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P&O Apartments image
P&O Apartments
Real estate rental agency
๐Ÿ˜  Very bad experience with them. I reserved apartments via Booking about month earlier. In the reservation I chose to pay during check-in. One day before the check-in they told me to pay via some other link (not Booking) or they will not give me keys and I will need to go to their office. Office works...
1.60 (100 reviews)
Dream Apartments Manchester image
Dream Apartments Manchester
Serviced accommodation
1.70 (184 reviews)
Morgan Properties image
Morgan Properties
Apartment complex
1.90 (276 reviews)
The Woodlands image
The Woodlands
Apartment complex
1.90 (144 reviews)
Riverchase Park image
Riverchase Park
Apartment complex
๐Ÿ˜  Two months ago, I applied for an apartment at this property. The original deposit was $225. I paid $325 for the deposit because of a fraud alert on my account, or so I was told. I went back to get that deposit due to personal reasons. I returned with the deposit again of $325 within a week or two fr...
1.90 (76 reviews) image
Apartment rental agency
๐Ÿ˜  Cigarette smoke in the bedroom and management office don't care. I rented an apartment from them at Meridian Square, everything was perfect until we started getting cigarette smoke in the main bedroom from the bathroom because our downstairs neighbor smokes inside his bathroom and the management of...
1.90 (64 reviews)
Saddleback Ranch Apartments image
Saddleback Ranch Apartments
Apartment building
1.90 (63 reviews)
Advenir at Cherry Creek North image
Advenir at Cherry Creek North
Apartment complex
2.00 (214 reviews)
Laguna Creek image
Laguna Creek
Apartment rental agency
๐Ÿ˜  I wouldnโ€™t recommend ANYONE to move here, my air been broke for that last couple of weeks.. like how is my thermostat is on 50 but itโ€™s 80 degrees in here๐ŸฅดI called SEVERAL times , I have a one year old child. Sheโ€™s constantly sweating. I was at work one day and had got a notification saying that my...
2.10 (75 reviews)
Lyx Miami Suites image
Lyx Miami Suites
Short term apartment rental agency
๐Ÿ˜  This place needs to be sued! We stayed there from 3/18/2017 to 3/20/2017. It has been over a month and we have not received our deposit of $250 back. We emailed first and they ignored emails. First time, I called customer service lied that deposit was sent. Two weeks later, no deposit. Called second...
2.10 (64 reviews)
Riverwood Apartment Homes image
Riverwood Apartment Homes
Apartment building
2.10 (62 reviews)
The Osprey Apartments image
The Osprey Apartments
Apartment complex
2.10 (56 reviews)
Park at Lake Magdalene Apartments & Townhomes image
Park at Lake Magdalene Apartments & Townhomes
Apartment rental agency
๐Ÿ˜  Want to live among trash and risk your health? Look no further! We live in the condominiums BEHIND this dump of a complex and the trash just keeps piling up. Itโ€™s been like this since BEFORE Christmas Eve. Iโ€™ve tried calling but they never answer, hence the review. This is disgusting.
2.20 (253 reviews)
Lakeshore Drive Apartment Homes image
Lakeshore Drive Apartment Homes
Apartment rental agency
2.20 (167 reviews)
Sarasota South image
Sarasota South
Apartment complex
2.20 (85 reviews)
Carriage Oaks Apartments image
Carriage Oaks Apartments
Apartment complex
๐Ÿ˜  To start, the office staff are rude and condescending. I had a severe injury on the property because they donโ€™t properly maintain the sidewalks in the winter, the maintenance staff are all drug dealing crackheads (witnessed this almost daily in my building, they also park in handicap spots all night...
2.20 (84 reviews)
Ramblewood Apartments image
Ramblewood Apartments
Apartment rental agency
๐Ÿซค i canโ€™t even begin to say how much i regret moving in here. we have only been here almost a month and have had so many cons to living here. first off the people that help you with the moving in process and application do nothing but not listen and less then the bare minimum to help. they gave us the...
