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Live Nation Poland image
Live Nation Poland
Entertainment agency
😠 I'd like to rate them with 0 stars but it's not possible. I bought two tickets to System Of A Down event. Event was cancelled but they do not want to return my money. At least it seems to be like that. They're only answering with automated response offering useless voucher and then silence, only sil...
1.20 (189 reviews)
Intensives UK image
Intensives UK
Driving school
😠 Absolute 100% scam company! Took £349 deposit 3 months ago and refuse to give even one lesson let alone a course! Extremely rude on the phone when they eventually answer after several attempts. Blamed me for everything and refused to refund. Luckily I paid via PayPal so when I reported I got a refun...
1.20 (59 reviews)
Ticketmaster Danmark A/S image
Ticketmaster Danmark A/S
Event ticket seller
1.30 (100 reviews)
Malu Joias image
Malu Joias
Jewelry store
😠 Não comprem! É golpe! A empresa não entrega o produto e não dá qualquer tipo de satisfação. Tentei inúmeros contatos e fui ignorada em todos, fui até bloqueada no WhatsApp. Li relatos de pessoas que compraram em janeiro de 2020 e até agora, janeiro de 2021 não receberam nada. É uma empresa irrespons...
1.30 (99 reviews) image
Outlet store
1.30 (69 reviews)
CHME / California Home Medical Equipment image
CHME / California Home Medical Equipment
Medical equipment supplier
😠 If there was a choice for NO stars, that would be my choice. These people are impossible to deal with. They don't understand what 'customer service' means. I have dealt with them for 3 years, and yesterday I gave up. I've tried to get a CPAP machine for a MONTH, and have called over 2 dozen times. T...
1.40 (78 reviews)
Zito Media image
Zito Media
Internet service provider
😠 I have zito media and it is the worst Wi-Fi ever. It has outages every 10 minutes and when it’s not having an outage it’s horrendously slow and zito is the only Wi-Fi provider available where I live at. DONT GET IT. Use a potato with some wires instead.
1.40 (51 reviews)
Entertainment agency
😠 Feel cheated and deceived ! I bought the box in June 2018 and was told it is a one off payment for purchase of the box by their representative here in Auckland , Aleena she says we have to pay $ 130 to buy the code as the box is now deactivated. Had I been informed at the time of purchase, I...
1.40 (51 reviews)
MakeMyTrip image
Tour operator
😠 My family and I have been availing tour services from MMT for over 10 years now. Currently we are on a tour to Cambodia and Vietnam and thoroughly dissapointed in the service provider. Not only have they delayed Visa and not been attentive to our needs prior to our tour. But during the tour they hav...
1.50 (260 reviews)
Turistička agencija image
Turistička agencija
Travel agency
1.50 (123 reviews)
Easylife image
Variety store
😠 Avoid at all costs. My mum ordered 2 items, credit card charged then when questioned about where items were, there was no record of her order on their system. She is now waiting for the accounts department to contact her regarding a refund which they can't just process as the order apparently doesn'...
1.50 (90 reviews)
DoorDash Food Delivery image
DoorDash Food Delivery
Food bank
😠 If you are going to use door dash use with caution. The customer support is awful. I ordered an $80 order from McDonald's. I recieved one small bag with three fries, the protective seals broken open and a receipt taped to the bag with hair all over the seals. I contacted the dasher first. She, Sar...
1.60 (87 reviews)
Doctor On Duty image
Doctor On Duty
😐 Extremely courteous professional reception staff, very convenient service. The Dr, however, literally had the worst bedside manner I have ever seen. He was surly to the point of being rude. There really should be a little more attention paid to this aspect, as we are actually people who...
1.60 (62 reviews)
Uchwyty image
Internet shop
😠 Nie polecam tego sklepu! Omijajcie go z daleka! Pieniądze wpłaciłam 24.04 a do dnia dzisiejszego tj. 09.05 nie otrzymałam przesyłki ani zwrotu pieniędzy! Pani kłamie od dwóch tygodni że wysłała! Sprawa skończy sie na Policji! CD. Torebka dotarła po 3 tygodniach! Oczywiście bez dodatkowych pasków! W...
1.60 (55 reviews)
Pina Cafè Pizza Restaurant image
Pina Cafè Pizza Restaurant
Food producer
😠 Watch out for the waiter outside. He lies that it's the same restaurant as Signorvino. Wanted drinks. Were pressured into ordering things we didn't want. Had a Negroni, I hated it, was too bitter and not correctly made. I worked as a bartender for a few years. Negroni should be one of the easiest d...
1.70 (288 reviews)
13SICK, National Home Doctor Service image
13SICK, National Home Doctor Service
General practitioner
😠 booked at 6.00pm they called me at 11 and rang only ones and hang up. Then Dr just cancelled our booking and moved on Ieaving sick child unattended. App deleted! You dont deserve to have a license to operate in this country.
