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Sara Bolon image
Sara Bolon
1.20 (117 reviews)
Coast Dental Corporate image
Coast Dental Corporate
😠 One star is generous as there is a zero star option. I have been trying to get Coast Dental to file a claim with my insurance company for OVER A YEAR. I refuse to pay the bill because MY INSURANCE (that I pay for) COVERS WHAT WAS DONE. They refuse to file the proper paperwork. Do yourself a favor...
1.30 (122 reviews)
New Horizon Dental, P.C. image
New Horizon Dental, P.C.
😠 I call the day before coming to schedule appointment for my wisdom teeth that are almost completely out. The receptionist says come in before 11 as a walk in we will see you. I go okay so today I get there at 10 expecting a little wait but what I encountered today was one completely unorganized, ver...
1.30 (66 reviews)
Edison Mall Dental, P.A. image
Edison Mall Dental, P.A.
😠 If I could give this place a 0 I would. It is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!! I do not recommend anyone to go here! They are taking advantage of people with Medicaid and I believe they are fraudulently doing so. I have been in the Medical field for over 25 years and have NEVER seen anything like this place! T...
1.40 (223 reviews)
Harlem Dental Plaza image
Harlem Dental Plaza
😠 My mother had the worst experience at this HORRORS OF A DENTAL place. She was mistreated by DR. NIDERMAN. My mother is a senior citizen that has an aneurysm and this maniac showed her no mercy during the procedure. He pulls my mom’s teeth and then proceeds to do teeth impressions right after. He als...
1.40 (110 reviews)
Kings Plaza Dental, P.C. image
Kings Plaza Dental, P.C.
😠 That one lady at the front desk always has a bad attitude to everyone, literally everyone. It’s like asking her questions isn’t apart of her job.Going to this location is stressful, I would rather pay $100 to receive good service than use just my insurance here because Most of the staff seriously d...
1.40 (90 reviews)
LICUTI FLORIN - Chirurgien-dentiste image
LICUTI FLORIN - Chirurgien-dentiste
😠 Écoutez les autres commentaires… malheureux d’être aussi mal noté et de ne pas s’en soucier ou de se remettre en question. Venu pour un détartrage, c’est expéditif : « installez vous », 2 minutes maximum et « on arrête là, vous payez en sans contact? », 43 euros pour ca… normalement, c’est entre 30...
1.40 (56 reviews)
Atlantic Terminal Dental, P.C. image
Atlantic Terminal Dental, P.C.
😠 Dont ignore the reviews like i did! Do NOT go here. Waited 6 weeks for this appointment. Told the receptionist I haven’t been to the dentist in 3 years. She only scheduled me for a cleaning. Meaning no check up, no x-rays, no nothing. The dental hygienist gave a half-way cleaning, prodded around and...
1.40 (52 reviews)
Bécrit Marie-Laure image
Bécrit Marie-Laure
😠 Appel en urgence dentaire suite à une crise de douleur intense suite à un dent subluxee qui s'aggrave de plus en plus malgré la mise au repos et les conseils du dentiste consulté autrement. Nous obtenons son numéro, nous faisons clairement engueuler parce que elle est débordée et expliquer mon prob...
1.50 (124 reviews)
Docteur Rémi Smila image
Docteur Rémi Smila
1.50 (124 reviews)
Oxance - Médical et Dentaire image
Oxance - Médical et Dentaire
Dental clinic
😠 A scandalous consultation with general practitioner Dr. Jean Aim. I strongly advise against this doctor. I do not understand how a doctor like him is still entitled to practice, he has no ethics or professional conscience, it is dangerous. I needed to spell out the medications I needed, he didn't e...
1.50 (100 reviews)
Ballet Dental Care image
Ballet Dental Care
Dental clinic
😠 Very disappointed, they had no concern for what I had to say about my tooth pain, apparently the paperwork I filled out was senseless as they clearly did not read any of it. They performed a cleaning even though I didn't want one as I knew it would cause me a great deal of pain and that was not what...
1.50 (94 reviews)
Felici Ana Maria image
Felici Ana Maria
😠 La atención por Whatsapp es un desastre. Son unas chinitillas maltratadores seriales tanto las que contestan el WhatsApp como las recepcionistas del lugar. Se equivocan con los turnos, te responden escuetamente, le decís que no a un turno y te patean para que consultes otro día. Claramente cero gana...
1.50 (93 reviews)
Newport Centre Dental image
Newport Centre Dental
😠 Thank you google community you saved me a hassle and a lot of money. I was in the mall and wanted to go in and get teeth whitening for me and my girlfriend. I was ready to pay cash. Saw the reviews on google but still decided to go and check it out. The reviews are not kidding. These people looked m...
