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Bello Pastel image
Bello Pastel
Brazilian pastelaria
😠 NUNCA PEÇAM PELO IFOOD E NEM COMPREM DESTE LUGAR. Tive meu almoço de família no domingo arruinado por causa deste lugar. Pedimos 5 marmitas, uma conta de R$ 92,50. Entregaram 2 marmitas. E essas 2 marmitas vieram reviradas na sacola de papelão. Cheio de arroz espalhado no fundo da sacola, UM NOJO. L...
1.60 (61 reviews)
Centrepoint image
Clothing store
😠 Awful management, Zero stars.. I went to return 3 items, 1 item rejected, they claimed that system not accepting the process. It was very obvious the issue is from their side. I complained to management and they said we need to review the CCTV without fair justification, then I agreed, the staff of...
2.30 (205 reviews)
Centrepoint image
Clothing store
2.30 (103 reviews)
Vivenda do Camarão image
Vivenda do Camarão
Seafood restaurant
Casual seafood chain with an array of options, known for its variety of shrimp dishes.
$$ $$
2.50 (81 reviews)
Burlington image
Clothing store
😠 I would like for you to explain to me why you feel it’s acceptable for a male employee to lay hands on a pregnant female??? And spew racist language towards the two ladies??? is this the view of the company. Also, the guy claim to be the owner of the store. If this guy isnt fired, I will make sure t...
2.60 (309 reviews)
Target image
Department store
Retail chain offering home goods, clothing, electronics & more, plus exclusive designer collections.
2.60 (193 reviews)
Home Shop image
Home Shop
Department store
In-store shopping · Delivery
2.70 (52 reviews)
Suşehri Günaydın Dinlenme ve Konaklama Tesisleri image
Suşehri Günaydın Dinlenme ve Konaklama Tesisleri
Rest stop
😠 Allah insalah Emeklerinizi öbür dünyaya bırakmadan burdan hesap verirsiniz sözde muslumanlar faizci tefeciler.10₺ lik cilsiyi 50₺ ye satan o.clar Allah 7 sulalenizinde kökünü kurutsun böyle olucaksa gün yüzü görmezsiniz insalah
2.80 (456 reviews)
Ubuy image
E-commerce service
😠 I Ordered 5 Items on 23 January with standard delivery which takes 5-9 days After 10 days of my order not being dispatched and hearing nothing from the store I decided to call customer services. After waiting on golf for 10 minutes the staff told me that I just had to wait and nothing could be done,...
2.80 (122 reviews)
ウイル西城 image
Shopping mall
😠 I'm watching AV even though the clerk of this store garbage store is open. Unpleasant
2.80 (75 reviews)
Argos Cheapside image
Argos Cheapside
Department store
😠 BEWARE. If you buy a product from Argos and touch it they will not let you return it. I bought a tv and tried to return it 5 days later with all original packing, having not turned it on, as not as described on website. They said finger marks on the screen (which still had the protective screen film...
$$ $$
2.90 (187 reviews)
Centrepoint image
Department store
😠 Just went to centerpoint, they advertised Ramadan discounts 25% all over the place. I bought 4 items from discounted sections and I didn't get discount on any of them. It's so bad to promote non existing discount, but it's even worse to use Ramadan for that. At the top of all when you come to cashie...
2.90 (179 reviews)
Argos Angel Islington image
Argos Angel Islington
Department store
😠 A terrible experience trying to return some headphones (6 days after purchasing) due to a fault. Store manager, Mariam refused to take these back (presumably due to store return targets) and insisted I took them to another store. Eventually I managed to return them at a very helpful store elsewhere...
$$ $$
2.90 (179 reviews)
Evdiz image
Department store
In-store shopping · Delivery
2.90 (108 reviews)
Pawn Inc. image
Pawn Inc.
Pawn shop
🫤 Pretty terrible pawn shop in general. If you are thinking of asking if they take an item, the answer is probably no. Movies, books,shirts, jackets, boots, TVs, Excercise equipment, hunting bows, hunting equipment, Speakers.All declined by these greedy employees. Forgot to mention all of these produ...
2.90 (100 reviews)
Centrepoint image
Clothing store
2.90 (80 reviews)
Fantastic Jeyachandran Tambaram image
Fantastic Jeyachandran Tambaram
Department store
👍 Earlier I wrote a review where I had a bad exp in terms of getting a parking and going in/out of the road where the shop is situated. But another road is there where you can reach this shop and park it at automated parking. I appreciate this store since on the time of opening the shop daily first t...
2.90 (77 reviews)
Brazilian pastelaria
😠 Péssimo! Comprei uma promoção e o pastel era minúsculo e sem recheio, não chega a ter 10 cm. O suco é de pó e ruim. As meninas só sabem gritar e conversar entre si, não dão atenção ao cliente. Odiei!
$$ $$
2.90 (73 reviews)
Argos Chesterfield (Inside Sainsbury's) image
Argos Chesterfield (Inside Sainsbury's)
Department store
😠 They don't deserve even 1 star! I ordered 2 items 12 hours apart. I had an email about the 1st one to collect. Whilst in store I asked a young member of staff if the other one had come in, the assistant wouldn't even check and just kept saying if I hadn't had an email then it wasn't there. After ano...
$$ $$
2.90 (62 reviews)
ABCDIN Angol image
Electronics store
😠 No importa cuan pequeña sea la tienda atienden como el #$&@¿$ igual. vendedores conversando o jugando con el celular, ni siquiera se molestan en verificar los precios te dicen cualquier cosa para que te vayas pronto.
2.90 (60 reviews)
The Warehouse Ormiston image
The Warehouse Ormiston
Department store
😠 NEVER AGAIN!!!! My experience in Ormiston warehouse was terrible, I felt threaten and unwelcomed. An employee (whose name goes along the lines of launa) was making US do HER job. The first instance was when I asked her a simple question to which she answered with a one word curt answer and walked o...
2.90 (50 reviews)

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