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Vivienne Café Restaurant image
Vivienne Café Restaurant
😠 So they came out and grabbed us off the street. It looked ok. Nice balcony. Ordered a noodle dish for 100,000 (about $5 US) and then requested a wine list. The man responded “red or white”. We chose white. He brought the wine. Was very pushy. When we went to leave he says we owe 2,300,000 (roughly $...
1.50 (907 reviews)
Göl kafeterya çiğ börek image
Göl kafeterya çiğ börek
😠 5 kisi 2 cocuk olarak buraya gitme gafletinde bulunduk menu yok verilmiyor belli ki kafalarina gore . fiyatlar afaki… koymuslar sisme cocuk alani 20 dk si 50 tl..masamiz 1000 tl hesap odedi bide oyun parki ucreti aldilar iki cocugumuz icin.Bu isin adabi aile gelir yer icer cocuklar orda rahatca oyna...
1.50 (67 reviews)
Medellín image
Workers' club
Bar & nightclub with Latin American decor, offering cocktails, DJ parties & live music performances.
1.90 (1.3K reviews)
Panorama Cafe & Bar image
Panorama Cafe & Bar
Cocktail bar
😠 Worst bar I ever visited in my whole life! Worst service I've ever got! All the glasses we got was dirty! Worst drink I ever tasted.. 4 of us was not able to finish our drinks! We want our money back! Calling the cops and reporting this bar
1.90 (91 reviews)
Hornsleth Bar Aarhus image
Hornsleth Bar Aarhus
Night club
😠 Terrible service. We were forced lo live our purses and jackets in the wardrobe and were charged way more that we were supposed to. Later they let people in with jackets and big bags. The staff were rude when we tried to talk to them about it. Once inside the place was dirty and the sofa sticky. Aft...
2.00 (137 reviews)
Cafe Bar Oscar image
Cafe Bar Oscar
Cocktail bar
😠 Waren gerade dort angeblich sind wir ein völkchen das nicht herghört und ein dreckiger Schweinehaufen und dazu noch hat sie uns Hausverbot gegeben der Film war ok. Der Cineplexx war sehr höfflich und hat sich entschuldigt meiner Meinung nach nicht seine Aufgabe aber sehr netter Kerl schade nächstes...
2.00 (81 reviews)
Coco Loco image
Coco Loco
2.10 (283 reviews)
Paul's Cocktail Lounge image
Paul's Cocktail Lounge
Tribeca Grand Hotel cocktail lounge via scenemaker Paul Sevigny that's known for its tough door.
2.20 (309 reviews)
Nautic Club image
Nautic Club
Night club
😠 Mit Abstand schlechtester Club , bleibt wo ihr seid oder geht in die Cocktailbar nebenan! Schlechte Musik Unfreundliche Türsteher die denken die seien etwas besseres sobald man etwas zu sagen hat… 😂 Für mich leider pure Geldverschwendung gewesen, fahrt lieber die 30km weiter nach Lübeck oder so ✌🏾...
2.20 (140 reviews)
LE CLUB by LALE image
Night club
😠 Even this one star is at least 2 too many! I have never been treated in such a derogatory way. But it's not the only club in the area - we were even greeted in a friendly way at all the others - here you can apparently do without paying customers... under all sow! It's the first time I've given a...
$$ $$
2.20 (73 reviews)
PARCUS image
Cocktail bar
😠 I could use many adjectives to describe this non-experience, but I just say it was bad. The bouncers were of a unique rudeness, rude, boorish, rude, in short, people of nothing. A place where the age target is close to that of my grandfather, the main reason for which we were refused entry, despite...
$$ $$
2.30 (211 reviews)
Cookie image
Ice cream shop
😠 Disgraceful experience. We were waiting 10 minutes like muppets to then be confronted with an unfriendly waitress who didn’t even have the decency to hand us the paper to order waffles but said to get up and take it ourselves. After waiting 25 minutes for our order and seeing customers who came aft...
