallery of American Arts
Art gallery
😠 My father, Marine Corp veteran, would be ashamed of this person's behavior. Do yourself a favor and actually read the United States Constitution! I wish that ignorance wasn't bliss. If the reviews of your business operations, demeanor and behavior are accurate regarding your personality my review is...
1.20 (148 reviews)
Blink Corporate image
Blink Corporate
😠 I am giving that facility one star because there isn’t anything below that.I wish by there was. I opened an account with Blink Fitness on 02/03/2020. In March 2020, they unilaterally closed the account without sending me any notification either by email, mail or telephone. I never heard from them un...
1.20 (133 reviews)
Emergency Physicians Professional Association, EPPA image
Emergency Physicians Professional Association, EPPA
Medical clinic
😠 Same issues as every other person in these reviews. Started receiving what looked like spam text messages so I ignored them. Then after a few texts over a couple months I received another notice that it was going to collections. After I contacted them I was told a physical bill would be coming in th...
1.20 (128 reviews)
Prevención Salud - Córdoba image
Prevención Salud - Córdoba
Medical group
😠 Hola obra social nefasta hace 40 minutos estoy en espera al teléfono por una simple consulta que nisiquiera el chat la puede responder. El servicio que brindan en nulo. Pésimo cobran una fortuna y la atención es una porquería. Ustedes logran sacar lo peor de una persona. No deberían afiliarse nunca...
1.20 (127 reviews)
מקדונלד'ס - נתב"ג טרמינל 1 דיוטי פרי (כשר) image
מקדונלד'ס - נתב"ג טרמינל 1 דיוטי פרי (כשר)
Fast food restaurant
Classic, long-running fast-food chain known for its burgers & fries.
$$ $$
1.20 (121 reviews)
Exportslachthuis Tielt NV image
Exportslachthuis Tielt NV
😠 If this already happens in a time frame of one and a half months, you can check what happens here on an annual basis. Especially given the fact that the person who filmed could not be in all places at the same time, this probably concerns many more abuses about the same period. The fact that 350 jo...
1.20 (121 reviews)
Budget Rental Cars image
Budget Rental Cars
Car rental agency
1.20 (120 reviews)
ιστορικό μπαρ μπαρ image
ιστορικό μπαρ μπαρ
😠 Greek law states that all shops within archaeological sites in the country must provide water bottles of 500 and 750 ml at controlled prices (€0.60 and €0.90 respectively). These were reportedly not available here and instead the cheapest cold beverage sold was 330 ml for €4.50.
1.20 (118 reviews)
Electronics store
😠 Pasamos a comprar un pequeño producto de cuidado personal que nos habíamos olvidado, el precio del mismo ya lo sabíamos 10€, nuestra sorpresa es que nos piden casi 30€, le dije a mi marido que no, pero la señora rubia como que insistía hasta que dije que lo compro por 10€, pues fue decirlo e irse me...
1.20 (118 reviews)
Sara Bolon image
Sara Bolon
1.20 (117 reviews)
Brusiło Elżbieta. Pośrednictwo handlowe towarami przemysłowo - spożywczymi image
Brusiło Elżbieta. Pośrednictwo handlowe towarami przemysłowo - spożywczymi
Grocery store
😠 Takich ludzi to tylko tępić jak można traktować tak uczniów i ludzi pracujących. Pani Magda chciała pomóc a tu takie odwdzięczęnie . To baba to do rowów kopania razem z tym mężusiem. Nawet jak by było dobre jedzenie to w życiu nie zostawiła bym pieniędzy takim chamą!!!
1.20 (114 reviews)
Phuket Elephant Top Hill image
Phuket Elephant Top Hill
Tourist attraction
😠 It's really terrible to see poor animals treated like this! The elephants chained without any chance to make a step! Very very sad picture.
1.20 (114 reviews)
Pop Kalamaki Pop Ice image
Pop Kalamaki Pop Ice
Fast food restaurant
😠 Wish I’d of read the reviews!!! Very very rude woman server, shouldn’t be in the business. Oven cooked food that was rudely dumped on our table for us to hand to each other, wrong drinks were given with no apology or offer to get the right ones, there was only us as a family of 4 and another table o...
1.20 (105 reviews)
韓式起司炸雞 image
😠 I was looking forward to opening it to eat the noodles with string cheese, but it turned out that the noodles were drier than my grandma's preserved vegetables, and the meat was so small that it had no taste at all. Rice cakes are obviously very cheap. Cutting them in really not OK. The ta...
1.20 (103 reviews)
All Day Bar image
All Day Bar
😠 Scam. Avoid at all costs. Don't trust this place, gentlemen makes small talk outside takes you into offer you a beer then leaves, barmaids ask for multiple drinks/shots with you. Receive the bill and each of their drinks is priced at 30euros each (10euros for a bottled beer) so easily adds up. When...
1.20 (102 reviews)
Restaurante El Metate image
Restaurante El Metate
😠 The Restaurants upstairs in Mercado Centro across from the main cathedral and around the corner from Hotel Zocalo Centro are a total rip off. They showed us several menus we ordered. We ordered a Coke Light, a Negro Modello, Hamburger with fries, guacamole, and a plate of chalupas. In US $ the bi...
1.20 (99 reviews)
Centro de Saúde de São Sebastião image
Centro de Saúde de São Sebastião
Public medical center
1.20 (98 reviews)
Molina Healthcare of Texas Regional Office image
Molina Healthcare of Texas Regional Office
Medical Center
😠 They don't deserve even 1 star. I understand that Molina Healthcare Marketplace is new to San Antonio and the surrounding area. It is always good to have several healthcare insurance choices. However, Molina is a business just like any other business. Molina should have their processes in order befo...
1.20 (93 reviews)
CJ Century IPOH image
CJ Century IPOH
Courier service
😠 My parcel already arrived at ipoh hub on 9/5. Did not delivered until today, 17/5. Call never pickup. Last time (my first time) my parcel safely arrived within time expected, but not this time. Disappoint with the services 👎
1.20 (89 reviews)
OYO Hotel Mobile, AL I-65 at Airport Blvd image
OYO Hotel Mobile, AL I-65 at Airport Blvd
😠 The night I checked in with my child, the front desk person was horrendously rude. She had no customer service skills. Finally after we got our room, the toilet was dirty, with urine on it. The tub was dirty with the last person's soap smeared on the wall. I bought cleaning products to clean up. I t...
1.20 (87 reviews)
ACES Loures - Odivelas image
ACES Loures - Odivelas
1.20 (86 reviews)
Daisaka Clinic image
Daisaka Clinic
Medical clinic
😠 This is a hospital you should never go to. If you are confused, I think you should really stop. As everyone has said, I was abused in an intimidating manner and it really made me feel bad. I couldn't shake this bad feeling, so I decided to write a review. My skin started to itch, so I went to see a...
1.20 (84 reviews)
Wilson Parking - 189 Queen Street, Melbourne CBD, VIC Car Park image
Wilson Parking - 189 Queen Street, Melbourne CBD, VIC Car Park
Parking lot
😠 The worst carpark I have seen so far in Australia. The entrance to the carpark itself is a one-way pigeonhole and the carpark simply doesn't have 2 lanes. If 2 cars come head on then one has to reverse to allow the other to pass. On top of that, hotel Adina doesn't allow car park customers to use li...
1.20 (80 reviews)
Fast food restaurant
😠 Food Is Garbage, Skip It Please..
1.20 (80 reviews)
Health Center Urmeira image
Health Center Urmeira
😠 Terrible. The reception is not helpful at all. The location is in the middle of nowhere, I don't understand why the foreigners are assigned to a place which is not even familiar to locals (my colleagues, for instance). I took one appointment from three weeks before and only came to find out that th...
1.20 (79 reviews)
Centro De Salud Huércal De Almería image
Centro De Salud Huércal De Almería
Public medical center
😠 La dos señoras de recepción una vergüenza, hablando de si Irán mañana a comer a un bar o no, mientras tu estás hay esperando a que te atiendan, no se cortan ni un pelo, es una vergüenza que estas personas estén trabajando para un público que viene aquí porque está enfermo, y no es la primera vez que...
1.20 (75 reviews)
Café La Tertulia image
Café La Tertulia
Coffee shop
1.20 (75 reviews)
CGE image
Electric utility company
😠 Valen hongo.. No tienen ningún teléfono de emergencia, ni de ningun tipo operativo..todos sin servicio.. Pudiera cambiarme de compañía lo haría... Compañía PENCA.
1.20 (74 reviews)
KFC - Parque Dom Pedro image
KFC - Parque Dom Pedro
Chicken shop
1.20 (74 reviews)
Sea World Fish Bar image
Sea World Fish Bar
Fish & chips restaurant
😠 This is genuinely how many chips they sent for a "large" chips!! £2.10 for these! Absolutely appalling! 2 large chips, 1 cod, 1 large battered sausage ordered. 2 tiny battered sausages with 1 large chips, 1 piece of cod and a handful of chips arrive! Called restaurant as seriously, I’d paid for la...
1.20 (73 reviews)
The Mount Sinai Hospital-Billing and Patient Financial Services image
The Mount Sinai Hospital-Billing and Patient Financial Services
Hospital department
😠 The worst. The billing and Financial services department somehow don’t communicate with each other. There are 1000 phone Numbers, and most of them either disconnect you or keep you on hold when no one is ever going to answer. I actually discovered, on my own, that i had been overbilled, and I had ov...
1.20 (72 reviews)
Anesthesia Partners Of Arizona LLC image
Anesthesia Partners Of Arizona LLC
Medical clinic
😠 Self pay here and I’m having the same experience as everyone else. Paid in advance to Valley Anesthesia $888.00. One month after son’s surgery we received a bill from Anesthesis Parters of Arizona claiming that we owe $2990! Well, sorry, but I already paid the agreed upon amount. Doctors office says...
1.20 (71 reviews)
Azienda Sanitaria Provinciale di Palermo Distretto 39 Bagheria image
Azienda Sanitaria Provinciale di Palermo Distretto 39 Bagheria
Urgent care center
😠 It's a shame, they never answer on the phone, but what are you doing !!!!!!
1.20 (70 reviews)
the Grill a Papa's Grill Burger image
the Grill a Papa's Grill Burger
Fast food restaurant
😠 Absolutely the worst dining experience so far. Reluctant staff, long wait before anyone even noticed the waiting customers. When we finally got someone, it was the cook who, after a long wait, came to serve us, saying that he was not blocking the food, so we waited again to be served. After all this...
1.20 (69 reviews)
Jadeo Germany Gmbh image
Jadeo Germany Gmbh
Costume store
1.20 (68 reviews)
Telkomsel image
Electronics store
😠 Do not buy here just off the plane at Bali airport. You cannot make phone calls without paying additional money for phone card minutes. This is after paying for 18gb data.
1.20 (66 reviews)
Girasoles Turismo image
Girasoles Turismo
Travel agency
😠 They are scammers! They canceled my retired grandmother's trip HOURS before the trip and they still haven't returned her money. Nor do they answer our repeated claims. We will proceed with legal actions.
1.20 (63 reviews)
Cambridge Station Cycle Park image
Cambridge Station Cycle Park
Parking lot for bicycles
😠 Great place to park, but like other comments i see, thieves appear to operate with impunity. I just had my bike nicked over the weekend. I used an expensive d-lock to attach it to the bracket of a raised rack on the top level right next to to the CCTV. They removed the bracket and must have carried...
1.20 (63 reviews)
Lake Worth Mayor image
Lake Worth Mayor
City government office
1.20 (63 reviews)
La Koliba image
La Koliba
😠 Čiže kde začať. Absolútne neviem prečo aj po takých recenziách starých 1 rok sa reštaurácia nepokúsil o zlepšenie, skúsil som tomu dať šancu, no biedne. Obsluha ktorá z ponúk všetkých jedál vám povie, že polovicu jedál (zväčša tých lacnejších) už nemajú. Ďálej by som rad podotkol nulovú komunikáciu...
1.20 (61 reviews)
Αναψυκτήριο - Cafe Αρχαιολογικού Χώρου Ολυμπίας image
Αναψυκτήριο - Cafe Αρχαιολογικού Χώρου Ολυμπίας
Coffee shop
😠 Horrible prices. Don’t go to this place. Better goto the restaurant 300 meters further at the archeological museum. Better and cheaper. Just ordered two lemonade and two small box of pringles chips. €26,-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1.20 (60 reviews)
Aston Medical Centre (Manor Farm Rd. Primary Health Care) image
Aston Medical Centre (Manor Farm Rd. Primary Health Care)
Medical Center
😠 If I could give a zero I would. Still awaiting a call back from practice manager from three months ago. The worst system for appointments in place, spoke to a receptionist this morning after this being my 3rd day trying to get an appointment and her response was well the system works for everyone el...
1.20 (60 reviews)
Dra Mabel Vielma y Compañía image
Dra Mabel Vielma y Compañía
Public medical center
😠 Llegamos a la hora agendada con mi papá que es quien tenía la hora con la doctora, y nos aburrimos de esperar, más de una hora esperando la atención, encima somos de otra comuna, nos pegamos un viaje de una hora para recurrir a ella para que haga esperar tanto a sus usuarios. Si agenda una hora espe...
1.20 (59 reviews)
Intensives UK image
Intensives UK
Driving school
😠 Absolute 100% scam company! Took £349 deposit 3 months ago and refuse to give even one lesson let alone a course! Extremely rude on the phone when they eventually answer after several attempts. Blamed me for everything and refused to refund. Luckily I paid via PayPal so when I reported I got a refun...
1.20 (59 reviews)
Guadalupe Medical Center image
Guadalupe Medical Center
Medical Center
😠 we have been waiting for almost 4 hours and they still havent done anything to us all they have been doing is be on there phones all this time and even the doctor is on his phone we pass by his office and he is on his phone, they cant even clean up the rooms all the walls are dirty and the room we a...
1.20 (59 reviews)
Restaurang Morris image
Restaurang Morris
Family restaurant
😠 Sämsta maten på länge, burgarna var platta och smaklösa, pannkaksbuffen ville inte ens mitt barnbarn äta trots att hon älskar pannkakor annars och mjölken hon fick var fisljummen. En annan kund som klagade på burgaren fick till svar att den ska vara så..
1.20 (58 reviews)
Manor Park Medical Practice image
Manor Park Medical Practice
General practitioner
😠 All 1 star reviews on here are absolutely true. Receptionist staff extremely rude and passive aggressive, long wait (I understand there are covid delays but other surgeries do not have this) calling for 40 minutes just to be hung up. Advise us to call at 8am for an appointment but don’t even answer...
1.20 (54 reviews)
Usta Dönerci image
Usta Dönerci
Doner kebab restaurant
😠 Tamamen rezalet fazlasıyla pişmanlık aç iseniz hüsran Isıtılarak servis edilmişcesine gelen iskender içinde taş gibi ve dolaptan çıkarılıp tabağa konmuş ekmekler ile servis edilen berbat ötesi bir yer
$$ $$
1.20 (54 reviews)
Cafetería Heladería Magú image
Cafetería Heladería Magú
Coffee shop
😠 No merece la pena para nada, nos ha faltado al respeto, los helados cuestan demasiado y ni siquiera son buenos, los maxibon 4,5 por ejemplo. Los baños funcionan fatal y están súper descuidados. Para los intolerantes a la lactosa o los veranos sólo tiene 4 tipos de sorbete y ya, no hay leche sin lact...
1.20 (52 reviews)
Tito's image
Fast food restaurant
Dine-in · Takeaway · Delivery
1.20 (52 reviews)
Centro de Distribuição dos Correios de Ermesinde image
Centro de Distribuição dos Correios de Ermesinde
Post office
😠 Vergonhoso, fraco, incompetente é assim que classifico o serviço prestado por este centro de tratamento de correio. Uma empresa que sempre funcionou mal e como não tem concorrência presta um serviço lamentável. Do vosso serviço lastimável resultou o extravio de correspondência, uma advertência no c...
1.20 (51 reviews)
Isabelle Brut image
Isabelle Brut
😠 A fuir! Je n'avais pas consulter les avis avant et bien je regrette ça m'aurais permis de ne pas jeter 50 € comme ça dans le vent. Elle s'en fout totalement mange devant vous, fait des bulles avec sa paille. Je trouve ça un manque de respect. De plus séance expéditive. Et j'en passe des choses nég...
1.20 (51 reviews)
American Anesthesiology image
American Anesthesiology
Medical clinic
😠 If I can give a zero star I would. This Service is horrible. I went from having an amazing credit to getting almost 100 points deducted because they failed to mail me a bill in 8 months from my C-section. I never received an email, call, or bill by mail. I came to find out through credit karma. Luck...
1.20 (51 reviews)
Paneria image
Coffee shop
😠 Paguei 7 reais em uma garrafinha de água, preço extremamente surreal. Além disso, mesmo com preços exorbitantes de tudo (e pouca concorrência na rodoviária) havia apenas uma funcionária cuidando de tudo - do caixa, servindo e até limpando! Aumenta ainda mais minha indignação com esses preços altos e...
