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Centro de Saúde de São Sebastião image
Centro de Saúde de São Sebastião
Public medical center
1.20 (98 reviews)
ACES Loures - Odivelas image
ACES Loures - Odivelas
1.20 (86 reviews)
Gordon Street Surgery image
Gordon Street Surgery
Public medical center
1.30 (167 reviews)
Molina Healthcare of Wisconsin image
Molina Healthcare of Wisconsin
Health insurance agency
😠 When I was in the hospital last fall, it was very difficult to speak to a real person at Molina. Even the hospital case manager had a difficult time communicating with Molina. It was a very frustrating experience for me. Even though I only had the insurance from 9/1/2021 through 12/31/2021, I was...
1.30 (111 reviews)
Przychodnia lekarska s.c. NZOZ image
Przychodnia lekarska s.c. NZOZ
😠 Rok później, bez zmian nawet gorzej bo kiedyś to odbierały te panie 'zapracowane' popołudniu a teraz rozłącza po regulce że rozmowa jest nagrywana i nawet sygnału nie ma, telefon pewnie dalej odlozony bo dziwne że w rejestracji nikogo po 12 a one nie odbierają.. żenada żenada żenada dla pań w recepc...
1.30 (73 reviews)
LIV Saúde image
LIV Saúde
Health insurance agency
1.30 (62 reviews)
Centro de Saúde da Lousã image
Centro de Saúde da Lousã
1.30 (58 reviews)
Sparkhill Surgery image
Sparkhill Surgery
Medical clinic
1.30 (56 reviews)
Przychodnia Lekarska "Medycyna" w Alwerni Sp. z o.o. image
Przychodnia Lekarska "Medycyna" w Alwerni Sp. z o.o.
Public medical center
1.30 (55 reviews)
Molina Healthcare of Texas image
Molina Healthcare of Texas
Medical Center
😠 Over the course of two days Molina has disconnected me 7 times. I’ve been placed on hold for over 3 hours, I’ve been on this current call for 44 minutes. Several times I have called Molina and received a voice response saying they are closed; being closed at 2:00 PM is strange. At this time Molina i...
1.40 (225 reviews)
Stopsley Village Practice image
Stopsley Village Practice
General practitioner
1.40 (143 reviews)
Stepping Stones Medical Practice image
Stepping Stones Medical Practice
Public medical center
1.40 (141 reviews)
Industrial Medical Group image
Industrial Medical Group
Medical clinic
1.40 (112 reviews)
Townfield Doctors Surgery image
Townfield Doctors Surgery
1.40 (112 reviews)
Dudley Park Medical Centre image
Dudley Park Medical Centre
Medical clinic
1.40 (106 reviews)
Parker Drive Medical Centre image
Parker Drive Medical Centre
Public medical center
1.40 (100 reviews)
Consultorio Local Espartinas image
Consultorio Local Espartinas
1.40 (94 reviews)
Klinik Ng image
Klinik Ng
1.40 (84 reviews)
New Mountain Health Center image
New Mountain Health Center
1.40 (81 reviews)
Welling Medical Practice image
Welling Medical Practice
Medical clinic
😠 I’ve been lucky and not needing to visit the surgery for many years , today I made contact by phone and asked to make an appointment to see the doctor, the receptionist very abruptly said there were no appointments available and then proceeded to question me regarding my symptoms ! Really!!! Can I s...
1.40 (81 reviews)
Molina Healthcare of South Carolina image
Molina Healthcare of South Carolina
Medical Center
😠 Provider directory online does not work. Can't search and have to go through hundreds of listings to find a doctor. Employees provide incorrect information about providers, costing us hundreds of dollars in uncovered visits. It is impossible to get in touch with anyone via phone. Phone hold wait tim...
1.40 (74 reviews)
Crossfell Health Centre image
Crossfell Health Centre
Medical Center
😠 Played a fun experiememt where I stood in the doctor's and phoned the number. Stood and watched the 2 members of staff not answer it but to complain it was too loud. so I'm 0 for 50 in getting through on the phone... Not wasted though I heard them have a lovely chat about one of there kids schools.
1.40 (74 reviews)
South Reading Surgery image
South Reading Surgery
1.40 (73 reviews)
Capio Primary Care Center Farsta image
Capio Primary Care Center Farsta
Community health centre
😠 The staff is unprofessional, they don't do their job properly. They don't want to help. They don't notify you if the doctor is sick and they don't provide substitute. They just offer talking with a nurse just to take your money.
1.50 (150 reviews)
Bilborough Medical Centre image
Bilborough Medical Centre
Medical Center
😠 Unfortunately this place has become impossible to deal with. You simply cannot get an appointment unless you are stood on the door step at 7:15am. Which I'm assuming most ill people aren't capable of doing, because they are, you know, well ILL! I recently needed two appointments for two poorly chil...
1.50 (131 reviews)
Woodroyd Medical Practice image
Woodroyd Medical Practice
Family practice physician
1.50 (119 reviews)
Your Health Partnership - Oakham Surgery image
Your Health Partnership - Oakham Surgery
Public medical center
😠 Appalling. Trying to book for a call back is impossible when you start work at 8.40. I've had to give up so many times. Calling for test results is the same. On the phone for 40mins on a morning to get from caller 39 to 5. Then on the evening on the phone an hour and I've gone for caller 20 to calle...
1.50 (115 reviews)
Castle Medical Practice image
Castle Medical Practice
Medical Center
😠 How do you get an appointment with these doctors. Today is my third attempt at getting an appointment only to be told "all the appointments have been booked for today, to phone back again tomorrow ". No matter what time I get through to the receptionist all appointments have been booked. I try to a...
1.50 (99 reviews)

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