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New Horizon Dental, P.C. image
New Horizon Dental, P.C.
😠 I call the day before coming to schedule appointment for my wisdom teeth that are almost completely out. The receptionist says come in before 11 as a walk in we will see you. I go okay so today I get there at 10 expecting a little wait but what I encountered today was one completely unorganized, ver...
1.30 (66 reviews)
Edison Mall Dental, P.A. image
Edison Mall Dental, P.A.
😠 If I could give this place a 0 I would. It is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!! I do not recommend anyone to go here! They are taking advantage of people with Medicaid and I believe they are fraudulently doing so. I have been in the Medical field for over 25 years and have NEVER seen anything like this place! T...
1.40 (239 reviews)
Kings Plaza Dental, P.C. image
Kings Plaza Dental, P.C.
😠 That one lady at the front desk always has a bad attitude to everyone, literally everyone. It’s like asking her questions isn’t apart of her job.Going to this location is stressful, I would rather pay $100 to receive good service than use just my insurance here because Most of the staff seriously d...
1.40 (90 reviews)
Atlantic Terminal Dental, P.C. image
Atlantic Terminal Dental, P.C.
😠 Dont ignore the reviews like i did! Do NOT go here. Waited 6 weeks for this appointment. Told the receptionist I haven’t been to the dentist in 3 years. She only scheduled me for a cleaning. Meaning no check up, no x-rays, no nothing. The dental hygienist gave a half-way cleaning, prodded around and...
1.40 (52 reviews)
Newport Centre Dental image
Newport Centre Dental
😠 Thank you google community you saved me a hassle and a lot of money. I was in the mall and wanted to go in and get teeth whitening for me and my girlfriend. I was ready to pay cash. Saw the reviews on google but still decided to go and check it out. The reviews are not kidding. These people looked m...
1.50 (69 reviews)
Brandon Mall Dental PA image
Brandon Mall Dental PA
Dental clinic
😠 I've been calling for 2 months now trying to get threw. All I ask for is a referral and they don't want to give me one because they said everything I need done they can do...however when I was there 2 months ago I asked them to change out tools because they were rusty and the paper bag they were in...
1.60 (197 reviews)
Southland Mall Dental, P.A. image
Southland Mall Dental, P.A.
😠 I recently visited this dentist office and was very dissatisfied! The first visit I explained I was coming to get my wisdom tooth pulled and expressed I was in a great deal of pain and needed it pulled immediately! I was advised I would need to take a X-ray and do a “medium cleaning” which would c...
1.70 (108 reviews)
Roosevelt Field Dental image
Roosevelt Field Dental
😠 I recently was changing insurance and fell between the cracks. I needed help right away and gave this dentist a try because it was close and an emergency. Bad idea. This was the worst experience I've ever had. I live to regret it. The Dr's chair side manners was the worst I've ever seen. The front...
1.80 (81 reviews)
Dentisalud Restrepo image
Dentisalud Restrepo
Dental clinic
😠 The attention is terrible, if not horrible, a total lack of respect, how is it possible that one cannot contact you by phone to get an appointment, they never answer, in addition the individuals who attend in person only make bad faces, they are not capable of looking in the eyes to give information...
1.80 (75 reviews)
Galleria Mall Dental at Crystal Run, P.C. image
Galleria Mall Dental at Crystal Run, P.C.
😠 If I could give this office a zero, I would. I was forced to bring my grandchildren to this office because of their insurance. The associates are in no way are capable of treating children. They were mean and cruel to them. They have a terrible bedside manner and no patience. I then made the mista...
1.80 (63 reviews)
Crystal Dental image
Crystal Dental
Dental clinic
😠 No lie when reading the other bad reviews. My son was offered an 8am appt with the specialist... just to be told (after a few calls) that his appointment was for 10:10, but they knowingly called him in at 8-- why?? Not really sure since all they kept saying was they were getting the room ready. For...
1.90 (198 reviews)
Dentix Salamanca image
Dentix Salamanca
Dental clinic
😠 NO LO RECOMIENDO!! MUCHO CUIDADO!! Hace tres meses empecé a pagar el tratamiento de ortodoncia y hasta el día de hoy no me lo an puesto el aparato 3 meses de espera !! Hoy tenía cita y cuando he ido ellos decían que se había pasado mi hora que tenía que esperar dos meses más casi para una próxima...
1.90 (57 reviews)
Broward Dental image
Broward Dental
😠 Customer service is non existent. Appointment was 11 and am still in the office waiting for the dentist since 11:30, now it’s 12:35. No apology, no thank you for your patience. Just employees walk-in past, having conversations amongst themselves. The visit is for tooth and gum pain and we’re still h...
2.00 (179 reviews)
Westland Mall Dental, P.A. image
Westland Mall Dental, P.A.
😠 Dr. Hiraj is very Unprofessional and Inconsiderate doesn't value her patients time. I had a 10a.m appointment and wasn't seen about 5 hours later, no explanation, no apology, I walked in on her & co-workers unannounced in another room laughing & chatting carelessly about my time wasted. I would NEVE...
2.00 (125 reviews)
Sawgrass Mills Mall Dental, P.A. image
Sawgrass Mills Mall Dental, P.A.
😠 3 hour wait time was ridiculous enough (what’s even the point of making an appointment?!) , minus the rude employees yelling at each other through the wall as I waited in my desolate patient chair. Dentist, who I forgot his name unfortunately, was very nice, but they told me my intermediate cleaning...
