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Horsmans Place Surgery image
Horsmans Place Surgery
Medical clinic
😠 Appalling behaviour and attitudes from receptionists who show no professionalism or respect towards their patients. I have been in the surgery a witnessed receptionists laughing at people’s medical concerns/queries. On one particular case a receptionist had placed somebody on the phone on hold for...
1.30 (111 reviews)
Dudley Park Medical Centre image
Dudley Park Medical Centre
Medical clinic
😠 I believe that is now time for the NHS England to act and see if there is anything that can be done to elevate the quality of service of this so called medical practice as it's currently inexistent. Just like all the other people in here I am expecting a lot of pain and frustration, but I still be...
1.30 (110 reviews)
Immediate Medical Center image
Immediate Medical Center
Occupational health service
😠 Checked in around 1pm for a pre-employment drug screening, it’s almost 3pm and still haven’t been called. It doesn’t even take that long, what’s the hold up? Front desk lady was nice though. I’ll update later.. They ended calling me around 3:15 just to tell me I have to go to the Paramount facility...
1.40 (175 reviews)
Derry Court Medical Practice image
Derry Court Medical Practice
Family practice physician
😠 Disgusting surgery! The way they speak to people is appalling. The receptionist need to be retrained on how to speak to humans!! For future reference conversations work better when you are able to use words like “ sorry..can I help..and even hello” Doesn’t work so well when the receptionist is busy...
1.40 (81 reviews)
Academic Clinic NZOZ image
Academic Clinic NZOZ
Medical clinic
😠 Panie w tym miejscu to jakiś żart, powinny dawno zostać zwolnione. Brak jakichkolwiek zasad dobrego wychowania, w normalnej placówce taki poziom byłby nie do zaakceptowania. Krzyczenie, wywracanie oczami, brak ,,dzień dobry, proszę" itp. , mówienie na ,,ty" jest tu normalne. Panie uważają się za naj...
1.60 (298 reviews)
Adeslas Salud image
Adeslas Salud
Medical Center
😠 I have consulted several doctors at this center and the treatment is exquisite, what's more, today some have become essential for me. If it was up to them, I would give it 5 stars. But the reception staff never pick up the phone and at times, they have even made me sulk when I made an appointment i...
1.60 (283 reviews)
Compass Health Systems image
Compass Health Systems
Mental health service
😠 Unfortunately it won't let me rate it a 0, otherwise I would. I booked 4 appointments, for which I took off from work. Each one of them didn't happen: doctor never called. Each time I called in to tell them the doctor never called, and apart from being rude and unapologetic, they assured me manageme...
1.60 (213 reviews)
Centro Médico Adeslas image
Centro Médico Adeslas
Medical Center
😠 Of pity. 15 days waiting for a consultation with Dr. Reguero. Lists for dermatology do not open until December. If you need rehabilitation, forget it. Is this private insurance? It never worked very well, but since the pandemic Adeslas is a pure disaster.
1.60 (211 reviews)
Kingsway Health Centre image
Kingsway Health Centre
Family practice physician
1.60 (203 reviews)
Salus Medycyna sp z o.o. image
Salus Medycyna sp z o.o.
Public medical center
😠 I do not recommend this place, avoid it. The person performing the EKG test, i.e. the great Mrs. Gadamer from office number 5, was terribly rude from the very entrance, spoke in a rude manner, and answered the question with grace. It was no different during the examination, and the course itself lo...
1.60 (155 reviews)
Woodroyd Medical Practice image
Woodroyd Medical Practice
Family practice physician
😠 If I could rate a zero I would. Hands down the worst GP service I have ever received. It is almost impossible to get in touch with reception and even after you've waited 3/4 hours to speak to someone (if the call doesn't get dropped) they're so so rude and horrible. If you go into the surgery it's e...
1.60 (127 reviews)
Compass Health Systems image
Compass Health Systems
Mental health clinic
😠 The Drs. are absolutely awful. I find the staff extremely rude and disrespectful which is unprofessional. I called 50 other Dr's for a new patient appt but ultimately this was the only place that had an opening. I had a DNA test done through them and no one went over financial obligation with me. Th...
1.60 (103 reviews)
Brightseat Health Care image
Brightseat Health Care
Medical clinic
😠 Booking the appointment was quick and easy they had an appointment the very next day for me which was great. I can't begin to explain my experience earlier today. I came in as a new patient with no referral (my insurance didn't require one) I was greeted by the other patients carry out food that the...
1.60 (91 reviews)
California Medical Clinic image
California Medical Clinic
Medical clinic
😠 As a former employee this is the worst clinic I've ever worked for. I do not recommend you coming here as a patient. Employees talk about their personal life instead of working! When I worked for this clinic, I witnessed girls in the front desk hanging up the phones or placing calls on hold for abou...
1.60 (84 reviews)
303 Medical Clinic image
303 Medical Clinic
Medical clinic
😠 I gave them one star because they don't have zero stars as an option. DO NOT COME TO THIS HORRIBLE place. Horrible medical care, no ethics what so ever. All of the doctor assistants are lost and have no idea what they are doing. Like previous comments say, they just stand around talking among themse...
