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ShopeeFood Driver Center Cilandak image
ShopeeFood Driver Center Cilandak
Community center
😠 Scuritynya sampah, orang kaga tau bukannya arahin malah so iyh. Scurity aja belagu apalagi jadiorang berseragam? Emang jodohnya jadi scurity si cokcok kaga punya adab.
2.80 (77 reviews)
Wesley Community & Health Centers at Central City image
Wesley Community & Health Centers at Central City
Community health centre
😠 They have never returned a call. They have never called with test results. They have given me the wrong information on how and where to take lab tests resulting in weeks of delays. I got my vasectomy there in June. It is now December and I'm still not healed or pain free (although there's much less...
2.90 (82 reviews)

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