1.20 (50 reviews)
Planet Fitness Corporate Office image
Planet Fitness Corporate Office
😠 Signup took 5 minutes and was very easy. However, they make cancellation extremely difficult on purpose so you'll just give up and pay them forever. I reached out two months ago to cancel my membership and never got a response, but they kept charging me. When I looked in the app it said (and still...
1.30 (1.4K reviews)
Restaurant Nonno image
Restaurant Nonno
😠 This is the worst restaurant I have ever been in my life. I ordered a medium steak with French fries for 160 KN (approx. 20 euros). When I told the waiter my steak is rare and not medium, he told me "that is medium". As you can clearly see in the picture this is definitely not a medium steak. When I...
1.30 (1.4K reviews)
Restaurante La Espuela image
Restaurante La Espuela
😠 Food super expensive, there are better places in Vigo for eating. Small portions, try to avoid this restaurant!!! PS: 12 small ostras per €18
1.30 (1.1K reviews)
Electronic Arts GmbH image
Electronic Arts GmbH
Software company
😠 Congratulations. You've sucessfully earned one star. If you'd like more, please buy the Additional-Star-DLC-Pack with grants you the following: 84.99% Chance of 1 more star 10% Chance of 2 more stars 5% Chance of 3 more stars 0.001% Chance of 4 more stars. You can buy as many packs as you wish. T...
1.30 (1.1K reviews)
La Taverne Brugeoise image
La Taverne Brugeoise
😠 Treatment towards the client, could improve. And regarding paying, you can only cash. They don't give you a recive either. Because according to them there is a failure in the system. It can be understood, but from what I've seen on the internet, this problem has been around for a long time. I will n...
1.30 (776 reviews)
Gran Caffe' Fruit & Coffee image
Gran Caffe' Fruit & Coffee
Coffee shop
😠 Ommggg I wish I checked the reviews, I just got back from Rome 2 weeks ago and spent a while trying to track this place down just so I could give this review as I knew this place was SHADY. They charged us 34 euros for 1 cappuccino, one espresso and 3 croissants. This was our first few days in Rome...
1.30 (696 reviews)
Restaurante Fonda España image
Restaurante Fonda España
😠 Horrible bad food. Ordering food here was the biggest mistake of my life. Drinks, cola, diluted with water. Tap water cost 3.50. lasagna was sour and I hope I wouldn't get food poisoning. Staff is rude and not caring. When I asked for bill, they didn't even give me receipt and asked to pay inside. I...
1.30 (568 reviews)
Restaurant Staroměstský pilíř image
Restaurant Staroměstský pilíř
😠 Worst place I have ever been to. The waitress was rude and did not listen to our order properly. When asked for an extra glass she just said no very risky and left. We never go to a place without checking the review and this was the first time since we needed to kill some time. Worst decision ever....
1.30 (567 reviews)
County Court Business Centre image
County Court Business Centre
County court
😠 I've been trying to call these people for the past 2 weeks to find out who CCJs belong to. I've spent an hour a day waiting for them to pick up, 5 days in a working week so 10 hours over 2 weeks. Yesterday and today I performed an experiment and called them on a spare phone and went to work, 6 hours...
1.30 (559 reviews)
Floraqueen image
😠 Horrible company. Sent a bouquet and it is totally different from what expected. I contacted their customer service and they confirmed that for them the quality is the same. Am I the only one seeing these flowers completely different?!?
1.30 (524 reviews)
Endesa Portugal image
Endesa Portugal
Electric utility company
😠 We are people owning 16 houses in the Algarve trying to find an alternative to EDP for the electric bills. I prepared a material explaining everything in Portuguese. There is simple no way to communicate with this company. Obviously they do not want any customers. Very bad leadership accepting such...
1.30 (490 reviews)
Switch Health image
Switch Health
Medical clinic
😠 I would give them -100 if possible, the service is so bad and I waited for 6 hrs plus to get my turn for home kit test. After test was done, shipment got picked up 2 days after the test , then according to tracker it reached the final destination but never got my results at all. I spend 17 days for...
1.30 (489 reviews)
GLS Combs-la-Ville image
GLS Combs-la-Ville
Logistics service
😠 Package swung over the gate, damaged content is inadmissible. There was someone at home, you just had to ring the bell. We will have to collect the packages and send them back because I will certainly not do it at my expense and also update the tracking of the package so that I can request a refund...
1.30 (450 reviews)
😠 To nie wystawa tylko rupieciarnia pokryta grubą warstwą kurzu. Nie ma nic więcej poza tym co umieściłam na zdjęciach. Nie ma ani jednej woskowej figury. Sam plastik, pomiędzy którym umieszczono zakurzone ozdoby z suszu , kwiaty rodem z cmentarza i sztuczne choinki. Oprocz tego stojak z perukami i...
1.30 (441 reviews)
Mondial Relay Bordeaux image
Mondial Relay Bordeaux
Delivery service
😠 I am in the process of initiating legal proceedings against Mondial Relay which has been bugging me for days when I understood that I would never receive my package (23125363)! flight ? loss ? in any case it is not the first time and this time I will not let it pass! I invite you to contact me if y...
1.30 (437 reviews)
Swojskie Jadło image
Swojskie Jadło
😠 Dramat to dobre podsumowanie. Zaciągnęli nas tu znajomi, zachwyceni klimatem tego miejsca sprzed kilku lat. No cóż... Jedna wielka pomyłka. Nic dziwnego, że w lokalu pustki. Drogo, jedzenie słabe. W dodatku nie masz wpływu na wielkość porcji. Jedzenie dostajesz na papierowym talerzyku, jesz plastiko...
1.30 (390 reviews)
Blue Night image
Blue Night
Adult entertainment club
😠 You will get robbed !!!! If you are a tourist or even a german who hasn't been there dont even try to enter, the girls will try to chat with you and then let you invite them a cocktail, called "Picolo", they will just open it not even drink it, and then you will need to pay 60€ just for it. Scam sca...
1.30 (370 reviews)
Zelis Cafe image
Zelis Cafe
😠 I agree with the previous comment - they charged my husband and I 40 lira more than the price they showed us in front of the restaurant. Portions are incredibly small, but the food was delicious.
1.30 (356 reviews)
Chemours Netherlands B.V. image
Chemours Netherlands B.V.
Chemical plant
😠 Factory should be held accountable for all the damaged they caused, releasing heavy PFAS amounts in to the air and surrounding waters. Intoxicating everyone in its surrounding and indirectly killing people for years to come.
1.30 (341 reviews)
Oasis Guesthouse image
Oasis Guesthouse
😠 Worst restaurant ever. It doesn’t even deserve one star. The old waitress just ridiculous. She yelled at us because we were four people and ordered three beer. And she said if we are thrifty then we shouldn’t come here. But there is warning that everyone should order one drink and one meal. She coul...
1.30 (311 reviews)
Es Port image
Es Port
1.30 (286 reviews)
Ticketmaster image
Corporate office
😠 What a terrible company. No phone number to call, no agents to chat with on their website, no email adress. My event got canceled and I have been waiting for 2 months for a refund without bbeing able to reach anyone. Unacceptable. Last time buying anything through this garage company.
1.30 (284 reviews)
CheapFareGuru image
Airline ticket agency
😠 I have never posted a negative review, but this time I have to so as to caution consumers against this FRAUD company. All the reviews posted here are true and I wish I had read them before booking with this company. I booked a flight through them 3 months early thinking that I am all set. They provi...
1.30 (277 reviews)
Au Petit Nice image
Au Petit Nice
French restaurant
😠 Our server was a lovely lady and that is where my good comments end. My lasagna was clearly microwaved and no cheese on top! My partner's pizza was poorly put together with huge chunks of salami that had to be cut! Icing on the cake, We were both up all night and the next morning hugging the toilet...
1.30 (272 reviews)
Branch Post Office-çerkezköy image
Branch Post Office-çerkezköy
Post office
1.30 (250 reviews)
Usta Dönerci image
Usta Dönerci
Doner kebab restaurant
😠 Sarimsaksiz mi diye sorup aldığım yiyecek sarımsaklı çıkınca ilgili personelin yanına gittim. Buram buram sarımsak kokusuna demez mi "bunun içinde sarımsak yok" diye. Aç kaldim:( üstelik ıslak mendilim8z yok diyip ondan bile kar etmeye çalışıyorlar. Bu arada kolalarinin da gazi kaçmış.
$$ $$
1.30 (238 reviews)
Parking lot
😠 This is some mockery. Situation from today. We parked under the lidl as always and collected the ticket as always. I stayed in the car while my husband went to get the ticket. This time to another parking meter because the gentlemen from Apcoa occupied one parking meter, having a great time. My hus...
1.30 (220 reviews)
Centro de Salud Navalcarnero image
Centro de Salud Navalcarnero
Public medical center
1.30 (213 reviews)
Original's Bakery image
Original's Bakery
🫤 I gave 2 stars only because you have the best view on Sagrada from here. Staff isn’t polite, if you are going alone the time you are allowed to spend there is 20 minutes. Price for the cocktail was 15€ and it wasn’t that good. Public toilets are cleaner than theirs. Would recommend only if you want...
1.30 (211 reviews)
Taps And Tappes image
Taps And Tappes
😠 Beware, these are scammers. After reading the reviews, I asked the waiter if the prices on the menu were final and was told that they were. I was surprised at the payment. I was charged an outrageous surcharge. After I asked why they lied to me, I was told that this is common in this location. A dri...
1.30 (206 reviews)
United States Postal Service image
United States Postal Service
Post office
😠 Worst post office I have ever experience in my life. I’ve lived in Dillon for 3 years now. Finally leaving a review because it’s just unacceptable. Should open at 9am, but didn’t open until 9:40am today. Lines of 20 plus people from November-January. Hire the right staffing. Worst logistics I’ve eve...
1.30 (198 reviews)
Drs Koo & Neoh Medical Group image
Drs Koo & Neoh Medical Group
Medical clinic
😠 Extremely lousy experience. Was clearly sick but doctor (Dr Ng Sim Yang) refused to give MC for the next day even though I repeatedly told him I needed the rest. Insisted that I was fine and just a 'normal flu, didn't even ask you to take COVID test'. Receptionists were not the most friendly. Waited...
1.30 (191 reviews)
A la Carta image
A la Carta
1.30 (190 reviews)
Gordon Street Surgery image
Gordon Street Surgery
Public medical center
😠 When calling, there is almost 1 minute of waffling, before then saying ‘we’re experiencing a high volume of calls, please try again later’ and the phone hangs up. What happened to the queue system? I’ve managed to see a doctor about 5 times over the last 20 years, when needing to see them far more....
1.30 (188 reviews)
RSG Group GmbH image
RSG Group GmbH
Fitness center
😠 Unprofessional business partner!
1.30 (186 reviews)
U.S. Bank Branch image
U.S. Bank Branch
😠 Watch “Banking while black” news segment. This branch manager should be fired. If I still used US Bank, as I have in the past, I would immediately terminate my account with them. This behavior is absolutely disgusting. Shame on you US Bank. Black Americans deserve so much better!
1.30 (185 reviews)
Jamaica Public Service image
Jamaica Public Service
Electric utility company
1.30 (165 reviews)
The Hooch image
The Hooch
😠 Are incredibly discriminatory against the LGBTQ+ community and trans women especially. They not only allow hate crimes to occur but encourage it and other violence as well. You’re not safe or respected there.
1.30 (152 reviews)
Caffe Bistrot Maleducatti image
Caffe Bistrot Maleducatti
Coffee shop
😠 Daylight robbery and rude staff. Prices are not advertised properly. Charged €3.50 for one 50cl sparkling water, €4 for one espresso, €6 for 50cl bottle of peach iced tea. Staff questioned whether I had ordered when I sat outside. Had to sit there for 20 minutes because staff forgot to make our espr...
1.30 (148 reviews)
Solvay Chimica Italia image
Solvay Chimica Italia
Chemical plant
😠 Contaminates the sea and air with carcinogenic heavy metals. Why doesn't the company filter the polluted water/waste before dumping it? Also heavy breathing the air. Many people do not realize that fish and shellfish in the area may eat this, which can lead to humans eating this can get a brain tum...
1.30 (147 reviews)
Popeyes image
Fast food restaurant
1.30 (143 reviews)
Burger King image
Burger King
Hamburger restaurant
Well-known fast-food chain serving grilled burgers, fries & shakes.
$$ $$
1.30 (142 reviews)
Tavern Glaros image
Tavern Glaros
Fast food restaurant
😠 40 euro for 2 sunbeds and one umbrella in a very crowded area. You get approached just as you enter the beach and the staff don t want you to look around the beach for better prices. You have to dine at their restaurant with a starting budget of 40 euro. The owner offers you their fish of the day c...
1.30 (141 reviews)
Saba Park Services UK Limited image
Saba Park Services UK Limited
Corporate office
😠 Followed instructions, downloaded app, paid for parking, accidentally got one letter wrong in reg. number on app, wrote nice e-mail explaining, provided proof that had paid and mistake genuine, Indigo's own evidence matched my car with payment...... They still decided to enforce the fine in full kno...
1.30 (139 reviews)
Guduvancheri EB Office image
Guduvancheri EB Office
Bus stop
😠 Guduvanchery E B office is very worst service. Why they are shut downing the current i can't understand, we are all paying the electricity bill, you don't worry about that, who is the officer he don't know about this problem. I can't stay at home. You are all selfish people you don't have heart. You...
1.30 (138 reviews)
Pacific Medical Clinic image
Pacific Medical Clinic
Medical clinic
😠 front desk fat lady whose behavior was nothing short of a disgrace. She was treating me and other patients as if we were beneath her, displaying a level of arrogance that left us feeling like we were expected to bow down to her whims. It was appalling to witness her act as though she was the doctor...
1.30 (138 reviews)
Local Doctors - Weymouth image
Local Doctors - Weymouth
Medical clinic
😠 Average of 1-2.5 hours wait. Doctors see you for less than 5mins so why the waiting time is so long no one knows. Reception don't warn people of the waiting time so everyone continues to pile in. Poor Service Doctors have no sense of urgency just take their time, have their breaks, typing up notes l...
1.30 (133 reviews)
AZPO Azeites de Portugal image
AZPO Azeites de Portugal
1.30 (128 reviews)
Fetuccini image
Italian restaurant
😠 The promotion of 6 mini toasts with a smoothie is disgusting. The toasted ones are horrible creoles, old and tasteless, the smoothie is the most artificial possible, it looks like melted stick ice cream. The red-faced cashier doesn't know how to serve, he's not friendly at all. If you read this, DON...
1.30 (128 reviews)
Pasta Plaza image
Pasta Plaza
😠 One of our worst experiences, they're a rip off, we got charged 43 euros and when we counter checked the pricing, it became 34. They should just close down this shop due to people being scammed.
1.30 (125 reviews)
Köfteci Ümit image
Köfteci Ümit
😠 Sakın girmeyin lezzet berbat pardon lezzet yok, çalışanlar cevap bile vermiyor. Birşey rica ediyorsunuz küfür etmişsiniz gibi bakıyorlar. Geçerken uğradım sizde aynı hatayı yapmayın.
1.30 (124 reviews)
Milky way image
Milky way
😠 The most expensive cofee in Loutraki. Place looks cheap and awful
1.30 (124 reviews)
Medical clinic
😠 Me coloque la 3ra dosis hace más de 1 mes con HomeSalud y no han cargado la información a la página de Mi Vacuna. Revisando, al parecer muchas personas tienen el mismo problema. No responden correos ni funcionan las llamadas. ¿Como es posible que el Ministerio de Salud le permita esta gestión a una...
1.30 (123 reviews)
Glorious London Gift & Souvenir image
Glorious London Gift & Souvenir
Gift shop
😠 STAY AWAY ! Price tag mismatch - very rude - their mistake - no refund I bought from this shop then I discovered they charged me more than the tag price when I asked for refund they said in our policy there is no refund when I asked show me your policy he said outside in the sign. I told him show me...
1.30 (122 reviews)
Coast Dental Corporate image
Coast Dental Corporate
😠 One star is generous as there is a zero star option. I have been trying to get Coast Dental to file a claim with my insurance company for OVER A YEAR. I refuse to pay the bill because MY INSURANCE (that I pay for) COVERS WHAT WAS DONE. They refuse to file the proper paperwork. Do yourself a favor...
1.30 (122 reviews)
Porters Avenue Doctors' Surgery image
Porters Avenue Doctors' Surgery
😠 I have been waiting long and hard before writing this review. This GP needs to be shot down and everything reevaluated. In a whole year I was never able to reach them by phone. NEVER! Even if I wait 30 mins, an hour or 2, the never answer the phone! Or call back! Most of the times I walk over there...
