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Michael Weiss DDS PC image
Michael Weiss DDS PC
😠 I had a dentist appointment scheduled for November 18th at 2:30 . They called Wednesday to confirm my appointment but I was working so once I had a chance I called back no answer. I called 6 times total then left a voicemail. I got there at 2:20pm they told me we had to cancel my appointment because...
1.60 (149 reviews)
Iwaki Kusakidai Total Clinic image
Iwaki Kusakidai Total Clinic
Medical clinic
1.70 (145 reviews)
Norwalk Community Health Center (NCHC) image
Norwalk Community Health Center (NCHC)
Community health centre
😠 If you want a glimpse of how people with less are treated come here. It’s devastating. I came in to register as a new patient and I was told I would get a call the same day, I didn’t. I came back in a week later and I was told I wasn’t in the system and I should start the process all over again. Can...
1.90 (122 reviews)
Docteur Sophie Lecerf image
Docteur Sophie Lecerf
😠 Je déconseille ! J’aurai dû lire les avis avant de m’y rendre. 30 min de consultation pour une carie. Ne cesse de me dire de laisser la bouche ouverte!! A aucun moment je ne peux la refermer!! Impatiente, désagréable, aucune empathie!! Soins faits dans la douleur ! Rien pour se rincer la bouche à la...
2.00 (60 reviews)
Sonría image
Dental clinic
😠 La verdad 1 es la calificación más baja si se pudiera dar menos lo haría, el servicio, la comunicación con el cliente es pésima increíble que una empresa tan grande tenga el número de teléfono en su página mal escrito, que a pesar de tantos malos comentarios no hagan nada por mejorar. La demora en l...
2.10 (65 reviews)
mydentist, Deganwy Avenue, Llandundno image
mydentist, Deganwy Avenue, Llandundno
😠 If you could give 0 stars I would. I've had nothing but trouble with this dentist in the past 12 months, 5 months for an extraction and dentures that don't fit. Twice I've turned up with an appointment and then told I haven't. Yesterday's appointment at 9.15 they didn't even open. There is no commu...
2.10 (53 reviews)
מכבידנט ירושלים אגריפס image
מכבידנט ירושלים אגריפס
Dental clinic
😠 They don't care about your health, if they can't fake it they put the challenge in an institution to hide their incompetence
2.20 (63 reviews)
Oxbury Medical Clinic image
Oxbury Medical Clinic
Medical clinic
😠 Doctors are very rude. Specially a male doctor, i didnt the catch the word he was saying as he was speaking very fast and he was like very rude and saying you should have listened carefully.
2.30 (86 reviews)
Cheshire Medical Center image
Cheshire Medical Center
😠 If I could give zero stars I would. My mom was misdiagnosed and not long later found out she has Stage IV Lung Cancer and it's spread nearly everywhere and her treatment has been postponed so many times they are essentially just letting her die faster in the hospital bed instead of doing something u...
2.40 (214 reviews)
Uosto Poliklinika image
Uosto Poliklinika
Medical Center
🫤 This is a private clinic. Referral to specialist doctors is not necessary, the consultation is paid for by the client. This clinic employs family doctors, specialist doctors and rehabilitators. This clinic provides treatment, health support, strengthening and rehabilitation services. There is a swi...
2.40 (117 reviews)
mydentist, South Road, Walkley image
mydentist, South Road, Walkley
😠 I had a really traumatising experience here and would not recommend the place to anybody. The dentist tried to do a filling without anaesthetic, and I was in agony. I had to ask him to inject me half way through. He was rough, I had to ask the dentist and the dental nurse to not be so brutal. They...
2.40 (55 reviews)
Centre Dentaire B1 Bulle image
Centre Dentaire B1 Bulle
Dental clinic
😠 I wouldn't go back, I feel completely ripped off. I called this establishment on May 30, for a small frontal repair and scaling, when I arrived I explained to the dentist, she confirmed that it was possible, so she did five x-rays, and a visual check then she gives the consultation to finish, and sh...
2.40 (50 reviews)
Western Dental & Orthodontics image
Western Dental & Orthodontics
😠 Company does not comply with insurance regulations. My appointment mandates x-rays and a cleaning, but they refused to do the cleaning. They said that I needed a whole bunch of other orthodontic work before they could clean. My dentist for the last several years says that there is nothing wrong. Wen...
2.50 (416 reviews)
Dental Health Associates PA image
Dental Health Associates PA
😠 When I first went to the office I didn’t understand why the reviews were bad because I thought the dentist and the staff were really friendly and the care was good. But then the problem came when I needed a root canal- which is the main reason why I went in the first place because my tooth was painf...
2.50 (155 reviews)
Медицинский центр ЭкспрессМедСервис на метро Лесная | Флюорография, УЗИ, справки image
Медицинский центр ЭкспрессМедСервис на метро Лесная | Флюорография, УЗИ, справки
Medical Center
😠 Terrible place! Passed medical examination from the organization. The time was set. When we got there, there was already a huge queue outside. Nobody was going to accept us, the director had to contact the authorities. As a result, colleagues who arrived at 11 passed everything only by 3 o'clock. N...
