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Bpelectro60 image
Electronics store
😠 Site à bannir absolument. Aucun sérieux. Très bon pour encaisser la vente, en revanche beaucoup moins bon pour livrer le produit,délais beaucoup trop long pas de suivi de colis ,l'état de votre commande n'évolue pas sur le site,15 jour et pas de nouvelle bravo, dernière commande me concernant. Encor...
1.60 (121 reviews)
BraunOni B.V. image
BraunOni B.V.
Battery store
😠 Bought a drone battery for Phantom 2 on Battery Upgrade. After a long time, it came, but it did not work at all. Have tried charging it with 3 different chargers. Nothing works. The battery is dead. How to contact the company's helpdesk? Where do you return the item? How to get your money back? Do n...
1.60 (56 reviews)
POWER Mall of Scandinavia image
POWER Mall of Scandinavia
Electronics store
😠 Nonchalant and unknowledgeable employees. Also the slowest service I’ve ever received at a store, even though I could see a bunch of employees doing nothing in the store that could’ve come and helped out. They also happily ignore the rules and guidelines about returns stated on Power’s own website....
2.10 (55 reviews)
Electro Premium image
Electro Premium
Appliance store
In-store shopping · In-store pick-up · Delivery
2.60 (199 reviews)
Casino Supermarché image
Casino Supermarché
😐 Compared to other Casino stores I have shopped at, this one has too little assortment. The second problem is the exterior appearance of the building - it scares more than it invites. When I first shopped at this store, I had to wait for the cashier who was walking around the store out of boredom. S...
2.70 (488 reviews)
ABCDIN Puerto Natales image
ABCDIN Puerto Natales
Electronics store
😠 Horrible la atención más encima te meten garantías extras al producto sin informar , inflando los precios , y así pasando piola , pobre gente de la tercera edad!!! Las vendedoras todas unas chantas !!!
2.70 (99 reviews)
Lem's image
Furniture store
😠 Romanian store, Romanian treats! First of all, the transport is paid by the customer, despite the fact that the prices are among the most expensive on the market! Maybe it's a minor detail, but the cost of a product will necessarily increase There is no possibility of return, practiced by any merch...
2.80 (52 reviews)
BUT image
Furniture store
In-store shopping · Kerbside pickup · Delivery
2.90 (1.6K reviews)
BUT image
Furniture store
2.90 (345 reviews)
Argos Cheapside image
Argos Cheapside
Department store
😠 BEWARE. If you buy a product from Argos and touch it they will not let you return it. I bought a tv and tried to return it 5 days later with all original packing, having not turned it on, as not as described on website. They said finger marks on the screen (which still had the protective screen film...
$$ $$
2.90 (187 reviews)
Argos Angel Islington image
Argos Angel Islington
Department store
😠 A terrible experience trying to return some headphones (6 days after purchasing) due to a fault. Store manager, Mariam refused to take these back (presumably due to store return targets) and insisted I took them to another store. Eventually I managed to return them at a very helpful store elsewhere...
$$ $$
2.90 (179 reviews)
Ganapathi Enterprises Shastrinagar image
Ganapathi Enterprises Shastrinagar
Appliance store
😠 The store deserves a zero star. Buy at your own risk! They sell saying it's unused product but what we get is a used product, roughly used. I wasted 14000 on buying a second hand machine which i could have easily got a used one for 8000 outside. Cheats!
2.90 (174 reviews)
Andrea Shop image
Andrea Shop
Electronics store
In-store shopping · In-store pick-up · Delivery
2.90 (158 reviews)
Big Sandy Superstore (Corporate Office) image
Big Sandy Superstore (Corporate Office)
Furniture store
😠 Dear Public, I would like to let everyone know the type of treatment my family and I have received from Big Sandy Furniture. I purchased a New matching Stove and Refrigerator for my parents as a Christmas Gift. This was their first new set ever due to their income. I picked it up and delivered it on...
2.90 (132 reviews)
Darty Matoury (Guyane) image
Darty Matoury (Guyane)
Appliance store
In-store shopping · In-store pick-up
2.90 (121 reviews)
EasyOffers image
Home goods store
😠 Ελπίζω πραγματικά να μην υπάρχει το θράσος να απαντηθεί η παρακάτω κριτική μου με δικαιολογίες καθώς πραγματικά μας φέρατε στα όρια μας μέχρι να μπορέσουμε να εξυπηρετηθούμε.Αγενέστατος υπεύθυνος στο τηλεφωνικό τμήμα με καμία προθυμία για εξυπηρέτηση. Παράγγειλα ένα MagSafe της Apple το οποίο όχι μό...
2.90 (63 reviews)
Home goods store
In-store shopping · Kerbside pickup · Delivery
2.90 (63 reviews)
Argos Chesterfield (Inside Sainsbury's) image
Argos Chesterfield (Inside Sainsbury's)
Department store
😠 They don't deserve even 1 star! I ordered 2 items 12 hours apart. I had an email about the 1st one to collect. Whilst in store I asked a young member of staff if the other one had come in, the assistant wouldn't even check and just kept saying if I hadn't had an email then it wasn't there. After ano...
$$ $$
2.90 (62 reviews)
ABCDIN Angol image
Electronics store
😠 No importa cuan pequeña sea la tienda atienden como el #$&@¿$ igual. vendedores conversando o jugando con el celular, ni siquiera se molestan en verificar los precios te dicen cualquier cosa para que te vayas pronto.
2.90 (60 reviews)
FHU Adnex image
FHU Adnex
😠 Internet to porażka. Wiecznie zacina i łącze jest niestabilne. Pomocy od sprzedawców też nie można oczekiwać, gdyż zamiast naprawić swój internet winą obarczają sprzęt. Ping w grach osiąga nawet 2000 ms! To wprost niewyobrażalne, streaming jest niemożliwy, a oglądanie livów lub rozmowa on line jest...
2.90 (57 reviews)
Allée Centrale Bourgueil éléctroménager image
Allée Centrale Bourgueil éléctroménager
Appliance store
2.90 (52 reviews)
El Gallo más gallo image
El Gallo más gallo
Appliance store
😠 Muy Mala atención y pésima información
2.90 (52 reviews)
The Warehouse Ormiston image
The Warehouse Ormiston
Department store
😠 NEVER AGAIN!!!! My experience in Ormiston warehouse was terrible, I felt threaten and unwelcomed. An employee (whose name goes along the lines of launa) was making US do HER job. The first instance was when I asked her a simple question to which she answered with a one word curt answer and walked o...
2.90 (50 reviews)

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