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Bokus AB image
Bokus AB
😠 I bought an ebook as it said it was possible to download it to read it on other devices (for example my Sony eReader). Turns out it is impossible to download the book in a readable version, unless you want to read it on the computer through the Adobe Digital Edition software. Scam.
1.60 (236 reviews)
Chez Jean image
Chez Jean
In-store shopping
2.20 (57 reviews)
RELAY image
😠 Execrable staff! Cruel lack of friendliness and competence. The two cashiers are unknotted with professionalism. 1/ I ask for a chocolate donut they serve me a sugar donut… 2/ I had the misfortune to ask for a forgotten receipt 30 minutes after the blonde behind her cash desk answered me "you could...
2.40 (75 reviews)
WHSmith image
Stationery store
😠 I wish I could give Zero stars. It seems to be common practice to close before 17:30 at the Lewisham Branch Refused entry at 17:20 to the ROYAL MAIL POST OFFICE. Member of staff told me: " They didn't care what I came to do" that "They had the power to close the store early" because "The queue was...
$$ $$
2.40 (50 reviews)
Librairie Le Petit Roi image
Librairie Le Petit Roi
Book store
2.50 (80 reviews)
Chez Jean image
Chez Jean
😠 Not very clean anyway ... I would not like to make a case a general but look what gives a bottle of fresh orange juice with the photos below ... 4 dead insects ... Still happy that I looked before drinking in ... of course my train was leaving I was already in so no refund ... and no way to reach...
2.60 (59 reviews)
Tabac Vincendeau Jack image
Tabac Vincendeau Jack
Tobacco shop
2.80 (63 reviews)
Manga warehouse Kurume shop image
Manga warehouse Kurume shop
Thrift store
In-store shopping
2.90 (280 reviews)

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