2.50 (133 reviews)
Gentle Dental Sunnyvale image
Gentle Dental Sunnyvale
😠 If there was a negative number, I’d pick that. My husband and I both have been struggling with their team with lingering billing issues which should have been resolved before March 2022, rather end of the year in 2021. Short Review: Terrible quality of dental service. Payment and Billing is a nigh...
2.50 (104 reviews)
Cicero Dental image
Cicero Dental
😠 I went for a tooth pain in Aug 2022 and they told me everything was fine, I pointed out where it was and the dentist suggested I get an oral surgery at a different location to get the space fixed. I went to a new dentist yesterday because it was still bothering me, turns out that space was a cavity....
2.50 (95 reviews)
mydentist, Skinner Lane, Leeds image
mydentist, Skinner Lane, Leeds
😠 As I was seen by a doctor for a filling the doctor considered to do extraction because she thought I would have problems in the next 10-15 years whitout asking . I asked what van I do because I need it just a filling and she called me to just stick a tooth destroying the second one as well. Of cours...
2.50 (58 reviews)
Dental clinic
😠 Пригласили для проверки состояния зубов, составили план лечения. Кредит не хотела брать, попросила дать время, но меня начали убеждать, что будут скидки и только здесь и сейчас как говорится. Убедили, оформили кредит. Попросили дома никому не сообщать, под предлогом меньше будут знать и на себе не н...
2.60 (286 reviews)
Luton House Dental Practice image
Luton House Dental Practice
Dental clinic
🫤 I have been calling for the past 1 week to get my prescription. The receptionists should please do their job. They kept telling me your dentist isn't in today, and when he is in, he's too busy to prepare my prescription? My dentist is nice and does a good job, but how hard can it be to have my presc...
2.60 (169 reviews)
mydentist, Earl Royd, Keighley image
mydentist, Earl Royd, Keighley
😠 I don't even want to give 1 star as I rang up today to rebook an appointment that my brother had in June which they cancelled, only to find out that the dentist Wahab is leaving and thus cannot give any new appointments out. She told me to ring back after New years which is 6 months away. The recept...
2.60 (145 reviews)
Quedgeley House Dental Practice image
Quedgeley House Dental Practice
Dental clinic
😠 I've had my check ups cancelled numerous times and was told someone would be in contact with me to arrange a new appointment. After waiting several months, I found out today that they are no longer taking NHS bookings, when challenged about this as my husband has got one booked in, the receptionist...
2.60 (85 reviews)
Uno Salud Dental image
Uno Salud Dental
Dental clinic
2.60 (58 reviews)
World Dent image
World Dent
Dental clinic
😠 They invited me by phone for a free consultation, they said to take a passport and stock up on 1.5 hours of time. Firstly, I spent more than 2.5 hours in the clinic, and secondly, I didn’t need a passport at all for the appointment! But after an hour of clarifying my financial situation, it became...
2.70 (174 reviews)
Gentle Dental Community San Francisco image
Gentle Dental Community San Francisco
😠 Completely unprofessional. Cancelled an appointment on me last minute claiming that I've "no-showed" too many times. The only time I missed an appointment was due to a family emergency and I called ahead of time. I'll be finding a new dentist. Couldn't recommend less. AVOID at ALL COSTS!
2.70 (95 reviews)
Marshall Dentistry & Oral Surgery image
Marshall Dentistry & Oral Surgery
😠 They really messed up my gums and now I have to have another dentist fix it. He pulled my tooth without it being fully numb. They put other patients down and made fun of them. They also canceled my appointments if I didn’t call a week b4 to verify I would be there.
2.70 (68 reviews)
mydentist, Hindhayes Lane, Street image
mydentist, Hindhayes Lane, Street
😠 Nothing but problems with this dentist carrying out very poor quality work. I first used this dentist 10 years ago and they were fine. But this year, I’ve had a filling last less than 5 months. The temporary one has also now fallen out because there wasn’t a member of staff available to do a permane...
2.70 (56 reviews)
Western Dental & Orthodontics image
Western Dental & Orthodontics
2.80 (174 reviews)
Bupa Dental Care Exeter image
Bupa Dental Care Exeter
👍👍 All my experiences here have been good a part from their previous hygienist who was awful. The male dentist (can't remember his name) has always been great and has previously referred me to the hospital to have my wisdom teeth taken out. I've been told they have a new hygienist so will probably pay...
2.80 (110 reviews)
Steel City Dental Associates image
Steel City Dental Associates
😠 I’m very disappointed with Heather. I came today to verify an appointment and was upset because me and my son had an appointment together and they canceled mine for no reason. So I came in today to get a new appointment because my tooth is hurting but heather interrupted not understanding my issue o...
2.80 (105 reviews)

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