2.30 (144 reviews)
Restaurant Mary Sol image
Restaurant Mary Sol
Dine-in · Takeaway · Delivery
2.30 (59 reviews)
Tablao tapas bar image
Tablao tapas bar
Coffee shop
👍👍 Andrea is a very good waitress recommended a very nice cervezas Alhambra served with olives and crisps
2.40 (467 reviews)
Chateau Motel image
Chateau Motel
Night club
😠 It's sad to see how Chateau Motel have decayed in the past years. Last weekend, I saw a black guy, standing by the reception of Chateau Motel, being pushed and yelled at by the bouncer and the receptionist of the place just because he was waiting for his friend, 15 seconds after he paid for the entr...
$$ $$
2.40 (340 reviews)
Butchers Helsinki image
Butchers Helsinki
Night club
😠 Rasistinen baari. Vielä 1800-luvulla elävä Ravintolapäällikkö ei kanna vastuuta. Ihme pelkuri. Youtubessa videotodisteet siitä, että tummaihoiset eivät kelpaa asiakkaaksi. Rasismi väitteet eivät ole keksittyjä. Kun katsoo näitä vanhoja arvosteluja, niin samaa pelleilyä ravintolalta on tapahtunut jo...
$$ $$
2.40 (294 reviews)
Miami Bar image
Miami Bar
Night club
😠 The security guard is a fool and unprofessional. we are tourists we forgot to bring our ID and went back home to get it, after half an hour of waiting and he kicked us out for no reason. We never complain or lie. this is hard to understand. really bad experience
$$ $$
2.40 (97 reviews)
Civico Ventinove image
Civico Ventinove
Cocktail bar
2.40 (55 reviews)
Ambra Night image
Ambra Night
Night club
😠 20-somethings anxious to look cool and show off designer jeans. Don't expect toilets that the World Health Organization would wave through in Tansania (literally, no soap, no doors, no toilet paper) or barkeepers that know what a Mai Tai is. Check out girls that trip over high heels and guys that si...
$$ $$
2.50 (329 reviews)
Blu Puerto Sherry image
Blu Puerto Sherry
Dine-in · Takeaway · Delivery
2.50 (209 reviews)
La Palm Night image
La Palm Night
👍👍 Superbe ambiance ! Titouan, souriant et très proche de sa clientèle, nous a très bien accueilli. Je recommande les yeux fermés ce bar.
$$ $$
2.50 (176 reviews)
We All Scream image
We All Scream
Night club
😠 UNPROFESSIONAL MANAGEMENT, if I could rate this establishment lower than a 1-Star I definitely would. Today I was a maid of honor at my best friends wedding and even though the bride and groom told me to leave it be, I feel like people should be aware of the disappointing service before booking with...
2.50 (105 reviews)
Berns Terrassen image
Berns Terrassen
Night club
😠 Stay away from here, do not recommend, not worth 250kr entry!! 1.) Had 3 rooms. They opened 1 hour after each other. First was just the bar stand with some music, no room to actually dance or just sit/stand and socialize. Open at 22:00, only option for an hour and with such tight space it got extrem...
2.50 (82 reviews)
Fruitisimo Palladium I. image
Fruitisimo Palladium I.
Juice shop
😠 🤮
$$ $$
2.50 (80 reviews)
Le Normand image
Le Normand
😠 Fuyez Aujourd'hui cet hôtel s'appelle le Fécamp pour nous faire croire qu'il s'y trouve alors qu'en fait il est à plus d'une demie heure du centre ville Fécamp. L'hôtel est sale de la poussière des draps déchirés, pas de savon dans les toilettes qui sont d'ailleurs sur le palier dont la porte ne se...
2.50 (59 reviews)
Living Bar image
Living Bar
😠 A small club that doesn't know how to play, they play songs as if they were from Spotify. Jug alcohol. Bad acoustics and bad speakers. Offer that included a ticket from 3 o'clock to a nightclub but after following PR down the street they demanded we pay for the ticket again. A FRAUD. The worst to g...
2.50 (52 reviews)
Granaio Cordusio image
Granaio Cordusio
😠 First it seemed very nice from outside! But then it started!!!! We entered and not one covid certificate/ green pass was checked, staff didn’t wear the masks correctly (all under the nose) that’s why it’s called a nose/ mouth protection. The staff at the entrance is shuffling the people around and...
2.60 (1.1K reviews)
O'37 image
2.60 (539 reviews)
Alchemy image
Night club
Late-night club featuring multiple cocktail bars, DJs & dancing in a boisterous atmosphere.
$$ $$
2.60 (319 reviews)
MooMoo Nightclub Derby image
MooMoo Nightclub Derby
Night club
😠 I don’t even want to give this place 1 star. Bouncers attitude disgusting and disrespectful. Didn’t go in but got told we would be refused entry if we tried to go again. We had no id - we are both over 45! We questioned why Id was required and was told it wasn’t an age thing. My veteran fella asked...
$$ $$
2.60 (98 reviews)

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