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Deflower image
Night club
2.10 (147 reviews)
Infitness - Aarhus N., Møllevangs All image
Infitness - Aarhus N., Møllevangs All
Training centre
😠 Totally disappointed! I chose this gym because it was the cheapest from the town. Unfortunately, the services provided are really poor. The smell in the gym is awful, they do not have any ventilation at all, when you want to breath some fresh air, you have to open the window. There are also problems...
2.30 (65 reviews)
Cova Club Paris image
Cova Club Paris
Night club
👍👍 The place to be in Paris great atmosphere
2.40 (195 reviews)
Les Planches image
Les Planches
Night club
Buzzing nightspot with dance floors & high-tech lighting, offering cocktails & couch seating.
$$$ $
2.50 (374 reviews)
JEWEL Nightclub image
JEWEL Nightclub
Night club
Nightspot hosting well-known DJs & performers in LED-lit digs with VIP suites & luxe furnishings.
$$$ $
2.60 (455 reviews)
Le Madam image
Le Madam
Night club
😠 Horrible place!!!! They make you take off your coats/jackets/blazers and make you pay for it!!! Security is so disrespectful horrible drinks horrible service horrible music horrible people!!! You can't even dance because the floor is so dirty and sticky please save yourself your money and time!!!
$$ $$
2.60 (333 reviews)
Raspoutine image
Night club
😠 They have really Nice bouncers and staff but the old guy picking people to get in is horrible and so outdated its sad, letting girls i if they give a kiss on the cheek and the lack of people of colour in the club says it all, not inclusive. Well inside its really nice, cool interior but overall i w...
2.80 (281 reviews)
Sala Zenith image
Sala Zenith
Concert hall
😠 Me and some friends went to a "free" old reggaeton party and as soon as we went to the venue they charged us 5 euros for a minimum expense that we had to make to go to the party when they never mentioned this when booking the tickets . A pure and simple scam, but at least they gave you a drink with...
2.80 (151 reviews)
Boum Boum image
Boum Boum
Disco club
😠 I have nothing more to say than : Worst club I’ve ever been too. Even tho we were wearing beautiful party dresses and expensive clothes (not important to mention, but just to know) the didn’t let us in. We weren’t loud or anything and they’re racists too because they were mean to us Because we didn...
$$$ $
2.90 (442 reviews)
Gym Paris 17 - Cercles De La Forme Maillot image
Gym Paris 17 - Cercles De La Forme Maillot
Fitness center
😠 Please be aware of the Pilates professor ASTRID , who is rude, disrespectful, and DISCRIMINATIVE. I don’t have problems with rules, but I do with arrogant and badly educated people. She took me through a public humiliation, I opened a reclamation with the administration, but guess what? No follow-up...
2.90 (217 reviews)
Whiskey 101 image
Whiskey 101
Night club
😠 Decent club, their ID system is awful. I waited 2 hours in line after leaving to get my gf’s ID back. Plus, they make minors pay every time they enter despite stamping their wrists, and were disrespectful to the people under 21 I was with. It’s a highly inefficient system that forces hundreds of peo...
2.90 (77 reviews)

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