1.80 (328 reviews)
I-Terra sp. z o.o. image
I-Terra sp. z o.o.
E-commerce service
😠 Asus official store. On January 5, I sent the return of the Asus Zenfone 7 phone, on January 8 they received the return package, and the return itself was made on February 3 after many calls and returns, promises, declarations of calling back with an explanation, "consultations with accounting", and...
1.80 (102 reviews)
Shin Shin Carry Out image
Shin Shin Carry Out
Meal delivery
1.80 (53 reviews)
Chicken Night image
Chicken Night
Meal delivery
😠 Demande de ce faire livrer le livreur m’indique 45 min après 2 h 30 d’attente ... monsieur me dit qu’il fallait que moi je le rappelle alors là c’est une blague si on commande c’est pour qu’on viens nous livrer pas pour te relancer pour venir franchement n’importe quoi ! Nous faire patientez pour pa...
1.90 (159 reviews)
RingGo image
Software company
1.90 (148 reviews)
13SICK, National Home Doctor Service image
13SICK, National Home Doctor Service
General practitioner
😠 Tried booking through app. Ended up having to call. on hold for about 20 minutes. Doctor booked. SMS advising they couldn't contact me about an hour and a half later. No missed calls. Another half an hour later another SMS this time advising appt cancelled as unable to contact me. Again no missed...
1.90 (58 reviews)
Mania Cafe Bistro image
Mania Cafe Bistro
Coffee store
😠 Śmiech na sali, takiego chamstwa, jak żyje, nie widziałam. Pani wyskoczyła do nas z krzykiem, ze siedzimy w lokalu (zamówiliśmy herbatę i lody), kiedy się broniliśmy, wywiązała się wielka awantura, obrażała nas bez ogródek. Potem szła za nami aż do autokarów, którymi wracaliśmy, chciała rozmawiać z...
1.90 (52 reviews)
Granada City Tour image
Granada City Tour
Travel agency
😠 Only thing good for it is free wifi which I am using to write this review while waiting, way longer than necessary, non-existent customers in stop points. It's very very bumpy (you might crack a few tooth if you don't pay attention.) It says 15-20 minutes per tour but make it 30-45. There are no h...
2.00 (541 reviews)
Discover Qatar image
Discover Qatar
Corporate office
😠 Really very bad experience with the hotel and qatar discover. Specially the Swiss-Belhotel as there was no room available on the time of my arrival 👍 even after booking it 1 month early... As the hotel was blaming on qatar discover and qatar discover blaming on hotel service I didn't know what to s...
2.00 (280 reviews)
Premier Urgent Care Centers Of California image
Premier Urgent Care Centers Of California
Urgent care center
👍👍 Wow! I have no idea why there’s so many bad reviews!! I went to the office today. Yes it was a long line. It was wrapped around the building when I got there and it was about a 2 hour wait. However, when I got up to the front, all the ladies were nice. They were organized and had a system down that...
2.00 (207 reviews)
House Call Doctor - After Hours Gold Coast image
House Call Doctor - After Hours Gold Coast
General practitioner
😠 Absolutely disgraceful took all of our details for the booking no notification it would cost $38 at the beginning of the call. Then tried to charge us $$ while she was on the move walking around felt like a complete scam. After I refused to pay as the young fella is 1st yr apprentice still has healt...
2.00 (160 reviews)
Chells Way Surgery image
Chells Way Surgery
Medical clinic
😠 This is the worst experience ever. My father had an appointment with the doctor at four o'clock, and he spoke with the lady at the reception and gave her his ID, which contained all the information about him. He does not speak English fluently, the lady told him that he did not have an appointment....
2.00 (79 reviews)
Tristar Medical group-Sebastapol image
Tristar Medical group-Sebastapol
General practitioner
😠 Sadly I am yet to come in contact with a receptionist here with a pleasant attitude. I understand that choose to apply for a job as a medical receptionist in a Doctors office but no wonder why so many people waiting get frustrated as the first point of contact when waiting for a scheduled appointmen...
2.00 (59 reviews)
Crous de Paris image
Crous de Paris
Association or organization
😠 The picture says it al... waiting in line with 100 people just to ask a question at the information desk o.O
2.10 (968 reviews)
13SICK, National Home Doctor Service image
13SICK, National Home Doctor Service
General practitioner
😠 We have been using this service for years and this time my 5 year old son had a Dr/ Surgeon using the tongue depressor roughly so my son was resisting and he started shouting at my son and us to hold him still. This Dr is unprofessional, I'd think twice on recommending or using this service again i...
2.10 (491 reviews)

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