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Electronics store
😠 Pasamos a comprar un pequeño producto de cuidado personal que nos habíamos olvidado, el precio del mismo ya lo sabíamos 10€, nuestra sorpresa es que nos piden casi 30€, le dije a mi marido que no, pero la señora rubia como que insistía hasta que dije que lo compro por 10€, pues fue decirlo e irse me...
1.20 (118 reviews)
Telkomsel image
Electronics store
😠 Do not buy here just off the plane at Bali airport. You cannot make phone calls without paying additional money for phone card minutes. This is after paying for 18gb data.
1.20 (66 reviews)
Maata Rani image
Maata Rani
Electronics store
😠 Do not be tempted to buy anything from this shop. Total scam! Try to lure you in the shop on the pretence of buying a Samsung tablet for 25 euros then hands you over to another guy who then wants to charge you 145 euros supposedly for a better model which in actual fact is only worth 45 euros and no...
1.30 (66 reviews)
Bpelectro60 image
Electronics store
😠 Site à bannir absolument. Aucun sérieux. Très bon pour encaisser la vente, en revanche beaucoup moins bon pour livrer le produit,délais beaucoup trop long pas de suivi de colis ,l'état de votre commande n'évolue pas sur le site,15 jour et pas de nouvelle bravo, dernière commande me concernant. Encor...
1.60 (121 reviews)
MTN Store - Mooirivier Mall image
MTN Store - Mooirivier Mall
Cell phone store
😠 Poor service and unfrendly staff
1.70 (76 reviews)
Canada Computers & Electronics Head Office image
Canada Computers & Electronics Head Office
Computer store
😠 I would give them zero stars if it could! I bought a $2500 Gigabyte laptop from a local Canada Computers store and it stopped working after 3 months. Canada Computers took the laptop back and sent it to Synnex (RMA). No RMA number was provided or how long it would take to get it back. IT TOOK 7 WEEK...
1.90 (220 reviews)
Big Daddy's Pawn image
Big Daddy's Pawn
Pawn shop
😠 I wouldn't even call it a pawn shop.... It's more like a garage sale / discount store / bargain store .... Matter of fact a lot of the stuff had bargain Hunt stickers on them lol they are asking retail for bargain store things or used junk They had so many cases of diapers - but the same diape...
2.00 (68 reviews)
POWER Mall of Scandinavia image
POWER Mall of Scandinavia
Electronics store
😠 Nonchalant and unknowledgeable employees. Also the slowest service I’ve ever received at a store, even though I could see a bunch of employees doing nothing in the store that could’ve come and helped out. They also happily ignore the rules and guidelines about returns stated on Power’s own website....
2.10 (55 reviews)
Chez Jean image
Chez Jean
In-store shopping
2.20 (57 reviews)
MTN Store image
MTN Store
Cell phone store
😠 Terrible customer service. I recently took out a contract at the store and the lady who assisted me was extremely impatient and in a hurry to get everything done, as if she was doing me a favour, instead of her job. All the store employees who I have had an encounter with are very unfriendly and not...
2.40 (105 reviews)
Relay Chez Jean Gare Clermont-Ferrand image
Relay Chez Jean Gare Clermont-Ferrand
😠 Execrable staff! Cruel lack of friendliness and competence. The two cashiers are unknotted with professionalism. 1/ I ask for a chocolate donut they serve me a sugar donut… 2/ I had the misfortune to ask for a forgotten receipt 30 minutes after the blonde behind her cash desk answered me "you could...
2.40 (78 reviews)
RELAY image
😠 The cashier is the rudest! We visited the Relay store located at gates 70-78 to get some last minute souvenirs. My husband chose one and headed to the cashier but I asked him to wait for a minute, then the cashier huffed and started mumbling in French while staring at us and I was just shocked with...
2.40 (71 reviews)
Relay image
😠 Boy, what a lot of 1-star reviews! I'll add my experience: I wanted to buy a couple of magazines for a friend of mine, a 78-year-old Frenchwoman who lives in Denmark. So I tried to photograph the magazine rack so she could see what was available. Then one of the male clerks started telling me to not...
2.40 (63 reviews)
MTN Store - Ballito Lifestyle Centre image
MTN Store - Ballito Lifestyle Centre
Cell phone store
😠 This is the worst MTN store I’ve walk into. Unskilled and technologically challenged. I’ve been here 3 times for different reasons with no help. They either never heard of something or the system is offline. Twice was same lady I’m not sure of the name but she was a black woman. This review is aime...
