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Centrepoint image
Clothing store
😠 Awful management, Zero stars.. I went to return 3 items, 1 item rejected, they claimed that system not accepting the process. It was very obvious the issue is from their side. I complained to management and they said we need to review the CCTV without fair justification, then I agreed, the staff of...
2.30 (205 reviews)
Centrepoint image
Clothing store
2.30 (103 reviews)
Perfumery and APRIL Institute image
Perfumery and APRIL Institute
Perfume store
😠 worst perfumery in town, really incompetent and unprofessional saleswoman, forgets to pass the promotions and just says "too bad, next time" this is not the first time this has happened, if you are looking for a perfumery on villefranche go your way
2.30 (72 reviews)
Sephora Greece image
Sephora Greece
Beauty product supplier
Retail chain with a selection of upmarket makeup, perfumes, beauty & skincare products.
$$$ $
2.40 (107 reviews)
Katbalou HAIR & BEAUTY image
Katbalou HAIR & BEAUTY
😠 First time I went great service by a Young lady. Second time absolutely disappointing. Asked for bangs she managed to discourage me and was very aggressive while blow drying my hair. Got a side bang instead and when I got home and my hair was back as it was. The brushing didn't last even 3 hrs. Abs...
2.70 (59 reviews)
Super-Pharm Drogeria image
Super-Pharm Drogeria
Cosmetics store
😠 At the pharmacy, the manager, Agata, did not sell me the product due to the lack of a mask. Mrs. Agata, wearing a mask on her face and standing behind the plastic protection in the form of plexiglass, was still afraid that the virus would attack her. and here I have a considerable doubt how such a...
2.70 (52 reviews)
Centrepoint image
Department store
😠 Just went to centerpoint, they advertised Ramadan discounts 25% all over the place. I bought 4 items from discounted sections and I didn't get discount on any of them. It's so bad to promote non existing discount, but it's even worse to use Ramadan for that. At the top of all when you come to cashie...
2.90 (179 reviews)
SmartStyle image
Barber shop
😠 took my daughter in for a trim today. Her hair was down to her waist and she needed a trim...Her hair is totally butchered, what should of been a straight across cut, now is very uneven and looks like it was cut with an ax by a blind woman. I have one upset daughter!!! do not recommend this place...
2.90 (159 reviews)
Centrepoint image
Clothing store
2.90 (80 reviews)
Balulu Beauty Salon image
Balulu Beauty Salon
Beauty salon
2.90 (54 reviews)

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