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Home made food image
Home made food
Barbecue restaurant
😠 They charge 17€ for 2 scoops of ice cream. When you gonna ask about the price, they pushing you to seat and pay later. I recommend to avoid this place.
1.20 (230 reviews)
Göl kafeterya çiğ börek image
Göl kafeterya çiğ börek
😠 5 kisi 2 cocuk olarak buraya gitme gafletinde bulunduk menu yok verilmiyor belli ki kafalarina gore . fiyatlar afaki… koymuslar sisme cocuk alani 20 dk si 50 tl..masamiz 1000 tl hesap odedi bide oyun parki ucreti aldilar iki cocugumuz icin.Bu isin adabi aile gelir yer icer cocuklar orda rahatca oyna...
1.50 (67 reviews)
The Barn, The Glendalough Hotel image
The Barn, The Glendalough Hotel
Barbecue restaurant
1.60 (68 reviews)
Big Macho Food Fine image
Big Macho Food Fine
😠 Horrible food. Ordered sirloin steak medium rare and came well done, also not sirloin. Tough as old boots. Chips unseasoned. Veggie burger bland not even butter on the bread. Overpriced. Toilets are stupidly small, no hand soap or toilet roll. Don’t waste your money! Told it was cash only as card ma...
1.90 (481 reviews)
La Parrilla image
La Parrilla
😠 FATAL. Tienes que pedir la "parrillada" sí o sí. Como no como carne, pedimos una ensalada y un plato combinado para mi marido. Tras 45 minutos con dos cervezas en la mesa y viendo que mucha gente que había llegado después estaba servida, le pregunté si tardaba mucho y me suelta un ¿tiene usted mucha...
$ $$$
1.90 (355 reviews)
Pizza di Casa Debrecen image
Pizza di Casa Debrecen
😠 Hello! I have never eaten as bad as what they delivered in my life. The food is unrecognizable: the fries in the gyros were a week old and stiff, the meat could have been taken from the freezer, the vegetables were wilted, warm and scarce. There are pieces of meat floating in some bad fat and red p...
1.90 (139 reviews)
Dolpan Sam image
Dolpan Sam
Barbecue restaurant
😠 Bad food. :) imitates Kpub but is a fake fake Sliced ​​meat, called pork ribs with red wine sauce is pork ribs sprinkled with a bit of chili powder. If you go to a barbecue, you have to get your own chili sauce to marinate the meat :) . Bad bulgogi hot pot, sour taste. Soup is the same. Vegetables...
1.90 (109 reviews)
BBQ Ribs image
BBQ Ribs
American restaurant
😠 Guys, sorry, to ask for 7,95€ for a monster bun with a mini patty -- thats ridiculous. There's not even a sauce there, no chips or any extras.... That poor thing you call a burger is dry and boring.
$$ $$
2.00 (119 reviews)
El Racó de la Vall image
El Racó de la Vall
2.00 (85 reviews)
Baalbek Orient Grill image
Baalbek Orient Grill
Barbecue restaurant
😠 Obsługa miła ale kebab dość że cena wygórowana to do tego kebab jest letni oraz jest strasznie miękka tortilla mięsa mało, więcej surówki, a mięso nie jest jakieś wybitne i jak macie tu iść to wybierzcie jakiegoś innego kebaba bo tutaj to się w ogole nie oplaca
2.30 (70 reviews)
Wiking image
🫤 Big selection, no flavour, higher than expected price. The reviews are completely justified, I only wish I had read them before trying this below average smorgasbord.
2.40 (239 reviews)
Smokin Rooster image
Smokin Rooster
Portuguese restaurant
😠 DISGUSTING!!! As a local new to this particular area, I originally used this takeaeay a few weeks ago to a massive disappointment! I wrongfully gave them the benefit of the doubt and decided to use them again recently! Worse mistake of my life!!! The food was borderline what I'd feed my dog!!! The...
2.40 (105 reviews)
Mr. Grill image
Mr. Grill
Barbecue restaurant
Dine-in · Takeaway · Delivery
2.40 (60 reviews)
Mr Sheng BBQ & Music Bar image
Mr Sheng BBQ & Music Bar
Barbecue restaurant
😠 This isn't a place I can recommend for everyone. You would need someone who speaks or read Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese). Sadly it is not an English friendly restaurant. Also, you are forced to use WeChat to order. I am not sure but US has banned the use of Wechat. Sadly, waiters are not friendly....
$$ $$
2.40 (56 reviews)
WIKING Restauracje image
WIKING Restauracje
Polish restaurant
👍 The establishment offers a 30% discount on the entire menu after 20:00. The food is delicious, homemade, we were full. If you are tired of fast food, you can try this establishment. The food was fresh, the stomach did not hurt, everything is fine Regarding the prices, it is expensive for food that...