2.40 (61 reviews)
Telkom Direct Potchefstroom image
Telkom Direct Potchefstroom
Cell phone store
In-store shopping · In-store pick-up
2.50 (193 reviews)
Canadian Outlet Store image
Canadian Outlet Store
Electronics store
😠 I worked here. Nick made me to work extra hours every day without pay and he don't pay 2 weeks of training period. I recommend not to work in this store. Waste of time.
2.50 (103 reviews)
Magazin Telekom image
Magazin Telekom
Telecommunications service provider
👍👍 Magazine Telekom la Baneasa Shopping Center is one of the many shops that Telekom has in Bucharest (and all over Romania). The stuff can help you to choose the best plan accordingly to your needs (depending how you use your telephone daily & monthly). You can find a big gamma of telephones including...
2.50 (93 reviews)
Lenovo image
Electronics store
😠 Ok, this LENOVO company is very bad !!!. My laptop was working fine until yesterday when I was prompted to upgrade the BIOS. After that operation the device went completely dark. Even using the send instruction to reset the BIOS to default settings on the small button on the right of device did not...
2.50 (87 reviews)
Target image
Department store
Retail chain offering home goods, clothing, electronics & more, plus exclusive designer collections.
2.60 (193 reviews)
MTN image
Cell phone store
😠 Worst MTN branch I've ever been to. The staff are unproffesional, slow and rude. Booked my two week old new phone in for repairs a month ago. Every time I call to find out about the status of the phone i met with rude responses like "So what must I do?" or "I don't know" from the very people i booke...
2.60 (125 reviews)
Bismillah market image
Bismillah market
Electronics store
👍👍 It’s fake.. non custom mobile and electronics. Don’t be greedy at low prices offered.. ask him for video cal seen his stock, demand his live location, all participants hide in list.
2.60 (85 reviews)
MI Offical Repair Center image
MI Offical Repair Center
Mobile phone repair shop
😠 I have visited but this office was closed. And as per my knowledge Friday is a working day. And this is located on 2nd floor of Rania mall sadar On the location they have mentioned 3rd floor that is a false information.
2.60 (62 reviews)
Showcase image
Home goods store
😠 If I could give this store a negative number review or a zero I would. I went to Showcase in the Sunridge Mall with my friend to check out the store. There was only one lady working there (I didn't catch her name) came up to me and asked if I was "having trouble again". The keyword there being AGAIN...
2.60 (59 reviews)
ABCDIN Puerto Natales image
ABCDIN Puerto Natales
Electronics store
😠 Horrible la atención más encima te meten garantías extras al producto sin informar , inflando los precios , y así pasando piola , pobre gente de la tercera edad!!! Las vendedoras todas unas chantas !!!
2.70 (99 reviews)
Panasonic Malaysia Service Centre (Penang) image
Panasonic Malaysia Service Centre (Penang)
Appliance repair service
😠 Worst service ever. Sent my robot vacuum cleaner for repair at 9 June 2022. Wait until 22 July 2022 finally received call to pick up. The worst part is the staff change another robot vacuum cleaner (which is very old with a lot of scratches) for me and they did not realize about it. They said that t...
2.70 (94 reviews)
MTN Store - Secunda Mall image
MTN Store - Secunda Mall
Cell phone store
😠 Worst service. I got a new phone from MTN online but they did not put all the information on their website. If you see on their website there is two information about The NEW Huawei p40. First you see just the phone does state on the website it does not use play store. If you keeo looking much late...
2.70 (62 reviews)
Asus Service Centre image
Asus Service Centre
Electronics store
😠 Worst service and worst experience This was the worst experience I've ever had at a center. So, my laptop was having an issue and wouldn't turn on. They told my laptop's motherboard was failing and that it needed to be replaced, and that the fix would cost me 34k. Later, I had it checked out at anot...
2.80 (449 reviews)
Badabum image
Electronics store
😠 Awefully inaccesible location in case of returning a product. Return hours are only Mo-Fr 9:00-1800. They do not offer free return service, and also do not refund the cost of initial delivery. Simetimes they have decent offers.
2.80 (407 reviews)
Authorised Samsung CE Service Center - Smart Electronics image
Authorised Samsung CE Service Center - Smart Electronics
Repair service
Retailer delivering an immersive in-store experience with smartphones, smartwatches & more.
2.80 (255 reviews)
Samsung Experience Store - Somerset Mall image
Samsung Experience Store - Somerset Mall
Cell phone store
Retailer delivering an immersive in-store experience with smartphones, smartwatches & more.
2.80 (137 reviews)

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