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Park & ​​Control Pac GmbH image
Park & ​​Control Pac GmbH
Corporate office
😠 I was standing beside my car at the Netto parking lot while my wife went shopping in Netto for 15 min. I still got a ticket and the guy said because you don't have the blue clock. We were there only for 15min What a rip off now we are not shopping in that Netto store again. This company profit by t...
1.10 (2.6K reviews)
Premier Park Ltd image
Premier Park Ltd
Corporate office
😠 This company is at best incompetent or at worst dishonest. I used the Charlestown car park on 3rd May 2022 with a valid ticket displayed on the dash board. A couple of weeks later I received a Parking Charge Notice. This is what I wrote on the "appeal" site. "The charge on your invoice is incorrect...
1.10 (317 reviews)
Aimo Park image
Aimo Park
Corporate office
1.20 (227 reviews)
Saba Park Services UK Limited image
Saba Park Services UK Limited
Corporate office
😠 Followed instructions, downloaded app, paid for parking, accidentally got one letter wrong in reg. number on app, wrote nice e-mail explaining, provided proof that had paid and mistake genuine, Indigo's own evidence matched my car with payment...... They still decided to enforce the fine in full kno...
1.20 (129 reviews)
Alliance United Insurance image
Alliance United Insurance
Insurance agency
😠 Worst insurance ever!!! Even more worst when the other person involved in the accident has the same insurance which is this one, they play by favorites, they do not care about your car or your situation they just call you once and leave a voicemail and everybody transfers you to the adjusters voicem...
1.30 (459 reviews)
Ticketmaster image
Corporate office
😠 What a terrible company. No phone number to call, no agents to chat with on their website, no email adress. My event got canceled and I have been waiting for 2 months for a refund without bbeing able to reach anyone. Unacceptable. Last time buying anything through this garage company.
1.30 (272 reviews)
YouFit Gyms Corporate Office image
YouFit Gyms Corporate Office
Corporate office
😠 Do not,I repeat do not ever get a membership with this scam of a gym. Their employees are the most incompetent I've ever witnessed in all my life. Their management staff is lowbrow and rude. I've canceled 2 memberships from this gym 9/1/2021. Paid the cancelation fees which are on my bank statements...
1.40 (98 reviews)
EP Fitness - Corporate image
EP Fitness - Corporate
Corporate office
1.40 (50 reviews)
Expedia image
Travel agency
😠 Expedia was one of my favorite travel agency couple of years ago. We travel a lot my husband or me we always used to book hotels flight etc. We just come back yesterday from a trip with friends I explained them our new experience for the future we forget Expedia , be aware if you would like to book...
1.50 (111 reviews)
City Sightseeing Malta image
City Sightseeing Malta
Corporate office
😠 I would give a 0 if possible. We arrived in Malta at the port by 1pm and we had til night tl enjoy the place. We took the sightseeing and when leavin the bus driver said last bus is 3h15pm that was very frustrating because we had to rush our stop to take the last bus, we changed to blue line to see...
1.50 (99 reviews)
Lexpark image
Corporate office
1.50 (84 reviews)
Shopee Malaysia image
Shopee Malaysia
Corporate office
1.60 (699 reviews)
Baystate Emergency Medicine - Springfield image
Baystate Emergency Medicine - Springfield
Emergency room
😠 I completely understand why this hospital has numerous one star reviews. The wait is absolutely ridiculous, the front desk workers are vague and quite frankly rude, as well as unhelpful. I truly believe that if you cannot be nice, there is not a place for you in healthcare. It’s truly ridiculous. It...
1.60 (157 reviews)
Pizza Hut Head Office image
Pizza Hut Head Office
Pizza restaurant
$$ $$
1.60 (156 reviews)
ParkZone A/S image
ParkZone A/S
Corporate office
😠 The Big Business In Field's. All the foreigners and tourist who use car and don't speak Danish ,have to pay fine as all information are in Danish and nothing at English. Cost to much to get a sing over there. They follow the law says.. Yes Its Legal, But is MORAL???