1.30 (121 reviews)
Depot Prima Rasa image
Depot Prima Rasa
😠 Saya org magetan asli 100%, makan di sini nasi pecel 2 porsi, kopi 2. @80rb.. Dan notanya gk d kasih kan.. Ya cm mbatin aja.. Ko' mehong sekali yak. 😇 Ini pengalan sy setahun yg lalu.. Dan mf skrg pilih makan nasi pincuk @10 rb yg d bw bakul keliling itu.. Enak murmer☺ Hmmm...
1.30 (121 reviews)
Pekelʹni Vorota image
Pekelʹni Vorota
Tourist attraction
1.30 (117 reviews)
Cerezo Café image
Cerezo Café
😠 Como os lo explico... No vayáis, aunque os den dinero. Con el sitio tan privilegiado que tienen y como la cagan con la comida y el servicio. Las migas, foto, estaban más secas que el ojo de un tuerto. La "paella" seca, las judías verdes sosas, el pollo asado, que mira que es difícil que esté malo, p...
1.30 (117 reviews)
Fit/One image
😠 Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren. da Sie nicht bereit oder nicht in der Lage sind, mir auf eine Abmahnung und die darauf folgende Kündigung unseres Vertrags zu antworten, muss ich diesen Weg der Veröffentlichung wählen: Nach der erfolglosen Abmahnung vom 24.01.2021 sehe ich mich gezwungen, den durch...
1.30 (115 reviews)
Horsmans Place Surgery image
Horsmans Place Surgery
Medical clinic
😠 Appalling behaviour and attitudes from receptionists who show no professionalism or respect towards their patients. I have been in the surgery a witnessed receptionists laughing at people’s medical concerns/queries. On one particular case a receptionist had placed somebody on the phone on hold for...
1.30 (111 reviews)
Dudley Park Medical Centre image
Dudley Park Medical Centre
Medical clinic
😠 I believe that is now time for the NHS England to act and see if there is anything that can be done to elevate the quality of service of this so called medical practice as it's currently inexistent. Just like all the other people in here I am expecting a lot of pain and frustration, but I still be...
1.30 (110 reviews)
מכון ממוגרף image
מכון ממוגרף
Medical clinic
😠 It is a shame that this is a regular provider of a general health fund. It is known to everyone, and with emphasis on the general health fund, that there is no telephone answer at the institute. I repeat - there is no answer to the phone and everyone knows this and of course nothing will be done. Yo...
1.30 (109 reviews)
Pizza's Pub image
Pizza's Pub
Pizza restaurant
😠 total lack of respect Delivery forecast for 23:45, it's 00:30 and so far nothing. No warning and no one answers the phone. Worst experience I've had at ifood. I don't know why accept a request if you're not going to fulfill it. This pizzeria is to be congratulated on being terrible.
1.30 (108 reviews)
King of Falafel & Shawarma image
King of Falafel & Shawarma
Shawarma restaurant
😠 Not worth a visit and the restaurant staff are very dirty
1.30 (106 reviews)
Lifeline Medical Group Sengkang image
Lifeline Medical Group Sengkang
Medical clinic
😠 The healthcare unprofessional : Doctor (mervin) has horrible customer service. Condescending and chastised my wife for not going for the 4th vaccine shot (it’s a personal choice that you should respect and isn’t mandantory). Clinic is a safety hazard : over packed with boxes everywhere and a continu...
1.30 (106 reviews)
Klinik Joe Fernandez image
Klinik Joe Fernandez
Medical clinic
😠 very bad service and not recommend to this clinic , I had wait for 30 minutes at reception, I’m not feeling well and almost faint at there.The receptionist so rude and never care for a patient.After that, I wait another 30minutes to see doctor , my situation worst and getting high fever, I had reque...
1.30 (102 reviews)
Caffe wine restaurant & pizza image
Caffe wine restaurant & pizza
😠 Very very very bad people. My father is a older man and he wanted to first go to the bathroom and than he was waiting for us (his daughters) to drink or eat something here. They treated him so bad and after that they where laughing together about my father. After they did this we arrived and asked w...
1.30 (101 reviews)
Ticketmaster Danmark A/S image
Ticketmaster Danmark A/S
Event ticket seller
1.30 (100 reviews)
Malu Joias image
Malu Joias
Jewelry store
😠 Não comprem! É golpe! A empresa não entrega o produto e não dá qualquer tipo de satisfação. Tentei inúmeros contatos e fui ignorada em todos, fui até bloqueada no WhatsApp. Li relatos de pessoas que compraram em janeiro de 2020 e até agora, janeiro de 2021 não receberam nada. É uma empresa irrespons...
1.30 (99 reviews)
Urząd Skarbowy w Bartoszycach image
Urząd Skarbowy w Bartoszycach
City tax office
1.30 (98 reviews)
Elephant Safari Sigiriya image
Elephant Safari Sigiriya
👍 What a terrible place. This poor elephant, which in nature would be in a herd and enjoying roaming the jungle and grasslands, spends its days chained to a tree and is then forced to traipse up and down all day with up to six people on its back accompanied by an idiot with a spear. Shame on those peo...
1.30 (98 reviews)
Vacations Made Easy image
Vacations Made Easy
Shopping mall
😠 Holy cow! This place is predatory. Tickets were pricey but whatever. The real problem was when we went to pick up the tickets and we were met with this full on campaign of confusion and misdirection that resulted in us driving back to Nashville after a late night thinking we had another tour schedul...
1.30 (97 reviews)
Przychodnia Jar-Medic image
Przychodnia Jar-Medic
Medical clinic
😠 Udałem się do tej przychodni na próbę wysiłkową (prywatnie). Pani w recepcji bardzo miła i uprzejma, po rozmowie podała numer pokoju pod którym miałem poczekać i poinformowała że zostaniemy poproszeni po kolei do środka przez osobę wykonująca badanie. Po 30 minutach czekania pod drzwiami wyszła Pani...
1.30 (95 reviews)
The Krystal Company Inc. image
The Krystal Company Inc.
Fast food restaurant
😠 To the blonde headed woman manager n Newport tn. You where very rude when the order was wrong. Your employees where great and very helpful. Your daddy should have taught you some manners. Have a nice day
1.30 (95 reviews)
Gato Pedro image
Gato Pedro
1.30 (95 reviews)
Pendle Valley image
Pendle Valley
Medical clinic
😠 I saw Dr Bilal early August for 3 issues, I waited 50 minutes in the waiting room, then when being called into see Dr Bilal, she spent approx 7 minutes on the phone arranging her child care. She then told me she did not have enough time to talk about my other issues and asked me to leave. I thought...
1.30 (95 reviews)
Usta Dönerci image
Usta Dönerci
Doner kebab restaurant
😠 Trendyol yemek üzerinden Çamlıca Vega outlet şubesinden tombik tavuk döner(3 adet)ekmek arası tavuk döner (1 adet/ekmek arası dediklerine bakmayin baget sandviç ekmeğine koyuyorlarmis !)+kova patates+soğan halkası+kola siparişinde bulundum gelen ürünler soğuk (evime Max. 10 dk mesafede) tombik ekmek...
$$ $$
1.30 (94 reviews)
Поликлиника с дневным стационаром Городской больницы № 1 image
Поликлиника с дневным стационаром Городской больницы № 1
Medical clinic
😠 Здравствуйте! Живой пример каменного века и неуважение ко времени пациентов. Пришел в 07.30 талончики пишутся от руки, зато портрет глав врача и электронные панели(неработающие) весят и создают атмосферу, что всё работает как часы.... Смысл в талонах никакого нет, все занимают живую очередь и ждут...
1.30 (94 reviews)
Women's Health Center image
Women's Health Center
Women's health clinic
😠 2 hours on the phone no response very unprofessional. They staff is extremely rude. Had my blood drawn after confirming my pregnancy and the lady said I was so young to have a child so I must’ve been regretting ending up pregnant at almost 21yrs old. The front desk girls will have a whole conversati...
1.30 (91 reviews)
Fede Amore image
Fede Amore
😠 Shame on you, this is pure fraud. The product you bought is not even close to what you are advertising. And when you need to return the goods, you ignore the buyer. You take the money and there is no refund.
1.30 (89 reviews)
Italian House image
Italian House
Italian restaurant
1.30 (87 reviews)
Emergency Room at UM Capital Region Medical Center image
Emergency Room at UM Capital Region Medical Center
Emergency room
😠 I don’t even live here anymore and I came in for kidney problems. As I am typing I’m sitting in the waiting room along with other people who been here since 2 pm and it’s 11:49 pm. They have no scene of urgency with anyone in the ER. People really could be dying (including myself). They have already...
1.30 (86 reviews)
Marine Pierre Semi Jóias image
Marine Pierre Semi Jóias
Jewelry designer
1.30 (85 reviews)
Phòng Khám Đa Khoa Trần Đức Minh image
Phòng Khám Đa Khoa Trần Đức Minh
😠 Đề nghị tước bằng và giấy phép hành nghề của vị bác sĩ có liên quan khi xảy ra vụ việc của phòng khám này. Tôi cũng không đồng ý với ông giám đốc phòng khám Trần Đức Minh theo kiểu rằng: "chưa có sự chỉ đạo của cấp trên nên ekip bác sĩ và y tá không biết cách ứng xử linh hoạt". Mạng sống con người,...
1.30 (84 reviews)
Green Porch Medical Centre. image
Green Porch Medical Centre.
Medical Center
😠 I am Jne Sims and have been with this surgery (previously Dr Ramu in Milton High St) for 34 years. No problems. Now I am so angry and frustrated I am at explosion point. It is just impossible to see a doctor. I've spent hours, yes hours on the phone at 8.00 in the morning to be told no appointme...
1.30 (83 reviews)
Polyclinic № 4 image
Polyclinic № 4
Medical clinic
😠 Врача на дом не вызвать ВООБЩЕ НИКАК. Оба телефона либо заняты, либо трубку не берут. Приходится идти туда, в кабинет вызова врача на дом! С температурой и рвотой, ага. И там ещё и грязью польют, мол, что вы тут ходите, телефон же есть!!! "Из-за таких как вы и не дозвониться, ходят тут отвекают!!!"...
1.30 (81 reviews)
Mango Tree Family Health Team image
Mango Tree Family Health Team
Medical clinic
😠 If you're a patient and need to book an appointment, you'll probably need to go in to see reception. They only claim to answer the phones half the hours of the week and voicemails are not returned. Even if you call during the hours when they claim to answer the phones, they probably won't actually...
1.30 (81 reviews)
EptaMedica image
Medical clinic
😠 Sono due mesi e mezzo che cerco di prendere un appuntamento con il mio dottore, tra Incompatibilità mia causa lavoro, orari del dottore e l'assenza da parte della reception nel rispondere alle telefonate è un qualcosa di inaccettabile. Oggi 08/05/23 ho provato a contattare il centralino ogni 10.20 m...
1.30 (81 reviews)
DCH Health System: Emergency Room image
DCH Health System: Emergency Room
Emergency room
😠 Absolutely terrible hospital. There is a reason why almost all reviews are only one star. I brought my grandmother after she fell off of a ladder and hit her head, which busted her brow bone open. We arrived around 5:30pm and it took a little over 3 hours for her to be seen. During this time, she wa...
1.30 (81 reviews)
Jerry's Subs and Pizza image
Jerry's Subs and Pizza
Cheesesteak restaurant
Contemporary chain specializing in pizza, hot & cold subs & a variety of cheesesteaks.
$$ $$
1.30 (80 reviews)
Bellemont Apartment Homes image
Bellemont Apartment Homes
Apartment complex
😠 It's sad to see nothing has been done as far as the well keeping of this complex. I stayed there over 2 years ago. During the whole last year of my lease, I had a leaky ceiling that they never fixed. I still cleaned out the apartment when I left and they kept my deposit amd tried to say I owed more....
1.30 (79 reviews)
H and H Bagels image
H and H Bagels
Fast food restaurant
😠 I've fallen out of the habit of reviewing places on Google Maps lately, but felt it was my duty as a fellow traveler to warn people to STAY AWAY! First of all, good luck getting what you ordered. My order had no less than three errors (wrong type of bagel, bagel not toasted although specified when...
1.30 (78 reviews)
Peto-πωλειον image
Pet store
1.30 (75 reviews)
Mie Bandung Kejaksaan 1964, Green Lake City image
Mie Bandung Kejaksaan 1964, Green Lake City
Indonesian restaurant
😠 "Tinggal ambil aja " . Enak banget antum ngomong!! Ini makanan, makanan itu harus bersih dan higienis. Dan itu adalah pelayanan. Pecat saja karyawan seperti ini! Tidak menghargai dan tidak bertanggungjawab atas komplain customer!
1.30 (74 reviews)
Carolinas Pathology Group image
Carolinas Pathology Group
Medical clinic
😠 If I can give ZERO stars I would because this Company has been charging us & sending us bills and even sent it to collections after the bill has already been paid for months & months ago!!!! I called their Customer Service & spoke to Mariah (customer rep) several times and was told that her Supervis...
1.30 (74 reviews)
Bar Restaurante Hotel Miramar image
Bar Restaurante Hotel Miramar
😠 Server took a long time before coming to our table, had to ask for a food menu (probably should have realised that was a red flag). When the pizza I ordered finally came, I was disappointed. 14 euro for a small, thin and tasteless pizza. Not even full after eating it, which is bad for the price paye...
1.30 (74 reviews)
Centro de Salud de Candelaria image
Centro de Salud de Candelaria
Public medical center
😠 Zero potato. Why does it force me to give a star? More than a health center, it is an unhealthy center. Today August 10th. My daughter stubbed one of her toes. It hurt him and he can't walk. Her job is standing since she is a cook. I took him to the emergency room of the health center in case it was...
1.30 (74 reviews)
Przychodnia lekarska s.c. NZOZ image
Przychodnia lekarska s.c. NZOZ
😠 Rok później, bez zmian nawet gorzej bo kiedyś to odbierały te panie 'zapracowane' popołudniu a teraz rozłącza po regulce że rozmowa jest nagrywana i nawet sygnału nie ma, telefon pewnie dalej odlozony bo dziwne że w rejestracji nikogo po 12 a one nie odbierają.. żenada żenada żenada dla pań w recepc...
1.30 (73 reviews)
The Urban Paradise image
The Urban Paradise
😠 Worst Dine In Experience ever. Doesn't deserve a single star. Behaviour of the owner and his mom are pathetic. Quality of the food was below poor. Service was below poor. Lack of professionalism. Briefly, bogas experience.
1.30 (73 reviews)
Studio Medico Michelangelo image
Studio Medico Michelangelo
Medical group
😠 Studio medico pessimo da anni, servizio segreteria nullo o quasi, pessime le segretarie, di un'incompetenza disarmante, una in particolare(la più anziana) di una maleducazione assurda sia al telefono che di persona. Non sanno nemmeno cosa sia l'app contact. Sono fermi al paleolitico. Resto in questo...
1.30 (71 reviews)
Medicardio image
Emergency care physician
😠 Llame ayer 29/11/2022 , tardaron bastante, siendo q era un paciente con riesgos coronarios y bastante mayor Lo reviso la médica y según ella era una contractura, medicandole solo analgésicos. Luego de irse mi padre manifestó dolor más intenso, lo cual decido llevarlo al hospital más cercano x mis pr...
1.30 (70 reviews) image
Outlet store
1.30 (69 reviews)
New Horizon Dental, P.C. image
New Horizon Dental, P.C.
😠 I call the day before coming to schedule appointment for my wisdom teeth that are almost completely out. The receptionist says come in before 11 as a walk in we will see you. I go okay so today I get there at 10 expecting a little wait but what I encountered today was one completely unorganized, ver...
1.30 (66 reviews)
Maata Rani image
Maata Rani
Electronics store
😠 Do not be tempted to buy anything from this shop. Total scam! Try to lure you in the shop on the pretence of buying a Samsung tablet for 25 euros then hands you over to another guy who then wants to charge you 145 euros supposedly for a better model which in actual fact is only worth 45 euros and no...
1.30 (66 reviews)
New York Home Health Care Equipment image
New York Home Health Care Equipment
Medical equipment supplier
1.30 (64 reviews)
Llansamlet surgery image
Llansamlet surgery
😠 What an absolute shambles of a surgery!!! You try and contact them after a minute past opening time and they are full of appointments. You contact them at opening times again in the afternoon and they are full of appointments. You use the app and they tell you they cannot take and medical requests a...
1.30 (64 reviews)
Les Trois image
Les Trois
😠 Simularon ser amables, habia cosas de la carta que no tenian y cuando pedimos antes de traer la comida nos trajeron la cuenta porque “cambiaban de caja”, raro a las 22hs. Cuando nos traen la comida no era lo que habíamos pedido y cuando reclamamos no asumieron el error y se excusaban con que ya habí...
1.30 (63 reviews)
Wilson Parking - 80 George Street, Paramatta CBD, NSW Car Park image
Wilson Parking - 80 George Street, Paramatta CBD, NSW Car Park
Parking lot
😠 I think I am going to need counselling after parking in this parking station. I have a large SUV and this was hands down one of the most traumatic experiences in my driving life. DO NOT PARK HERE unless you are driving a a very small car. Once you have gone through the boom gates there is no goin...
