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Centro de Saúde de Famões image
Centro de Saúde de Famões
Community health centre
1.10 (71 reviews)
Przychodnia Lekarska "Medycyna" w Alwerni Sp. z o.o. image
Przychodnia Lekarska "Medycyna" w Alwerni Sp. z o.o.
Medical clinic
😠 Teleporada w tym ośrodku to jakiś mało śmieszny żart!!! Umówiony termin na godzinę 15, ale od 40 min nie idzie się dodzwonić do pani doktor. W rejestracji Pani udzielila tylko ZŁOTEJ RADY „proszę próbować do skutku” Chyba nie po to sa godziny teleporad żeby trzeba było wisieć na telefonie cały dzie...
1.30 (55 reviews)
WellSpace Health Roseville Community Health Center image
WellSpace Health Roseville Community Health Center
Community health centre
😠 Had an appointment today 10.23 my physician who actually ended up being a nurse practitioner LIED and canceled her appointment and didn’t follow up. The practitioners name was Liu Fangieng. She’s done this to me multiple times! If you’re willing to give up your health and well-being, and want to get...
1.40 (98 reviews)
Capio Primary Care Center Farsta image
Capio Primary Care Center Farsta
Community health centre
😠 The staff is unprofessional, they don't do their job properly. They don't want to help. They don't notify you if the doctor is sick and they don't provide substitute. They just offer talking with a nurse just to take your money.
1.50 (163 reviews)
North Hudson Community Action Corporation image
North Hudson Community Action Corporation
Medical clinic
👍 Listen, what most people dont understand about this place is that it is a low cost public clinic. The volume of people is high with or without appointments...which translate to high wait times. It's not the fault of the clinic but our health system is messed up in this country. If anything we need...
1.50 (107 reviews)
Oxance - Médical et Dentaire image
Oxance - Médical et Dentaire
Dental clinic
😠 A scandalous consultation with general practitioner Dr. Jean Aim. I strongly advise against this doctor. I do not understand how a doctor like him is still entitled to practice, he has no ethics or professional conscience, it is dangerous. I needed to spell out the medications I needed, he didn't e...
1.50 (100 reviews)
Communal Health Care image
Communal Health Care
Community health centre
😠 Odradzam każdemu! Obsługa jak za komuny, Panie pracujące przy pobieraniu krwi są bardzo niemiłe wręcz aroganckie to jakaś kpina a nie służba zdrowia! Myślą że mogą się krzywić i ubliżać, a te czasy już dawno się skończyły. Jak praca nie pasuje to trzeba zmienić...Siedzą za kare a po podwyżki i straj...
1.50 (67 reviews)
Tower Hamlets Urgent Treatment Centre image
Tower Hamlets Urgent Treatment Centre
Hospital department
😠 Should be 0 stars. Dismissive of patients, it’s filthy, the wait times are as long as 7 hours just to be told to take a paracetamol. What a bright idea, wish I’d thought of that. Absolutely ridiculous. The govt should be ashamed and utterly embarrassed that this is classified as an urgent way to get...
1.50 (56 reviews)
Unidade Saúde Familiar Terras da Maia image
Unidade Saúde Familiar Terras da Maia
Community health centre
😠 Infelizmente este serviço público é dos piores que temos...desde funcionários no atendimento antipáticos e arrogantes, desde um serviço lento e chega mesmo a ser desesperante para quem tem que lá ir . Por exemplo: o horário é das 8 ás 20h, qualquer utente se não tiver consulta marcada tem que ir par...
1.50 (54 reviews)
Riverside Medical Practice image
Riverside Medical Practice
Medical clinic
😠 Can't get an appointment unless same day and same day following week. I wouldn't care when as long as I get an appointment. Been trying for 3 weeks now. My partner ended up with pneumonia after waiting 6 weeks for an appointment previously. And the worst thing you can move to any other Practice as y...
1.60 (232 reviews)
Monte Abraão and Belas Health Center image
Monte Abraão and Belas Health Center
Community health centre
😠 Em poucas palavras só digo isto, Pior que este centro de saúde impossivel! Má organização, falta de profissionalismo deste à entrada(seguranças, e recepção) ao gabinete (os Drs) depois de várias tentativas de consulta sempre sem sucesso por não terem vagas, levei o meu filho de 2 anos a uma clínica...
1.60 (230 reviews)
UCSP Olival image
UCSP Olival
Community health centre
😠 Terrible! The doctor didn't know anything! I had to beg to get a prescription to do a urinary and blood test. Few days later when I went to the clinic to do the exams, I was unable to do them, because doctor signed on the wrong part. Don't waste your time going there! Não perda seu tempo, evite est...
1.60 (80 reviews)
Centro de Saúde de Queluz image
Centro de Saúde de Queluz
Community health centre
😠 Uma verdadeira tristeza. Dei uma estrela porque não posso dar menos. As funcionárias são mal criadas, sem humildade e muito incompetentes. O problema é que já dura à anos e nada muda, as funcionárias continuam a tratar as pessoas como se fossem nada. E o que me custa ver é se a pessoa for idosa aind...
1.60 (71 reviews)
Clinica de Salud del Valle de Salinas- Sanborn image
Clinica de Salud del Valle de Salinas- Sanborn
Medical clinic
😠 Receptionists NEED MORE TRAINING!! Many times now they have given my grandfather incorrect appointments. They will hear from me Monday morning because this is ridiculous/frustrating. How hard can it be? Do I need to go myself and show these girls how to properly schedule a patient? At this point I d...
