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Guduvancheri EB Office image
Guduvancheri EB Office
Bus stop
😠 Guduvanchery E B office is very worst service. Why they are shut downing the current i can't understand, we are all paying the electricity bill, you don't worry about that, who is the officer he don't know about this problem. I can't stay at home. You are all selfish people you don't have heart. You...
1.30 (138 reviews)
Автобусный парк №1 image
Автобусный парк №1
Bus stop
😠 Хотелось бы домой добираться на автобусе ,а приходится разъезжает на такси. Спасибо нашим водителям (или кого ещё нужно поблагодарить )расписание есть, а толку нет. Я работаю допоздна ,пересадками добираясь до Ратуши в надежде сесть в 1 и ..... ничего,автобус прошёл на 15 минут раньше расписания ил...
1.40 (156 reviews)
Autoprevoz Cacak image
Autoprevoz Cacak
Bus stop
😠 I'd give it 0 stars if possible. Unprofessional, rude, constantly argue with passengers, never keep up the schedule, and overpriced to boot. Avoid whenever possible and keep your sanity.
1.80 (138 reviews)
PKS Tour Sp. z o.o. image
PKS Tour Sp. z o.o.
Bus stop
1.90 (121 reviews)
Novocherkassk image
Bus stop
2.00 (93 reviews)
Avtovokzal Mykolaiv image
Avtovokzal Mykolaiv
Bus stop
2.40 (156 reviews)
Astrakhan image
Bus stop
2.40 (73 reviews)
Porto Velho Bus Station image
Porto Velho Bus Station
Bus stop
2.50 (266 reviews)
Christian Hospital Northeast image
Christian Hospital Northeast
Bus stop
😠 My brother went there after he had a seizure. He was sleep and the nurse asked me if she could get a urine sample... Sure I'll step out why you do what you do... That's not what she meant... She was literally asking if she could get a urine sample. Um, idk can you? You should know your own skill set...
2.50 (135 reviews)
Neunkirchen (Saar) Hbf image
Neunkirchen (Saar) Hbf
Transit stop
😠 Verdreckt! Die Polizei vor der Tür, dennoch wird direkt um die Ecke ganz offensichtlich schwunghafter Handel fragwürdiger Art betrieben. Das Personal im Kiosk quatscht obwohl Kunden am Tresen stehen . In der gesamten Halle liegen Abfälle herum, in den Unterführungen stinkt es nach Urin. Da möchte ma...
2.50 (102 reviews)
Hôpital Tenon image
Hôpital Tenon
Bus stop
😠 Je pense pouvoir affirmer que le service oncologie de cet hôpital laisse à désirer. aucun suivi n’est accordé au patients Les cancers que j’ai pu suivre ont été pris en charge de façon laborieuses avec beaucoup de détachement et un suivi des plus modestes Le service réanimation est correct Le reste...
2.50 (65 reviews)
Zielona Góra image
Zielona Góra
Bus stop
😠 Dzisiejszego dnia spotkała mnie bardzo nie miła sytuacja a mianowicie czekałam na autobus w stronę Gubina który miał być o 17:56 z przystanku Wężyska Skrzyżowanie, pomijając fakt że autobus był spóźniony o 17 minut to jeszcze na wstępie Pan kierujący pojazdem zatrzymał się na środku drogi i zaczął z...
2.50 (50 reviews)
Bilbao (Bus Station) image
Bilbao (Bus Station)
Bus stop
2.60 (402 reviews)
Estación de Autobuses de Almuñécar image
Estación de Autobuses de Almuñécar
Bus stop
👍 Small and functional, pretty on the outside, but somewhat abandoned and closing soon both the ticket offices and the rest of the services. If you have to go to the bathroom during closing hours, you have no choice but to go to the nearby McDonald's. Attached ticket office hours:
2.60 (76 reviews)
Hürth-Kalscheuren image
Transit station
🫤 Dies ist mit einer der unübersichtlichen Bahnhöfe die ich kenne. I mean: Es gibt sowohl Gleis 1+2, 3 & 52+52?? Zu manchen Gleisen muss man wirklich eine halbe Wanderung machen, teils über nicht Barriere freie Treppen. Es gibt wirklich wenig Sitzplätze, Mülltonnen und Überdachungen. Es sollte wirklic...
2.60 (63 reviews)
Bonn-Mehlem image
Transit station
🫤 The train station is very old. Tracks 3 and 1 are not barrier-free. There is a direct connection to Koblenz only once an hour with the MittelrheinBahn.
2.60 (60 reviews)
Hospital Vega Baja image
Hospital Vega Baja
Bus stop
2.70 (105 reviews)
Kalyan Bus Depot image
Kalyan Bus Depot
Bus stop
2.70 (74 reviews)
Neuss Hbf image
Neuss Hbf
Transit station
😠 The ugliest, the most dirty and shady station in NRW. Don’t use the elevators, they are used are urinals. They could make good use of some renovation.
2.80 (327 reviews)
Gotha image
Transit station
2.80 (176 reviews)
Schwäbisch Hall-Hessental image
Schwäbisch Hall-Hessental
Transit station
😠 There is a Regio from Stuttgart to Hessental, but this has regular delays and cancellations, there are also major gaps in the connection, at unfavorable times you have to wait a long time for a train here... the connection is outdated and partly single-track, in many places the train runs very slow...
2.80 (78 reviews)
Kaldenkirchen image
Transit station
2.80 (63 reviews)
Boullereaux Champigny image
Boullereaux Champigny
Train station
😠 17h00. 31.07.2018 La gare est fermée, la machine ne fonctionne pas dans la rue. comment acheter un ticket pour demain ? demain à 6h00 du matin, quand je suis à la gare, aussi, sera fermé.
2.80 (61 reviews)
Estación Insular De Guaguas image
Estación Insular De Guaguas
Bus stop
😠 If I could put 0 stars then D1. As for intercity transport, the service is lousy, it's crap, an absolute shame!!! I have been taking buses daily for 3 years and from the same place, therefore I can affirm several things: Dirty, old and rotten vehicles, which break down every 2 by 3 and with strange...
2.80 (50 reviews)
Autobusni Kolodvor Zagreb image
Autobusni Kolodvor Zagreb
Bus stop
2.90 (1.1K reviews)
Lorient image
Transit station
2.90 (160 reviews)
Shivaji hospital image
Shivaji hospital
Bus stop
2.90 (123 reviews)

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