1.60 (77 reviews)
Supplemental Health Care Team image
Supplemental Health Care Team
Medical clinic
😠 Proszę omijać szerokim łukiem, 2-krotna odmowa zbadania pacjenta leżącego(wizyty domowej). Pomimo ciężkiego stanu. W większości odmowa jakiejkolwiek pomocy. Szanowna Pani Doktor zachowuje się w sposób mało taktowny i sugeruje oddanie pacjenta do domu opieki oraz bluźni. Gorzej niż dramat. Kiedy ktoś...
1.60 (76 reviews)
Clinica de Salud del Valle de Salinas- Sanborn image
Clinica de Salud del Valle de Salinas- Sanborn
Medical clinic
😠 Receptionists NEED MORE TRAINING!! Many times now they have given my grandfather incorrect appointments. They will hear from me Monday morning because this is ridiculous/frustrating. How hard can it be? Do I need to go myself and show these girls how to properly schedule a patient? At this point I d...
1.60 (61 reviews)
Dr. Rita U. Goradia, MD image
Dr. Rita U. Goradia, MD
Family practice physician
😠 This place is a insurance scam. Besides the staff including Dr. Goradia, being extremely rude they are unprofessional and have little regard for their patients and their feelings . I had bloodwork done over two weeks ago. When I left the office during the inital visit, I told them I was comfortable...
1.60 (61 reviews)
Kings Clinic And Urgent Care, PLLC image
Kings Clinic And Urgent Care, PLLC
Urgent care center
1.60 (53 reviews)
Town Centre GP Surgery image
Town Centre GP Surgery
Family practice physician
1.70 (339 reviews)
Adeslas Medical Center image
Adeslas Medical Center
Medical Center
😠 Disgraceful customer service. They don't pick up the phone at "the radiology department" for an appointment and I've been trying for an hour. It would be appropriate for someone from Adeslas to stop by to see what they do and explain to them that they make a living from customers.
1.70 (328 reviews)
WELL Health - Bramalea (Formerly - MCI The Doctor's Office) image
WELL Health - Bramalea (Formerly - MCI The Doctor's Office)
Family practice physician
😠 If i had an option I would not have given a single star to them. You guys can’t even imagine how much time i have wasted of myself to get my CPR done. There prices are like you are getting doses directly from heaven. The worst customer service i have even seen. The lady at the walk-in desk is so rud...
1.70 (261 reviews)
Molina Healthcare of Washington image
Molina Healthcare of Washington
Medical Center
😠 I'm done. 1) I've spent 2 hours on the phone with 5 different agents--in order to figure out how to pay them. I was disconnected twice and am at square one. Their website won't allow me to register. If it's this challenging to give them money, I don't want to know how hard it is to file a claim. 2...
1.70 (253 reviews)
Living Well Partnership - Bitterne Park Surgery image
Living Well Partnership - Bitterne Park Surgery
Family practice physician
😠 Recent update on the previous review below: I don't really know if this surgery is practicing anymore as everytime we fill in an online consultation and need to be seen by the doctor we get seen at Weston Lane Surgery which is miles away and if someone doesn't own a car is very costly to get there b...
1.70 (146 reviews)
Our multidisciplinary clinic NZOZ Medical Center image
Molina Healthcare of New Mexico image
Molina Healthcare of New Mexico
Medical Center
😠 I am a brand new member, and I am already starting to regret it! I have called over six times today to be left on hold for over 45 minutes to be automatically disconnected. It is absolutely infuriating and unacceptable. Why can I not reach a person?? Why does it just hang up after waiting on hold fo...
1.70 (105 reviews)
Dr. Vijaya L. Reddy, MD image
Dr. Vijaya L. Reddy, MD
Family practice physician
😠 I personally do not like this Dr. office or this Doctor. They never answer the phone. I live a little too far to drive all the way there just to make an appointment. The referrals take forever and sometimes they were not complete like they said they were. I feel she does not listen to my concerns,...
1.70 (65 reviews)
West London Medical Centre image
West London Medical Centre
Family practice physician
😠 The almost awful surgery I’ve ever been signed up to. All the receptionists are terrible, so rude and incompetent. The nurses? Don’t get me started, can’t even administer common injections without messing it up. The Drs literally avoid you, anything to not do any work. Awful, awful, awful. They’re s...
1.70 (62 reviews)
Przychodnia Na Wzgórzach Sp. z o.o. image
Przychodnia Na Wzgórzach Sp. z o.o.
Medical clinic
😠 If there was an option to give a minus star, I would probably take advantage of it. A new person must have been hired at the reception desk, because it was the first time I had the opportunity to talk to someone nice and polite in this clinic. And that's where the pleasant impressions end, the treat...
1.70 (59 reviews)
Crawley Down Health Centre image
Crawley Down Health Centre
Family practice physician
😠 It’s such a shame, this used to be a really good surgery. Now it’s almost impossible to get an appointment, called at 08.30, already 20th in the queue, by the time I reach 16 no appointments left, held on for 45 minutes. All I wanted was for a doctor to prescribe antibiotics for a cough that I’ve ha...
1.70 (55 reviews)

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