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Docteur Sophie Lecerf image
Docteur Sophie Lecerf
1.90 (59 reviews)
Dentix Bello Parque Central image
Dentix Bello Parque Central
2.10 (68 reviews)
Emmert Dental Associates image
Emmert Dental Associates
2.30 (87 reviews)
Folktandvården Lundby image
Folktandvården Lundby
Dental clinic
😠 Fruktansvärt otrevligt bemötande, hon som svarar i telefon borde inte få jobba med patientkontakt. Jag ville boka tid men blev dumförklarad och nästan utskälld att jag ringde fel tid, trots ingen info på hemsidan om att dom har specifika tider för tidsbokning. Ringde en annan tandläkare för här sätt...
2.30 (59 reviews)
Western Dental & Orthodontics image
Western Dental & Orthodontics
2.40 (395 reviews)
World Dent image
World Dent
Dental clinic
2.50 (162 reviews)
mutual dental clinic image
mutual dental clinic
Dental clinic
😠 Si je pouvais je mettrais aucune étoile! J'ai déjà laissé une évaluation il y a un an mais moi qui pensait que j'en avais fini avec ce cabinet d'incompétent! Et bien non, je me suis aperçue par hasard, sur mon relevé de compte Ameli un virement au cabinet dentaire Oxance Chamrousse pour des soins d'...
2.50 (73 reviews)
Oxance - Dentaire image
Oxance - Dentaire
Dental clinic
😠 Today I took my 2 children who had an appointment with Mrs. B.B....a 15-year-old teenager and my almost 4-year-old teenager asked her questions about what she was going to do to her, she didn't tell her. never answered and did not even say hello. After seeing my daughter she told me t...
2.50 (57 reviews)
mydentist, Earl Royd, Keighley image
mydentist, Earl Royd, Keighley
Dental clinic
2.60 (143 reviews)
Katsur Dental & Orthodontics image
Katsur Dental & Orthodontics
Dental clinic
😠 If I could give them negative stars, I would do that instead of one star! There are several problems with this dentistry practice. First of all, after a consultation about my tooth extraction, they messed up my insurance information so I got a letter that my tooth extraction process was denied. When...
2.60 (82 reviews)
Quedgeley House Dental Practice image
Quedgeley House Dental Practice
Dental clinic
2.60 (81 reviews)
Uno Salud Dental image
Uno Salud Dental
Dental clinic
2.60 (58 reviews)
Konya Oral and Dental Health Hospital image
Konya Oral and Dental Health Hospital
Dental clinic
😠 Kızım için internetten 14.10 a randevu aldım. Binaya giriş yaptım hasta kayıt yazan bölüme kızımın kimliğini uzattım internetten randevu aldığımı söyledim bana ikinci kat b blok dedi. Bende ikinci kata çıktım oradada kayıt bölümü varmış fakat dikkatimi çekmedi . Dr Fatma Demiray in odasının orda ism...
2.70 (290 reviews)
Dental clinic and mutual orthodontics image
Dental clinic and mutual orthodontics
Dental clinic
2.70 (57 reviews)
Western Dental & Orthodontics image
Western Dental & Orthodontics
2.80 (174 reviews)
Bedford House Dental Practice image
Bedford House Dental Practice
👍👍 This dental surgery provided some of the best care I have ever experienced, and I’ve seen a few dentists over the years! From the incredibly polite and efficient multitasking service from Hanifa, both on the phone and in person, to the dental nurse and the dentist himself, I was treated so politely...
2.80 (143 reviews)
Meavy Way Dental Practice image
Meavy Way Dental Practice
Dental clinic
2.80 (131 reviews)
mutual Dental Center of Mulhouse image
mutual Dental Center of Mulhouse
Dental clinic
2.80 (94 reviews)
Republic of Turkey Saray Oral and Dental Health Center image
Republic of Turkey Saray Oral and Dental Health Center
👍👍 Merhabalar, bu hastaneye gitmek için, yada doktorları incelemek için, yada şikayette bulunmak için , yada doktor seçmek için, buraya gelen arkadaşlar, lütfen gittiginiz doktorlardan, edindiginiz tecrübeleri yazın buraya yorum olarak. Iyi ve ya kötü ilgili ve ya ilgisiz olan doktorları bilelim ve ona...
2.80 (81 reviews)
PanCare Dental image
PanCare Dental
Dental clinic
👍👍 I took down my old review to put up my new review because I just went to Pancare Dental in Panama City again for some major work and I cannot scream from the mountaintop loud enough for everyone to hear how awesome they are! seriously. I take great pride in my teeth I always go to the ritzy dentist...
2.80 (71 reviews)
Dentix Estación Cll. 106 image
Dentix Estación Cll. 106
2.80 (68 reviews)
Dr Rudy Sitruk - Dentiste Beauvais image
DENTAL WAY - Centre Dentaire des 2 Vallées image
DENTAL WAY - Centre Dentaire des 2 Vallées
🫤 Accueil agréable, manque de sérieux pour certains dentistes. Depuis que je vais dans ce cabinet dentaire je suis passée dans les mains de 5 praticiens . A cause d’ un mauvais travail je me retrouve avec trois dents en moins et je suis obligée de porter une prothèse dentaire en attendant de faire pos...
2.80 (62 reviews)
Mazowieckie Dental Center Sp. o.o. image
Mazowieckie Dental Center Sp. o.o.
Dental clinic
2.90 (349 reviews)
St. Luke's Nampa Medical Center image
St. Luke's Nampa Medical Center
😠 By far the worst hospital experience in my entire life. ! I will NEVER go back here and would recommend to avoid this place. I see a lot of other reviews about the childish nurses so it must be the boss that just keeps them around because even for myself they were terrible! One nurse was just sitti...
2.90 (270 reviews)
UPA Olinda - Emergency Unit image
UPA Olinda - Emergency Unit
Emergency dental service
2.90 (146 reviews)
Tufts University School of Dental Medicine image
Tufts University School of Dental Medicine
Dental school
2.90 (143 reviews)
Clínica Jorgani image
Clínica Jorgani
Private hospital
😠 Had a terrible experience. One good thing is we were able to pay super fast. So i guess they are good at that. After we paid they sent us down the hall to wait infront of the room where they take the tests. We waited for 45 minutes. We were first in line but there was nobody doing the tests. Staff w...
2.90 (108 reviews)

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