2.50 (157 reviews)
Restaurant Casa Comana image
Restaurant Casa Comana
Barbecue restaurant
😠 Cea mai proasta experienta din viata mea, servirea sub orice critica "usor amuzant ce-i drept sa-i vezi cum se invart unul dupa altul facand nimic" comanda gresita chiar daca era practic gol cand am ajuns, am asteptat ptr un platou de gratar aproximativ 1 ora,grujoanele de pui relativ comestibile, p...
2.50 (62 reviews)
烤肉之家 image
Barbecue restaurant
😐 Decent quality
2.60 (567 reviews)
Avila alvalacan image
Avila alvalacan
Barbecue restaurant
👍👍 Visitando Ávila .. Ciudad que no conocía , y siendo la hora de cenar , decidí entrar en este restaurante , con unas vistas muy buenas a la muralla tan famosa de Ávila . De entrada el personal es muy profesional y agradable , lo mismo que el ambiente que hay en su terraza para comer . Posee carta muy...
2.60 (178 reviews)
Guy's Bar-B-Que Joint Atlantic City image
Guy's Bar-B-Que Joint Atlantic City
Barbecue restaurant
😠 By far the worst. I really thought Guy had high standards but it does not show at this facility. I was excited to try the food but left truly disappointed. The brisket was absolutely horrible, there was more fat than brisket. The brisket didn’t taste slow cooked but rather had a boiled taste to it....
2.60 (139 reviews)
El Rancho - Carnes ala parrilla & Pollo a la Brasa image
El Rancho - Carnes ala parrilla & Pollo a la Brasa
Barbecue restaurant
😠 Muy desagradable la Atención. No lo recomiendo.. para nada.. a personas con niños alérgicos. Y por el trato no lo recomiendo a nadie. Ya que pagas para comer.. mejor busquen un sitio donde os traten bien..sobre todo la empatia, y la comprensión.. Fuimos a otro sitio.. y comimos fenomenal. El Señor...
2.60 (122 reviews)
Döner Grillhaus Hamburg image
Döner Grillhaus Hamburg
Turkish restaurant
🫤 ❗️❗️ Serious Hygeine problem.... chef and cashier is a same guy ...""cash handling and then cooking n serving food with same hands 🤮🤢"" food is taste n quality is not good ... toilet doesnt soap ...and paper to dry hands... ❌❌❌🚫🚫🚫 do not eat here!
$ $$$
2.70 (606 reviews)
Great Khan's Mongolian Grill Santa Ana image
Great Khan's Mongolian Grill Santa Ana
Mongolian barbecue restaurant
Straightforward eatery serving all-you-can-eat Mongolian BBQ dishes made on a central grill.
$ $$$
2.70 (299 reviews)
Memphis - Restaurant Diner image
Memphis - Restaurant Diner
American restaurant
Hearty burgers, ribs & steak in a casual American-inspired diner that serves cocktails.
$$ $$
2.70 (242 reviews)
Dickey's Barbecue Pit image
Dickey's Barbecue Pit
Barbecue restaurant
BBQ chain eatery featuring house-smoked meats, stuffed baked potatoes & classic sides.
$$ $$
2.70 (233 reviews)
Smokehouse BBQ image
Smokehouse BBQ
Barbecue restaurant
😠 I had a fantastic day at Chessington and to round it of we went for a late lunch around 5pm at the smoke house restaurant. Well it was such a disgusting experience I advise anyone never to eat anything there I ordered myself a pulled brisket in a bun with fries and my daughter the barbecue chicken a...
2.70 (150 reviews)
Chicken & Rib Crib image
Chicken & Rib Crib
Barbecue restaurant
👍👍 Food is super good haven't been in the area to get food from them in about 4 years and still taste amazing fall of the bone ribs tender juicy chicken french fries were cooked just right. If you're in the area you have to go there. It's take out and dine in now and worth every bite. I ordered the 4x4...
$$ $$
2.70 (139 reviews)
Parrilla Avenida image
Parrilla Avenida
Barbecue restaurant
😠 Algo tan simple como una milanesa estaba cruda y fría y la guarnición amarreta, un asco todo . No volvería nunca más . Lugar poco higiénico
$$ $$
2.80 (559 reviews)
Wings Things N More Wilkens image
Wings Things N More Wilkens
Pizza restaurant
Unfussy takeout joint with an expansive menu, from wings & pizza to subs, gyros & fried seafood.
$ $$$
2.80 (309 reviews)
YAKINIKU Gyu-Kaku image
Yakiniku restaurant
😠 The worst restaurant ever‼️ The order was not accurate and the food is terrifying🤢
$$ $$
2.80 (182 reviews)
Spare Rib Express Den Haag Oost image
Spare Rib Express Den Haag Oost
Meal delivery
😠 How can you say that delicious, tender spareribs are tougher than steak cooked for an hour? Cold even after waiting 2 hours for my order. Completely done with this tent! I won't order here again. The thing is that I have to give at least 1 star otherwise it would be -5 ball tent
2.80 (118 reviews)

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