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BeActive - sports cards for fitness image
BeActive - sports cards for fitness
Fitness center
😠 I transfered the money for a membership. First no reaction. I called them a week later they said they didnt get my mail. I sent it again to the same mail address and they got it. Surprise. Consequently, they said okay we ll send your membership today. Next week I called them again. Beactive is now c...
2.50 (87 reviews)
Santa Clarita Athletic Club image
Santa Clarita Athletic Club
😠 Current member. Going to have to agree with all the other 1star reviews in regards to customer service. Staff is rude and management clearly doesnt care. Sat down in the managers office to voice my concerns and she actually got up and left the conversation to go and make some visitors walking by her...
2.80 (90 reviews)
Gold's Gym image
Gold's Gym
2.90 (115 reviews)

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