2.10 (155 reviews)
Cross County Dental image
Cross County Dental
😠 The worst place ever! Very unpleasant and unprofessional! My son had an appointment we still had to wait for 3 hours and no one talked to us about why we had to wait that long! Nobody cares over there! It just take it or leave it. Very very very SAD SERVICE. STAY AWAY FROM THIS place...
2.10 (126 reviews)
Dentisalud Kennedy image
Dentisalud Kennedy
Dental clinic
😠 The service is the worst there is, I do not recommend it at all, I have been receiving treatment at this location for more than two years and they have never attended to an appointment on time, it is always an hour or more waiting in the room with a different excuse, Even if they are different docto...
2.10 (81 reviews)
Leestown Dental Care image
Leestown Dental Care
😠 This place doesn’t even deserve one star! My wife used to go to this place for years and it’s always been something. She had front crowns put in around 5-6 years ago and the first year she sneezed and the right front tooth came out— they put it back in but every since that happen she’s been having n...
2.10 (68 reviews)
Sonría image
Dental clinic
😠 La verdad 1 es la calificación más baja si se pudiera dar menos lo haría, el servicio, la comunicación con el cliente es pésima increíble que una empresa tan grande tenga el número de teléfono en su página mal escrito, que a pesar de tantos malos comentarios no hagan nada por mejorar. La demora en l...
2.10 (65 reviews)
VYV Dentaire - Tours-Nord image
VYV Dentaire - Tours-Nord
Dental clinic
😠 Je déconseille très fortement ce professionnel. Le Dr Réau est odieux avec les enfants. Il tient des propos méchants et humiliants. C'est une personne qui pratique son métier avec dédain et de manière totalement dénuée d'empathie et d'humanité. C'est la première fois que je rencontre un professionn...
2.10 (64 reviews)
Cliden Clínica Dentária image
Cliden Clínica Dentária
Dental clinic
😠 I scheduled a dental evaluation at this clinic on 17-02-22, where the dentist Dr. Daniela. He assessed that my tooth 27 had been in pain for days, and with x-rays in hand, he looked at my mouth and said it wouldn't be a root canal but rather a restoration. She didn't do anything other than poke my t...
2.20 (89 reviews)
VYV Dentaire - Chartres image
VYV Dentaire - Chartres
Dental clinic
👍👍 Le Dr Perrier est la seule à avoir retiré en moi cette angoisse du dentiste; et pourtant je reviens de loin.. très loin. Elle a su me rassurer, me mettre en confiance. Dentiste très professionnelle et a l’écoute, très attentionnée envers ses patients. Je recommande vivement. Merci pour tout Dr Perri...
2.40 (70 reviews)
Hudson Valley Plaza Dental , LLP image
Hudson Valley Plaza Dental , LLP
👍👍 The staff were really nice and kind . Very understanding and friendly. Solved all my problems and even went above and beyond. I highly recommend this place to anyone and will definitely keep coming here. They were very attentive and listened to all my concerns and treated me with respect. Thank you...
2.40 (62 reviews)
Centre Dentaire B1 Bulle image
Centre Dentaire B1 Bulle
Dental clinic
😠 I wouldn't go back, I feel completely ripped off. I called this establishment on May 30, for a small frontal repair and scaling, when I arrived I explained to the dentist, she confirmed that it was possible, so she did five x-rays, and a visual check then she gives the consultation to finish, and sh...
2.40 (50 reviews)
Mnogoprofil'nyy Meditsinskiy Tsentr Medichi image
Mnogoprofil'nyy Meditsinskiy Tsentr Medichi
Medical Center
😠 Зашел к неврологу, очередь почти у каждого кабинета. Между пациентами 10 минут. Конвеер. Плевок в лицо врачам и клиентам. Стоимость плевка 1000-1300. Врач вынужден говорить скороговоркой, хорошо аудиозапись сделал, что бы переслушать и осмыслить. Это омерзительно, если вы хотите получить качественну...
2.50 (75 reviews)
Bayonne Family Dental image
Bayonne Family Dental
😠 There is always a long wait. There are not enough chairs for people to wait. You need a mask or you will be sent home to get one. They charge 3% extra on the use of credit cards. Hard to get anyone on the phone at times. The dental assistants are pleasant. They do most of the work while back there...
2.60 (245 reviews)
Dental Health Associates PA image
Dental Health Associates PA
😠 When I first went to the office I didn’t understand why the reviews were bad because I thought the dentist and the staff were really friendly and the care was good. But then the problem came when I needed a root canal- which is the main reason why I went in the first place because my tooth was painf...
2.60 (158 reviews)
mutual dental office image
mutual dental office
Dental clinic
😠 Apparemment il ne faut pas déranger les secrétaires en fin de journée, je me suis fait engueuler j ai jamais vu ca Tout ca pour essayer d avoir un rendez vous depuis une semaine que je n ai jamais vu Chère demoiselle si tu vois mon message "parce que je te dérange à 18h17" j espère que toi aussi tu...
2.60 (85 reviews)
VYV Dentaire - Le Mans Jaures image
VYV Dentaire - Le Mans Jaures
Dental clinic
😐 Autant Madame Guivarch est une super dentiste, très professionnelle et agréable, ainsi je suis contente d’être sa patiente depuis toutes ces années. Autant les secrétaires à l’accueil sont très décevantes par leurs comportements envers les patients… Je ne parle pas pour moi qui n’a jamais eu à me pl...
2.60 (67 reviews)

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