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Spencer image
Computer store
😠 These guys don't have any technical knowledge, they will keep your laptop for months, do several experiments on your laptop and then return your laptop even in worst condition. Mr. Pratik Raut is very arrogant and don't have knowledge how to speak with customers. I gave them my laptop in a working c...
1.40 (60 reviews)
Canada Computers & Electronics Head Office image
Canada Computers & Electronics Head Office
Computer store
😠 I would give them zero stars if it could! I bought a $2500 Gigabyte laptop from a local Canada Computers store and it stopped working after 3 months. Canada Computers took the laptop back and sent it to Synnex (RMA). No RMA number was provided or how long it would take to get it back. IT TOOK 7 WEEK...
1.90 (220 reviews)
Newegg Canada image
Newegg Canada
😠 This company ships valuable items with no signature required. I spent a couple thousand dollars and they split it into 3 shipments. 1 of them never arrived and they said @purolator confirmed it shipped. NEWEGG Refused to refund or replace and closed the case. I contacted puro & was told a trace was...
2.10 (335 reviews)
Officeworks Castle Hill image
Officeworks Castle Hill
Office supply store
In-store shopping · In-store pick-up · Delivery
2.10 (297 reviews)
F.H.U. "COMAX" Ryszard Tęcza image
F.H.U. "COMAX" Ryszard Tęcza
Computer store
😠 Czy wy w końcu naprawicie ten Internet od 6msc praktycznie nie działa nie da się z niego funkcjonować mając pakiet 15mb/s a praktycznie mam ledwo 2mb/s gdzie nawet spada do 40kb/s. Nawet wam się nie chce przyjechać żeby naprawić Pozdrawiam.
2.10 (129 reviews)
iStudio image
Cell phone store
2.10 (50 reviews)
Select Apple Premium Reseller (Canterbury) image
Select Apple Premium Reseller (Canterbury)
Computer store
In-store shopping · In-store pick-up · Delivery
2.20 (118 reviews)
Computer World Centre image
Computer World Centre
Computer repair service
😠 NEVER IN YOUR LIFE GO HERE. Deserves 0 stars. Search iPhone Repair Adelaide CBD and see more reviews. He is trying to change his name to avoid his terrible record. This guy is the biggest scam artist of all time. He has some contract that he forces you to sign and in the middle of all the small scri...
2.50 (346 reviews)
Officeworks Campbellfield image
Officeworks Campbellfield
Office supply store
😠 Most unhelpful staff with no product knowledge, lowest standards of customer service, the way they talks; feels like they are about to attack the customers without even listening what customers have to say. They ignore the customers and talk so rudely. If i talk to manager, I don’t know whether that...
2.50 (275 reviews)
Warehouse Stationery Manukau image
Warehouse Stationery Manukau
Office supply store
😠 I'd placed a click and collect order and went in to collect at the counter. It was very busy and after checking my order I noticed that one item was missing. One staff member was serving at the counter by herself with a few people waiting behind me. Meanwhile, two staff members (one called Garry) we...
2.50 (191 reviews)
Officeworks Russell St, Melbourne image
Officeworks Russell St, Melbourne
Office supply store
😠 Wow, never have I felt so unwelcome in Melbourne. I was entering the store, and young male staff member requested I scan QR code to sign in. I tried but my phone messed up, so he offered manual sign in. I agreed, but he didn't sign me in, and instead proceeded to mention I needed a mask and proof of...
2.60 (400 reviews)
Select Apple Premium Reseller (Windsor) image
Select Apple Premium Reseller (Windsor)
Computer store
😠 Today (15.06.2013) booked an appointment at 11 am at this store in order replacing battery for my iPhone. I stepped in to the store 7 minutes before my appointment. There was only one staff who was dealing with someone while I was idle in the store. Few minutes later that gentle man came to me and t...
2.60 (117 reviews)
Officeworks Werribee image
Officeworks Werribee
Office supply store
😠 Click & Collect And Pay & Collect both ends up in one long queue , when you know your Click N collect order was ready 3 hrs ago and you still have to stay in queue for 20mins to collect it, it's very disappointing, They can do better than this.(Printing Order 31jan 22 6.15pm)
2.70 (498 reviews)
Officeworks Taylors Lakes image
Officeworks Taylors Lakes
Office supply store
😠 Suggest the whole team need a rocket up em! Cannot even answer the phone... any department just been ringing out since Friday whilst chasing an order for a customer of mine. Shocking... I order prints to stores every week across the country and in 99% of cases done within 24 hrs but here 3days n not...
