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Rosy Boutique image
Rosy Boutique
Clothing store
In-store shopping
1.50 (64 reviews)
ZARA image
Clothing store
Spanish fashion chain offering on-trend house-brand clothing, shoes & accessories.
1.60 (331 reviews)
Crispa2 Vintage image
Crispa2 Vintage
Vintage clothing store
😠 You aren’t able to browse as with most vintage shops. If you’re going to purchase second hand, being able to really see what you’re buying and having the freedom to look over everything without being pushed is key. This isn’t a high end boutique. There is no need for the overbearing presence of a sh...
1.70 (448 reviews)
Celebrity of San Marco image
Celebrity of San Marco
Clothing store
👍👍 We walked in LATE in the evening, and they waited until we were finished shopping to close the store! They could've turned us away, but they chose not to! That's the sign of a great business in the area!!! Many could learn from their salesmanship! The 2 employees were absolutely wonderful and eage...
1.70 (113 reviews)
Morini S.r.l. image
Morini S.r.l.
Women's clothing store
Luxe down jackets & sportswear for men, women & kids are the focus of this French-Italian brand.
1.80 (131 reviews)
Clothing store
😠 gak tau musti bilang apa... yg jelas.. luar biasa pelayanan nya... cuma klo memang gak siap menfing jngan buka expedisi... dripda.. merugikan konsumen... sdah call center gak jlas,. kantor gak jlas, respon pun kayak eek.. andai ada bintang minus... sya pstikan. nilainya.. bintang minus... 😡😡😡
1.90 (54 reviews)
Shoe store
👍👍 Great shoes. Got stuff that you looking for and even shoes that are not even out yet. Prices have dropped making back to school easier for you. Ps of you broke just say that. Good quality shoes
2.00 (67 reviews)
Les Canebiers image
Les Canebiers
Clothing store
😠 Qualité déplorable, crochet et tissus qui se déchirent. Contact service client sans réponse de leur part. Du vol ! Les autorités attendent quoi pour fermer cette entreprise qui vole carrément les clients au vu des avis Google !
2.00 (60 reviews)
Surf's Up Beach Shop image
Surf's Up Beach Shop
Clothing store
😠 This place is ran by crooks who know exactly what they are doing. My daughter who is 16 wanted a henna tattoo she was paying for with her own money so we stopped here she picked the picture she wanted and they told her the price was $10 and up she got a hand tattoo. When she went to pay it was $213...
2.00 (51 reviews)
Fashion Stylers image
Fashion Stylers
Clothing store
2.10 (219 reviews)
JD Sports image
JD Sports
Sportswear store
Retail chain specializing in designer branded training shoes, casual sportswear and accessories.
2.10 (104 reviews)
ZARA image
Clothing store
Spanish fashion chain offering on-trend house-brand clothing, shoes & accessories.
2.20 (231 reviews)
The Children's Place image
The Children's Place
Children's clothing store
Upbeat retail chain carrying a range of trendy clothing, accessories & footwear for babies & kids.
$$ $$
2.20 (78 reviews)
JD Sports image
JD Sports
Sportswear store
Retail chain specializing in designer branded training shoes, casual sportswear and accessories.
2.20 (63 reviews)
Abbigliamento Dal Sasso image
Abbigliamento Dal Sasso
Clothing store
😠 I find that this stores policy on hiring is absolutely absurd and racist in nature. This type of unprofessional business practice is what usually decreases sales significantly and annual gross sales overall. I have owned several large technology companies in my career and have had 1000's of employee...
2.20 (54 reviews)
Centrepoint image
Clothing store
😠 Awful management, Zero stars.. I went to return 3 items, 1 item rejected, they claimed that system not accepting the process. It was very obvious the issue is from their side. I complained to management and they said we need to review the CCTV without fair justification, then I agreed, the staff of...
2.30 (205 reviews)
Sportswear store
😠 Not a store, but a total misunderstanding. I tried to buy something in this store several times and it was a disaster. The staff deliberately ignores the customers. They ignore any requests. I asked for my sports shoe size and the employee standing next to the shoes said. Someone will come over soon...
$ $$$
2.30 (124 reviews)
Frankonia Handels GmbH & Co. KG - Zentrale image
Frankonia Handels GmbH & Co. KG - Zentrale
Corporate office
😠 karastrophe dieser händler! hose bekommen reisverschluss ging nach 2 mal tragen kaputt, frankonia weigert sich retoure anzunehmen. sogar der hersteller der hose sagt das die hose so schnell nicht kaputt gehen darf und sagt auch das frankonia die hose zum hersteller senden kann und bekommt geld zur...
2.30 (122 reviews)
ZARA image
Clothing store
Spanish fashion chain offering on-trend house-brand clothing, shoes & accessories.
2.30 (110 reviews)
Centrepoint image
Clothing store
2.30 (103 reviews)
Stradivarius image
Women's clothing store
😠 The Manager is completely hysterical and very contemptuous. I think she clearly doesn't have the skills to manage such a store. Labeling error, lower price displayed, the latter refused to sell it to us at the price indicated as required by law. Explanations are in vain, the manager shouting all ove...
2.30 (98 reviews)
Bershka image
Clothing store
😠 Magasin avec des vendeuses mal aimables, ma fille a été accueillie avec mépris et agressivité sans raison. Apparemment l’aide aux clients n’est pas leur priorité mais plutôt leur hantise. Mesdames changez de métier ou faites en sorte de changer votre accueil . A éviter de toute urgence. Les gérants...
2.30 (80 reviews)
PACSUN image
Clothing store
Chain supplying casual, California-inspired, brand-name clothing, swimwear & accessories.
2.30 (65 reviews)
Sports Direct image
Sports Direct
Sportswear store
😠 Very rude. I have shown them Test and Passport and that I had a surgery and not allowed to wear a mask. They declined entry. Ok but this in a very arrogant aggressive way. Avoid this shop
2.30 (64 reviews)
Bershka image
Clothing store
😠 I agree with the other negative comments. Label prices are sometimes not up to date and you end up paying more at the checkout. The minimum when you make a mistake is to assume and apply the price indicated. I realize the error on the prices I ask the saleswoman to make me pay the displayed price....
2.40 (216 reviews)
DIOR Taichung Far Eastern 21 image
DIOR Taichung Far Eastern 21
Clothing store
Luxury label's designer fashion store, also selling cosmetics, jewelry & other accessories.
2.40 (149 reviews)
Hermès image
Leather goods store
High-end retailer carrying the luxury brand's apparel, handbags, scarves & other accessories.
2.40 (137 reviews)
JD Sports image
JD Sports
Shoe store
Retail chain specializing in designer branded training shoes, casual sportswear and accessories.
2.40 (120 reviews)
Aubert La Valentine image
Aubert La Valentine
Baby store
😠 Awful welcome in a store which nevertheless had 5 saleswomen when we entered. To obtain information on a price that is not displayed, we had to wait 15 minutes. Then, once the item was chosen, we waited 15 minutes at the checkout when there was no one there and 4 saleswomen were behind the counter....
2.40 (110 reviews)

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