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Simit Sarayi image
Simit Sarayi
Bagel shop
👍 A place I definitely visit is fresh tea, they heat the products you choose in the microwave oven, self-service friendly staff, preferable
$$ $$
1.90 (76 reviews)
Istanbul Doner Kebap image
Istanbul Doner Kebap
Kebab shop
👍👍 Amazing food. Simple and quality. I had normal doner, meat, bread and sauces are perfect. Open late, which make it very convenient. Great customer service.
2.30 (392 reviews)
Hammock Hotel Lancaster Dutch Country image
Hammock Hotel Lancaster Dutch Country
Informal hotel offering complimentary Wi-Fi & breakfast, plus an outdoor pool, a restaurant & a gym.
2.40 (478 reviews)
Караоке-клуб Филармония image
Караоке-клуб Филармония
Karaoke bar
😠 This was my first time here. Per guest the deposit is 10,000 rubles. At some point, a waiter came up to me and said that my deposit would soon be exceeded (by the way, especially when I visit an establishment for the first time, I always very carefully monitor my order and its amount, and at the tim...
2.40 (230 reviews)
鳥園 image
Izakaya restaurant
😠 Definitely a tourist trap. Avoid this place at all costs. Go to the izakayas inside. They will see if you are a tourist or not and bring a flyer showing you need to pay ¥330 per person as cover charge to sit and eat there. Even though the whole place was empty. The food was served very slow and tas...
2.40 (131 reviews)
Kuchihatcho Namba image
Kuchihatcho Namba
Izakaya restaurant
😠 I entered a ridiculous shop ( ̄。 ̄;) This store is the worst! ! ! ! ! I didn't put any salt in it and it didn't taste good at all, so I told the store staff that they were doing it right! ! (>_<) ヽ And the chicken skin is the worst! ! ! ! ! It's overcooked and looks like charcoal! ! I wondered if...
$ $$$
2.50 (232 reviews)
Birgerjarl image
Night club
😠 This is how it is, that they want a nicer atmosphere where it should be dressed up, I can understand. But it is completely unacceptable that my friend is not allowed in when she is wearing "too casual clothes". First of all, it's barely on their website, and even if it's something important, I think...
$$ $$
2.50 (121 reviews)
鳥放題 山形駅前店 image
鳥放題 山形駅前店
Yakitori restaurant
😠 ■■■Those who are planning to go here from now on and those who want to make a reservation must read this■■■ This is not an "all-you-can-eat" restaurant, it's not a yakitori restaurant. It doesn't come at the level of being forgotten. I can't order as I like with an order system that doesn't make s...
2.50 (103 reviews)
Gościniec Sumowo image
Gościniec Sumowo
😠 Daje 1, bo 0 się nie da. Jedzenie jest takie złe, że 5 dni z rzędu chodzę głodny. Wszystko jest brudne i zepsute np. gdy przyjechałem łóżko było ubrudzone jakimś białym płynem, za oknem dachówki są wgniecione, z szafy drzwi są wyrwane, za każdym razem jak się kłade na łóżku belki wypadają, a do poko...
2.50 (84 reviews)
Monte cava image
Monte cava
😠 ATTENTION! This establishment works according to a scheme with fake girls, and a colleague suffered a decent amount of money! Be carefull! We are currently writing to all possible authorities! If someone is reading this review and also suffered, leave your contacts in the comments, I will contact yo...
2.50 (57 reviews)
Hotel Restaurant Le Relais Pau Lons image
Hotel Restaurant Le Relais Pau Lons
Low-key hotel with a relaxed restaurant & bar, plus complimentary Wi-Fi & parking.
2.50 (55 reviews)
AmeriK Suites image
AmeriK Suites
Simple suites in a modest hotel offering Wi-Fi & continental breakfast, plus an outdoor pool.
2.60 (398 reviews)
Hotel Romero Mérida image
Hotel Romero Mérida
Contemporary hotel offering rooms with minibars, plus 3 eateries, a bar & an outdoor pool.