1.30 (63 reviews)
LIV Saúde image
LIV Saúde
Health insurance agency
1.30 (62 reviews)
7-Eleven image
Convenience store
Convenience chain offering grab-&-go bites & beverages, plus assorted newsstand items.
$ $$$
1.30 (62 reviews)
海鮮処 味匠 image
海鮮処 味匠
Seafood donburi restaurant
😠 さかな街内の店舗にははまやき安兵衛、ひろし、海坊主など何店舗か寄らせてもらったがそれらの店の素晴らしさに比べ、ここはとても酷い。 まず、メニューの写真と実物が違いすぎる。多少の違いなら仕方ないし理解できるのだが、この店は詐欺レベル。写真ではご飯が見えないくらいぎっしり刺身がのっているのだが、実物はス...
1.30 (61 reviews)
Lone Peak Anesthesia image
Lone Peak Anesthesia
Medical clinic
😠 Lone peak is TROUBLE! Negative stars! For starters they messed up so badly on my epidural that after 23 hours of very painful labor, I had to have a c-section and get nocked out. Come to find out the epidural didn’t work because the anesthesiologist got the line kinked in my back. THEN… After I pa...
1.30 (61 reviews)
bp image
Gas station
😠 Has the distinguished privilege of being both the worst, and the comparatively most expensive gas station i have ever had the displeasure of using. They subsist solely on unfortunate souls hopping of the interstate who dont realize it is regularly 20 cents cheaper, better stocked, and 100% cleaner o...
1.30 (61 reviews)
Salud Ocupacional de los Andes Limitada image
Salud Ocupacional de los Andes Limitada
Occupational health service
😠 Hacer un examiner genera de ingreso toma más de 3 horas. La sala de espera de la foto no da a basto con las personas ya que todas tienen que esperar de 3 a 5 horas y a veces hay que regresar el siguiente día pues no cuentan con la capacidad de atencion. Sin embargo de nota a la gerente y enfermeros...
1.30 (61 reviews)
Smażona Rybka image
Smażona Rybka
😠 Nie polecam podają zepsute potrawy po których źle się czuję. Jak będzie zatrucie to się doigrają. Nie widziałem tu dezynfekcji a olej do smażenia pamięta króla świeczka potrawa nim jedzie jak smażone na jakimś Castrolu.
1.30 (60 reviews)
Centro de Saúde da Lousã image
Centro de Saúde da Lousã
😠 Tantos números de telefone e ninguém atende. Já vi várias vezes eles não estarem a atender ninguém, não estarem a escrever, os telefones tocarem e eles ignoram. Não tenho queixa da minha médica nem dos enfermeiros que sempre foram atenciosos comigo, profissionais e muitas vezes nem fazem as refeiçõe...
1.30 (60 reviews)
Pearl Lounge T5 image
Pearl Lounge T5
😠 The receptionist asked us to wait 10 min due to “capacity “ and later changed her mind that all Priority Pass holders are not welcomed at the moment, they will only allow business class passengers into the lounge. They could have put it up at the door and not wasted anyone’s time waiting and later r...
1.30 (59 reviews)
Pussy's image
Dance club
😠 never ever go in this place, i am warning you guys, please stay away… they told me entry is just 10€ and drink is free, so i went inside….. little do i know that it was part of a grand scam, one girl came to me and started doing lap dance, she didn’t ask me anything just started dancing, she came wi...
1.30 (59 reviews)
Truva cafe image
Truva cafe
😠 Tried Iskender Kebab. The taste was good but they overcharged. The prices on menu are not the same when they take the bill. They take extra money.
1.30 (58 reviews)
Restaurant image
😠 A lunch for five: The table was completely dirt We had lunch we three glasses,a bottle of water and a pair of fork and knife from the table before us until the end of the lunch They bring us only three glasses and four pair of fork, we already had our dishes and not forks. The dish with “salad” and...
1.30 (58 reviews)
Blues Castle image
Blues Castle
Fast food restaurant
😠 Concept éclaté. Le paiement se fait avant de s'installer par un(e) jeune inexpérimenté et qui semble prendre son temps. Pas trop vite ! Le service est tout aussi long. Il n'y a que des jeunes livrés à eux mêmes auxquels on n'a pas pris le temps d'inculquer les rudiments d'un service à table. Les...
1.30 (58 reviews)
Emergency Care Consultants image
Emergency Care Consultants
Medical clinic
😠 Like other people, I was sent to collections without notice. They sent me one bill, I went on their website less than a week later and set up a payment plan -- and printed out the confirmation screen. Then a few months later I get a notice from a debt collection agency because somehow Emergency Car...
1.30 (57 reviews)
Efes Beer Port image
Efes Beer Port
😠 In case you’re thinking maybe the low rating isn’t deserved let me assure you it is. When I was there there was only me and a German guy trying to get served. We failed. 2 young Georgians in overalls shoved past us and got attention within seconds from the young zombie waitress who had been staring...
1.30 (57 reviews)
Paladar Galeria Orozco image
Paladar Galeria Orozco
😠 One star only because there is no option for no star.. The worst restaurant we tried in Cuba, we got influenced from the people on the street fishing for victims. One advice, if there are people inviting you to try a restaurant in Cuba just avoid! Good restaurants never have these advertisers..
1.30 (57 reviews)
Sbarro image
Pizza restaurant
Italian fast-food chain offering thin-crust pizza by the slice, plus pastas & salads.
$$ $$
1.30 (57 reviews)
Elite Day Spa image
Elite Day Spa
😠 Had two nails completely fall off 3 days after getting them done as well as many coming loose. Took as little time to do them as they possibly could as all they just wanted to get as many customer done. Didn’t worry about the nail job they were giving each customer. Went back in to ask if they could...
1.30 (56 reviews)
Water's Edge Apartments image
Water's Edge Apartments
Apartment complex
😠 If I could rate this place as zero stars, I would. Management is terrible, buildings are poorly maintained, and living here was extremely unsafe. The door to the front lobby is always left open; frequently saw homeless people sleeping on the couches in the morning. About half of our packages were st...
1.30 (56 reviews)
Sparkhill Surgery image
Sparkhill Surgery
Medical clinic
😠 The worst surgery one can imagine. - Can never reach them by telephone; - Telephone staff incredibly rude and unhelpful, although following the recent takeover, this has been marginally better; - Incompetent GP’s with no interest; - Smear test request letters persistently sent to old address despite...
1.30 (56 reviews)
Standard Bank The Mall @ Carnival image
Standard Bank The Mall @ Carnival
😠 Standard Bank Carnival Mall is the worst branch I have been to, the queues are very long and the service is very slow. As a person living with a disability I really don't understand why there is a note that states "older people and people with disabilities must be given a priority" while we stand on...
1.30 (56 reviews)
Thai Cook by Joy image
Thai Cook by Joy
Asian restaurant
😠 This 2 orders of tacos cost me $40 and they didn't give me a recipe. Nor do they give one to anyone, knowing they are ripping off people. 2 tacos the size of my palm costs $20... More than a sit down restaurant and the meat quality is horrible. This place is a scam. Don't eat there
1.30 (55 reviews)
Pizzeria Bar NonStop image
Pizzeria Bar NonStop
😠 Zupa pomidorowa rozwodniona i nieprzyprawiona- woda z pomidorami z puszki. Pierś z kurczaka w zestawie…tragedia. „Panierka” niewiadomo z czego, mięso bez smaku, frytki smażone na miesięcznym oleju, ogólnie wszystko mdłe i smakuje starym tłuszczem aż robi się człowiekowi niedobrze, ODRADZAM! Gdzie je...
1.30 (55 reviews)
Przychodnia Lekarska "Medycyna" w Alwerni Sp. z o.o. image
Przychodnia Lekarska "Medycyna" w Alwerni Sp. z o.o.
Medical clinic
😠 Teleporada w tym ośrodku to jakiś mało śmieszny żart!!! Umówiony termin na godzinę 15, ale od 40 min nie idzie się dodzwonić do pani doktor. W rejestracji Pani udzielila tylko ZŁOTEJ RADY „proszę próbować do skutku” Chyba nie po to sa godziny teleporad żeby trzeba było wisieć na telefonie cały dzie...
1.30 (55 reviews)
Cafetería NESCAFÉ image
Cafetería NESCAFÉ
Coffee shop
😠 Mesas,cristales y suelo sucio y dejado... Atencion poco profesional. Precios excesivos... El pan del mini bocadillo muy seco y el jamon de ibérico tenía bien poco aparte que se lo habían enseñado al pan porque venía medio vacío. Un zumo de piña 2.80eur y los mini croisant a 1 eur cada uno y encima s...
1.30 (55 reviews)
Dartford, Gravesend and Swanley Mental Health Team image
Dartford, Gravesend and Swanley Mental Health Team
Mental health service
😠 Haven’t even experienced the service yet and already disappointed. Was referred as an emergency by the crisis team and told I’d be given an urgent appointment within 3 days, it’s now been 5 days and every time I call I’m told “my case is being discussed today” and they’ll “be in contact”, when asked...
1.30 (54 reviews)
Santa Claus Winter Wonderland image
Santa Claus Winter Wonderland
Tourist attraction
😠 This place is a joke! Don’t waste your money! Worse Christmas experience ever! Very unorganized with some employees running around while others just stand and stare. $20 VIP comes with a hot chocolate, a snack, dialed tree Santa hat, and dollar tree hand warmers. You can walk down and up and that’s...
1.30 (53 reviews)
Centro Salud los Palacios San Isidro image
Centro Salud los Palacios San Isidro
Public medical center
1.30 (53 reviews)
CityDent- Restrepo 1 image
CityDent- Restrepo 1
😠 Pésimo servicio y profesionales, la doctora CLAUDIA JURADO me iba a mandar a paquete final, me dijeron que máximo un año y ya voy para 2 años, mis dientes no iban tan mal, era acomodar la mordida, me tuve que mudar de país y acá para seguir tratamiento me sacan mucho dinero, la doctora nunca acomodó...
1.30 (53 reviews)
MEDICUS Sp. z o. o. image
MEDICUS Sp. z o. o.
Medical clinic
😠 Tragiczna obsługa jeśli chodzi o recepcję. Czasami dzwonie po 60 , 70 razy aby tylko się dodzwonić. Telefon wciąż albo zajęty albo nikt nie odbiera . Gdyby była jakaś nagła potrzeba to naprawdę ciężko to widzę. Nie wiem jak można tak pracować.
1.30 (53 reviews)
Pôle santé Bienvenu image
Pôle santé Bienvenu
Medical office
😠 1h d'attente pour le visio ... J'attends toujours mon ordonnance et mon arrêt ... Mais vu les commentaires j'imagine que je ne l'aurais jamais ? Vous voulez que je supprime ? Et bien contacter moi vite , sinon les lecteurs , vous savez pourquoi mon commentaire est toujours là ✋
1.30 (53 reviews)
Burger King Airport Hurghada image
Burger King Airport Hurghada
Hamburger restaurant
😠 Disaster! Better buy a sandwich somewhere else! They literally heat up burgers in microwave without grilling them!
1.30 (53 reviews)
NZOZ "Osiedle Staszica" image
NZOZ "Osiedle Staszica"
Medical clinic
😠 Jeśli uda się dodzwonić i umówić na wizytę, to można uznać, że to cud na miarę wskrzeszenia Łazarza. 21 wiek, a umówienie się na wizytę to parodia. Jeśli dzwonisz bo jesteś chory i potrzebujesz leków, to nie ma czym się przejmować, wystarczy wykręcić numer i dowiedzieć się w tym czasie, że się jest...
1.30 (52 reviews)
Specialized clinic
😠 The probability of being answered on the phone is the same as winning the mega sena. I don't know why the number remains on the page...
1.30 (52 reviews)
Drac ñam image
Drac ñam
Coffee shop
😠 Lamentable comida, penoso servicio, mal educados, poco respetuosos con los niños, muy sucios. No volveré jamás!! Pedimos libro de reclamación y decían que no tenía. Debería de estar cerrado.
1.30 (52 reviews)
Apartments at Iowa image
Apartments at Iowa
Property management company
😠 Absolutely awful leasing company. Not only are the apartments so under-maintained, the staff is completely unhelpful. I have been robbed in my parking garage twice, and hit once, I repeatedly asked for cameras to be installed and my requests were not completed, and I was never even responded to. Pai...
1.30 (51 reviews)
Super Pussy image
Super Pussy
Adult entertainment club
😠 I went to this bar with a group of friends. We asked on the door how much it was to enter, the man said “free.” When we sat down we were given a simple wooden drinks list. I asked how much for a beer and was told 150 baht. When we tried to leave they tried to charge us thousands of baht. And threa...
1.30 (51 reviews)
True Burger image
True Burger
Fast food restaurant
😠 In all my years ordering food ANYWHERE, I have NEVER seen more abysmal service. I was the first in line and it took over 10 minutes for someone to even begin to walk over to take my order. Then for a burger it took 25min to get my food , mind you this is essentially a fast food line...imagine fiv...
1.30 (51 reviews)
DPD Luxembourg Depot image
DPD Luxembourg Depot
Courier service
😠 Simply the worst there is. Drivers just don’t bother checking at the door, and drop the package directly at a parcel shop. Better yet, sometimes the parcel is nowhere to be found. Tracking numbers don’t work on the website. Phone lines constantly busy. Avoid at all cost if you can.
1.40 (1.2K reviews)
FedEx Ground image
FedEx Ground
Trucking company
😠 Worst customer service ever! Drivers from this distribution center continue to drive across my lawn several times a week, I call the main number and no one does anything about it. Today, a driver threw a delivery into a large water puddle on our front porch. 04/21/23 The problem continues and no one...
$$ $$
1.40 (1.1K reviews)
Caffé Maioli image
Caffé Maioli
😠 This place should be shut down. No mentioning of prices… €5 euros demanded at till point for a cup of hot water and a tea bag placed on top. My mouth opened in astonishment. I live in London so I’m used to some high prices but I’ve never seen anything like this place. AVOID AT ALL COSTS
1.40 (1K reviews)
United States Postal Service image
United States Postal Service
Post office
😠 Always long lines, never any package materials, always dirty, broken this and that and definitely not the quickest service. There are no excuse for these types of lines!!! Its been over an hour to pick up a package!!!!!!
1.40 (697 reviews)
Dollar Rent A Car image
Dollar Rent A Car
Car rental agency
😠 Same as all other reviews. How can any company operate in this manner? There are at least 300 people in line! Must be the most unethical car rental company on the planet. We rented from Dollar, not one single employee, looks closed. Everyone is being like cattle to Thrifty. Three employees at Thri...
1.40 (657 reviews)
Rehlat Travel Agency - Kuwait image
Rehlat Travel Agency - Kuwait
Travel agency
😠 Rehlat are Top Cheaters. Horrible company. I booked my ticket from Newark to Kuwait and paid online and they showed me a message on screen that my e-ticket will be emailed soon. Next day they sent me email that please confirm your ticket. Never seen that after paying online and booking a ticket i k...
1.40 (502 reviews)
Bistro And Wine Bar image
Bistro And Wine Bar
😠 Typical tourist trap. Disappointed that I forgot to check online reviews. Was lured in my the woman standing outside because I saw the dish that I've wanted to try on the menu - Cevapcici. Also, there some air con in the shop so the heat made me seek refuge inside. Anyway the food came and I swear t...
1.40 (501 reviews)
United States Postal Service image
United States Postal Service
Post office
😠 If I could give zero stars, I would. They constantly say they attempted to deliver packages, and there was no secure location, but they don't even try. I've seen countless people complain about this at the location. I also know that to be true because I work from home, so I'm literally in my apt wh...
1.40 (499 reviews)
Old Day Old Taste Kopitiam image
Old Day Old Taste Kopitiam
😠 Chicken rice ball is so small and taste fishy.. not recommend at all Ordered the bean sprout and only came when we finished our 1/2 kampung chicken and a plate of rice which is 30 mins later. The bean sprout should be the easiest to make? The restaurant/ photo may look glam but it’s not worth the p...
1.40 (463 reviews)
Fashion Studio Ksenia Borodina (Ксения Бородина) image
Fashion Studio Ksenia Borodina (Ксения Бородина)
Beauty salon
😠 Как можно положительно отозваться о салоне, который нагло выгоняет клиентов? Да, говорю именно о нашумевшей истории Алёны Погребняк. Что самое мерзкое, пожалуй, так это то, что лицо салона - Ксения, так нелестно, не разобравшись в ситуации, обращается к Алёне в своих сторис, до того, как вышел сам в...
1.40 (436 reviews)
ντομάτες Restaurant image
ντομάτες Restaurant
😠 Bad experience from the food to the “scam attempt” in the end. Nice promoters in the front the get people in. Beware when you are going to pay that the owner will say that he has a problem with the internet and that you need to pay cash. Fortunately they have an atm inside the restaurant. The only p...
