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Lucia’s Boutique image
Lucia’s Boutique
Dress store
In-store shopping
2.30 (254 reviews)
Bershka image
Clothing store
😠 I agree with the other negative comments. Label prices are sometimes not up to date and you end up paying more at the checkout. The minimum when you make a mistake is to assume and apply the price indicated. I realize the error on the prices I ask the saleswoman to make me pay the displayed price....
2.40 (121 reviews)
Moda Ranieri image
Moda Ranieri
Dress store
In-store shopping
2.50 (186 reviews)
Cinderella's Bridal image
Cinderella's Bridal
Bridal shop
Tuxedos & formal dresses for many occasions, including weddings, proms & quinceañeras.
2.70 (100 reviews)
Fashion City image
Fashion City
Dress store
😠 The foreign lady behind the cashier was very rude and unfriendly. A customer asked for a metal hanger instead of a white plastic hanger she purchased 5 suits . Standing next to the customer I overheard the total was $581 And she refused to give her one metal hanger in addition to that the customer...
2.90 (90 reviews)
Bershka image
Clothing store
2.90 (62 reviews)

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