2.70 (265 reviews)
Computer store
😠 Ta firma to jeden wielki żart, co najmniej raz w miesiącu internet przestaje działać na co najmniej kilka godzin. Połączenie jest słabe i jest to tłumaczone liśćmi drzew, których w zimę nie ma a jakoś problemy tak. A czsami internet chodzi jak by miał szybkość z 100kb/s a nie taką jaką powinien mieć...
2.70 (193 reviews)
Baitukas image
Game store
😐 Good nerd place, but too many fortnite-themed things
2.70 (84 reviews)
IT PARK image
Computer store
2.70 (58 reviews)
Personal Grooming & Instrument image
Personal Grooming & Instrument
Computer store
2.80 (365 reviews)
Officeworks Dandenong South image
Officeworks Dandenong South
Office supply store
😠 DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SHOP! DONT CLICK AND COLLECT! STAY AWAY! AND THIS APPLIES TO ITS SISTER STORES IF THEY ARE OPERATING THE SAME WAY DURING RESTRICTIONS. I ordered a printer cartridge online through Dandenong South store and although items sitting on shelf I was advised that it would take 6 day...
2.80 (331 reviews)
Officeworks Epping image
Officeworks Epping
Office supply store
👍👍 My store experience is always amazing especially when you bought something you like in a reasonable price comparing to othet store. Anyhow - salute to the staff for keeping up with the impatience we all bring everyday. If you ever need something the staff are always happy to help you even during...
2.80 (293 reviews)
Officeworks Wetherill Park image
Officeworks Wetherill Park
Office supply store
👍👍 I honestly don’t see why they deserve 2.7 star ratings. Came here on Friday and got an IPad, MacBook and a screen protector. The staff were extremely helpful and friendly. Quite a large store and a lot of parking available on the premises 😄
2.80 (196 reviews)
Ubuy image
E-commerce service
😠 I Ordered 5 Items on 23 January with standard delivery which takes 5-9 days After 10 days of my order not being dispatched and hearing nothing from the store I decided to call customer services. After waiting on golf for 10 minutes the staff told me that I just had to wait and nothing could be done,...
2.80 (122 reviews)
SuperOffers image
E-commerce service
😠 Παραγγελία 6/9 ένα τροφοδοτικό μέσω skroutz. Παίρνω τηλέφωνο μου λένε το αργότερο σε 10 μέρες θα το έχεις. Περνάνε 10 μέρες, παίρνω τηλέφωνο θα φύγει σήμερα με ενημερώνουν. Εντάξει λέω. Πέμπτη 23/9 πλέον δεν το έχω παραλάβει ακόμα και παίρνω τηλέφωνο. Θα φύγει από εμάς σήμερα με ενημερώνουν. Παρασκε...
2.80 (78 reviews)
Syarikat See Chuan Seng image
Syarikat See Chuan Seng
Computer store
2.80 (65 reviews)
iConnect image
Computer store
😠 Very horrible people work at this place. There is a black girl who was literally angry that we asked her if she had an iPhone case for 14 plus. First they kept ignoring us. Then I walked up to her and asked if she could help me find a phone cover for my daughter.. she rudely said she was busy and we...
2.90 (516 reviews)
Cash Converters image
Cash Converters
Second hand store
😠 DOUBTFUL OFFERS I have requested information about a product through an ad that this establishment has placed on wallapop. After confirming the location and availability of the same through the chat I have moved there in half an hour. Upon arrival I asked about the item and the clerk at the counter...
2.90 (476 reviews)
Officeworks Southport image
Officeworks Southport
Office supply store
😠 Absolutely atrocious service. Half the machines don't work. Not enough staff available to serve people. Waiting 2nd inline for 15mins to print something because the 2nd machine I tried wouldn't print. To then to have the person behind me forat because they skipped the queue. Once I was finally serve...
2.90 (437 reviews)
iSpot Galeria Krakowska image
iSpot Galeria Krakowska
Computer store
😠 Apple should remove their premium reseller license immediately. They lie to their customers about the return policy in the store and when they are caught, they point to a link on their receipt that says “no returns.” How was I suppose to access the link from the paper receipt? Having the link on the...
2.90 (403 reviews)
iSpot Bonarka Kraków - Apple Premium Reseller image
iSpot Bonarka Kraków - Apple Premium Reseller
Electronics store
😠 I went into to the store to buy the iPhone 13 pro. I was there together with my brother. There was another client, a man in his 40s wearing slightly elegant outfit, who entered the store just after us and was welcomed by one of the men from the stuff. There was no hello or anything else said to us....
2.90 (376 reviews)
Officeworks Bundoora image
Officeworks Bundoora
Office supply store
😠 Terrible staff that treated me with distain. Horrible service that I had to wait 10 minutes just to answer a question and even then I was lied to about a product but luckily I double checked and so avoided driving all the way home only to find said product doesn't fit my printer. I ending coming hom...
2.90 (313 reviews)

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