1.40 (431 reviews)
L'Aquarelle image
😠 Poor customer service! My friend and I ordered for a menu set and strawberry crepe (worth ~15 euro). We were served additional food that we thought was included in the menu set, but apparently not. So we were shocked when we got our bill (41.50 euro). We tried to argue, but the waiter only said "sor...
1.40 (392 reviews)
Sottocoperta image
1.40 (391 reviews)
Fadi image
Dine-in · Takeaway
1.40 (390 reviews)
Norrsken Lounge image
Norrsken Lounge
😠 On arrival, the lounge area was relatively small and extremely crowded. All tables were occupied bar some sections of the bar area with stools, and one table which didn’t have any guests sitting at it but was covered in dirty glasses, plates and other items. The only visible member of staff when we...
1.40 (353 reviews)
Caffè Martelli image
Caffè Martelli
😠 Gave 20e note for 1 coffee. Got only 8e change back. I asked for my money back straight away they wouldn't refund me. Do not go to this place at all it will ruin your holiday in Florence.
1.40 (351 reviews)
Psychology Clinic Unimed image
Psychology Clinic Unimed
🫤 Is this number listed here valid? They never answered my call, neither landline nor cell. When they answer on whatsapp it's a miracle. I suggest that they update the contacts, and I suggest that the information given to the customers, be more accurate. I've had to go to the place and miss the trip...
1.40 (345 reviews)
Langos shop image
Langos shop
Fast food restaurant
😠 I specifically asked for a 'Babuka's Favourite' which supposedly cost HUF3540, but then when the lady started making it she asked me if I want this and that, I thought she was being generous so I said yes, why not? And in the end she charged me a double what it should have costed, saying all the top...
1.40 (336 reviews)
Pizzeria Mamma Mia image
Pizzeria Mamma Mia
Pizza restaurant
😠 Tourist trap. They consistently charge higher then what is on the menu/pricelist. And on top add 3 euro per person service cost. Also bad quality aperol spritz and coca cola from machine instead of bottle
1.40 (315 reviews)
Empordanet1842 Bar Tapas image
Empordanet1842 Bar Tapas
Tapas bar
😠 Horrible place! The waiter was extremily unpolite. He first refused to give us the menu, then he refused to take our order for a bottle of water saying that we should order more to stay there. If you are in Pals just go to other place where people will certainly treat you better.
1.40 (282 reviews)
Modality - Handsworth Wood Medical Centre image
Modality - Handsworth Wood Medical Centre
Public medical center
😠 Terrible GP, the worst I’ve ever had. I can never get through on the phone to book appointments and their econsult has also now been deactivated. I requested a call back a week ago, and I’ve still not heard anything. I have also tried calling at 8am to be told appointments aren’t open and being hung...
1.40 (277 reviews)
La plazza pizza image
La plazza pizza
😠 Worst experience I’ve ever had in a restaurant. It’s 100% a tourist trap. We asked if they had Kunafa and they said they will bring us Kunafa then the guy that seated us asked if it’s ok to bring us baklava in case they don’t have Kunafa, we said ok. He brought us some stale store bought Arabic swe...
1.40 (276 reviews)
Mercer France image
Mercer France
Insurance agency
😠 It's been almost 3 months since I claim the balance of reimbursement of dental care following an agreement of estimate where there was 0.00 € to be paid and Mercer remains to owe me 366.63 € on the invoice of the dentist in accordance with the estimate. I am on my 6th request! It's a shame! during...
1.40 (273 reviews)
Hasta Publica image
Hasta Publica
😠 Amazing place straight from a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm. the magical world of the old lady and her tireless helpers. Everything is so dark there. There is real evil coming out of the toilets. Ordered dishes are actually drawn by a randomizing machine. God only knows what will be drawn....
1.40 (269 reviews)
Unusual Times, Terminal B image
Unusual Times, Terminal B
😠 Unfortunately this is one of only two restaurants in Terminal B. The food is outrageously overpriced and mediocre. If possible, I’d recommend eating on flight or buying snacks to hold you over. Service is timely although unfriendly and inattentive; for instance, when we asked for sauce, they never b...
1.40 (266 reviews)
Steak & Duck image
Steak & Duck
Family restaurant
😠 Definitely a scam. Menu has no prices. So they can charge whatever they like. It’s such an unscrupulous business that they have no name. These are the modern pirates. They rob people in broad daylight
1.40 (261 reviews)
Nima Cocktail Snack Bar image
Nima Cocktail Snack Bar
1.40 (237 reviews)
Oficiul Poştal Bucureşti 82 image
Oficiul Poştal Bucureşti 82
Post office
😠 Time in line: ~40 minutes Everyone inside is yelling all the time. When trying to ask the post office employees simple questions about where to stand in line, or where should you go for information/service, they ignore you the first two times. They have computers but keep track of things with a pen...
1.40 (234 reviews)
Molina Healthcare of Utah image
Molina Healthcare of Utah
Medical Center
😠 Molina deserves zero stars. I’ve been having issues with my insurance coverage getting denied and I’ve been having to pay for prescriptions out of pocket. In an attempt to get the issue resolved I talked to eight different people at Molina over two weeks. The only thing they do is transfer you to an...
1.40 (230 reviews)
Sun cafe image
Sun cafe
😠 Please be aware that the prices for everything are much! higher if you seat and not take away. I took an espresso and one cake and instead of 5 Euros paid 11 Euros. Never made such an experience before, when espresso cost 1,5 Euros to take away and 4 Euros if you stay 1 Minute and drink it seating!...
1.40 (227 reviews)
La voile bleue image
La voile bleue
😠 Very poor service and unfriendly staff. Placed us randomly in the back - ‘the only available sun beds’, which is obviously untrue... kicked myself for not going next door right away
1.40 (225 reviews)
Molina Healthcare of Texas image
Molina Healthcare of Texas
Medical Center
😠 Over the course of two days Molina has disconnected me 7 times. I’ve been placed on hold for over 3 hours, I’ve been on this current call for 44 minutes. Several times I have called Molina and received a voice response saying they are closed; being closed at 2:00 PM is strange. At this time Molina i...
1.40 (225 reviews)
Edison Mall Dental, P.A. image
Edison Mall Dental, P.A.
😠 If I could give this place a 0 I would. It is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!! I do not recommend anyone to go here! They are taking advantage of people with Medicaid and I believe they are fraudulently doing so. I have been in the Medical field for over 25 years and have NEVER seen anything like this place! T...
1.40 (223 reviews)
Portuguese snacks image
Portuguese snacks
😠 looks good, tastes bad. Octopus not seasoned and tasteless, potatoes overcooked, all very poor. The restaurant seems to be focused on one-time customers. I recommend staying away from this place. The worst restaurant in Lisbon I've been to.
1.40 (217 reviews)
Ryanair DAC image
Ryanair DAC
😠 Ryanair is the worst company I've ever seen. Always delays, dont care about passengers. Ones I was flying from Milano to Palermo, we couldnt land to Palermo and landed to Catania middle of the night. They anounced that, there will be busses to bring us to Palermo, whics is around 300km away. Guess w...
1.40 (208 reviews)
Naked - Terminal 2F CDG Airport image
Naked - Terminal 2F CDG Airport
😠 Rude, slow and unhelpful staff. Coffee is undrinkable. Really the worst I had in my life. No plant milk even though it's advertised. No coffee cups lids. I wish I saw other reviews earlier. Maybe I'll save someone.
1.40 (206 reviews)
Caffetteria salvo D'acquisto image
Caffetteria salvo D'acquisto
😠 ABSOLUTE RIP OFF ! Arrogant, aggressive & intimidating service. Didn’t feel safe or respected. Worst experience ever, massively overpriced. Paid 30 eur for 2x small coffees, 1x sandwich and 1x glass of water, although prices when we asked before ordering were lower. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE if you want to...
1.40 (205 reviews)
Hospital UMC image
Hospital UMC
Emergency room
1.40 (204 reviews)
Ministry of Health image
Ministry of Health
Government office
😠 Domnule ministru al sanatatii, vi se pare normal ca doctorul, asistenta si anestezista de la Spitalul Grigore Alexandrescu sa ia bani pentru o operatie de polipi de la o mama si anume intre 1800 ron si 5000 ron doar ca sa fie bagata in seama si sa nu astepte cu orele la operatie? Mai faceti si voi...
1.40 (194 reviews)
The Medical City Clinic image
The Medical City Clinic
Medical clinic
🫤 Please check the photo for the schedules of the doctors. Poor customer service, no one will pick up the calls, will tell you that they will call you within 24 hours don't expect. When you go to the clinic the process is very slow. A simple check up will consume 2-3hrs of waiting time and the check...
1.40 (187 reviews)
ATS Bergamo image
ATS Bergamo
Public health department
😠 Questionnaire to be filled out via format, no indication for replacement telephone support. But do they think that all over-65s are equipped with electronic means? The swabs to get out of isolation almost 16 days later? They made 2 regional health reforms these are the results! If you pay for everyt...
1.40 (187 reviews)
Custom Burgers image
Custom Burgers
Hamburger restaurant
😠 SHADY BUSINESS.... SHADY EMPLOYEES AND SUPER SHADY BUSINESS PRACTICES. STAY AWAY!! SCAMMED AND HUMILIATED. This review is based solely on my own experience and personal opinion. I stopped by the Custom Burgers restaurant on Sunday night, 1/16/22, while waiting for my flight back to Houston, TX....
1.40 (184 reviews)
Terravision image
Bus company
😠 No 1, but 0. We had fly at morning from ciampino, morning buses didnt come and we must took taxi and paid 40 E. I recommend another company, they had buses at the morning. I sent messages to company but 0 refundation.
1.40 (183 reviews)
Wellwynd Practice image
Wellwynd Practice
😠 Sad to say but it's a bloody nightmare practice. Can't ever get through no matter what number you press. A couple of months ago my four year old granddaughter ended up in hospital twice simply because we couldn't get the phones answered or to talk to a gp. Today was a little better only took me 30 a...
1.40 (182 reviews)
Provo Canyon School image
Provo Canyon School
Mental health clinic
😠 My son was put here about a year ago and his experience was not good. At first, he complained about the staff that they were mean. His therapist wanted to know what happened so he told the therapist about the staff. That they were taunting students, making them fight each other, threatening them, c...
1.40 (181 reviews)
Автобусный парк №1 image
Автобусный парк №1
Bus stop
😠 Хотелось бы домой добираться на автобусе ,а приходится разъезжает на такси. Спасибо нашим водителям (или кого ещё нужно поблагодарить )расписание есть, а толку нет. Я работаю допоздна ,пересадками добираясь до Ратуши в надежде сесть в 1 и ..... ничего,автобус прошёл на 15 минут раньше расписания ил...
1.40 (176 reviews)
Immediate Medical Center image
Immediate Medical Center
Occupational health service
😠 Checked in around 1pm for a pre-employment drug screening, it’s almost 3pm and still haven’t been called. It doesn’t even take that long, what’s the hold up? Front desk lady was nice though. I’ll update later.. They ended calling me around 3:15 just to tell me I have to go to the Paramount facility...
1.40 (175 reviews)
Werribee Mercy Hospital Emergency Department image
Werribee Mercy Hospital Emergency Department
Emergency room
😠 Shame on you Mercy Staff. Agree to all the negative reviews. You don't have Mercy on the patients who are suffering from pain. My 8 month baby accidentally had fallen from the mattress and the nose was bleeding. We checked in the emergency at 7:00 pm an there are just two patients ahead in the line...
1.40 (174 reviews)
Addison House Surgery image
Addison House Surgery
Medical Center
😠 Awful Surgery, I’ve now been waiting on the phone for 1 hour and 25 minutes and queue position 13! If you do go in the surgery because your fed up with waiting on phone calls you are greeted by miserable faces who don’t seem happy to help. Some receptionists are good but a lot don’t actually listen...
1.40 (173 reviews)
Lido San Vito image
Lido San Vito
Dine-in · Takeaway · Delivery
1.40 (173 reviews)
MHP - Freezywater Primary Care Centre image
MHP - Freezywater Primary Care Centre
General practitioner
😠 No appointments available ever. I can't see a human for 3 years now. Phone appointments are useless as no one has access to a patient file. They never get back to you. Hospital requested to prescribe me with a medication but he surgery refused to proceed even I pay for the medication myself. I...
1.40 (169 reviews)
Pearl Lounge Casablanca T1 Departure image
Pearl Lounge Casablanca T1 Departure
😠 Why is there not an option for ZERO stars. The worst lounge experience ever. This is not a lounge, it's a joke and card companies will be paying for this service for their customers. They even ran out of toilet tissue in the toilet. Bring your own food, drinks and toilet tissue Luckily...
1.40 (168 reviews)
Harlem Shakes image
Harlem Shakes
American restaurant
😠 I found the food in the morning left outside my door from the previous night. It was delivered to me 1hr after the estimated time of delivery. No one was answering the phone the whole time and they refuse to give a refund. Do not order from this place.
1.40 (167 reviews)
Street Food pizzeria friggitoria image
Street Food pizzeria friggitoria
Fried chicken takeaway
1.40 (156 reviews)
Baymont by Wyndham Lubbock - Downtown Civic Center image
Baymont by Wyndham Lubbock - Downtown Civic Center
😠 Can I give something like negative 5 star. One of the worst places you can stay. I will list what all were wrong in the two rooms I looked at: 1. The room smells of smoke 2. Room lock was not working 3. Almost half of the lights in the room were not functional 4. Carpet and bed looked unwashed sinc...
1.40 (151 reviews)
Stopsley Village Practice image
Stopsley Village Practice
General practitioner
1.40 (143 reviews)
United States Postal Service image
United States Postal Service
Post office
😠 So tired of this post office. I’ve lived at my current location 2 years and up until last month a package was stolen. Tracking said it had been delivered. I went to the post office an was told that the postman put it behind one of my pots. How would I know to look behind a pot for mail? So I looked...
1.40 (142 reviews)
Centro Oftalmológico| Hapvida NotreDame Intermédica image
Centro Oftalmológico| Hapvida NotreDame Intermédica
Medical Center
😠 I hung on the phone for 50 minutes to reschedule an exam. When the URA finally stopped giving warnings, the call went dead and they hung up. This agreement only gets worse every day!
1.40 (140 reviews)
Coffee Republic image
Coffee Republic
Coffee shop
Established cafe offering sandwiches, salads & breakfast, plus unique sweet teas & espresso drinks.
1.40 (136 reviews)
Esenyurt ilçe sağlık müdürlüğü image
Esenyurt ilçe sağlık müdürlüğü
😠 3 gün içinde belki 50 kez aradım bekleyenler arasında ilk sıradasınız deyip deyip telefonu kapatıyorlar. İş yeri rapor bekliyor daha telefona bakan yok. İlçe sağlıkta telefona bakan çalışanı işini yapmaya davet ediyorum. Ben böyle bir şey hayatımda görmedim. Biz de sağlık çalışanıyız ama hastalara s...
1.40 (134 reviews)
Wild Kingdom Train Zoo image
Wild Kingdom Train Zoo
😠 There's no justification for having full-grown wild animals living in a miserable concrete jail the size of a child's bedroom. Take the example of Disney and use a little creativity to make the ride more entertaining with props instead of repulsive abuse. I'm just guessing that they use the animals...
1.40 (134 reviews)
Peel Med Clinic image
Peel Med Clinic
Medical clinic
😠 Terrible experience. The receptionist is very rude. I went to see my family doctor. First she told me I need to wait for 2 hours and then I went again she said I asked you to wait for 4 hours. After visiting my doctor I asked her to give me print out of my reports, she said I want cash then I will g...
1.40 (134 reviews)
The Medical City image
The Medical City
Medical clinic
😐 The review in this place didn't surprise me, one of the nurse who took my BP was an absolute A hole, I ask him if its done na while him being silent all through out the procedure he then replied, "may sinabi ba ako wala akong sinaba dba? Ako yung masusunod dito! such a pitty you've hired a nurse who...
1.40 (133 reviews)
Inmunomedica Coronel image
Inmunomedica Coronel
Medical Center
😠 Horrible, llevo mas de media hora llamando a distintos numeros y no contesta nadie. Pesimo el servicio de call center. Hagan la diferencia del servicio publico
1.40 (132 reviews)
Prevención Salud - Mendoza image
Prevención Salud - Mendoza
Medical group
😠 Hace exactamente diez días que espero una autorización para una cirugía ambulatoria, he realizado tres reclamos y aún no obtengo respuesta. Que desastre,si fuera urgencia???, no los recomiendo y estoy en tratativas de cambiarme de prepaga. Una estrella porque así puedo dejar reseña,pero se merecen 0...
