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Zweirad-Center Stadler München GmbH image
Zweirad-Center Stadler München GmbH
Bicycle store
2.80 (1.1K reviews)
Bicycle store
😠 There is deception. They push in unusable parts for a bicycle at exorbitant prices. Sometimes new ones are cheaper.
2.80 (129 reviews)
Zweirad-Center Stadler GmbH, Regensburg image
Zweirad-Center Stadler GmbH, Regensburg
Bicycle store
😠 Bought a tecnobike, few months ago. Really BAD quality bicycle!!! Went in to have it checked. Still charged me €15 for a "check-up". On collection. They just straightened the rim, didn't fix my gears as asked. Now back wheel is giving problems. Gears again with problems The spikes break withput no r...
2.90 (978 reviews)

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