1.60 (61 reviews)
Cora E. Braynon Family Health Center image
Cora E. Braynon Family Health Center
Medical clinic
😠 I just came here from a TikTok video saying a woman who worked here was fired after experiencing racism from a patient. If you’re black or POC stay far away from this location.
1.70 (184 reviews)
Waccamaw Center For Mental Health image
Waccamaw Center For Mental Health
Mental health service
😠 Where is the 0 star review? I went to Waccamaw for a few years, because I didn't think I had options with my insurance. During my years there I had a councilor that nodded off during a session, and would tell me to 'man up' when I would discuss with difficulty with doing basic tasks because of my me...
1.70 (109 reviews)
WellSpace Health South Valley Community Health Center image
WellSpace Health South Valley Community Health Center
Community health centre
😠 RACIST PLACE. If I could give this place negative stars I would. The doctors are disrespectful and racist. My dad went to this place and had a terrible experience. Keep in mind my dad doesn’t speak English and needs an interpreter. My dad is a hardworking and amazing person and has worked so hard to...
1.70 (93 reviews)
Wellspace Health image
Wellspace Health
Medical clinic
😠 Very upset. Had a phone appointment scheduled and they never bothered to call me yet put me down as a no show and lied saying they called 3 times. Then I call to see if I can get my results only to be told the next phone appointment isn’t until end of September. This place should not be in business...
1.70 (58 reviews)
Capio Vårdcentral Hallsberg image
Capio Vårdcentral Hallsberg
Community health centre
😠 The worst and most unpleasant treatment I experienced when I wanted to book an appointment. Shame on you for such treatment of sick people
1.70 (53 reviews)
Capio Primary Care Center Vasby image
Capio Primary Care Center Vasby
Community health centre
😠 As the rating says, 1/5! Would book time and the receptionist fnissed at me and was unpleasant. The second time I would book acute time after being ill for 9 days, this receptionist was also unpleasant and had to consult his colleague. (Got time shut, but it is obvious that you should give time to...
1.80 (189 reviews)
مركز الصحة الأولية حي النور image
مركز الصحة الأولية حي النور
Community health centre
😠 من اسوء المراكز الصحية الي زرتها بالمنطقة الشرقية الطاقم النسائي والادارة فيهم اهمال وعدم التزام بمواعيد وتم رفع شكوى لوزارة الصحة وقسم بالله لا اسلوب ولا تعامل واصوات ضحكهم لاخر الاسياب ولاكّأن في مريض ينتظر يدخل على موعده حسبي الله وكفى ..!
1.80 (134 reviews)
San Judas Medical Group image
San Judas Medical Group
Medical clinic
😠 I am 29 weeks pregnant and 2 days. I stopped coming to this clinic because the assisted transportation provided by San Juda’s made me late to my scheduled appointment at the clinic. The nurses and doctor made me wait 3 and a half hours even though I had a scheduled appointment for the day. I brought...
1.80 (106 reviews)
Health Center of Sacavém image
Health Center of Sacavém
Community health centre
😠 Incrível como as funcionárias do balcão de atendimento conseguem disponibilizar aos clientes uma experiência gratuita de como o inferno é. Nunca pessoas com tão mau caráter e inércia foram contratadas como aquelas que trabalham ao balcão deste centro de saúde. Nenhuma pessoa que lá vai é bem tratada...
1.80 (103 reviews)
Amorosa XXI Health Center image
Amorosa XXI Health Center
Community health centre
1.80 (97 reviews)
Charles River Community Health image
Charles River Community Health
😠 The providers here are very nice and understanding. Unfortunately the reception staff are quite lacking. In person they have been fine but they take very long over the phone. I tried calling both offices several times with no answer and when I try to leave a voicemail it is full. The only other way...
1.80 (93 reviews)
Limelight Health and Well-being Hub image
Limelight Health and Well-being Hub
General practitioner
😠 WorstGP ever. I'm trying to move after being moved here because my practice closed. Virtually impossible to get an appointment. Told if you have a smartphone you need to book via the app. So I downloaded the app and logged on. At 10.45am the app appears not to be working and so I call. 20 mins to ge...
1.80 (92 reviews)
Thames View Health Centre image
Thames View Health Centre
Community health centre
😠 The service is terrible, staff are hostile and make patients feel uncomfortable. If they dislike the job then they should work elsewhere, it's unnecessary to have such a negative attitude when patients are nice. The call system needs to change, being first in a queue for 10 minutes does not make sen...
1.80 (88 reviews)
Wellspace Health image
Wellspace Health
Medical clinic
😠 this is the worst urgent care. the doctor keep on cancelling a patients appointment, and the waiting period takes at least 2 months before they can check the patient. They don't respond when pharmacy calls to refill a prescription. the worst healthcare
1.80 (77 reviews)
Teleborg vårdcentral image
Teleborg vårdcentral
Medical Center
😠 Bokat besök TELEBORG vårdcentral den 31 aug. När jag kom dit var det tomt vid kundmottagningen. Personalen stod på annat ställe o pratade. När provtagning o läkarbesöket var klart gick jag tillbaka för att betala. Då satt en kvinna innanför glaset o lekte med sin mobil o det dröjde ca 5 min som jag...
1.80 (70 reviews)
Berks Community Health Center image
Berks Community Health Center
Community health centre
😠 This place is horrible in picking up the phone. But they have no issue being on the phone chitchatting or be on there cell phone. I called over a dozen times trying to reschedule my kids appointment not to mention that I cant even get dental department on the phone either. But they don't have an iss...
1.80 (69 reviews)

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