1.40 (128 reviews)
FamilyMart MesaMall image
FamilyMart MesaMall
Convenience store
😠 Hi , I would like to make a report about customer service , this incident happend in MessaMall Nilai Family Mart around 1700hrs on 4 August 2021. This one staff , a woman staff, working for oden station counter was very rude. I feel really upset on how she treated her customers. I was asking about...
1.40 (125 reviews)
Colombia Ophthalmological Medical Institute IMOC image
Durande Maryse image
Durande Maryse
😠 Vraiment scandaleux de ne pas honorer les rdv pris, c’était le seul créneau disponible en visio pour ma fille de 2 ans donc c’était assez « urgent » au bout d’une heure toujours pas de nouvelles. Cela m’a extrêmement retardé dans ma journée c’est inadmissible. Nous aussi on a une vie et un travail !...
1.40 (125 reviews)
Lloyds Pharmacy image
Lloyds Pharmacy
😠 You will have a long wait for your prescription but that’s not why I am giving 1 star. The staff are rude and patronising. I wish the hospital would allow a different pharmacy to fill prescriptions on their behalf because the experience here is appalling. Another reviewer says they have to mentally...
1.40 (122 reviews)
Greystar image
Apartment rental agency
😠 They took over the management of my building (ellicott house apartments), didn't bother to send out a notice to the residents to inform us of the change in management. Their website for making online rent payments simply doesn't work. They ignore residents' emails and calls for weeks. Leasing off...
1.40 (121 reviews)
Kings Cross Doctors Office image
Kings Cross Doctors Office
Walk-in clinic
😠 Wish I could give this place 0 stars. Worst walk-in clinic I've ever been to. The Indian receptionist is incredibly rude. Dr. Sharma will argue with you whenever you ask a question. I really wonder who gave him his license and would call an ethics hearing on him if I could. I waited for 2 hours to m...
1.40 (121 reviews)
Bar de la Taverne des Deux Augustins image
Bar de la Taverne des Deux Augustins
😠 Very Dirty , no eat here !
1.40 (119 reviews)
Grannyland image
😠 If there was a possibility of 0 star I would have given. Ordered a meal, 3 hours after empty excuses nothing of my meal arrives. They say first they are too busy, then the motoboy had and accident and a 3rd time they are too busy. It’s unacceptable! To get a reimbursement for a food I did not get, b...
1.40 (116 reviews)
Fosso bianco image
Fosso bianco
Superfund site
🫤 It's a bizarre place. Incredibly beautiful white beach that owes its beauty to decades of pollution. You cannot believe that such releases are still allowed in Europe.
1.40 (115 reviews)
Portsdown Group Practice image
Portsdown Group Practice
Medical clinic
😠 I phoned for an appointment as I suffer with mental health issues and was told for the second day running that none were available. I explained that it was quite important that I at least speak to a GP (I have tried multiple times over the last few months to no avail) and was told that a pharmacist...
1.40 (114 reviews)
Industrial Medical Group image
Industrial Medical Group
Medical clinic
😠 My company sent me here for a work related injury and if I could give them zero stars, I would. The only reason they have one star is because the supervisor of MA’s was fantastic and helped me every step she could. The doctor however was the worst. He kept making comments comparing me to his wife an...
1.40 (113 reviews)
Molina Healthcare of Wisconsin image
Molina Healthcare of Wisconsin
Medical Center
😠 When I was in the hospital last fall, it was very difficult to speak to a real person at Molina. Even the hospital case manager had a difficult time communicating with Molina. It was a very frustrating experience for me. Even though I only had the insurance from 9/1/2021 through 12/31/2021, I was...
1.40 (112 reviews)
Yes catalogue image
Yes catalogue
Outlet mall
😠 If I could give them 0 stars I would. This company is the spawn of Satan. I purchased a couple of items but then realised I would be paying double than what the item last were in a shop. I tried to cancel which I was informed in a telephone conversation that it had been cancelled but I would be char...
1.40 (111 reviews)
Harlem Dental Plaza image
Harlem Dental Plaza
😠 My mother had the worst experience at this HORRORS OF A DENTAL place. She was mistreated by DR. NIDERMAN. My mother is a senior citizen that has an aneurysm and this maniac showed her no mercy during the procedure. He pulls my mom’s teeth and then proceeds to do teeth impressions right after. He als...
1.40 (110 reviews)
The Whalebridge Practice image
The Whalebridge Practice
General practitioner
😠 Ref:511599 I recently had an extremely negative experience with the reception at Whalebridge NHS Practice, and I feel compelled to share my disappointment. My child, who is four years old, was suffering from severe diarrhea and vomiting, and I urgently needed a doctor's appointment. It took me a s...
1.40 (109 reviews)
Food Express image
Food Express
Fast food restaurant
👍👍 nie wiem czemu tak niską ocenę macie generalnie jedzenie jak na fast food bardzo fajne nie ma się do czego przyczepić szybka akcja i brzuszek pełny także ode mnie duży plus oby tak dalej ciężkie czasy więc miejcie ludzie litości
1.40 (109 reviews)
DGVCL Amroli Sdn Office image
DGVCL Amroli Sdn Office
Electric utility company
1.40 (108 reviews)
Burger King image
Burger King
Well-known fast-food chain serving grilled burgers, fries & shakes.
$ $$$
1.40 (106 reviews)
YouFit Gyms Corporate Office image
YouFit Gyms Corporate Office
Corporate office
😠 Do not,I repeat do not ever get a membership with this scam of a gym. Their employees are the most incompetent I've ever witnessed in all my life. Their management staff is lowbrow and rude. I've canceled 2 memberships from this gym 9/1/2021. Paid the cancelation fees which are on my bank statements...
1.40 (103 reviews)
Swanpool Medical Centre image
Swanpool Medical Centre
Medical Center
😠 Waste of time even bothering to try to speak to a Dr here. The receptionists are all vile people with no empathy. Absolutely stuffed if you need help with anything remotely serious. Over 50 minutes wait on hold, to be chuckled at when you tell the receptionist in detail the reason you want to speak...
1.40 (102 reviews)
Centro Salud Alcalá de Guadaira 'Don Paulino García Donas' image
Centro de Saúde de Odivelas image
Centro de Saúde de Odivelas
Hospital department
😠 Me as an forgneir feel descrimination in Health care sector, when we as an human being need a medical assistance they start to judge our self with the language, Language for the medical system and health caregiver need to be equal for all the human beings not the citizens, we as an tax payer need ti...
1.40 (101 reviews)
North Star Behavioral Health image
North Star Behavioral Health
Mental health clinic
😠 dont do it. it's not worth it. im begging u. find a better option.
1.40 (100 reviews)
Centro Salud Albolote image
Centro Salud Albolote
Public medical center
😠 Today was the second appointment that they left me stranded. My primary care doctor should have called me by phone, and like last week I still haven't received a call. When I went to the health center to report that they had not called me, they told me that either I canceled the appointment or it wa...
1.40 (100 reviews)
Pronto Atendimento Santa Genoveva image
Pronto Atendimento Santa Genoveva
1.40 (99 reviews)
The Acocks Green Medical Centre image
The Acocks Green Medical Centre
🫤 It's been about three weeks since I visited this place to get my mother referred to a community dentist by her GP. I was told that Monday to expect an appointment to be made that day and I would be contacted regarding that by 5pm. I waited by my phone all afternoon and did not receive a single call....
1.40 (98 reviews)
Restaurante san francisco image
Restaurante san francisco
Dine-in · Takeaway
1.40 (96 reviews)
Consultorio Local Espartinas image
Consultorio Local Espartinas
1.40 (94 reviews)
CDC Ampang Jaya image
CDC Ampang Jaya
Courier service
🫤 For those of you who ordered stuffs online, try not to use this courier J&T. At this CDC... your consignment will be laid on the floor... pushed or passed using the foot...or just thrown into metal containers. The workers at the CDC have no respect for the goods you have paid. Their work ethic is ve...
1.40 (94 reviews)
Emergency Department and Level II Trauma Center at Vassar Brothers Medical Center image
Emergency Department and Level II Trauma Center at Vassar Brothers Medical Center
😠 Came in with pain and was taken into triage fairly quickly. I had an ultrasound done and have been sitting in the waiting room (still with pain that has not been addressed) for hours upon hours. They lost my bloodwork and had to redraw. Will never come back here. Haven’t heard a peep from anyone. If...
1.40 (93 reviews)
Enrique Tomás image
Enrique Tomás
Cured ham bar
😠 Extremely greedy company. Half empty sandwiches! Congratulations with your great scams!
$$ $$
1.40 (93 reviews)
WellSpace Health Roseville Community Health Center image
WellSpace Health Roseville Community Health Center
Community health centre
😠 Had an appointment today 10.23 my physician who actually ended up being a nurse practitioner LIED and canceled her appointment and didn’t follow up. The practitioners name was Liu Fangieng. She’s done this to me multiple times! If you’re willing to give up your health and well-being, and want to get...
1.40 (93 reviews)
Asian Kitchen - MCIA International Terminal image
Asian Kitchen - MCIA International Terminal
😠 Ordered Malaysian Curry. Got a chicken dish with a salty red sauce instead. This establishment doesn't deserve to be called "Asian Kitchen." 380 pesos for a small piece of chicken breast and a bony wing. I get more value for my money eating at a street fishball stand.
1.40 (92 reviews)
Centro de Salud Los Rosales image
Centro de Salud Los Rosales
Public medical center
1.40 (92 reviews)
Kings Plaza Dental, P.C. image
Kings Plaza Dental, P.C.
😠 That one lady at the front desk always has a bad attitude to everyone, literally everyone. It’s like asking her questions isn’t apart of her job.Going to this location is stressful, I would rather pay $100 to receive good service than use just my insurance here because Most of the staff seriously d...
1.40 (90 reviews)
Housing Foundation image
Housing Foundation
Housing association
😠 Too bad when I can’t give them 0. I got the same terrible experience for 6 months staying in the dorm. before moving out, I recorded my cleaning and mailed them. There was a small ice in the fridge however, they still reported me that my toilet was dirty, kitchen was dirty, living room, furniture, b...
1.40 (89 reviews)
Health Care Complaints Commission image
Health Care Complaints Commission
State government office
1.40 (89 reviews)
Snack Bar Sunset image
Snack Bar Sunset
😠 Coffe expresso 2.5eura. Too expensive for country. In Zadar centre, same coffe 1.5 euro.
1.40 (89 reviews)
Camden Food Co. image
Camden Food Co.
😠 Paid $25 for a breakfast sandwich, juice and a large coffee. Was given no receipt. After seeing the people behind me get their drinks, I asked about mine. The lady making coffee said they were all given out and I needed a receipt to prove I ordered it. I told her I didn't get a receipt and could...
1.40 (88 reviews)
Health Center Cruz de Caravaca image
Health Center Cruz de Caravaca
Public medical center
😠 Llamando desde las 8 de la mañana, teléfono descolgado. Voy a que me den cita, para confirmación de mi baja médica, y me dice el señor que "vaya horas!!!" que ya no hay cita para hoy. Le digo que llevo toda la mañana llamando y el teléfono está descolgado, y se ofende y de malas maneras me invita a...
1.40 (88 reviews)
Klinik Mediviron image
Klinik Mediviron
Medical clinic
😠 Seriously... the doctor is the worst doctor i ever met in my life! So RUDE! If i can give zero star i would ! 👎🏿 And the clinic smells like garbage..
1.40 (87 reviews)
Recuerdos y delicias de la Villa de Luján image
Recuerdos y delicias de la Villa de Luján
Family restaurant
😠 DESASTRE! NO VAYAN! IRRECOMENDABLE!. LE PONDRIA 0 ESTRELLAS El menu es muy escueto y caro, y no tiene todos los precios. Una vez que haces el pedido te dicen que solo aceptan efectivo o débito con Visa. Te preguntan si vas a querer pan porque te lo cobran aparte!!!!. Los cubiertos son metal y p...
1.40 (86 reviews)
Welling Medical Practice image
Welling Medical Practice
Medical clinic
😠 I haven’t had one good experience at this gp. The doctors just rush through walk in appointments and don’t address issues properly I was refused antibiotics for a chest infection thats made me terribly sick and as someone who suffers with asthma the chest infection is much worse I was told to take p...
1.40 (86 reviews)
Dundonald Medical Centre image
Dundonald Medical Centre
Medical Center
😠 If there were Awards handed out to the worst GP surgery in Northern Ireland, Dundonald surgery would be a clear favourite. This place has it got so bad it is basically become just a dispensing pharmacy now. It's virtually impossible to see any doctor or get talking to one. As a member for almost 2...
1.40 (85 reviews)
Fontanini Fast Food image
Fontanini Fast Food
Fast food restaurant
😠 ATTENTION! THIS RESTAURANT IS NOW CALLED „FLAMINGO“ DO NOT FALL FOR THE REBRANDING, THE FOOD IS STILL HORRIBLE! The worst pizza I have ever tasted! Basically only a large, burned cracker with cheap tomato sauce and barely any mozzarella at all. A disgraceful shame for Italy. The bill was hand writte...
1.40 (85 reviews)
JMU Parking Services image
JMU Parking Services
Academic department
😠 Since a collection of brilliant individuals at James Madison University decided I only need 53 seconds to get from my online class at home to my on campus class with no bus routes scheduled, I appreciate being charged $100 to park in an empty parking lot for 50 minutes. The part I am especially enth...
1.40 (85 reviews)
Upton Road Surgery image
Upton Road Surgery
😠 *** ABSOLUTELY DISCUSTING BEHAVIOUR *** I sadly dealt with a women GP called "DAVIS" and she was extremely RUDE to me!!! No one ever spoke to me in a way that she did, causing me massive stress and anger because of how she treated me! Instead of trying to help me with my problem, she kept blaming me...
1.40 (85 reviews)
Mérida San Luis Centro de Salud image
Mérida San Luis Centro de Salud
Public medical center
😠 Malísima experiencia siempre están las líneas ocupadas, increíble sea la hora que sea no te cogen el teléfono. Me pregunto las que están allí solo están para atención en el ambulatorio porque espero que no le paguen por coger las llamadas, una auténtica vergüenza y encima vas allí y las del mostrado...
1.40 (84 reviews)
Crook Log Surgery image
Crook Log Surgery
😠 If I could give 0 stars I would have. The absolute worst surgery, unhelpful. My mum has altzheimers and I have power of attorney which has been totally disregarded by staff. They won’t talk to me on the phone even though all paperwork has been taken to them with ID. Staff clearly not doing their...
1.40 (83 reviews)
Rowlands Pharmacy Tingley image
Rowlands Pharmacy Tingley
😠 Worst pharmacy I’ve ever come across, the staff are completely incompetent and lazy. They show no effort to efficiently help out people needing your medication, and you’re extremely lucky if they even have the medication in. They never answer the phone and when they do sound fed up and like it’s a b...
1.40 (82 reviews)
Wok Street image
Wok Street
Wok restaurant
😠 Absolutely disgusted - was the only client in the line and I waited more than 15 minutes for some overpriced goo hotter than the surface of the sun. Felt fancy and I payed some extra 6 quid for 2 prawns and 3 pieces of plastic shaped like chicken. I hate myself for eating here - AVOID AT ALL COST!!!...
1.40 (82 reviews)
Claim Eazy image
Claim Eazy
Financial institution
😠 This company has dealt with my claim which I appreciate , and I was pleased to receive a letter to say I had money due to me. I was well aware of this companys charges so there was no surprise of the amount I need to pay them. However since I have received the letter of offer of payment this company...
1.40 (82 reviews)
Siège ORPEA image
Retirement home
😠 injoingnable
1.40 (81 reviews)
US Post Office Annex image
US Post Office Annex
Post office
😠 Was expecting a package I had no idea I needed to sign for. Delivery was scheduled for Thursday, but it came Friday instead. I was home when it was "attempted to be delivered" but was unaware as no one ever knocked. So I went to pick it up today (Saturday) and saw they were open until 5. I went at 2...
1.40 (81 reviews)
Kazamahifuka Clinic image
Kazamahifuka Clinic
Medical clinic
😠 星にマイナスがあるならマイナスを付けたいくらい。 ある医者でしてもらった治療でしたが、少し悪化してしまい、たまたまその病院が休みで、こちらに行きました。 先生、自己都合で遅刻… 受付、不親切無愛想。看護師、上から目線でタメ口。医者は、看護師怒鳴るし、一瞬クリニックか暴○団事務所かわかりませんでした。(笑...
1.40 (81 reviews)
Derry Court Medical Practice image
Derry Court Medical Practice
Family practice physician
😠 Disgusting surgery! The way they speak to people is appalling. The receptionist need to be retrained on how to speak to humans!! For future reference conversations work better when you are able to use words like “ sorry..can I help..and even hello” Doesn’t work so well when the receptionist is busy...
1.40 (81 reviews)
darlings athens drink and girls image
darlings athens drink and girls
Adult entertainment club
😠 Scam bar. I met on the street by a "friendly man" who "loved Americans," invited to a bar, and ended up paying 60 Euro just to leave after I decided it was no a bar I wanted to be in. The girls asked me to buy them drinks that are at least triple priced for them and they offered me "company" before...