2.70 (2.5K reviews)
R Club image
R Club
Disco club
😠 Too bad that the note 0 does not exist. The welcome is inadmissible, no smile, no politeness, the entrance and the cloakroom were "supposed" to be offered with the purchase of a bottle, except they have forgotten so it became paid the minute that followed our passage. A table with 1 seat was propos...
$$ $$
2.70 (504 reviews)
Simit Sarayi image
Simit Sarayi
Bagel shop
👍 The staff is very friendly and helpful, even though they don't speak English. The Fig biscuit was very tasty as well as the Turkish tea. There is a stair assistance lift if someone requires it.
$$ $$
2.70 (458 reviews)
Club Moscow image
Club Moscow
Night club
😠 My name is Anya and I am 8 years old, my mother and my iguana went to this club to spend my birthday mom went to my friends and we were alone with the iguana. Suddenly, what kind of fox to us came up to us and introduced himself to Vitaly, we talked and he said that he was the owner of the club. He...
$$$ $
2.70 (282 reviews)
Hatay Öncü Dürüm-Kırıkkale image
Hatay Öncü Dürüm-Kırıkkale
Durum restaurant
😠 Zero courtesy in the person at the cash register. We bought from the 38tl menu, the difference between big ayran and small ayran was 2 TL. Colleagues of course gave us the right, there is reason, there is logic. My brother, the small ayran was already 5 TL, instead of saying let's enlarge it, I wou...
2.70 (113 reviews)
Hotel Okaya image
Hotel Okaya
Japanese-style business hotel
Down-to-earth hotel offering a lounge, a library & a business center, plus meeting space.
2.70 (87 reviews)
Breakfast restaurant
😠 I've just finished my meal at Levent Borek, I have to say that it was a total disappointment. prices are extremely high, esp. for tourists; as for the size of the portions, were shockingly small!! a couple of bites each not even enough for a small kid. Talking about the service and the waiting time,...
$$ $$
2.80 (1.5K reviews)
Comfort Inn & Conference Centre Toronto Airport image
Comfort Inn & Conference Centre Toronto Airport
Modern property with contemporary quarters, plus a free airport shuttle & continental breakfast.
2.80 (1.1K reviews)
Suşehri Günaydın Dinlenme ve Konaklama Tesisleri image
Suşehri Günaydın Dinlenme ve Konaklama Tesisleri
Rest stop
😠 Allah insalah Emeklerinizi öbür dünyaya bırakmadan burdan hesap verirsiniz sözde muslumanlar faizci tefeciler.10₺ lik cilsiyi 50₺ ye satan o.clar Allah 7 sulalenizinde kökünü kurutsun böyle olucaksa gün yüzü görmezsiniz insalah
2.80 (456 reviews)
Hotel Ginga image
Hotel Ginga
Japanese-style business hotel
Humble rooms & suites in a modest hotel offering a bar, a seafood restaurant & French cuisine.
2.80 (340 reviews)
Hotel City Centre - Best Agartala Hotel image
Hotel City Centre - Best Agartala Hotel
😠 Old fashioned Rooms having excessive Tariff, Old broken Air Coolers & Old TV's in every rooms except 2-3s only..!! In every room there must be a problem which usually guests complain daily..!! Now coming to Services, very bad service compared to other Hotels of Agartala..!! Mainly it's the Owner of...
2.80 (305 reviews)
قاعات بنت الأكابر image
قاعات بنت الأكابر
Banquet hall
👍 جيدة مرتبة واسعة
2.80 (213 reviews)
Clarendon Ballroom image
Clarendon Ballroom
Night club
Busy nightclub where patrons dance in the cavernous art deco-style ballroom or on the rooftop deck.
$$ $$
2.80 (203 reviews)
ぶあいそ image
Izakaya restaurant
Dine-in · Kerbside pickup · Delivery
$ $$$
2.80 (132 reviews)
Beaumont Lodge image
Beaumont Lodge
Warm rooms in a low-key budget hotel with free Wi-Fi & continental breakfast, plus an outdoor pool.
2.80 (127 reviews)
Torihodai Takasaki Station image
Torihodai Takasaki Station
Yakitori restaurant
Dine-in · Kerbside pickup · Delivery
2.80 (104 reviews)
オリオン餃子 長岡大手通店 image
オリオン餃子 長岡大手通店
Dumpling restaurant
😠 6月に入ってから訪問しました! 以前宇都宮に行った際に訪問させて頂いたお店が長岡でもありましたので期待して訪問。 クチコミなどは全く気にせず訪問しました。 時間帯としては平日の20時前後でしたがお客さんは1人もいない状態です。 立地や看板など雰囲気は非常に良いので入っていないのはなんでだろうと思い入店。...
$$ $$
2.80 (98 reviews)
😠 Recently i and my family stayed in this lodge. I stayed just for half day they charged for single day as 950 for single room. The bed is Ok. The bathroom and toilets are not clean, we just did face wash and we didn't have a mood to take bath. The toilet doesn't have a lock. Using this kind of lodge...
2.80 (81 reviews)

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