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Barber Shop image
Barber Shop
Barber shop
😠 If I could rate this barber shop a zero I would. Do not come here unless you are absolutely desperate and want a bowl placed on your head, then cut after you asked for a fade. This place is quick to rush you out looking like a clown. I had to literally walk an “experienced” barber on what a fade is...
2.00 (114 reviews)
RUSSIAN LEGEND | Салон красоты Охотный ряд | Парикмахерская, маникюр, эпиляция image
RUSSIAN LEGEND | Салон красоты Охотный ряд | Парикмахерская, маникюр, эпиляция
Beauty salon
😠 Админ, принимающий заказы и записывающий клиентов- не в себе. Его нужно уволить, он мешает клиентам и работе салона. Парню нужно к психологу, у него что-то с мышлением- повторяющиеся странные фразы и вопросы, мутит воду, неуважение к клиентам. Общаться с клиентами не умеет и тратит их время и салон...
2.50 (184 reviews)
Supercuts image
Hair salon
2.70 (134 reviews)
Furniture store
😠 Once again I come here to complain about this company from the DIR FURNITURE salon group, if you are a beauty salon owner, avoid buying any furniture, as it is a company that does not deliver your purchase, I have been waiting for my refund for three years and to this day I have not They refunded yo...
2.70 (116 reviews)
SmartStyle Hair Salon(Inside Walmart) image
SmartStyle Hair Salon(Inside Walmart)
Hair salon
😠 this is how they left my hair today. I paid 227 dollars. They said they would give my phone number to their manager. I'm still waiting for your call. I just can’t stop crying. You can see on the local cameras that since they were straightening my hair I was already crying and saying that I didn't li...
2.70 (109 reviews)
Apsaraa Hair Beauty & Spa image
Apsaraa Hair Beauty & Spa
Beauty salon
👍 After reading the reviews I was bit worried and sceptical to use their service for eyebrow threading. My experience was not that bad though the staff is bit unfriendly. Mamata did the eyebrow threading so well, I am happy with the shape and perfection. Thanks Mamata.
2.80 (167 reviews)
Classic Barber Doncaster image
Classic Barber Doncaster
Barber shop
😠 Went to get a haircut on Thursday 15/12/22 at around 5pm TL;DR unless you're OK with your barber letting you walk out like this, dont go. I found out i have Alopecia Areata (hair loss) after i went to this place. They gave me a haircut and asked for a short cut, and to do what they think is best. Th...
2.80 (96 reviews)
SmartStyle Hair Salon image
SmartStyle Hair Salon
Hair salon
2.80 (64 reviews)
Boys Saloon image
Boys Saloon
Barber shop
😠 Previously, it was a good place for beauty solutions. Today, the quality of their services is very low. Beware of their hidden charges. I went for a facial, the staff cut some hair on my forehead and at the end they charged me for a full haircut. In many places, shaving is part of the facial. But h...
2.90 (121 reviews)
SmartStyle Hair Salon image
SmartStyle Hair Salon
Hair salon
😐 I went yesterday for a simple cut. Nothing fancy. I wanted about 6 inches of dead hair cut off and some layers. After almost an hour in Linda's chair I had the most ragged hack job I've ever seen. Was so upset I finally told her to just stop. Called this morning and spoke wit Destiny. She told me to...
2.90 (53 reviews)

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