1.40 (80 reviews)
Geographic Pub image
Geographic Pub
😠 I was here for hookah last night and only 10 minutes passed and we haven’t had the greatest experience. The waitress has been extremely rude - for no reason and threw the bill at us basically. As soon as you order your drinks and hookah, you are required to pay immediately. The bill was wrong for us...
1.40 (80 reviews)
Clínica Rusadir image
Clínica Rusadir
Specialized clinic
1.40 (79 reviews)
Pacific Bowl, KB Mall image
Pacific Bowl, KB Mall
Recreation center
😠 Unfriendly service. Caters to local Kelantanese and completely ignore us because we're merely "orang luar" as if we're aliens from planet Marikh. Only allow those who ’kecek' to put their names in the queue list. That's the least of the problem unfortunately. The lanes are not maintained at all--the...
1.40 (78 reviews)
Seniorenzentrum "Ederbergland" image
Seniorenzentrum "Ederbergland"
Nursing home
1.40 (78 reviews)
CHME / California Home Medical Equipment image
CHME / California Home Medical Equipment
Medical equipment supplier
😠 If there was a choice for NO stars, that would be my choice. These people are impossible to deal with. They don't understand what 'customer service' means. I have dealt with them for 3 years, and yesterday I gave up. I've tried to get a CPAP machine for a MONTH, and have called over 2 dozen times. T...
1.40 (78 reviews)
Górski Burger image
Górski Burger
1.40 (77 reviews)
Fisch-Häusl image
😠 It couldn't get any worse!!! A sunny Sunday afternoon in Millstadt! A man, a little older, blonde, three-day beard, casual clothes, i.e. me, stands in front of the slate boards of the Fisch-Häusl for a long time to look through the menu, unsure whether I even want to eat anything. But the head says...
1.40 (77 reviews)
Health Center Fuensalida image
Health Center Fuensalida
Public medical center
😠 Mi crítica única y exclusivamente es por la carencia de calidad humana en el mostrador de la entrada, no sólo porque no son nada resolutivas que cada vez de te informan una cosa y te marean sino que además no tienen tacto con personas que no van por gusto, que están enfermas y que muchas de ellas...
1.40 (77 reviews)
Crossfell Health Centre image
Crossfell Health Centre
Medical Center
😠 Played a fun experiememt where I stood in the doctor's and phoned the number. Stood and watched the 2 members of staff not answer it but to complain it was too loud. so I'm 0 for 50 in getting through on the phone... Not wasted though I heard them have a lovely chat about one of there kids schools.
1.40 (76 reviews)
كوفي image
Coffee shop
😠 يا فاصخ الحياء الله لا يوفقك أطالب البلدية بتسكير هذا الكوفي المخل بالأداب فلوسك فلوس حرام ترا حسبي الله و نعم الوكيل فيك
1.40 (74 reviews)
Molina Healthcare of South Carolina image
Molina Healthcare of South Carolina
Medical Center
😠 Provider directory online does not work. Can't search and have to go through hundreds of listings to find a doctor. Employees provide incorrect information about providers, costing us hundreds of dollars in uncovered visits. It is impossible to get in touch with anyone via phone. Phone hold wait tim...
1.40 (74 reviews)
Chipotle Mexican Grill image
Chipotle Mexican Grill
Mexican restaurant
😠 No lemonade, no toilet paper, no paper towels, hallway storage closet, guacamole flat bland and browning, chips almost no salt, the server said they didn’t have onions and peppers because the manager didn’t give them time to make them, ten minutes later she and 3 others were standing around the sink...
1.40 (73 reviews)
Wanna Ltd image
Wanna Ltd
Moving supply store
😠 Abysmal service, let down at every step and a huge, frustrating stress for me when I'm moving home and have enough to worry about. Ordered boxes, was promised next day delivery. A week later and despite them having taken my money, no boxes, no help, no apology and no clue. Have called 8 times - each...
1.40 (72 reviews)
Glavnyy Tsentr Magistral'nykh Perevozok Pochty, Filial Fgup "Pochta Rossii", Ufimskiy Magistral'nyy Sortirovochnyy Tsentr image
Glavnyy Tsentr Magistral'nykh Perevozok Pochty, Filial Fgup "Pochta Rossii", Ufimskiy Magistral'nyy Sortirovochnyy Tsentr
Pawn shop
😠 Terrible department!!! Parcels lie for a week before being sent to my mail. There was a fact of theft of the parcel, in a word pid ..... sy.
1.40 (72 reviews)
Catus Odivelas image
Catus Odivelas
😠 Vergonhoso. Encaminhado pelo SNS24 e não existe referenciação. Apenas consulta para 48h depois. Dizem para ir ao hospital, quando os hospitais pedem para os utentes evitarem as urgências. Serviços públicos de saúde em Portugal são uma miragem. Um desrespeito completo por tudo.
1.40 (72 reviews)
Thai Express Restaurant Ottawa image
Thai Express Restaurant Ottawa
Thai restaurant
😠 So much oil! The tofu didn't even taste properly cooked and it tasted like the pad Thai was missing something. it didn't taste like pad Thai. I think it depends on the cook tho because last time the food didn't taste like this.
1.40 (72 reviews)
O'Hare Clinical Lab Services image
O'Hare Clinical Lab Services
😠 My family got tested for a PCR 3 days before their flight, the day they should have gotten their results the email was locked. We were told to call the doctor to get emailed the documents, and when he did it was all incorrect information. We took over 30 phone calls and 3 hours just to get results o...
1.40 (71 reviews)
Górski kebab image
Górski kebab
😠 Radzę omijać to miejsce szerokim łukiem! Gofry odmrażane, w dodatku podane w taki sposób, że w środku nadal były zamrożone. Poprosiłam ze śmietaną i świeżymi owocami, dostałam z brzoskwinią z puszki i spleśniałymi borówkami. Zażądałam zwrotu gotówki, jednak Pani za ladą poinformowała mnie, że jest t...
1.40 (70 reviews)
Clayhill Medical Practice image
Clayhill Medical Practice
Medical Center
😠 If this review even puts one patient of joining this practice then I’m happy with that. Honestly the most horrendous person I’ve ever spoken to is the Female GP here. After having my baby 3 months early and finally getting her home from hospital, my little girl became increasingly upset and unhappy....
1.40 (69 reviews)
Compass Health Systems image
Compass Health Systems
Medical clinic
👍👍 Seems like most people with bad experiences are quick to write reviews here about Compass Health, but what about those of us who have actually had a great experience with this practice? I am one of those people. I can't stress enough how helpful my doc has been. The appointment process was easy, co...
1.40 (68 reviews)
Poliklinik Farid 24 Jam image
Poliklinik Farid 24 Jam
Medical clinic
😠 Totally UNRECOMMENDED! The doctor was very rude. He run only a quick checkup on me and doesnt explain at all. I went there because of my sore throat, flu and my ear hurt. He checked me using his stethoscope and i didnt even managed to inhale exhale properly then it is already DONE!! It was very fast...
1.40 (67 reviews)
Flowers Health Center image
Flowers Health Center
Public medical center
😠 Las tres líneas de teléfono que tienen no las cogen nunca. Llevo toda la mañana y no hay forma. Hemos tenido que ir en persona para realizar la consulta y son secos y muy poco amables en el trato con los pacientes. Para rematar su pésima gestión hemos pedido cita para una cura y se han equivocado de...
1.40 (66 reviews)
Sayen Restaurante image
Sayen Restaurante
1.40 (66 reviews)
Extensão de Saúde - Santa Iria de Azóia image
Extensão de Saúde - Santa Iria de Azóia
Public medical center
👍👍 Se pretende uma experiência ao estilo do SNS da era soviética, este é o sítio para si! As filas fazem lembrar as filas da distribuição de racionamentos durante a segunda guerra Mundial e com metade das pessoas em estado crítico de saúde nessas mesmas filas a experiência é ainda mais realista. A rece...
1.40 (66 reviews)
きみ歯科・口腔外科クリニック image
Dental clinic
😠 1〜2年前にこちらで子供を治療に通わせていたのですが、根っこの治療してた所が腫れたり良くなったりを繰り返したので違う所で見てもらた所「ちゃんと治療できていない。ちゃんと根っこの治療し切れていない」と言われました。 衝撃でした。笑 おまけに治療やり直す必要があるそうで、まだまだ抜けないし放置しちゃうと永久...
1.40 (65 reviews)
Usta Dönerci image
Usta Dönerci
Doner kebab restaurant
😠 Şu an oturuyorum ve cidden parama yazık. "GELMEYİN! "hayatımda yediğim en berbat iskenderdi. Keşke karşıdaki Bursa Kebap'a gitseydim
$$ $$
1.40 (65 reviews)
Centro de Salud La Magdalena image
Centro de Salud La Magdalena
Public medical center
😠 Llevo 250 llamadas y nadie coge el teléfono. Vas alli y no estan haciendo nada esto es una vergüenza, dejan el teléfono sonar y no trabajan. Aun llamando 250 veces nadie te contesta y no se pueden pedir citas, que alguien me explique que hacer porque vas alli y te mandan llamar. Les pagan por no hac...
1.40 (65 reviews)
Oistros Café image
Oistros Café
😠 I think I’m not supposed to upload this picture, but price is too high, And they didn’t gave us wifi password until we order some food. That’s why I decided to upload this photo. But, let’s just be generous. This restaurant can earn money ONLY summer high season. Why don’t we think this is a fair p...
1.40 (65 reviews)
Rowad Dental Clinics image
Rowad Dental Clinics
Dental clinic
😠 اقسسسم بالله العظيم مستشفى حراميه ياخذون الفلوس ويقولك اخذنا المقاسات ولعد تشوف شي بعدها ،😡 المدير. حقهم النصاب ابو شعور طويله ماسك المستشفى هذا و رواد الابتسامه الفريده اللي فحي المنار ، جاري رفع شكاوي ف وزارة الصحه و المحكمه ل استرجاع المبلغ...
1.40 (64 reviews)
Loganberry Ridge image
Loganberry Ridge
Apartment complex
😠 I have been living here for 10 months and I am breaking my lease within ASAP. First off, they tried to give my an apartment with dead roaches all over. They carpet was dirty. I asked for a new one and they gave me a new one. Second, which ever one of my neighbors have roaches and bed bugs to where i...
1.40 (64 reviews)
Gril Bar. image
Gril Bar.
Fast food restaurant
👍 Ceny umiarkowane,jedzenie dobre,kolejka długa a obsługa miła choć raczej przemęczona zwłaszcza zachowaniem klientów.
1.40 (64 reviews)
Ashfield Medical Centre image
Ashfield Medical Centre
Medical Center
😠 What a joke This place needs taking over or shutting down They don’t want to see you they don’t answer the phone. Even if you just want to put in a request for a call back service they just tell you to ring back at 8:15 just so they can tell you to do the same tomorrow. Absolutely useless surgery
1.40 (63 reviews)
Segafredo image
Coffee shop
😠 I thought the Sahara was in Merzouga but apparently you can also experience it here. The most dry sandwich I ever ate in my life buh
1.40 (63 reviews)
Coffeeat image
😠 Αρχικά 1:30 ώρα καθυστέρηση,παραγγείλαμε στις 4:40 τα ξημερώματα οπότε ο μονος λόγος καθυστέρησης ήταν ο ντελιβερας να ήταν υπέρβαρος και να μην τραβούσε το μηχανάκι (άλλωστε ήμαστε στο βουνό οποτε δικαιολογείται). Η παραγγελία μας περιείχε 1 κόκα κόλα η οποία ήταν γευστικοτατη, 2 πίτσες οι οποίες ε...
1.40 (63 reviews)
Greens At Hillcrest image
Greens At Hillcrest
Apartment complex
🫤 I was approved to move in this complex over 4 years ago. I like the outside surroundings, loved the spacious living room and kitchen. The rooms was small but the price was great. However, there was a few issues in the kitchen that I asked if they will repair and replace. The manager (Male) response...
1.40 (63 reviews)
T-Rex Planet image
T-Rex Planet
Amusement center
😠 *I originally posted this review on their Facebook page where it was promptly deleted and I was blocked from commenting. WHAT A HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT! After paying $90 for my family to enjoy a day of dinosaurs, I expected more than a bunch of cheap looking animatronic displays with signs I could bare...
1.40 (62 reviews)
Centro de Salud de Lucena I image
Centro de Salud de Lucena I
Public medical center
1.40 (62 reviews)
Zipz Store image
Zipz Store
Convenience store
😠 Not a rumor. I have encountered this problem in the past at the EXACT Zips location. I swore to myself that I wouldn't go back. Bad on me, out of convenience I have gone a few time since. This morning I saw shift manager, and man I believe is General Manager, and stated: "I heard you made an old...
1.40 (62 reviews)
Kanha shyam tourist dhaba image
Kanha shyam tourist dhaba
Dine-in · Drive-through
1.40 (62 reviews)
EPI Management, LLC image
EPI Management, LLC
Property management company
😠 Just like the majority of the other reviewers, I personally think a 1-star rating is being generous but there are no other options. This is one of the most poorly run, unprofessional companies I've ever dealt with and one of the best things about selling my property is not having to deal with them...
1.40 (62 reviews)
Q-Park Operations Danmark A/S image
Q-Park Operations Danmark A/S
Parking garage
😠 Their main business is tricking people into thinking they've done everything right, so they can later charge inflated fines. Avoid Qpark under all circumstances. They don't want to do business, they're just out there to scam people!
1.40 (61 reviews)
Sfizi Napoletani image
Sfizi Napoletani
Neapolitan restaurant
😠 Writing my first ever review for this Tourist Scam 💀 26€ for 2 Aperol Spritz and a small calamari platter. (And no receipt, so I can't tell if that was the real price lmao) I should have known this place was a scam when there was no prices on the menu. Waiter was on his phone and smoking next to...
1.40 (61 reviews)
Somerset Medical Center image
Somerset Medical Center
Medical clinic
1.40 (60 reviews)
Mallard Pointe image
Mallard Pointe
Apartment building
😠 Crossed this place off on my apartment search immediately! I went to the office to inquire on the application process and what all I would need to provide. When opened the door the staff was behind the desk on a personal phone call.. She looked at me like she was very upset for coming into the OPEN...
1.40 (60 reviews)
Spencer image
Computer store
😠 These guys don't have any technical knowledge, they will keep your laptop for months, do several experiments on your laptop and then return your laptop even in worst condition. Mr. Pratik Raut is very arrogant and don't have knowledge how to speak with customers. I gave them my laptop in a working c...
1.40 (60 reviews)
Dg media and entertainment S.A. image
Dg media and entertainment S.A.
Entertainment agency
😠 DESASTRE. Arruinaron completamente el recital de Depeche Mode de principio a fin. PÉSIMA organización, tuvimos que caminar más de 20 cuadras para ingresar al lugar, no se respetaron los accesos. El sonido fue de una calidad horrible y lo visual brilló por su ausencia, hubo fallas técnicas inadmisibl...
1.40 (60 reviews)
Chen Kang Wellness NEX image
Chen Kang Wellness NEX
Massage parlor
🫤 This is a low class foot massage place. The staff asks you to wash your own feet and then let you walk on their epic dusty and disgusting carpet after I washed my feet Damn clean. The ceiling and every crevice is also filled with epic thick dust. Some masseus just chit chat nonsense non stop and kep...
1.40 (60 reviews)
Carmona Health Center image
Carmona Health Center
Public medical center
1.40 (60 reviews)
El Rincón Taurino image
El Rincón Taurino
😠 Ni una estrella se merece, ahora veréis las fotos. No pares. Ni a comer ni comprar nada, los productos que tienen están en mal estado y pasados. Hemos comido tres parejas y cuatro niños. Hemos pedido un plató de calamares que ponía de barca y eran calamares de bolsa congelados me a cobrado 14€ por...
1.40 (59 reviews)
Planet Chaud image
Planet Chaud
$$ $$
1.40 (59 reviews)
Vino beauty oriental image
Vino beauty oriental
Beauty salon
😠 Une de mes sœurs c’est rendu dans votre institut avant la fête de l’Aïd pour faire une prestation de henné dans votre salon déjà ne parlons pas du prix (20€ les 2 mains) qui ne vaut même pas une mains et le lendemain de la prestation le tatouage henné s’en allait déjà !!! Personne très hautaine. JE...
1.40 (58 reviews)
Avicenna Medical Centre image
Avicenna Medical Centre
Medical Center
😠 Not fit for purpose. They need more people answering the phone. I have had to contact various surgeries recently for family members, and none are as bad as Avicenna for answering the phone. I don't understand how there can be over an hour's wait every time you call. This morning, I phone to get...
