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Logistics Health Incorporated image
Logistics Health Incorporated
Occupational health service
😠 I've been jammed in their system for 9 months for a C&P exam on a disability claim. 9 months the VA has been requesting more information from the doctor so they can process my claim. I have heard from their employees that this should have been closed out and to the VA in 21 from the time I was exami...
1.90 (76 reviews)
Family Home Doctors image
Family Home Doctors
General practitioner
😠 So unprofessional, would not recommend. Phoned at 10am Sunday morning to make an appointment for my 1 and 2yr old, was told a doctor would not be starting in the area until 4pm, which was fine. At 8pm my 1 yrs symptoms worsen so we rang back to get an update on when to expect to see a doctor, was t...
2.50 (139 reviews)
MedCenter 360° Berlin-Steglitz image
MedCenter 360° Berlin-Steglitz
Medical clinic
😠 So gut die Ärzte auch sind, die Zustände sind eine Katastrophe in dieser Praxis - Mails werden auch nach 4 Wochen nicht beantwortet, ans Telefon geht niemand oder es ist besetzt - dringende Rückfragen werden nicht beantwortet, an Folgerezepte zu kommen beinahe unmöglich, denn entweder man stellt sic...
2.70 (165 reviews)
Joanna Ayala, MD image
Joanna Ayala, MD
Family practice physician
😠 I highly recommend them, if you can get past the incompetency of the staff. Good luck trying to navigate the phone tree. If you do, no one will ever call you back. Ever. Forever ever? Forever ever ever. (Sorry, Ms. Jackson). Need a Med refill? Voicemail is full. Need an appointment? Good luck. No on...
2.70 (55 reviews)
Citywest Medical, Centric Health image
Citywest Medical, Centric Health
Medical Center
2.80 (79 reviews)
Kale piles hospital image
Kale piles hospital
😠 As soon as you enter the hospital you will realise that all the staff and doctor's aim is to take maximum money from you. The hospital is a complete scam. The doctor only scares you to push you for a surgery. The doctor does not even tell you what has happened and why that condition has happened....
2.90 (117 reviews)

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