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New Horizon Dental, P.C. image
New Horizon Dental, P.C.
1.30 (66 reviews)
Brandon Mall Dental PA image
Brandon Mall Dental PA
Dental clinic
😠 I've been calling for 2 months now trying to get threw. All I ask for is a referral and they don't want to give me one because they said everything I need done they can do...however when I was there 2 months ago I asked them to change out tools because they were rusty and the paper bag they were in...
1.60 (190 reviews)
Michael Weiss DDS PC image
Michael Weiss DDS PC
1.60 (149 reviews)
Southland Mall Dental, P.A. image
Southland Mall Dental, P.A.
1.70 (107 reviews)
mutual dental center image
mutual dental center
1.70 (64 reviews)
Roosevelt Field Dental image
Roosevelt Field Dental
1.80 (77 reviews)
Miami International Mall Dental, P.A. image
Miami International Mall Dental, P.A.
😠 For new patients This is one of worst dentist I have ever attended. the Dr are not very professional The assistance are totally unprofessional They drop the tools and put the back in your mouth, they had the equipment broken , water from the equipment was flushing to the floor , No one did anything...
2.00 (155 reviews)
mutual dental center image
mutual dental center
2.00 (52 reviews)
mutual dental center image
mutual dental center
2.10 (65 reviews)
Hudson Valley Plaza Dental , LLP image
Hudson Valley Plaza Dental , LLP
2.30 (53 reviews)
World Dent image
World Dent
Dental clinic
2.50 (162 reviews)
Private Dental Assistance image
Private Dental Assistance
Denture care center
😠 Fui a que me arreglen una simple carie y me destrozaron la boca. Realmente sentís que la gente que te esta atendiendo no tiene idea de nada, y muchos parecen recién recibidos. Me taparon una carie SIN ANESTESIA y fue uno de los dolores más intensos que sufrí en mi vida, sin contar que encima la tapa...
2.80 (908 reviews)
AmorSaude Piracicaba image
AmorSaude Piracicaba
Medical Center
😠 Fazem 9 ANOS que minha família paga pelo “convênio” nessa clínica, e cá entre nós? Com o passar dos anos, com o crescimento, começou a ter uma decaída imensa no atendimento tanto para agendamento via WhatsApp, quanto atendimento médico. Nunca me senti tão desrespeitada quanto ser atendida por um méd...
2.90 (209 reviews)
Tufts University School of Dental Medicine image
Tufts University School of Dental Medicine
Dental school
2.90 (143 reviews)
9th dental clinic image
9th dental clinic
Dental clinic
😐 Double impression. And this is due to the staff, that is, depending on which doctor you get. He put 3 crowns at Kletsov. Carefully, attentively, politely. I was satisfied. At the same time I decided to treat caries on one of the teeth. Sent to the first therapist that came across. While she was put...
2.90 (93 reviews)
Dr. Mehmet Fuat Park Torbalı Ağız ve Diş Sağlığı Merkezi image
Dr. Mehmet Fuat Park Torbalı Ağız ve Diş Sağlığı Merkezi
👍 Dişim kırıldığı için gittim, doktorum Gökhan Yumbuldu. Hastane bina olarak gayet güzel ve temiz. Eski halinden eser kalmamış. Normal düzeyde bir kalabalık vardı, klinikler iyi serpiştirilmiş bu sayede yığılma olmuyor. Doktor önce röntgene yolladı, gittiğimde 19 kisi vardı önümde yaklaşık 20 dkda sır...
2.90 (87 reviews)
Portage Dental Center image
Portage Dental Center
2.90 (74 reviews)

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