1.50 (68 reviews)
Grove Dental Group image
Grove Dental Group
😠 AVOID THIS DENTAL OFFICE!!! I've been seen here a few times but Not by a dentist. They are short staffed and the few employees they do have are very unprofessional. They almost never answer the phone and Never return calls. The receptionist thinks that's a standard business practice. The tech wh...
1.50 (56 reviews)
Dr Jean-Paul LABARRAQUE image
1.50 (50 reviews)
維欣牙醫診所 image
😠 The first time I went there, I waited from 7 o'clock to 9 o'clock, but nothing was done. I originally wanted to remove the old braces for root canal treatment. Before removing them, I just asked the doctor to confirm whether the braces were really broken. The so-called vice president immediately got...
1.50 (50 reviews)
Brandon Mall Dental PA image
Brandon Mall Dental PA
Dental clinic
😠 I've been calling for 2 months now trying to get threw. All I ask for is a referral and they don't want to give me one because they said everything I need done they can do...however when I was there 2 months ago I asked them to change out tools because they were rusty and the paper bag they were in...
1.60 (190 reviews)
Obwód Lecznictwa Kolejowego w Gliwicach Spzoz image
Michael Weiss DDS PC image
Michael Weiss DDS PC
😠 I had a dentist appointment scheduled for November 18th at 2:30 . They called Wednesday to confirm my appointment but I was working so once I had a chance I called back no answer. I called 6 times total then left a voicemail. I got there at 2:20pm they told me we had to cancel my appointment because...
1.60 (149 reviews)
Dr Alain Guyobon - Dentiste image
Dr Alain Guyobon - Dentiste
😠 Dentiste à fuir, prends les gens de haut. Je suis venu pour faire un détartrage. Il n’a absolument pas été doux, de plus je lui ai demandé à plusieurs reprises de s’arrêter car j’avais mal, il a continué. À la fin du détartrage je lui ai demandé un verre d’eau, il m’a dit non prenez un mouchoir alor...
1.60 (85 reviews)
Yes Dental Urgant Care image
Yes Dental Urgant Care
😠 These are perhaps the worst group of people to go to. I have never been subjected to such treacherous conditions in a dental office as i have here. Once you walk in, everything seems wonderful. They have a lovely young lady sitting in the front desk. She is very polite but does not seem to have any...
1.60 (84 reviews)
Greenbelt Family Dental Group image
Greenbelt Family Dental Group
😠 This place is horrendous! I would not recommend to ANYONE! Horrible bedside manner, no information on what is being done, and absolutely DIRTY! I waited over an hour to been seen for my cleaning. Cleaning took less than 4 minutes.... Threw an opened toothbrush at me and sent me on my way. Entire off...
1.60 (84 reviews)
MaccabiDent Petah Tikva image
MaccabiDent Petah Tikva
Dental clinic
😐 Getting here was an ordeal. You need to park at the mall, go to P4 floor , get out of the mall and cross to the tower *through the parking lot*. Find a white door with a round window - get to another elevator and go to L2 floor, cross the lobby and then take yet another elevator to the 12th floor. W...
1.60 (76 reviews)
Taylor Dental image
Taylor Dental
😠 The dentist was very rude and had no bedside manners. She didn’t even introduce herself so I don’t have a name. She was very short and wouldn’t allow me to complete a sentence before she interrupted me and my daughter that was the patient. To put the icing on the cake my daughter didn’t like the tas...
1.60 (69 reviews)
Clínica Médica Plaza image
Clínica Médica Plaza
Medical Center
😠 The endocrinologist, without education, does not know how to listen to the patient, it totally deviates from the standard that is expected from a specialist consultation. Now something happens amid so many complaints. And, the covenants do not require any action on this? Don't you detach this clini...
1.60 (59 reviews)
Prime Care Dental Associates image
Prime Care Dental Associates
😠 This is by most the most ridiculous set up for dentistry in all history! Their office is never open for Tallahassee, they don’t take emergency walk ins and when the office is open they have 30 people scheduled at once. Patients are sitting on the floor and the doctor is from patient to patient in an...
1.60 (55 reviews)
Solmed image
Walk-in clinic
😠 Poza niewielkimi wyjątkami, obsługa tragiczna. Większość Pań w rejestracji siedzi z głębokimi korzeniami PRLu, gdzie brakuje chyba tylko pytania "CZEGO CHCIAŁ?" w stosunku do pacjenta, który w ogóle miał czelność zakłócić ploteczki i kawkę łaskawych pań. Słuchawka telefonu też widocznie jest tak cię...
1.60 (54 reviews)
Georgetown Dental Spa image
Georgetown Dental Spa
😠 PLEASE DO NOT COME HERE AND IF YOU DO PLEASE STOP IF YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR HEALTH .If I could give this place no stars I would. I worked for this office for a little more than two weeks, in my time of working for them there were a number of things wrong with this place. The hygiene of the office is a...
1.60 (51 reviews)
Our multidisciplinary clinic NZOZ Medical Center image

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