1.40 (58 reviews)
Tamilnadu Electricity Board image
Tamilnadu Electricity Board
Electricity board
😠 Not response not attend the call very bad electricity off neelangarai
1.40 (57 reviews)
LICUTI FLORIN - Chirurgien-dentiste image
LICUTI FLORIN - Chirurgien-dentiste
😠 Écoutez les autres commentaires… malheureux d’être aussi mal noté et de ne pas s’en soucier ou de se remettre en question. Venu pour un détartrage, c’est expéditif : « installez vous », 2 minutes maximum et « on arrête là, vous payez en sans contact? », 43 euros pour ca… normalement, c’est entre 30...
1.40 (56 reviews)
Local clinic 1 ZPZOZ image
Local clinic 1 ZPZOZ
Medical clinic
😠 Czy ktoś tam w ogóle wie, jak wygląda sieć telefonów wewnętrznych, z przekierowaniem na dane stanowisko, żeby nie było, iż jest ciągle zajęte? Czy ktoś w ogóle, zacznijmy od tego, umie ten telefon wreszcie odebrać, gdy już zajęty nie jest? Wreszcie, czy w XXI wieku, dobie komputeryzacji, na serio ni...
1.40 (56 reviews)
Public medical center
😠 Po prostu tragedia. Dzisiaj tj. 13.04.21r. mój tato miał wizytę u neurologa , bardzo miły Pan doktor, który po wizycie kazał umówić tatę na następną wizytę. Niestety nie udało nam się umówić następnej wizyty, ponieważ pani w rejestracji była tak nieuprzejma i niesympatyczna, w ogóle nie zainteresow...
1.40 (56 reviews)
Norwalk Parking Authority image
Norwalk Parking Authority
City government office
😠 My wife and I are residents of Norwalk, CT for a very long time. We recently purchased two new cars and my wifes vehicle was let in to Calf Pasture Beach no problem, 10 minutes later she had a $150 ticket for not having a beach pass which was not required the year before. City Hall has been closed d...
1.40 (56 reviews)
Pizza Factory image
Pizza Factory
Pizza restaurant
😠 Terrible service!! They do not send you the pizzas you request and apart from that they send them burnt and 2 hours after you place the order. Uber Eats should remove this type of business.
1.40 (56 reviews)
Health Center San Jose Linares C image
Health Center San Jose Linares C
Public medical center
😠 Ésta valoración es exclusivamente para las mujeres que atienden el mostrador para dar citas presenciales y telefónicas. Es El peor centro de salud de España en el que he estado con diferencia. Por desgracia nos toca ir a menudo y siempre son peleas y malas caras en la recepción para pedir citas y r...
1.40 (55 reviews)
Przychodnia Med-Alko image
Przychodnia Med-Alko
Medical clinic
😠 Przychodnia traktująca pacjenta jak zło konieczne, rejestracja nie odbiera telefonów (słuchawka odłożona)i do lekarza umówi się kto pierwszy ten lepszy lub jak stoisz od 6 a rejestracja od 8 to moze sie uda, ale oczywiscie starsze osoby ktorym sie zawsze spieszy musza byc pierwsze bo majac male dzie...
1.40 (55 reviews)
CLM Medinet S.A. image
CLM Medinet S.A.
Medical clinic
😠 The worst insurance company I have ever used, it is difficult to call the hotline, there is also online registration, but you still have to call and remind yourself. Making an appointment takes up to over a week (despite reminders), which means you have to wait a long time for your appointment, the...
1.40 (54 reviews)
LECO Customer Service Centre Galle image
LECO Customer Service Centre Galle
Electric utility company
😠 First of all I definitely don't think they deserve even a star for their poor service. Unfortunately we cannot comment without at least giving one star. LECO Galle, just want to know if your telephone line works from electric power coz soon as a power cut happens your phone line goes off as well. S...
1.40 (54 reviews)
Cisneros image
😠 It's a business that scams tourists... they wait until you have to pay to tell you that the promotional prices are cash only. Better go to pancho villa which is half a block away. They don't accept cards (they bounced MercadoLibre, MasterCSRD debit and OrangeX visa) except for very few... neither th...
1.40 (54 reviews)
Polyclinic Penawar Kulai image
Polyclinic Penawar Kulai
Medical clinic
😠 Poorest clinic I ever went. Went twice in cosecutive 2 days, said I was just common flu as the thermometer can't detect my fever (36.4 shown), even medicine given was NOT effective at all. Just found out I was diagnosed with Influenza A but not common flu at private clinic, with high fever of 39.5...
1.40 (54 reviews)
University Hospital Emergency Room image
University Hospital Emergency Room
Emergency room
😠 This place is a joke. 10+ hours in the ER with my pregnant wife. For them to absolutely nothing.... we had to complain about needing water for her 4 times before they gave her an apple juice. Literally no one checked up on us. We would see a nurse every 3-4 hours and all they said is you hav...
1.40 (53 reviews)
MedHelp Sjukvårdsrådgivning AB image
MedHelp Sjukvårdsrådgivning AB
Public medical center
😠 On Thursday 9/12 I had to wait a long time before my phone call was answered by a nonchalant nurse on 1177. He was totally uninterested in what I had to say about my symptoms. During the conversation, I stated the following facts about my state of health: type 1 diabetic with all the symptoms of ke...
1.40 (53 reviews)
Wilson Parking - 425 Collins Street, Melbourne CBD, VIC Car Park image
Wilson Parking - 425 Collins Street, Melbourne CBD, VIC Car Park
Parking garage
😠 Death by parking DO NOT park here. Your car will be stuck Your car may be scratched You may need to reverse all the way out to the entrance. The only way out is to drive out of the entrance. Enter at your own risk. I already gave up but must persevere for my family. If you think life is tough, park...
1.40 (53 reviews)
Bonapetito image
😠 For the price of PLN 5.99 per 100 g, I expected warm food of good quality. However, I was very disappointed. The dishes on both plates looked very appealing, once you paid the rather high bill (PLN 100) for a portion for two people. Stuffed cabbage, meatballs, potatoes and Silesian dumplings were co...
1.40 (52 reviews)
Restaurant Paraiso image
Restaurant Paraiso
😠 I live in Puerto and speak Spanish and can confirm that whoever runs this place now is the worst in Puerto, don't go here until management or something changes. It used to just be overpriced but otherwise about the same as most other cabana locations around town. I once had a Mexican waiter physica...
1.40 (52 reviews)
Atlantic Terminal Dental, P.C. image
Atlantic Terminal Dental, P.C.
😠 Dont ignore the reviews like i did! Do NOT go here. Waited 6 weeks for this appointment. Told the receptionist I haven’t been to the dentist in 3 years. She only scheduled me for a cleaning. Meaning no check up, no x-rays, no nothing. The dental hygienist gave a half-way cleaning, prodded around and...
1.40 (52 reviews)
Sección de Enseñanza de Valencia - Junta Calificadora de Conocimiento del Idioma Valenciano image
Sección de Enseñanza de Valencia - Junta Calificadora de Conocimiento del Idioma Valenciano
Local government office
😠 Una vez más se cumplen las condiciones de la mediocridad a cargo de la administración de los organismos públicos. Tras 18 intentos de llamada en diferentes intervalos horarios a lo largo de la mañana desde las 9:00 horas hasta las 14:00 horas NO he obtenido respuesta telefónica alguna. Me parece una...
1.40 (52 reviews)
EMERGENCY - Kingdom Hospital image
EMERGENCY - Kingdom Hospital
Emergency room
😠 The worst in Riyadh if not in the entire world. Though it’s emergency, but they ask you to take turns and wait. We waited for over 25 minutes and if it wasn’t for my husband’s nagging, we could’ve waited longer. The nurse checked my blood sugar and didn’t even have a bandage to stop the blood. Terri...
1.40 (52 reviews)
Centro Salud las Torres de Cotillas image
Centro Salud las Torres de Cotillas
Public medical center
😠 Es una vergüenza que por llegar 10 minutos tarde para dejar una analítica en el mostrador, te digan que no puedes dejarla y son capaces a repetir todo el trabajo de volver a pedir cita con tu médico...etc .. para que te hagas otra analítica y pasen dos semanas más para saber si te pasa algo... Que p...
1.40 (52 reviews)
Rowlands Pharmacy Bradford Royal Infirmary image
Rowlands Pharmacy Bradford Royal Infirmary
😠 No stars at all for this terrible pharmacy. Obviously when you get a hospital prescription you have no choice but to get the prescription from there and unfortunately I've had to use them nearly every week for about 8 weeks. Each time the wait in the queue is atrocious, usually around 40 minutes. Ea...
1.40 (52 reviews)
幸運草文創館 image
Souvenir store
😠 The female shop assistant has a very bad attitude== It turns out that hats can only be worn by girls? Boys can't buy hats? ? Just take it and scold it. I really don’t understand. I advise everyone to go to the one opposite. The attitude is 100 times better (˶‾᷄ ⁻̫ ‾᷅˵)
1.40 (52 reviews)
Pedro, Juan & Diego image
Pedro, Juan & Diego
Fast food restaurant
😠 His wea hamburger came burnt, the crispy chicken did not come, the ketchup wea was BBQ, the potatoes were too salty, the avocado of doubtful date and they came without a tray. A local garbage ♡´・ᴗ・`♡
$$ $$
1.40 (52 reviews)
Cencor image
General practitioner
😠 My daughter visited Dr Hermano today and left completely disappointed! Firstly, he was without a mask, with his feet on the table, cowboy belt... nothing against cowboys. My daughter is 19 years old, she is incredibly tired, the skin on her face is inflamed with pimples, she doesn't sleep well and a...
1.40 (51 reviews)
UK Parking Patrol Office image
UK Parking Patrol Office
Parking lot
😠 its a joke, i just bought the car and after 1 month i have to pay a parking charge, and i am 100% sure wasn't me, because on the picture what they provide the car has different wheels, front bumper, i think they put the wrong date on the parking charge, and send it to me, scammers, scammers.
1.40 (51 reviews)
Волжская городская поликлиника №4 image
Волжская городская поликлиника №4
Medical clinic
😠 Horrible and rude service at the reception. From 8.00-12.15 today, September 21, 2020, we could not get through to the reception to call a doctor. So what they do at the reception desk, they just pick up the phone and it’s impossible to get through because the line seems to be busy... They crawled t...
1.40 (51 reviews)
Entertainment agency
😠 Feel cheated and deceived ! I bought the box in June 2018 and was told it is a one off payment for purchase of the box by their representative here in Auckland , Aleena she says we have to pay $ 130 to buy the code as the box is now deactivated. Had I been informed at the time of purchase, I...
1.40 (51 reviews)
Medicus Medical Clinic image
Medicus Medical Clinic
Medical clinic
😠 Rejestracja zasługuje na ocenę ujemną. Brak możliwości umówienia wizyty do lekarza rodzinnego. Panie nie powinny mieć kontaktu z pacjentami, bo tam dzwonią ludzie chorzy. Są opryskliwe, a pacjent to zło konieczne. Na receptę czeka się tydzień. Rejestracja tylko telefoniczna odpowiedziała Pani bardzo...
1.40 (51 reviews)
Zito Media image
Zito Media
Internet service provider
😠 I have zito media and it is the worst Wi-Fi ever. It has outages every 10 minutes and when it’s not having an outage it’s horrendously slow and zito is the only Wi-Fi provider available where I live at. DONT GET IT. Use a potato with some wires instead.
1.40 (51 reviews)
Hospital Universitari Sant Joan de Reus Emergency Room image
Hospital Universitari Sant Joan de Reus Emergency Room
Emergency room
😠 I arrived at 10:30 in the morning because I had HORRIBLE abdominal pain that I thought was an ovarian cyst or something like that, and they saw me at 5 HOURS, and to top it off they told me that they needed 2 h to analyze the urine. I left the hospital at 6 in the afternoon.
1.40 (50 reviews)
Coffee Express image
Coffee Express
👍👍 I had a transfer at this airport and my plane was delayed. Accordingly, I needed somewhere to spend some time. The first thing that caught my eye was this coffee shop. In fact, after the news of the delayed flight, I was completely upset and needed to take a breath. Here I met a very nice girl, whos...
1.40 (50 reviews)
Paname Tap House CDG image
Paname Tap House CDG
😠 Obviously it’s in an airport so prices are a bit ridiculous, but I wouldn’t mind if it weren’t for the incredibly rude staff. Ordered from a woman who stared at me like i’d punched her mother in the face and who practically threw the bill at us and two other customers about 5 minutes later Then she...
1.40 (50 reviews)
Dr M Umar - Nelson Medical Practice image
Dr M Umar - Nelson Medical Practice
😠 Not only is it impossible to get through on the phone no matter what time of day you ring at (rang a number of 40 times yesterday and still couldn’t get through) but when you do eventually get through youre met by a rude and ignorant receptionist. Asked me in a sarcastic and fed up tone if it was an...
1.40 (50 reviews)
Popeyes image
Chicken restaurant
Louisiana-inspired fast-food chain known for its spicy fried chicken, biscuits & sides.
$$ $$
1.40 (50 reviews)
Centre de Salut Parque Alcosa image
Centre de Salut Parque Alcosa
Public medical center
😠 They are rude, without empathy, the treatment at reception is incredibly bad, they do not give solutions, they do not have the slightest tact with older people, not to mention the telephone that could already be taken away, since it is impossible to contact the center health, if you go to Alfafar's...
1.40 (50 reviews)
Night club
😠 Infact, I want to rate NEGATIVE about this scam place. It is the worst club I have ever been to. It is a full scam also. Their waiters/Bartenders don't present a menu card and will take names of a few drinks, for which they will charge a very very hefty price and you could do nothing. Being a travel...
1.40 (50 reviews)
Vivamed image
Walk-in clinic
😠 Ta przychodnia to jakaś kpina i parodia. Personel- brak profesjonalizmu, podejścia i zaangażowania. Ze wszystkim jest zawsze problem. Rejestracja - jedna pani jest tylko sympatyczna, reszta jest tam chyba za karę. Dodzwonić się do przychodni graniczy z cudem, a jeżeli już się uda, to i tak nie ma nu...
1.40 (50 reviews)
Zum Landsknecht image
Zum Landsknecht
😠 Places like this should NOT be allowed to operate. The Schnitzels we ordered tasted like old, dry, frozen meat, drenched in grease. It was so off-putting not just visually but taste-wise that even hunger could not make us to eat the Schnitzel. To say we were appalled would be a gross understatement.
1.50 (1.4K reviews)
Tokyo Japanese Restaurant image
Tokyo Japanese Restaurant
South Asian restaurant
😠 Tourist trap! They will trick you every single step 1. All you can €7.8 it does not real, when you order they will serve you another menu look like but price €18.9. In image that ramen with totally different taste with €18.9 2. Really slow cook you need to wait for longer time 3. Upsize without ask...
$$ $$
1.50 (1.2K reviews)
Vivienne Café Restaurant image
Vivienne Café Restaurant
😠 So they came out and grabbed us off the street. It looked ok. Nice balcony. Ordered a noodle dish for 100,000 (about $5 US) and then requested a wine list. The man responded “red or white”. We chose white. He brought the wine. Was very pushy. When we went to leave he says we owe 2,300,000 (roughly $...
1.50 (907 reviews)
GLS Austria image
GLS Austria
Shipping and mailing service
1.50 (728 reviews)
😠 Tourist-Usury and SCAM! The prices outside are different to those on the menu, the signs outside where removed so its not easy to know the name of the ristorante! When you ask them why they dont change the prices, they said the menu was changed last few days - of course thats a lie as you can see on...
1.50 (558 reviews)
Le Venaissin image
Le Venaissin
Provence restaurant
😠 I have eaten in many restaurants in Avignon, trust me this place is the worst! The royal paella was a disaster, there weren’t any of the ingredients of the menu in it (for example the ribs, and when we asked for the pork ribs they only shook their heads!) And about the staffs: they are only kind and...
1.50 (489 reviews)
McDonald's Paris Carrousel Du Louvre image
McDonald's Paris Carrousel Du Louvre
Fast food restaurant
Classic, long-running fast-food chain known for its burgers & fries.
$ $$$
1.50 (479 reviews)
Bar Widokowy image
Bar Widokowy
1.50 (463 reviews)
Sal Dulce Cafeteria image
Sal Dulce Cafeteria
😠 First of all, the cocktails were not a succes. The alcohol was missing, the glass was still dirty and they are simply not worth your money. We ordered multiple tapas dishes, all of them were not good. The squid rings were missing squid, the mushroom were disgusting, the fries too salty and the bread...
1.50 (392 reviews)
United States Postal Service image
United States Postal Service
Post office
1.50 (386 reviews)
Café-restaurant Vert-Citron image
Café-restaurant Vert-Citron
Provence restaurant
😠 It's NOT a good restaurant, very bad pizzas and hamburgers. It all tastes blund and disgusting. Nothing is home made and the waiters are lazy and just smoking in front of everyone. If you are reading this when you already ordered. Leave before you ordered or payed. Don't go here.
1.50 (379 reviews)

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