1.60 (148 reviews)
Ninja Xpress - Gudang Delivery Pekalongan image
Ninja Xpress - Gudang Delivery Pekalongan
Corporate office
😠 Ga jelas, dulu paket saya pernah nyangkut di gudang. Padahal jelas" tracking udah di gudang, saya tanya karyawannya, dia bilang, "masih proses, nanti dikirim, ditunggu aja," alah sampai seminggu ga dikirim, status tetep proses, dan akhirnya dibatalkan karena waktu (estimasi) pengirimannya kelewat. A...
1.60 (128 reviews)
Lippu image
Corporate office
😠 The service as a government agency, the more challenging the customer receives, the better. Here is not helping.
1.60 (61 reviews)
California Family Fitness Corporate Office image
California Family Fitness Corporate Office
Corporate office
😠 I’m a disabled veteran and on a limited income and during this time of Corona virus. California Family Fitness has taken my money over $180.00. I have canceled my membership. And wanting to get reimbursed. I called the corporate office and left a message for Summer the Manager and she never returned...
1.60 (55 reviews)
Enbridge Gas image
Enbridge Gas
Gas company
😠 I'm not sure how this company is able to get away with estimated billing. After two years of not reading my meter (for which I only lived at the address for 6 months), I was making payments on an estimate of an estimate (unknown to me). Then I received a bill for over $700 - which was an adjustment...
1.70 (705 reviews)
DoorDash Driver Support Center image
DoorDash Driver Support Center
Corporate office
😠 After experiencing several issues with some past orders, I also had door dash membership account, I DO NOT RECOMMEND HAVING THEM AS DELIVERY OPTION OR EVEN DEAL WITH THEM AT ALL, their support is machine answers when you talk to them, they end the chat soon without giving you a solutions, not every...
1.70 (276 reviews)
Molina Healthcare of Washington image
Molina Healthcare of Washington
Corporate office
😠 I'm done. 1) I've spent 2 hours on the phone with 5 different agents--in order to figure out how to pay them. I was disconnected twice and am at square one. Their website won't allow me to register. If it's this challenging to give them money, I don't want to know how hard it is to file a claim. 2...
1.70 (249 reviews)
SS KRPL0 Kota Pekalongan image
SS KRPL0 Kota Pekalongan
Corporate office
😠 There have been several times when the goods were not picked up, finally I gave up on the delivery to the office, even though the distance from the house to the office was far. Eh, just now, there was no wind, there was no rain. Suddenly, they said they wanted to pick up, I who usually send it at n...
1.70 (248 reviews)
Klook Travel Technology Sdn. Bhd. image
Klook Travel Technology Sdn. Bhd.
Corporate office
😠 I wish they would allow me to post this review without a star. I had a terrible experience with Klook. I was searching for tickets for The TOP at Penang and found their website. When I was adding the ticket to my cart there were no options for “Adult” or “Child”, there was only a “-“ and “+” sign di...
1.70 (107 reviews)
Viator Inc. image
Viator Inc.
Corporate office
1.70 (77 reviews)
Nespresso Canada Customer Service image
Nespresso Canada Customer Service
Corporate office
1.70 (72 reviews)
Lille Métropole Habitat image
Lille Métropole Habitat
Housing authority
😠 They don't even know how to manage clients or sell and they dare to refuse my internship request, the person who took me in talks about it seemed dead inside and I find it disrespectful to say "we have other interns", lol joke.... Judging in an interview is like judging an apple without having tas...
1.70 (62 reviews)
Wizz Air Hungary Ltd. image
Wizz Air Hungary Ltd.
Corporate office
😠 Flown many times with them past 5 years. Overall good and cheap until.... You get to the gate in time, already check-in, and the staff tells you that you cannot board because your seat is already taken!!!? They purposely overbook and because of that I missed the wedding of my brother, something I w...
1.80 (907 reviews)
Just Eat image
Just Eat
Corporate office
1.80 (260 reviews)
Delhivery PVT LTd. image
Delhivery PVT LTd.
Courier service
😠 Poor supply chain I have seen. Not able to connect to customer care number. Delay in delivering the items. Indian post parcel service is much far better than this company. I advice sellers not to use this courier company as it makes u to loss the valuable customers.
1.80 (252 reviews)
Talabat image
Corporate office
😠 Order from خبزه و شاورما reached late. Meat is cold. Order is missing half. Your driver blamed second client being not answering hos phone. Not my problem. The restaurant is 1 km away from my house.
1.90 (382 reviews)

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