2.30 (364 reviews)
Windsor Lakes Apartment Homes image
Windsor Lakes Apartment Homes
Apartment rental agency
๐Ÿ˜  End of June review: The pool is a lie. Moved in in March, I get it, too early for the pool.... So why is it almost July, halfway through summer, and still no pool?! It's literally one of the reasons why we moved in here. Why offer it as an amenity if it's not a thing residents can use!?! For weeks...
2.30 (237 reviews)
The Warwick Apartments image
The Warwick Apartments
Apartment complex
๐Ÿ˜  This place is the WORST. All the good reviewers were bribed with incentives. Building is roach infested and smelly. We had mold on our wall from a leak and it took them 30 days to come fix it. If I could give them 0 stars I would. Management has very poor communication with tenants. Overpriced & not...
2.30 (225 reviews)
Landing at Angle Lake Apartments image
Landing at Angle Lake Apartments
Apartment rental agency
2.30 (97 reviews)
Emerson at Cherry Lane image
Emerson at Cherry Lane
Apartment rental agency
2.30 (93 reviews)
Red Top Tower Apartments image
Red Top Tower Apartments
Apartment rental agency
๐Ÿ˜  Worst building you can rent at. The pipes burst three times since August. Which flooded apartments, the lobby, and other areas. The elevators DO NOT WORK. Out of three elevators, only one is still running, they've had plenty of excuses saying why they don't work, from parts being shipped elsewhere...
2.30 (93 reviews)
Central Park image
Central Park
Apartment building
๐Ÿ˜  DO NOT MOVE HERE!!!!!! I have been out here going on a year next month and I turned in my 60 day notice. I pay $1100 plus in rent for a two bedroom two bath. The apartment itself is nice, I have a upgraded (wooden floors except in bedrooms, covered porch and fireplace),but they need to upgrade these...
2.30 (81 reviews)
Muirwood image
Apartment complex
๐Ÿซค Iโ€™m a new resident, I arrived about 3 months ago at this apartments and honestly, the thin walls and floors are already driving me crazy, I'm staying on the ground floor and I hear EVERYTHING that my neighbor above me makes in their apartment and it's soooo annoying. Just now I saw another comment c...
2.40 (508 reviews)
47seventy Settler's Point image
47seventy Settler's Point
Apartment rental agency
2.40 (197 reviews)
Lake Meadows Apartments image
Lake Meadows Apartments
Apartment building
๐Ÿ˜  This building is not worth the price. The list of problems below are very minimal. I encourage everyone to find a better apartment elsewhere, lakemeadows pretends to be a great living environment during the initial process, but itโ€™s not safe nor worth the price. Recently, two young men were arreste...
2.40 (184 reviews)
Wyvernwood Garden Apartments image
Wyvernwood Garden Apartments
Apartment complex
๐Ÿ˜  Some thing big to consider, THERE IS NO PARKING, EVER. You will waste your gas looking for parking. Yes, they'll give you a parking permit, which will be worthless because there is never any parking in the parking lots either. Reserved parking? They say they will call the residences when one becomes...
2.40 (136 reviews)
Westchester West Apartments image
Westchester West Apartments
Apartment complex
๐Ÿ˜  I'm afraid everything that has been mentioned is absolutely true. I am being told I owe money I do not owe and constantly being threatened with eviction. I dont have a huge bug problem but the mice are ridiculous. They never search for holes they only fill the ones that you find along the way. Maint...
2.40 (85 reviews)
Island Park Towers image
Island Park Towers
Apartment rental agency
๐Ÿ˜  I'm only giving this a star because there's no option not to give any. Now under new ownership who appear to not care at all about their tenants. They allow cigarette smoking indoors despite making tenants sign a non-smoking policy. Complaints about the smell are ignored. The lady in the office...
2.40 (66 reviews)

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